Eviction Day! After being up late practicing for the HOH today under the watchful eye of Cappy... everyone finally got to sleep around 4:00am

Jennifer is the first one up. Eric gets up shortly after but uses the WC and heads back to bed. Almost an hour later, Eric and Ivette are whispering in the bathroom. Rachel is up and exercising. Cappy and the herd seem to feel very certain that no one on the other team has a life outside of the house, Kaysar still lives with his parents. Ivette talks about Janelle being a slob. Maggie, Eric and Ivette are showing solidarity this morning by all wearing fire department shirts.

Eric suggests the vacuum the GR now, while people are sleeping. Maggie lays down on the counter, aka the sacrificial altar. As on most live show days, they are trying to get the house cleaned up a bit, make it look presentable for company. After all, they are having millions over this evening. Rachel tells Howie "I'm in a good spot", I assume she means as far as not being hated by the herd.

Rachel and Howie discuss the possibility that James is not really working with them and did not vote for Eric to leave. Janelle and Howie talk about how they are going to kick ass today, they hug but then the excitable Ivette drowns out the conversation with her vacuuming. Howie gives Janelle a backrub while Maggie packs her bag for the impending eviction show tonight.

Rachel voices her concerns to Kaysar that James has just been playing them and that they are going to be blindsided on the live show tonight. Kaysar shares his concerns with Rachel, that James keeps going off on April. Howie, Rachel and Sarah are trying to get the kinks out the LR carpet, Howie and Janelle were cleaning the GR earlier.

Apparently there are tape markers on the carpet for where the furniture is to be placed. [aka idiot-proof decorating]. Eric, Ivette, Beau and Howie are talking about smoking pot, Eric admits to having fractured some laws and Ivette admits to smoking occasionally .[It’s not her fault, of course, it's because her gf likes the stuff].

Ivette tells about Maggie trying to get her to try tofu, she has no interest, she is Cuban, she wants steak. Ivette says there is no decaf coffee in Cuban restaurants, they serve Sanka. [Last time I checked, Sanka was in fact, decaf coffee]. It seems to be a good natured conversation, no trash talking, which is a relief to our dedicated updaters.

At 11:30am we have fish.
Eric is making comments about leaving a dump in the HOH bathroom, apparently he considers this a lovely parting gift. They all seem ready for the HOH competition. Sarah, James, Rachel and Howie are sitting around the table discussing remaining quiet today till the competition, to conserve their energy. James wants to stir things up. Ivette came in and was rattling on

about something... then leaves. Rachel talks to them about how they thought she was sleeping last night and she heard them discussing the whole idea of keeping an eye on the S6, also they were bashing everyone in the S6. [S6=Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, Rachel, Sarah and James]

James and Janelle talking in the GR. Apparently a post has been added to the HOH game. James tells Janelle he cannot play like this, that he cannot be nice. They have apparently been given the order for play in the HOH game and Sarah is tenth. With Sarah going last and having added pressure on her, James is worried if they end up losing HOH this week and he is put up, Sarah will blame herself.

They have held the morning HOH practice and Cappy and the herd seem pretty confident with their performance this morning. Eric and Maggie taking shots at Janelle yet again. Ivette makes a comment about the S6 holding meetings, they never did that. [exsqueeze me? Is she in the same house we are all watching?] Ivette is making a batch of her famous bread pudding. Ivette tells Eric she doesn't want to be the negative one in the house. [Earth to Ivette... to late honey]

Howie lets James and Sarah know how important it is to him to win HOH, he would rather win HOH then bang Janelle. Earlier Eric gave Rachel a message to pass onto the S6, he wanted them to know he wasn't planning to say good bye to them, only those in his group. They laugh and don't seem to concern about not getting a farewell hug from Cappy. James seems determined to make every effort to drive April right off the edge, not that she hasn't taken up permanent residence there already. James feels certain that Rachel is playing both sides, but Kaysar tries to assure him she isn't and also trying to convince James to play nice. James is trying to convince Kaysar that he is going to become a republican soon.

The S6 crew are playing coasters in the living room, killing time until the live show and HOH competition. Eric is thanking God for having Maggie in the house with him. Howie suggests April might try a new career in coasters since she seems to be happy playing that. James still ranting a bit about Eric. Kaysar mentions that millions of people are watching them, James wonders if people really do watch them. [Yes James, we are watching you. We know what you did this summer.]

The April Smoke Watch reports that April is down to her last two packs. This has become a matter of concern since April is so near the edge anyway, hopefully Big Brother might throw her a few mercy smokes. They are all primping for the show, Ivette is wearing a short skirt which Beau apparently loves. They get a few more minutes of practice time for the HOH competition. They are all running around the house getting ready, chit chat. Eric is shaving his head for his big exit. Ivette inspects his dome and finds a tiny spot he missed. Ivette then flicks her skirt up giving Eric a shot of her butt. Eric refers to this as the "coochie cutter". Maggie comes in as Eric shaves the spot he missed and asks about his addressing James at some point tonight on the live show.

Eric claims he is 5'7" on a good day. Apparently he hasn't had a good day since he arrived at the Big Brother house. Howie points out how this is not reality, since in reality people blow a load everyday and he hasn't blown a load in a month. Apparently they have specific shirts to wear for the HOH competition. James is talking about having lost all respect for Kaysar the night of the "incident" because he was face to face with Ivette and looked like he might hit her. James assumes its a cultural thing.

Ivette is happy to be out of the closet. Howie is being his normal crude, rude and socially unacceptable self, this time with Jennifer. James comments that he thought there would be camera men running around all over. James and Howie teasing about if James should keep Sarah, Howie says if he doesn't she will end up being his girlfriend. As Kaysar is primping, Maggie steps right in front of him at the mirror. There is talk about what happens after someone leaves the show, April mentions they could ask Michael or Ashlea, but oops, they are not there.

Howie informs Kaysar he is a "sexy bitch". A little bit of game talk happening, the HOH game that is, Sarah giving Janelle a pep talk, I think she is hoping someone early on wins it so it doesn't all come down to her. The HG's are moving into their places for the live show. Kaysar is sitting nearest to Eric. And the feeds cut to fish at 4:49pm, most likely till after the show.

Fish on the Feeds for the live show!

The feeds are back up. Eric was evicted in a vote of 5-4 and Maggie won HOH. The HOH battle was close, Janelle held the lead until the last three, when Maggie stepped up and land her ball several inches closer than Janelle's. Rachel threw to hard and Sarah's landed in a hole before ever getting near the end. Sarah was very upset and feels she let down James, because with Maggie as HOH, she feels certain he is going to be nominated.

There is some talk about the big prize for winner if they have their partner with them being a million dollars. Maggie and the culled herd are eating together near the fish tank, speaking with the fishes. Kaysar, Janelle and Howie are at the counter, basically resigned to whatever might happen this coming week. Kaysar wonders what other secrets their might be, Janelle hopes Michael gets to come back.

Ivette and Maggie in the storage room discuss nominations and strategy. Ivette is not planning to play strategically, she is playing herself. Maggie is not concerned with splitting up the pairs, she is planning to do exactly what Eric wants. [Does this make her mini-mini-me?] The culled herd now basks in the glory of their win and begin the discussion of who they want to see gone. It is not looking good for Kaysar and James. Ivette says they are not shady, Beau says he wants James gone first, but Kaysar gone more.

In the jubilation, April says "Maggie, Mother of God" as the other camp discusses who might be put up. Howie says if he gets sent home he will be cheering them on from outside. James feels certain, since the hat was left behind that it will be himself and Janelle or himself and Kaysar who are nominated. James jokes that if he leaves, he is taking one of the chess pieces, so it screws up the game for all. James and Rachel are making their pitches to head back to the dark side of the force. Maggie is not buying it for a second.

Maggie heads up to the HOH room and tells everyone they can come up alone or with their partner, she is prepared to hold court. Maggie tells Rachel, as much as she wants to seek revenge she won't, her and Eric decided not to do that. She tells Rachel how much Eric really liked her. Maggie tells Rachel she could see she didn't like the negativity. Rachel says she was torn, that she liked Eric and Maggie but her partner was going in a different direction. Maggie asks Rachel what she would want if Rachel and Howie were up on the block, Rachel says she would want to leave, Howie wanted to play the game, she was happy to come along.

Rachel tells Maggie they are very much alike. She goes on about how she hadn't seen Howie in years and envies the others close friendships. Maggie goes silent and Rachel keeps babbling. Maggie tells Rachel she might hit her up for advice in the morning if she needs it. Maggie tells Rachel she is unsure of her and Howie because she doesn't have a great rapport with him. Rachel admits to having had a huge crush on Howie, if only he would shut his mouth.

Maggie fetches Howie to the HOH room because she feels he needs to hear some things. She asks him what he thinks of the house being divided. He tells her he just helped Kaysar move some furniture, like pieces on a board, its a game. Today she made a great move. If she wants to put him up for being a strong player, he understands, if she put him up for having stinky feet, he would be upset. Maggie is so used to playing via friendships and trust that she is having a hard time understanding Howie's playing by strategy only concepts. He will go with whatever furthers him in the game, not alienating anyone.

Maggie offers a deal to Rachel and Howie, if they get HOH next week, they don't put her up if she keeps them safe this week. She says if they pull their keys tomorrow, the deal is on.

Maggie and Kaysar talking in the HOH now. Maggie does not want to be spoken of as "you guys", suddenly removing herself from the groups she has been joined at the hip to for the last weeks. She says she can only answer for herself. Kaysar tells her that he has nothing against her or Eric personally. Maggie asks him if the game is personal or strategic for him. He says it is 100% strategic for him. She asks him about swearing on his life and he said yes, he broke his promise but it was something he had to do. She asks him about Michael [after just requesting to not be considered attached to her partner] and Kaysar says he could do nothing for Michael and tried to just stay out of it. "It about the game" he loves Michael like a brother.

Maggie tells Kaysar that Eric kept his word about not playing for the POV and he said yes, and knew about Ivette playing POV to keep herself safe if she won it. That Eric was trying to protect Ivette as well. Maggie tells Kaysar there are things he does not know and he says there are things she does not know, it's all perception. He is explaining that when Eric told Ivette to play POV to try to keep her safe, that was breaking his promise, Maggie tells him that is his perception. James interrupts Maggie and Kaysar, Kaysar asks if they are done, she says they can finish in the morning.

James apparently just stopped by to tell her if what Ivette, April and Beau are saying is true, he got played and if that is the case he is sorry because he hurt someone who was like a brother, but that's what he thought he had done to him. Maggie tells James that she knows she and James are both big threats in the house and that she sees the way he moved the house to his advantage and that is very threatening to her. James tells her she doesn't have to tell him that, he understands. When Maggie asks him who he would put up, he says those without partners are obviously the most dangerous [This week on BB, Janelle and Kaysar are thrown to the wolves] and that putting up Sarah would not be a strategically wise move since that would be a weak player and a strong player.

James says some partners work great together but his partner is only a hindrance. She asks who the good partners are and he says he told Eric and he should have told her. She says well he is not here now, so if he wants to tell her... James says I can't say, that he has screwed himself in the loyalty department and he doesn't want to continue that downward spiral [apparently casting Janelle and Kaysar aside was within his acceptable limits]. James tells Maggie he should not be put up, strategy wise, but he won't sell anyone else down the river. Maggie says she does not want revenge, James says "come on" and she says no, that she and Eric agreed it would be played strategically.

James is now selling out Sarah, saying if she was on the block he would not use the veto because he could function better without her. He says he would like to leave within a week or so of her so they could be in sequester together, he would miss her. Maggie says she understands that. James then joins Janelle and Kaysar in the GR, they ask about his meeting and he says that girls is not a medic or whatever she claims to be... and then we have FISH!

The culled herd holds it's first official meeting of the week in the HOH. April almost immediately begins bashing Kaysar, talking about his offer of safety to April and Jennifer, Maggie wants to know why she waited to tell them about it. April explains that she was gathering information. She goes on to say how James will go with the majority and Maggie should put up Kaysar. She tells Maggie if Kaysar gets HOH again, she and Ivette are going to be put up. The culled herd asks about Maggie's conversations with Howie/Rachel and Kaysar. Maggie lies about what occurred in those talks. Maggie claims she went off on Kaysar about his religion and that he tried to give her his word, and she stopped him, telling him her word left with Eric.

Maggie tells the culled herd that James said she should put up Kaysar and Howie. [James actually said Kaysar and Janelle] Maggie says she sees James as a bigger threat, because he could form personal bonds with the culled herd and Kaysar, while playing just as strategic won't be able to form those bonds. April now lobbies to save Kaysar and Ivette is lobbying to save James. Sarah is off talking to James about his chances and if he leaves first she is concerned he will have women throwing themselves at him and that he might be tempted to cheat.

Kaysar and Howie talk about where to sleep. Kaysar says "It's like rags to riches, back to rags". Kaysar and his group realize that the culled herd is trying to spy on them so they adjourn to the bedroom. The culled herd is sleeping in the HOH together. They all say good night to Cappy and then say the Lord's prayer. They are discussing who would turn in Kaysar's group, Maggie thinks Howie will, April thinks Howie, Kaysar and Janelle are all dangerous. April believe James would turn.

Kaysar and Janelle renew their commitment to each other. Janelle thinks the BB Gods might try to favor pairs since America probably wants to see a couple make it to the end. Everyone starts heading off to bed, food competition in the morning. Kaysar and Howie are the last ones to head off to bed. Howie does some dishes then heads to the WC to shower, Kaysar taking a shower as well. Howie tosses his underwear in Kaysar's general direction. They finally head to bed, Kaysar to a cot and Howie to the GR.

2:38am Everyone sleeping and sleeping very well with the exception of James and Sarah who are tossing and turning.