5:00 am

Eric is up VERY early this morning—about 5:30 am. (And, he'd up briefly about 5:00 am and then went back to bad for awhile.)...Eric goes into the bathroom, picks at something on his head and puts peroxide on it. Then he brushes his teeth and goes into the kitchen to make coffee.

6:00 am

For the next hour, or so, Eric is in the kitchen by himself. He makes himself breakfast, then sits at the table quietly, nodding his head frequently.....Eric puts a Band-Aid on his finger very slowly and keeps nodding his head. (I don't want to know what the voices in his head are telling him—maybe he's nodding in time to music.)

7:00 am

Just before 7:00 am Rachel comes into the kitchen.....A little later, Eric goes outside to lift weights...Rachel gets some dirty clothes together in the bathroom, then spends some time on the treadmill...After exercising, Rachel makes breakfast and goes outside to eat.....About 7:45, Ivette is up in the kitchen, making PBJ, while Eric and Rachel sit outside making general chit chat about food.

8:00 am

Outside, Ivette joins Eric at the patio table and the day's whining and bitching officially begins.

Ivette tells Eric that if Janelle ran into Howie in Miami, she wouldn't give him the time of day. Eric says he hasn't spoken to Janelle in three days....Eric complains that all the fun has been taken out of the game....I replies that some people have said that Eric took the fun out of the game by revealing the pairs. Eric replies, OOhhhh, I'm going down, everyone is going down....Eric says the ignorance is unbelievable, that James thinks that Eric will be upset if James wears Eric's number from the academy (#21) on Thursday's show. "(James) doesn't see that he is dead to me!"

Ivette says, "You know what I would love...." Eric interrupts, "For Rachel to swing her vote."...Ivette says she'd love that, "Everyone in the house would cr*p their pants."...Eric goes on, "Ain't gonna happen. (Rachel's) not strong enough. She's still grateful to Howie for bringing her on the show."....Ivette complains that BB "gave" James the veto (by picking a competition that he'd be good at)....Eric calls James a "mother-f*cken pussy" and does an imitation of James comments about the veto, "I had to win to take myself off." (Hmm Eric, you don't think Maggie would have taken herself off if she'd won the veto? Sounds like good game strategy, to me.)....Ivette wonders if she should put up James and Kaysar if she gets HOH....Eric says "No, put up Janelle. The top four (you want out) are Howie, Janelle, Kaysar, James, but Howie is the least threat of the four. Sarah is useless.

Rachel joins Eric/Ivette, and Ivette starts criticizing Kaysar's religion...Ivette says she feels like burning the Koran...Eric says, "Don't say that."...Ivette goes on, "How dare (Kaysar) bring the Koran (into the house), something so sacred, it's like the Torah. She says "(Okay) if you want to represent people from Iraq for your own personal reasons. But, the Koran doesn't belong here. Everything that book stands for, we go against."....Eric asks if they say Kaysar giving Jennifer a backrub. Rachel remarks that Kaysar has done that to her. Eric then says, "But (Kaysar's) not supposed to touch girls."...Ivette says, "You don't see me taking an hour on Sunday and praying to my God!"

9:00 am

The conversation between Eric and Ivette in the BY continues.....Now Ivette is railing on James. She makes fun of the fact that James told her he saved her. She says that James told her that Janelle was coming after Ivette in Week 2..." And Eric cuts in, "That was a lie!"....Ivette says, "There are so many fake relationships in this house, it sickens me."

Eric says to Rachel, "We didn't know that you (and Howie) revealed your relationship the night before. Rachel says, "We didn't, Kaysar called us out." Eric says to Ivette, "So I'm to blame for bringing everything out and taking the fun out of it? I made it a fair playing field."...Then Eric makes fun of James for lying at first about his age and his profession, "What kind of guy says he's 29, has a law degree, was gonna be a teacher and work with gifted children?"

Eric turns to Rachel, "I ain't looking to change your vote, Rachel, (Sure, Eric), but James came up to me when I was HOH and said I should put you and Howie up. He will come after you—just so you know. Rachel is silent.....Eric says he doesn't know how Kaysar can look himself in the mirror, because Eric had told Kaysar he wouldn't compete in the POV comp......Ivette says that Kaysar said that it was all too much a big family, and he had to press the restart button...Rachel responds, "(Kaysar) said that?" Ivette says that when she gets HOH, she will press the restart button....Rachel says to Eric, "I'm not going to say out loud what I want to happen, but I think you know what I want to happen."

Ivette goes on to say that James said it was Eric's idea to throw two votes for Ashlea....Eric replies, "F*ckin' unbelievable. I can't believe (James said that.)....Eric asks Rachel how she and Howie can still be on James' side...Rachel never really gives an answer.

Ivette leaves to go clean the pool, leaving Eric and Rachel alone. Eric tells Rachel, "I've already proven that when I give my word it's as good as gold. I can't believe that Howie is trusting the others when I don't break promises."....Eric tells Rachel that if she doesn't vote to evict him, he will guarantee to take Rachel and Howie as far as he can, and wouldn't put them up as a pair. Eric says that James will put up Howie and Rachel next week. "I'm a man of my word, you know that. Where does Howie think his loyalties are?" Throughout this, Rachel doesn't say anything.....Jennifer/Ivette come back to the table and the conversation ends....Jennifer tells Eric she has to talk to him after she brushes her teeth.

Rachel has left, but Maggie has joined Eric and Ivette. Eric says to them, "I've really got Rachel thinking now."....Maggie asks, "What do you want? People are asking me what to do."...Ivette says that she is voting to keep Cappy and Beau knows that, too......Maggie says she doesn't want people to be disappointed if she stays....Ivette assures her that they won't be disappointed.

Then Jenn comes out, and she and Eric go off to talk by themselves....Eric laughs about the how priceless the expressions on James'/Kaysar's faces would be if Maggie were to be voted out instead of Eric...Eric goes on to tell Jenn that Kaysar's group is breaking up, and Eric thinks he got through to Rachel. (Hmm, not sure where Eric got this, because Rachel said nothing and kept a deadpan face during Eric's earlier comments to her.)....Jenn tells Eric that she is trying to get straight who wants to stay—Maggie or Eric. Eric pushes Jenn hard to vote to keep him.....Jenn asks Eric how Rachel is voting, and Eric basically repeats what he said to Rachel earlier concerning not trusting James....Jenn says that Howie won't vote "their way" (to keep Eric), but Rachel might.....Eric says, "All we need is Rachel, okay?"...Jenn agrees and Eric gets up and leaves.

April has joined the others outside, and is sitting at the patio table. He tells her he wants to make one thing perfectly clear, "He wants to stay, and doesn't think this thing is over yet."....Eric says he might talk to Howie, because Rachel won't go against what Howie wants.

Eric continues to talk with the patio table group of Eric/Maggie/April/Ivette/Jenn, mostly repeating things he said earlier. (Hard to believe, I know.)....Eric brings up again the fact that Kaysar swore on his life that Eric was safe....Maggie says she talked with K about that, and he said that he (K) meant it at the time...Eric says, "Apparently there is a time limit for swearing on your life. When I swear on my life you'll know I mean it."

April changes the subject to trashtalking about her sister. She says she's not worried because her sister doesn't have TV or the Internet. (Uh, April, your sister may have friends who do....) She says her sister home schools her kids yet she barely made it through school...April wants to hook Jennifer up with her brother who is 6'2", blonde, good-looking, and is a salesman for older Ford Mustang/parts.

Rachel is called to the DR at 9:50 am....BB has apparently gotten tired of listening to April trash her sister because the feeds switch to rooms with nobody in them.

10:00 am

In the kitchen, Eric Maggie that he is saying to others, "Base your decision on (the fact) we both want to stay. I'm preparing to leave, but I want to stay....Outside, the feeds have returned to April talking trash about her sister...A little later, James is in the exercise room and Rachel comes in. They are whispering, so all we hear is Rachel saying, "I don't care. That is just common sense."....Then Rachel goes to the kitchen, and joins Sarah and Janelle in general chit chat about things that happened last night....Sarah tells Rachel that they had been trying to figure out how Rachel and Howie are connected, and figured that the two of them must just be friends because Rachel is so "normal." (Ha! Love it!)...Sarah says that someone has to go wake up Kaysar, or he will be up really late again....Howie has joined the group and announces several times that he has to piss.

Apparently Jenn is the one who decides to wake up Kaysar....Kaysar is half-asleep, but she tells him that she will not abandon April and will vote to keep Eric. She says she won't be a hypocrite....Jenn tells Kaysar that she doesn't think other seasons of BB have been this divided. (Guess Jenn hasn't watched BB much in the past, or she'd know better...At the end of the conversation, Jenn hugs Kaysar and says, "I still love you, Kaysar."

11:00 am

In the living room, Rachel and Howie are talking....Rachel sounds as if she is disgusted by Eric and says that when she is nominated, she'll handle it so much better...Rachel still wants to keep Maggie and wants Ivette out instead....Rachel makes fun of Eric for being surprised that people were mad when Eric outed the pairs...Howie says that this week in the Gold Room has been great, but you never know how the game will change...Rachel wants to go to Mexico (to sequester) Howie replies, "Then just remember—play the game!"....Howie starts to rant about Eric and Rachel shushes him...Rachel and Howie plan to talk with Kaysar and Janelle about the four of them being the final four—getting rid of James/Sarah....Then Rachel/Howie talk casually about friends, etc. They are cute—she is sitting with her legs over his lap, sort of cuddling.

Kaysar must have come downstairs because he tells Rachel/Howie about Jenn's decision to stick with April and vote out Eric...Rachel is okay with the decision. Howie says, "Bitch." Kaysar says he doesn't like it, but it's not the end of the world. Rachel wanted Jenn to vote that way anyway, so she would look better with her own group....Kaysar says, "We're still on course."

Kaysar has shaved, and now has a goatee with mustache. Rachel tells him it looks great.

Outside, Ivette tells Sarah why she is angry about the nominations...Ivette swears on her mother that she did not know about the other pairs....Sarah asks why Eric/Maggie are mad at her (Sarah)...Ivette compares James changing sides to someone ratting out someone else to save prison time.....Ivette's explanation goes on longer, and Sarah asks again, "Why is this personal?"....Ivette says, "I don't talk ***** about people and then hang with them. Did James call me "Skankzilla?"....Sarah says she feels she is being punished because of her associations, and lists out the people who are ignoring her (including Maggie)....Ivette says, "I'm not saying it's right....." when James comes out.

Ivette says it isn't fair that Kay/Jan/Sarah/James/Howie/Rachel knew about the twist and no one else did. (Uh Ivette, your buddy Cappy and Maggie were one of the first ones to correctly identify all the pairs.)...James tells Ivette that Eric is playing like a spoiled child. He asks, "Why is it okay for Eric to run to the producers at 2 am when Michael was going to reveal the pairs, and then go and reveal the pairs himself?....Ivette thinks it's selfish for 6 people to know the pairs and not the others (Uh, that's 8 people, Ivette, not 6!)....James said that no one gave them a script and told them the pairs, they had to figure it out for themselves....The conversation continues along the same lines until James is called to the DR...After James leaves, Sarah continues to talk to Ivette about how Eric has acted like a bully. She reminds Ivette that one time she and Ivette went to talk alone and Eric followed them so they couldn't talk.....

April joins in the conversation with Ivette and Sarah.....Sarah says she wants to end the conversation, but Ivette brings up another point about Kaysar and James......BB makes an announcement about batteries in the SR, and Ivette leaves....April is talking to Sarah, when Kaysar comes outside, hears April talking loudly to Sarah, and tells April to leave Sarah alone.....Kaysar says the reason he "flipped this motherf*cking house upside down" was because people were acting like bullies..... Sarah says that Eric tells everyone that "It's just a game and don't take it personally," then goes and takes things personally....Sarah says that on her birthday, Maggie and Eric were willing to eat her cake and pizza, but wouldn't talk to her. April says the point that Ivette was trying to make is that she makes decisions on her own—that Eric isn't controlling her (Ivette)...Kaysar replies, "No, I'm good at reading people, and (Ivette won't act on her own.)....April also denies that anyone from her side talks trash about the others—they're talking about other things (Sure, April).....April is called to the SR to change her batteries....As April leaves, Eric comes out and sits down at the table....Sarah gets up and leaves, leaving K and Eric alone...Kaysar asks Eric if he's upset....Eric says he wouldn't give anyone the satisfaction by being upset because that would mean he (Eric) cared about the person.....Kaysar replies, "Okay Eric," then leaves and goes back into the house, leaving Eric alone at the patio table....Soon after, Eric is called to the DR.

Sarah is in the house with some of the others and she says that she wants to go on the raft, but she's afraid it will get taken away because it's Eric's raft....Howie says, "Oh no. Are they going to take the raft away when Eric goes?"....A minute later, BB makes an announcement, reminding the HGs that it is against the rules to discuss your votes.

Outside, at the patio table, Eric is out of the DR and telling April about his confrontation with Kaysar. (He just finished telling the story to Maggie in the exercise room.)....April asks, "Everyone has voted now, right?"...Jenn and Eric reply that everyone has voted.

1:00 pm

In the HOH room, Kaysar is taking with Janelle about Eric....Kaysar says, "(Eric's) upset, he's convinced he's right. It's about pride, he was leading a group of people. (We) took him out early in the game, he's p*ssed.....Janelle says, "It's not that early in the game. If he hadn't played that hard....."....Kaysar says, "I knew the longer we waited, the harder it would be to take him out. Even James came to me midweek (last week), before I got HOH and said that Eric has a lot of pull in this house and he's gonna make it to the end. If I can't be on (Eric's) side, I'm obviously against him, so (I had to decide) How do I get him out?....Janelle says, "If you would have left Eric in the game, wouldn't people have seen (what he was like)?....Kaysar answers, "No, the people who were so in love with him were just blinded (and) are still stuck to him."....The strategy talk continues for awhile longer.....Janelle says, "I'm gonna be so happy when (Eric's) gone.....Kaysar agrees, "Me, too."...A few stray comments.....During the conversation, Kaysar says Ivette is like a ghetto gang member. (Not sure of the context for this remark.)....Kaysar says about April, "She's doesn't belong with them and she doesn't belong with us. And she knows it."

Outside, Rachel/Ivette/Maggie/Eric/Jennifer are at the BY table....Eric gets upset (not sure the reason) and goes inside. Maggie excuses herself and follows him......Stray comment: Jennifer just made some comment about how they are sheep, and made a sheep noise. (Not clear who Jenn was referring to.)....Jennifer tells Ivette that when Ivette gets out of the house she will have a Web site and a fan club.

Some more stray comments.....James is outside, too (I think) and he says, "His name is Eric, not Cappy. He's not my captain and I'm not going to refer to him in that way."......Over by the washer/dryer Rachel and Howie are folding clothes. Howie tells Rachel she'd make a great wife—and she has a great *ass, too!....Rachel tells Howie the clothes aren't dry yet.

Jennifer has gone inside to the kitchen, and she is giving Ivette a pedicure....Howie tells Jenn that if he wins a phone call, he is going to call Dan (Jenn's BF) and ask him if he's with Jenn or not. If not, Howie is going to take Jen to the HOH room to make some "sweet passionate sex."....Howie wants Jenn to give him a pedicure.....Eric/Maggie are also at the table....Eric asks Howie if he has a foot fetish?...Then Eric says to Jenn that maybe she can give (Eric) a manicure and pedicure tonight...Jen is noncommittal.

2:00 pm

The conversation among the kitchen pedicure group is wide-ranging....Eric tells firehouse stories....One of Ivette's contributions to the conversation is, "There is no way that penetration is better than someone eating you out." (Thanks for sharing that.)....Eric asks Ivette if they're going to do a strip thing for him tonight....Ivette said she could host it.

Outside, April, James, and Sarah are in the pool....April kids them, "Did you see the sign that said, 'No kids in the pool?'" James answers, "Sorry, granny."

A little after 2:30 Kaysar is called to the DR, and BB announces that there is an outside lockdown....Outside, Eric and Maggie are sitting in the hammock. Maggie asks, "Did (Kaysar) get a camera? Eric says, "Yes" and Maggie replies, "How annoying." (Nice gal.)....Even though Kaysar had said the other day that he wouldn't take any pictures of Eric and Maggie, he comes over and takes a picture of the two of them in the hammock. He tells them, "Try to smile."....Then Kaysar has Howie take a picture of Eric, Maggie, and Kaysar in the hammock.

Although the HGs are still on outside lockdown, Maggie begs the producers to let her go potty....The picture-taking continues, with Beau, April and Jenn posing as Charlie's Angels, and Howie getting photographed bench pressing Rachel.... Kaysar tells them that the pictures are supposed to reflect what happened during the week. (Ha! If the pictures REALLY reflected what went on during the week, they'd be VERY different than this!).....Rachel takes a picture of Eric and Kaysar on the hammock, and then everyone wants to pose with Eric.

Inside the house, they are cleaning the fish tank....Outside the house, Maggie is doubled over in pain and begging to be allowed to go to the bathroom.

3:00 pm

Finally, the BB producers relent, and let (only) Maggie inside the house. She is apparently having "intestinal difficulties" (my term)....Outside, the picture taking continues. Howie says, "Look at my TV girlfriend. How hot she is. Too bad the show is only PG.".....Howie babbles about boobies for awhile.

Maggie comes back, and Howie yells to BB, "Thanks BB. While you're in there, can you clean up the bathroom?" Maggie says she isn't feeling very well.....The outside lockdown ends soon after that....The outside picture taking continues, but Ivette and Maggie have gone into the bedroom...Maggie asks Ivette what's wrong....Ivette says she's just tired of not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow. Maggie tells her it's all part of the game. Maggie said she had an upset stomach, but it seems to be getting better. She says she wouldn't wish her stomach on anyone. Ivette asks, "Anyone?" Maggie replies, "Well....."

A little later, James is in the bathroom brushing his teeth....Ivette is there, too, and contributes this tidbit (so to speak) "My g/f told me that when it comes out in it's entirety it is better than it coming out a little at a time. And did you know there is a difference as to whether it floats or not?" (Ivette is teaching us SO much today.) James replies, "I didn't know that."

James and Janelle go up to play chess. Sarah comes up to the chess table and comments on how Eric is yelling so much downstairs...James replies, "Well, after tomorrow, you won't have to hear it anymore."

Outside, the group is still taking silly pictures, such as one with Jenn and April sitting on Kaysar's lap...Jenn yells to Howie to come make out with her. Howie kisses Jenn for the picture but April blocks the camera...Howie tries to grab Jenn's boobies, but she puts her hands over them....The group calls Howie the "camera whore" for the week....Kaysar tries for artistic pictures, such as trying to shoot both Howie and Howie's reflection in the outside windows.....Kaysar says, "You've got to admit I take good pictures."...April replies, "You're a graphic designer."....Then Howie tells Kaysar he needs to take some pictures inside the house.

In the house, the chess game between James and Janelle continues, with Sarah looking on...In the bedroom, Ivette and Beau are strategizing, and also trying to practice for different competitions about the house, "Who said what?", etc. eau remarks to Ivette that Janelle is smart. Ivette replies, "You really think (Janelle's) smart. I think it's luck."....Outside, Kaysar tries to take a picture of April, and she says, "Not with my Buddha belly!" Everyone tells April that she doesn't have a belly.....April asks Rachel if she's mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Rachel replies, "Pretty much." (Where did that question come from?)

The picture group goes inside, and Jenn takes her key off the wall, and she and April pretend to open the front door with it....BB says "Stop that!". Jen replies, "Stop what?! Howie plays with my key all the time! I hate Big Brother." April says, "And they hate us. Believe me!" Jenn says, "This show sucks. I hope it flops." (Note: I think this was all said in a kidding way.)

About 3:45 BB announces an inside lockdown. The HGs hear someone knocking and Howie remarks, "I told Julie to stop by. Maybe it's her."....A few minutes later, we are treated to another "Howieism" "I hate chicks, but I love p*ssy."....Now Kaysar is in the LR taking pictures...He takes a picture of Jenn with coasters covering her face....Jenn says she is bored...Howie asks her, "You want to make sex?" Jenn says, "No!" with no hesitation...Jenn says she wishes it was this time tomorrow, with things about to happen in minutes or hours, not lots of hours.

4:00 pm

The picture-taking continues, this time at the chess table with Janelle, James, and Sarah....Kaysar takes a picture of Janelle biting the head off a Knight. Kaysar remarks, "Nice. That is so wrong."(Apparently the pose looks kind of sexual.)....In the LR, Rachel and Howie play coasters. Eric walks in front of R and H, looks away, and says nothing.....Pictures done, James tries on Kaysar's Hugo Boss cashmere blazer (42 long, in case you cared.) James asks K if he can have the blazer if K is evicted. Kaysar says, "No" and James imitates how rude Maggie was when Janelle said Maggie couldn't have her Nordstrom fluffy robe....James goes on, "Damn. Hugo Boss. Damn you're a pimp. Oh I forgot, you have rich parents." Kaysar says, "No, I don't."

In the bedroom, Ivette is telling waitress stories to Maggie/Eric/April....At one point, Ivette says that Maggie must be a nightmare to wait on because of all her meat and dairy issues...These are Ivette's top waitressing peeves:
1. Asking for water before she has even said hello.
2. Letting kid play with sugar packets.
3. Feeding bread to pigeons.
4. Emptying change from pockets for tip
5. If tip is already included in bill, not writing anything (meaning no extra tip?)
6. Someone asking if refills are free. (This one from April.)
7. Someone asking "What is cheap but good?"
8. Blaming the waitress if their steak comes out wrong.

April also said she hates it if someone asks for hot water then brings their own tea bag.....Ivette tells the story of four hookers who come to the restaurant and when it's time to leave they wait a long time (Ivette says three hours) for someone they're expecting who will pay their bill. Finally the restaurant manager tells them they need to close out their bill, and suddenly the hookers have money. (The hooker story is much longer than this, but it isn't THAT interesting.).....Eric then tells a story about bringing a drunk guy to the emergency room. The guy was spitting, so Eric put a towel over his head. The nurse in emergency asks Eric why he didn't IV him and do other medical procedures, and Eric replies because he knew the guy was drunk. Later that night, Eric gets a call from the head of the dept. apologizing for the nurse, because the doctor knows how wonderful he is.

James/Kaysar/Howie/Janelle/Rachel/Sarah are still in the HOH taking pictures.....James asks Kaysar if he would mind if James defecated. Kaysar replies, "Just don't stain the walls.".....Rachel is wearing headphones and sunglasses....Howie tells Rachel she looks like sex with her might be fun after all. "A nice girl who's a little whore in the bedroom."....Sarah looks around and says, "There have to be more secrets in this room."....The group is finishing all Kaysar's snacks because today is his last day as HOH...As they snack on popcorn and nuts, James wonders why they put in macadamia nuts because no one eats them. (Are you kidding? Macadamia nuts are my favorite!) Sarah would prefer cashews, instead....Howie wants strippers and a stripper pole if he gets HOH....Kaysar says he loves the HOH room and could stay in there all day. James says that when Eric was HOH, he didn't spend much time in the HOH room....Kaysar figures the other group must be talking trash, because they can't carry on a normal conversation...Just before 5:00 pm, Kaysar gets called to the DR, and then has to go up to the HOH room to do his blog, so everyone decides to leave the HOH room, but plans
to meet back there later.

5:00 pm

The HGs are locked down inside, and hear banging outside. They wonder if they will be on inside lockdown until the live show...At this point, not much of substance goes on....In the kitchen, Sarah is bugging James by saying, "Huh?" to every comment he makes. James is telling Sarah what to do and is criticizing how she's handling things. James asks Howie to take his "Can you please get your TV girlfriend away from me?".....Howie wanders to the gym where Janelle is working out. They exchange quips, and both work out for awhile. Janelle is insecure about her stomach and asks Howie what to do. (Oh puhleeze!). They start to chant "HOH! HOH!"...Jennifer and Maggie are sleeping.....James is whispering to Rachel when Eric walks in. James walks out, and Rachel says to Eric, "Surprising, he feels bad (that Eric is leaving?). Eric sort of rudely replies, "So, I don't know what you want me to say."...In the bedroom, James and Sarah are lying on the bed and Sarah squeezes an ingrown hair on James' face. James tells her to just let it go away naturally. But, Sarah squeezes it anyway, and then wipes it on the sheet. (Nice.)

Maggie and Eric are whispering in the dining area. Rachel is on a lounger right behind them....They discuss Janelle briefly. Maggie calls Janelle a whore. Eric says women like Janelle are a dime a dozen in Las Vegas...Maggie tells Eric that she has no sympathy left. She says she only took a pic with Kaysar because she didn't want to make a scene....Eric says, "We'll see how bad James feels tomorrow."...Maggie says everyone is going to be wide awake tonight....Eric says it's his last night...Maggie replies, "You don't know. You may have to compete tomorrow night."....Maggie is concerned about how she is being "spun" or edited. She asks Eric to call her parents and tell them the truth....Eric says he doesn't want to be portrayed as a pansy. Maggie tells Eric he's more likely to be portrayed as an aggressive ******. They both laugh, and Eric says, "That would be better."

6:00 pm

After several burps and farts from Eric, Rachel rolls her eyes and says quietly, "Sheesh"....Rachel pops up from the couch and Eric says, "What are you doing over there?" (Earlier, Eric had asked Maggie where Rachel was, so Eric knew she was on the couch.)

Kaysar is out of the DR, and he and Rachel/Howie discuss the HOH blog.....Rachel says her blog was long, and then they told her it would time out after 30 minutes so she had to shorten it....The three of them are all fired up about winning HOH tomorrow...Howie starts to trash talk the other HGs, and K says, "Let's just have fun, guys."

Meanwhile Eric and Maggie discuss the evils of vanity. They say they could look a lot better than they do, but they are above that...Eric expects to be on "The View" or other shows...Jennifer wakes up from her 3 ½ hour nap and Maggie says she is f*cked because she will be awake to all hours tonight....Beau has also been napping, but is called to the DR.....Eric says, "Wake up b*tch. Wake up Beau-ty-licious."

Rachel tells Howie that she doesn't like the house right now because of Eric's group and how they keep themselves separate from the others...Howie tells her these people aren't worth ***** in the real world, and that she knows who her friends are.....Rachel says that James wanted to apologize to Eric. Kaysar thinks that's a bad idea, and Rachel agrees, and says she told James it was not a good idea, just leave it alone.....Ivette is called to the DR, and she says, "What the h*ll? Because Beau and I were sleeping?"....Howie gets called to the DR soon after and answers, "No way, BB. I'm playing coasters."

7:00 pm

About 7:00 pm, the inside lockdown ends, and the HGs go outside to find something like a skeetball setup, to practice for the HOH comp tomorrow....As Ivette plays, Howie yells, "Carpet chomper/rug muncher." (Howie, shut up.)....Ivette tells Kaysar he can't take any more turns because he isn't competing tomorrow anyway.....(Note: It's not clear from the updates whether the object is to get the ball in the hole or NOT to get the ball in the hole.)....Ivette does well, but Eric keeps saying, "So far, April is the next HOH."....Sarah and James don't do well, and decide to go inside, saying that the game is only a variation of what the HOH game will be and doesn't matter anyway....Eric continues to coach each of the players on his team, then he and Maggie go to sit on the hammock together. They look very intimate, with Maggie's hand on Eric's chest....Then Maggie goes inside to get warmer clothes because she plans to practice all night.

8:00 pm

Beau and Ivette go inside to work out, and say the others are ***** their pants over HOH practice...Ivette plans to go out and practice more later, and Beau says it's all about focusing....Ivette plans to make a cake for Cappy tomorrow....Beau comments, "Janelle is one hot mess, horrible. She just looks weird."

As Maggie continues to practice the HOH game, Eric and Jenn sit on the hammock...They comment that Rachel is acting like a victim, that she got caught up in this, and feels bad because she has to vote Howie's way.....Eric says, "Everybody's annoying me now." (Only now?)....Eric tells Jenn that if she wins HOH, she should put up James and Kaysar, and tell Howie that if he plays for the veto and changes things, she should put Rachel up. Or, if James or Kaysar wins the veto and takes himself off, she should put up Janelle....Eric tells Jenn if she does it the way he tells her, (the other team) will implode—they have no loyalty to each other.....Eric then goes off on Kaysar, saying, "King Kaysar, that fuc*in piece of *****". He'll start coming around making f'in deals." (Gee Eric, I'm glad you don't care about these people anymore.)....In hindsight, they wish they'd made better choices...Jenn wishes she never got off the surfboard. Eric says he would have put up Michael and Kaysar....While this is going on, Kaysar/James/Janelle/Sarah are in the kitchen, making idle chit chat not worth reporting.

9:00 pm

Outside, Maggie tells the other people on her team how to beat the other team at bowling by knocking one ball into another, just like the other team is going to do....April chimes in, "I never think of myself. I only think as a team. (Oh, puhleeze!)....Ivette says, "They are sh*ttiing in their pants thinking of one of us as HOH."....April says she told Rachel that she would be targeted first....April goes on how it's funny that the other team looks up to Kaysar when James is the mastermind....Eric says, "Rachel is no f*cking victim, either....April says that Howie is annoying the **** out of her....Eric agrees, calling Howie "a boil, like herpes."....The trashing of the other team continues.....Maggie asks Eric's advice on the best way to play the HOH game. Eric is acting as "captain" telling the others, "Nice work" and giving advice.

April and Jennifer leave to use the face mask....When they're gone, Ivette remarks "I just don't think (Jennifer's) playing for the group."....Eric is frustrated, "I can't believe I have to leave this f*ckin house when I can do this so well."....Ivette tells Eric, "(The other team) are nerds. You (Eric) are physical. They play strategy, they play chess.....Eric goes off on Kaysar again, and Ivette says, " I told you, (Kaysar is) sultan for a week, that's it."....Ivette says, "Maybe I should make the bread pudding tomorrow."....Eric goes off, "I don't want you to make the bread pudding, I want you to win HOH. And, I want to see James and Kaysar go up. Just so they can stick it up their arrogant arses."

Inside Kaysar/James/Howie/Rachel/Sarah/Janelle are in the HOH room, talking strategy for the HOH comp and the BB game...They debate whether it is better to knock the other team's balls out or not...Rachel says that some people might just have to sacrifice and hit their ball....James agrees, "That's what I'm saying "sacrifice" we should all just work as a team instead of individually to get their balls out if it's that kinda thing." (This is followed by lots of talk about the best way to play the HOH game....Kaysar reminds them, "We can only trust people who are in this room."....James says they need to put up either April or Jennifer.:....Howie thinks they can worry about who to put up later, and Sarah and Janelle agree. Janelle says, "We haven't won it yet"....Kay says, "Don't get nervous, go out there do your best, and what ever happens happens......James says he's not going to even look at Eric all day tomorrow and he's not going to shake my hand."....They talk about the fact that the other team will be very emotional over Eric leaving and ways to psyche them out before the bowling game....James thinks that Ivette is the one who can deal with hardship (like Eric leaving) because her father did time in prison and her brother has been in for 10 years. James says, "Ivette works under conditions like that."...Howie asks why Ivette was such a mess when James threw a water bottle at her—she was crying for five hours...Janelle says that Ivette was crying after Kaysar...Sarah agrees and says that Ivette uses guys through tears.

10:00 pm

Janelle and Sarah join the bowling group outside, and there is awkward silence....Back in HOH, James and Kaysar are alone, and James tells Kaysar that he doesn't trust Rachel and is concerned that Rachel is playing both sides, because she doesn't want to show that she is part of their team....K tells James, "Let's worry about that, tomorrow."....They leave the HOH room.

Beau/Eric/April/Maggie are in the kitchen making sandwiches while the other team is outside....Eric goes outside and Maggie warns him, "Don't start a fight." Eric replies, "I won't. I'll keep my mouth shut." Maggie tells the others that Eric told her going in that he is the best man on your side and the worst man against you.....Outside, Eric plops himself in with the other team and Howie says, "You can't be out here.".....Eric said he could, that he was planning to sit and watch them all night....Kaysar tells him, "Aggression will get you nowhere."

Then Beau declares that he will go outside "and give them his demon face."....Inside, in the kitchen, they are making general conversation, while Jenn rubs Ivette's feet....Maggie has gone outside now, and Eric tells Beau and Maggie that he is going to follow the other team every time they go outside to practice....Maggie tells Eric he is being an antagonist. Eric replies, "Yeah. So what?"....But Eric goes inside. He, Jenn, and Ivette go into the bathroom (the WC?) and shut the door and whisper...When they come out, Jenn trims Eric's nose hairs. (I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.)

A little later, Jenn leaves the bathroom and goes and lies on Kaysar. He is very uncomfortable...April asks Kaysar if his mother lets him do that. Kaysar replies, "She's lying on me. What am I to do?" (Uh, ask Jenn to get off?)...Outside, Maggie tells Beau that they need Eric to come outside and guard the HOH game so the other team can't practice.

11:00 pm

Janelle goes outside to practice the bowling game, and Eric follows her out and watches her practice...A little after 11:00 pm, BB announces, "Lights out in one hour."....Maggie tells Eric that "lights out" means the outside lights, too....Janelle is called in to change her microphone, and while she's gone, Eric shows Maggie how Janelle was playing, saying, "(Janelle) was "money" almost every time."....Janelle comes back out and she and Maggie practice. Ivette joins them, and Eric gives Ivette orders on how to play, "I want you RIGHT HERE on that mark."....Kaysar has also come outside to play, and he and Janelle don't seem intimidated by Eric, who is making remarks like, "Freaks come out at night."

Inside, James tries to talk about his concerns about Rachel with Sarah, but Sarah is concerned about the HOH comp "because there's no strategy in it." They continue to talk, while outside, HOH comp practice continues....April says you have to finesse the ball, feel its inner strength and heat...Kaysar laughs, "It's (the ball's) chakra?"

Inside, James and Sarah have gone to sleep in the Gold Room....Outside, Eric says that he won't go to bed until (the other team) finishes practice....Eric also says, "Janelle doesn't accept Kaysar's sh*t. I'm not a big fan of hers, but she doesn't accept his *****. (Not sure where that comment came from.).... Eric tells April not to fall for Kaysar's sh*t, that Kaysar will try to "double-team" her." Eric says that every time April is alone, Kaysar sends someone to talk to her.....April replies that she knows what she's doing...April tells Eric not to waste his time staying up....Eric replies, "Just for intimidation. I'm gonna stay here till the last f'ng moment. Just to play with their heads.....Note: The other team is ignoring Eric and doesn't seem intimidated at all.....LOL. Ivette or Maggie just told April she smells like a casino.

April, Ivette, Beau, Maggie go inside into the bathroom. Jenn and April don't want to get too worked up or they'll screw up the HOH game, that practicing makes it worse for them...Meanwhile, the other team is outside practicing, while "The Intimidator" (Eric) continues to stare at them....At one point, Janelle tells Kaysar (nicely) that she's got her own style and let her do it her way, because his tips weren't helping her.

12:00 Midnight

Feed watchers aren't sure whether there is movement under the covers with James and Sarah in the Gold Room....At one point, Sarah and James are facing each other and Sarah winces. (Wrong move on James' part?)....Feed watchers are disagreeing about whether it's Sarah's hand they see moving up and down under the covers.

Outside, Beau has joined Eric in scowling at the other team (but saying nothing to each other)..Howie goes inside to shower....Kaysar continues to coach Janelle, who is doing very well at the HOH game....Maggie comes out to join Eric, and brings him a blanket and a sweatshirt. (April and Jenn are outside now, as well.)....April and Beau go inside to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Howie kids Beau that if Beau gets HOH, he'll get a rimjob....Howie then goes back outside and sits down so that he blocks Eric/Jenn's view of Janelle practicing.....Howie flosses his teeth and asks where he is sleeping tonight...K says that Howie can sleep upstairs if he wants....Eric/Jenn continue to sit and glare, saying nothing.

Inside, Beau tells April and Maggie how Janelle plays, so they can block her moves....Maggie says she is willing to sacrifice herself to keep Janelle from getting HOH....Meanwhile, in the Gold Room, James and Sarah are practicing spelling "spaghetti" (LOL at the "spelling test"—inside joke.)....Speaking of J/S, outside, Kaysar asks Howie to go ask Sarah and .
James if they want to practice. (That is, practice the HOH game.)....Sarah and James get dressed and go outside to practice....Eric had come inside for awhile, but now goes back outside to continue staring/glaring.

1:00 am

Janelle/Kaysar/James/Sarah practice the HOH game....At one point, James goes over to Beau to say something about a razor. Beau seems very relaxed and is buffing his nails....Eric watch: 3 hours, 11 minutes, with minor breaks. (LOL)....Overhead, a helicopter or plane is making a lot of noise. (But, no banners—darn!)...The practice continues while Janelle goes inside to make some PBJ sandwiches for herself and Kaysar.

About 1:20 am, Eric goes inside to go to bed....Kaysar asks Howie if the others are sleeping. Howie says, "No," except for Rachel....Howie asks Beau who is the best at the HOH game, and Beau says he doesn't know....Beau eventually goes inside, leaving the others to practice without an "observer."....But, it isn't too long before April comes out for a smoke...James says to April, "You guys taking turns?" (Ha!) April replies, "Kiss my *ass!"....April yells to them, "Do I need to ask if I can come outside for a cigarette?"...Kaysar replies, "Relax."...April says, "I just wanna be put up. I want to go home. I'm so over it."....April makes several other comments, including, "I am only going to be nice to the people who will further me in the game and have good morals!" (Okay.)...James says, "They are making this so difficult on who I want to put up."....Beau has joined April, and they talk about the wonderful lives they have to go back to (insinuating that the other team doesn't have lives.)

Jennifer comes out and joins April and Beau, saying she is having an anxiety attack. She says she feels nauseous. April says that's due to the PBJ...April says she is going to lie down and pray...Jenn says she has been saying Hail Marys...April says she is not going to get emotional....April also says that she wishes BB would dim the lights....April and Jenn go back inside.

Howie remarks on the smirk April had on her face, as if she knew something. He says they act cocky, but the game isn't over yet....The group continues to practice. Kaysar says to use some finesse with the ball, and Sarah chimes in, "Like jiggling a boobie." Janelle says, "Sarah!" (LOL).

2:00 am

Now the outside group starts trashing...They say that Jenn is a whore in real life. But Howie asks, "Why won't she f*ck me then?" (Howie is obnoxious, but very funny sometimes.)....Sarah says that Jenn told her that Jenn would have flirted more with James if she'd known S/J were bf/gf.....Next they talk about how you can't reason with Ivette, that's she's a psycho. They say she looks like she belongs in a women's prison.

Howie's game is going great and he says, "Let's get those f*ckers out here now. Let's play for HOH!"...Howie goes on, "Bitch April, go smoke your *ss off you f'n c***!" (Sometimes Howie isn't funny at all.)...The group tells Howie not to get excited and keep his focus, "Focus Jedi Focus"....Sarah says "Let the force be with you, but do not use the force."

Janelle goes inside to the bathroom, and finds April crying—she can't handle it any more. April asks Janelle to vote her off if Janelle gets HOH....April says she is going to go to the DR to see if she gets her $750 a week. (Does she mean if she quits?)...April says she is much too mature for all this....Janelle says she's sorry....Then April goes back outside for a smoke.

Outside, April is crying, and Kaysar joins her....She tells him, "You put these people in here that have no college. I'm not saying I'm better than these people, but I am."....She goes on, "I don't need anyone telling me what to do—not Eric, not anybody."...Kaysar tries to make April feel better, and says he understands, because he just graduated from college. He reminds April, "You knew this was going to be tough."...April says she is not giving up. If she wanted to stay, she would, but she doesn't feel good being here..... April says it makes her sick that Kaysar is taking James to the end because Kaysar is smarter than that. She says James keeps opening his mouth, and it's not getting to her, but it's making her realize more and more she is better than James and them.....Kaysar tells April that he doesn't want her to lose respect for him, but he's trying to play the hand he was given. He tells April everyone has a different perspective and way of dealing with things....April tells Kaysar she loves him to death.....April says she knows that Kaysar doesn't like Ivette...Kaysar says that he and Ivette just don't understand each other. Kaysar says he can't debate logically with Ivette because she goes in circles, and April says she understands.....April says that Ivette hasn't said one bad thing about Kaysar. (Huh?) But, everyone hates James....April thinks Eric and James have said the worst sh*t about people...Kaysar says he knows, and brings up what happened to Michael.....Kaysar asks April who else people hate besides James....April says, "No one." Everyone loves Howie and Janelle seems okay....April tells K that she doesn't want to be sequestered, especially not with James there. She thinks "those people" will kill James.

3:00 am

Kaysar is still talking to April, while Howie, James, Sarah continue to practice....April tries to get K to agree to put James up for nomination....K tells April that James has a good heart but he tries to be a hard*ss. K says that he sees the faults, but is just trying to get through day by day....April tells Kaysar she is dealing with James, trying to be the adult and try to hold her composure with him, but he thinks he's god almighty.....Kaysar agrees James is cocky and needs his ego fed a lot.....April laughs at Sarah being so in love with James and says that Sarah is James' puppet....Kaysar replies that it's not his place to interfere.....April says she liked Sarah so much more before she knew Sarah was James' gf......K tells April he is glad they had this conversation....April says, "Don't' second guess me." (Huh? Where did that come from?)....Meanwhile, the outside group has gone inside.

April tells Kaysar, "Don't repeat this, but as long as you stick with James, your *ss is on the line."....K says he knows and that he could go tomorrow, and doesn't care....K and April agree that they like Beau and that he will be better when Eric is gone.....K says that he would like he and April, Jenn and Beau together at the end. (Ack Kaysar! What are you saying? You know how April is going to misinterpret and repeat this!)....April says her goal was to have honest, respectable people in the game...K says it's just a game and laughs....April tells K that Howie talks trash about him...K says that Howie is just a big kid....April asks K why he is afraid to get rid of James....K says he has a plan...April tells K not to bring James to the end because he'll be a hard guy to beat. (April—You just told K that everyone hates James.) April tells K to let James dig his own hole and says not to coach James.....April and Kaysar hug....April asks, "Did you really think we were taking shifts (watching the other team)? Cappy was doing his own thing."....BTW—Janelle didn't go inside, she's still practicing.....April tells K that Jenn was having an anxiety attack. K tells April to tell Jenn she can come to him to talk about anything.....April is having one last smoke—she says she only has two packs left....April says that right now Kaysar/Howie/Rachel/Janelle are not on her radar. Neither are Beau/Ivette because that wouldn't be strategy. She says if K put her up for strategy, she wouldn't take it personal (sic). K reminds her that he said, "Three weeks from now, game on."....(Finally!) Kaysar tells April to go to bed, she's a mess. April calls out to Janelle, "Night, Nellie."

FYI—I know you won't believe this, but the text above is a shortened version of the April/Kaysar convo. Amazing!

Janelle wants to know what April said, and K tells Janelle how much April hates James....K wants to talk to James because K can't be a babysitter....Janelle tells K to let James pick on April, because it keeps the focus off Janelle/Kaysar...Janelle tells K to let "them" go after James, and K seems to agree...Now, Howie arrives in the BY....Howie says he wants to wipe the smile off April's face, because she is smiling too much, "that b*tch."...K tells Howie the trash talk has to stop, and the only person April mentioned was James....They agree to keep it cool until Eric leaves because things will be better.

At first, they plan to continue practicing, then they realize it's 3:45 am and they head off to bed.

4:00 am

Howie joins Kaysar to sleep in the HOH room....But, before they sleep, K tells Howie about his convo with April and that James is a huge target. They also wonder about what kind of information Bo learned about their HOH game technique when he was out there watching....By 4:07 am, all the hamsters are asleep.

Whew! Big day tomorrow!