Big Brother Recap July 26, 2005

Till eviction does us part.... and Meatgate…what’s next?

The day starts with Rachel waking up at 7:25. She does her morning routine; head to the treadmill works out then enters the kitchen for her coffee fix. She cleans up the kitchen. Eric joins her at 8:00 am for coffee. Rachel heads out back to fold some laundry and Eric follows her. They talk about how the past few days have been so crazy….Eric tells Rachel that he is ready to leave, he misses his family and wants it to get here fast. He then tells her that Janelle hates him and Howie follows his lead, and that he could care less about James as long as he doesn’t touch his stuff. He does not want James to get up when he leaves. He then tells her that he has asked and he wanted to include her too for his friends only to see him to the door, commenting that he just does not need those other people in his life anymore! (Suck it up Eric you lost). He then goes on to say that people will be in bed not being able to sleep because of what they have done but he will be happy and sleeping like a baby.

He proceeds to talk to Rachel and tell her “I just have to be for my self have to separate it for myself. He (James) wore my hat, wore it backwards and he knows what that meant to me. How much more can you screw me? I wear that hat with integrity and trust. I don’t think he is much different out of this house than in. In some strange way he is hurt and he feels like he played a good game.

After a brief trip to the diary room, Eric comes back to talk to Rachel. Eric said again It's so draining being here because you have to think so much. I'm used to being around people with honor integrity, more than the average person because of the type of work I do, which is why this is so difficult and it's my fault because they use that to the best of their advantage.

Maggie joins them at like 10 am. Outback their neighbors on the lot (they named them the Johnson’s) were having a BBQ. The wind was blowing the smells right into their yard. They kept commenting on how hungry it was making them.

Everyone else starts emerging from sleep at like 11 am. They hang outside. Eric tells firehouse stories. Maggie complains about people on Medicare that go to the ER for a stubbed toe taking beds away from people with a real emergency. Eric agrees and makes his own comment (such integrity he shows here).

Some strategy talk begins.
Maggie wants to put up Kaysar & Howie "when" she gets HoH next week. She says Rachel will have to compete (Veto) for Howie and James for Kaysar. Then they realize that if either James or Kaysar win the veto, Kaysar will go off and James is safe.

Eric decides to split up the 2-headed snakes (Kaysar/James and Howie/Rachel) she has to put up Kaysar & James, so at least one goes home.

Eric and Maggie question Ivette’s loyalty seems she was seen kissing James last night. Her response was that she was keeping her enemy close.

Of course Eric and Maggie have to complain on how unfair the VETO competition was. They can’t believe BB didn’t rig that for James. Eric said he complained to the producers.

Kaysar tells James that he spent some time thinking last night. James tells him this week is over. Kaysar replied not over, planning time. Kaysar also said that when he gets the HOH camera for this week he was not going to take any of their pictures (the crapettes) They start talking about how that team plays a popularity contest and that April and Jen are playing both sides. Kaysar tells James he is going to give Jen a chance to rat April out.

Kaysar meets with Jen in the HOH room. First thing he said to her was that he didn’t trust April, Jen replied that she didn’t trust her either. Jen said that she hears them talking about her when they think she is asleep. She said that she had told Eric that same thing this morning, Eric’s advice was to get her back on her side that she couldn’t play this game alone.
Kaysar then said to Jen “I want you to play the rest of this game solo. I want you to vote out Eric. If you don't, then you're going up. I am not even going to extend myself to your partner. She's done. It's fair game. Here's the thing. If you don't do this, because you're the stronger of the two, you're going up. I don't know if it is next week, or coming up, but I'm just telling you to watch your back. Because you guys are partner's and you have to be accountable for her. She's loose cannon.” Kaysar then ends the conversation by asking Jen who she would vote for tomorrow, she said Eric! They hug and part ways. The whole conversation took 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, April was talking to Rachel about Kaysar and joining “the other side”.
She goes on one of her rants. She tells Rachel that Kaysar sat there and said I would be safe for 3 weeks, then said I was the weakest. How rude is that? That's so rude. He wants me to go join. you know what I am sayin?(no April tell us again)
(During this rant, Rachel just makes facial expressions and grunts in quasi-agreement)
April continues to rant saying Then he thinks I was dumb enough. He’s like all I can say is that you're safe for 3 weeks. (Whispers) I haven't told any of them this (The sheep followers). I'm not. He's like all I can say is that you're safe for 3 weeks. And I was like what after those 3 weeks? I was like, "Be honest. Would you put me and Jennifer up next?" And he goes, Yah. I was like, "why?" and he said, "Because you're weak." How sh*tty is that?

Meanwhile in another part of the house Beau was plucking Ivette’s eyebrows and giving her a makeover. He did her make up too. Jen does her nails too.

At like 3:30 pm Kaysar comes out of the Diary room saying that someone messed with his meat. Seems someone took it out of the refrigerator and left it out all night. He is upset over this. He tells them that they are going to investigate this by reviewing the tapes. So the meatgate (as people on the boards were calling it) started! Then of course we got fish ! The feeds were real weird, like sometimes we got sound,sometimes sound with fish bubbles. Feeds were in out like this till 7:15. We did hear bits and parts of conversations, and people being called in to the diary room, but nothing of any substance. (Though Howie was commenting on April’s panties again!).

Eric, Maggie, Beau and Ivette all trash Jen behind her back. They believe she makes up stories on the spot. That she also gets herself in situations that are hard to back out of and that her stories are just not genuine.

Eric and Maggie discuss the next noms if Maggie was to get HOH. Eric is agreeing with Maggie on her nomination plan. (Kaysar & James) Eric then said he is done, he wants James out ("that m-fer") and that he doesn't care anymore. It also looks like Eric is talking about how he wouldn't care about the game anymore if she (Maggie) were to leave. "I really don't, I really wouldn't care is all he kept mumbling. Maggie goes on doubting the other side. She believes, Rachel, Howie and Kaysar would all put up James if they got HOH. Eric continues trashing Kaysar (suck it up Eric you lost) saying he is weak and played his cards too soon, that now everyone knows what he is doing (Duh he told everyone yesterday Eric)

At 9:30 Kaysar said to James and Sarah that maybe he left the meat out himself because Big Brother never got back to him, so the Meatgate mystery is still ongoing.

Howie and Rachel talk game for a bit, Rachel tells him that she told Eric’s crew that Howie pulled her into Kaysar’s team and if her or Howie does not get HOH next week that that they got us…meaning that they will vote the other sides way (hmmmm playing both sides )Rachel said she said that because she believes it will keep them safe for awhile. Howie believes that James has the target on his back. He said that there are 12 people in the house and it feels like a full blown out war.

A bit later James said out loud that he didn’t get to pick who you came in the house with for your partner.

Everyone heads to bed except Kaysar, Janelle and Howie. They have a brief conversation about all the other house guests and how that BB should portray them. They hope that they are being portrayed fairly. Janelle comments that she hopes she is not being portrayed as the blond ditz!

Howie heads to bed and Kaysar and Janelle continue to talk. They talk about what they would be doing on a Tuesday night if they were home, (not much surfing the net and waiting for food to be delivered) Janelle talks briefly on why she left LA,. She said she hated modeling because all you did was stand around all day. She left because her boyfriend was cheating on her. Then she remembers that the guy she was dating from New York she left her fur coat there and she believes he is going to keep it. (Is this the guy that you broke up with on national TV?)

Kaysar switches his tone a bit and tells Janelle that he really cares about her, that she has a lot of potential and that she is smart and beautiful (watch out Kaysar,,,, she can kill your game) He tells her that she picks guys for the wrong reasons too, she replies yes I have relationship problems, I am one of those girls. Kaysar then goes on to tell her that Mike lied to her a bit. She seemed a bit upset over that. She asked what he lied about. He said he does not live in a condo but an apartment and he is not well off and does not drive a Land Ranger. Kaysar told her he might not be the right guy for her. She listens then asks if he told her any other lies. Kaysar then said that he wouldn’t be telling her this except that he really cares. Janelle said she was still going to date Michael once she gets out of there. Kaysar responded with we are still partners right? Janelle responded with yes, and his next comment was “Till eviction do us part”! Janelle asked how many serious girlfriends he has had? Kaysar replied one, that he was with her for 5 years, but his parents didn’t want him to marry her because she was Indian

Finally at 4:10 Janelle heads to bed. Kaysar puts on his headphones and tries to sleep. .

Yeah Wednesday and they can finally cast their vote to evict Eric, maybe the great meatgate will be solved and Janelle just might pick up on the fact that Kaysar is falling hard for her!