Big Brother Recap July 24, 2005

Suck it up Eric you lost…April Melts and Ivette Drives everyone crazy

7:15 Rachel is the first one up today and starts her day with a workout on the treadmill.

8:30 Maggie finally gets up after tossing and turning for the past few hours.

When Rachel and Maggie start to talk, Maggie starts telling her that she can’t believe how one guy can control the game, an how she wanted to play with the honest people (give me a break your partnered with ERIC). Maggie then tells Rachel that she thinks that she (Rachel) has a crush on James…. Rachel said that is not the case. She then tells Rachel that she wanted to be as honest as Eric (gag) and that if she stays and Eric goes she does not want to be here….she didn’t think her and Eric were the targets, Rachel responded that she didn’t know it either. Maggie asks her why Kaysar would not tell her the plan. Rachel responded.. Good question I don’t know. Maggie goes on and on, and keeps saying how moral she and Eric are and how immoral Kaysar and James are. (Suck it up Maggie, you lost…. Look at what you did to Michael last week)

Eric wakes up pouting and for the 100th time said “It is only a game”

Eric whispers to Maggie that Ivette had a girl friend! Magige said she knew that because she can read people well.

Ivette explains how she and Beau know each other. Where she works they feature famous people on their menu, and Beau is featured on the menu for his local business, so that is their connection. She said they are also both minorities and gay.

Eric, Ivette and Maggie whine about how unfair the VETO competition was.

April and Jen talk about voting. April wants them to vote Maggie out and to try to convince Rachel to give Eric a sympathy vote so then Maggie would leave and Eric would stay for next week. April thinks this plan will work and that nobody can get upset whether because Kaysar told them they could vote with their other group so that they won’t figure it out that they swapped sides.

It is Sarah’s Birthday! She is very jovial and happy.

James makes the statement that it is easier for Maggie and Eric to blame him then themselves (how true)

Ivette continues to go on and on to anyone that would listen and to herself when no one will listen about her girlfriend (Maggie). She is telling her whole life story over and over again.

At about 1:30 pm April starts her melt down. She talks to Kaysar in the back yard. She asked him if She and Jen would be evicted before James and Sarah… Kaysar said according to his plan it would go that way. April didn’t like that answer and kept repeating things over and over. She tells them that Jen has a master’s degree and that they are not as dumb as he thinks they are. She goes on and on (like she always does) Kaysar said he didn’t approach her because she had an alliance, he approached the outcasts that that alliance was going after.

Eric announces again to the house that He was the leader the sheep herder and that he was honest that is why everyone flocked to him (gag)

April, Jen , Beau and Maggie chat a bit and hold hopes that they can convince Rachel to vote out Maggie and leave Eric in there to play the game.

April starts crying in the pool, Jen goes over to her and she said she doesn’t want to be in the house with James, Kaysar and Janelle not even for $500,000.
She goes on to say as much as this is a game that God is still going to judge her. She said she is upset that they think she is weak, Beau chimes in with he does not care what they think of him. April said that her job gave her 90 days off but if she does anything detrimental they ca fire her.

At 4:45 pm Kaysar tells everyone that there is a surprise in the storage room for them. When they going they see a cake for Sarah and pizza. They lifted the PB and J till midnight so they could celebrate Sarah’s birthday. Sarah starts to cry when she reads a birthday card from her niece. She got a gift too! The gift was a basket of lotions and nail polish. She doesn’t know if it was from her family or BB. They put on the party hats and start to sing for she is a jolly good fellow (because they can’t sing happy birthday according to BB). All look for a minute to get along except putting Eric and Maggie who could barley choke out Happy Birthday.

April heads to the shower, Eric heads to the gym and Maggie sits at the party sulking. Everyone else seems like they are enjoying themselves. After, April gets out of the shower she whispers in Kaysars ear. The next thing we see is April and Kaysar in the HOH room

April is crying saying, I’d rather go home and be with by husband than be stuck in sequester with that SOB! (James)He would sell his own g/f down the river! He degrades people all the time! I need to tell him, if he's at the end, 'you will not have my vote!' He told me he has no life outside of this. He said 'this is my life!' If you go outside this room and tell him, I don't care
Kaysar (grabs her hand to console her) I am not going to.April said I know Cappy is going home, and I'm not trying to change that.(liar, you are trying to convince Rachel not to vote him out) Cappy has never gone against his word and he only did that to James because James would sell him out first.(what about what he did to Michael)

She went on to say the only thing I've lied about is Jennifer and that I lived in Dallas. He has talked so much ***** about people! April knew James was bad from the get go. She continues saying James was trashing people who don't have education and yet he has no education, his girlfriend can't spell two words. He has talked so much ***** about people and he is going to rip us all apart and she begs Kaysar to see that. Kaysar tells her he sees what's going on. April keeps going on how James is a f'g liar. Kaysar respects James for his game play and telling April to save his ass he had to do this, partner with James etc. She then tells Kaysar that James told her that she and Jen were the weakest two in the house. She tells Kaysar that there might be a swing voter in the group, trying to make him doubt his alliance; she goes on and on about how bad a person James is. She brings up yet again how he voted to evict Kaysar and blamed that vote on Mike. Kaysar trying to calm her said he will have to keep an eye on him. April goes on and on about how Eric has more morals because he is a fire fighter (give it up April. Finally at 6:33 Kaysar gets called to the diary room to be saved from the raging April.

Maggie, Eric, Ivette and Jennifer were in the back yard going on and on again about how they lost the power and how unfair the game was etc. (Yet, last week it was OK to do the same thing to Mike)

James explaining his occupation to Kaysar and Janelle in GR He's an interrogator (he claims). He's trained to sniff out liars and gauge rationalities for their guilt. He works for companies and travels a lot. The conversation ended with James explaining that he will ber good and enjoy this game because of the job he had. That he can play on others emotions and get them going. Kaysar said he rather play with them intellectually, not hurt their feelings. James said that is why it was tough to bring Sarah in the house, she is way to emotional, and that is why he can vote her out when it is time and she really loses it. He also said that he does not want to leave the house before Sarah because she is all he has, and wants to be with her.

Eric and Maggie on the hammock at about 8;15 PM Maggie lamenting Eric leaving the house, she says he is her heart in this game, and if they take him away, she has no heart.

Eric says she has to be strong, she needs to set boundaries for herself, and not cross those boundaries. Not to let these people get to her.

They talk about honor and integrity etc. Eric says if this game has done one thing for her, it is to show her the person that she is. That she will not play an immoral game (Yet going back on your word is moral Eric???)

Maggie talks about how far she has come as a person, tells a story about her dad and religion and making choices. She says she wants revenge, but will not act so as not to bring herself down to "their" level.

Eric says not to let it get the best of her, he says that last week it got the best of him, and he acted on it ( referring to the fight?) and how it turned out badly.

Eric then said he refused to be a hypocrite (hahahaha) That is why he would not eat any birthday cake (but he did manage to down some pizza!)

Eric yells to April: Hey how did it go with Kaysar earlier? April responded with Don't even make like you know anything...I will talk later..

Maggie and Eric say they think Rachel plays with integrity, and has trouble playing with the other people. They hate Howie now.

Eric says he has made peace with both ways it may happen (him leaving or Maggie leaving) He again for the 10oth time said that he has played with integrity etc etc. He says that if he is still here next week, and if one of "them" (his group) gets HOH, some people will be running scared, he said if a certain person approaches him, he will be all: "Dont even waste your breathe"Eric and Maggie says that James is a bad person, really bad. Eric says James was wearing the hat and he ripped it off his head and told him he doesn't deserve to wear the hat. Maggie agrees. Eric says if he goes, he wants every one of those people to go before her.Maggie said she will play honestly, and tell them that if they don't want an honest trustworthy person around, to vote her off.

Howie has been Howie all day, loving Happy Birthday boobies (which he has mentioned at least 5x’s), Questioning Ivette about her sex life (wanting exact dates and details etc) (which fascinates him) complimenting Janelle all day and joking around! Every house needs a Howie to make light of all situations.

April, Maggie, Jennifer, Beau on the hammock. They are bashing James and Sarah, saying that she would flip if she saw what James said about her (that he would let her go to stay in the game, {go as in voted out}).Beau said that how can Kaysar think James will stick by him if he would sell out his own girlfriend. April said that what if Janelle wins this thing? They all express disgust at this...They said, what if James and Janelle made it to the end? They don't know who they will vote for, they say they will plead the fifth.
April said she will not vote. April says Janelle wouldn't even know she was at the end of the game (they all find this hilarious)Maggie says she would choose Janelle, because she hasn't been treated badly to her face by Janelle. But James is as bad as she has heard about him. April says James is dirty, and has played the whole game wrong.

James and Ivette have a discussion. Ivette on the same soap box as Eric. How she will not give up her friends, hurt her friends etc. James points out that the group was already to vote him out so what kind of friend is that. Ivette refers to it as a game. (She is really having a hard time believing it is a game herself). Ivette tells James that she thinks BB threw the POV competition to him. (While this is going on Janelle is easdropping against the door of the GR room. James proclaims that Eric is a sore sport and Liar. Ivette tells James he is al iar. James responds with listen I was going home if I didn’t win that VETO. My only strong friend in here (Eric) said he could not play VETO for me and Beau said he would throw the competition and not try. What was he to do? James said that he was not in the house to become a better person just to play the game! Ivette asks him if he thinks Kaysar s the better person, his response is no one in this house is a good person. James then responds with “Don't be mad at me because YOUR plan to stab Me in the back backfired on you!!" He then told Ivette that she does not trust anyone so there is no point in talking to her. James then said I won my game, came back in here. Eric attacked me personally, attacked everyone in here, made up that bullshi* about me exposing you and Beau.

April interrupts and said to James you can play the game with or without morals, but I am going to play with morals! She then tells him she does not like him and that is because he thinks she is a weak player and insecure. James responded that you all stabbed me in the back, you all were voting to keep Maggie and that is why he went to Janelle. April again screams about her morals and what a great person she is and that she does not need the money, James respond with “there is the door” James tells her she is nuts! April goes on to say that it was immoral to play in the VETO competition with Eric’s hat on backwards (sign to Eric’s kids that he is thinking of them) because he already knew the plan andwas planning on stabbing Eric in the back. James Responds with you question my morals about the hat thing.....I told Ivette, I knew if I got off she was going up. I told Ivette because of our connection, that I was gonna do everything in my power to keep her off the block. The only way I could do that was to go after the person who stabbed me in the back. If mike was still in the house, whole different scenario...I had no choice. Don't question my morals about that. April starts to cry saying we were all once friends now look. April finally leaves and goes to the backyard and cries.

Eric again tells his happy followers my word is as good as gold…..if that was the case Michael would still be there and you would not have rallied to keep Maggie over James.

Everyone finally chills out and starts to head to bed. Sarah and James share a bed. Kaysar said his prayers, Janelle heads to the common room and Howie heads to the shower. After his shower her goes up to the HOH room and climbs in bed with Kaysar. This was at like 4:30 am BB time.

VETO ceremony tomorrow, more pouting and whining! Suck it up Eric you lost!