Rachel was the first up this glorious Eric-less morning at about 6:45. She makes toast, feeds the fish, talks to the fish, cleans the shower and takes a shower. At around 7:50 a.m. BB blasted music into the house; it was Carl Orff “Oh Fortuna”, then we went to FISH so we cannot be sure if this was to wake them or just mess with them. At around 8:15, BB announced to the HG’s that the food competition would start in about an hour.

Ivette and April are up now, with their usual charm, they start to bash Janelle. They start by talking about Janelle in her green bikini and how when she spreads her legs there is a stain. Then April says that when they were just about ready to enter the house for the first time, Janelle did not have the strap for her BB suitcase, so they were all held up while BB had to go get one for it. April says (mockingly) “She thinks she should get special treatment because she is so sexy and beautiful.”

Kaysar has gone into the GR to wake Janelle and Howie. Now Sarah and James are in there and Kay says “I feel like we got rid of most of the cancer, we just need another treatment.” (They all laugh) They start talking about food and James says “Scott Peterson and Charles Manson eat better than we do!” Kaysar says “yes, but they don’t have to live with Ivette. I really thought I had patience until I met her.” James talks about April and says “poor April, her husband would not marry her until he finished getting her plastic surgery. Her husband spent 20K for her to get work done and then they got married.” (Ouch) Howie was using his inhaler, and Kaysar says “I know you have gonorrhea and syphilis, but what is that for?” Howie says “it’s for my asthma. I also take meds everyday for my thyroid, and without it I would die. My mom has a thyroid problem too, it's genetic.”

Ivette and James were whispering to each other. James playing a victim, telling Ivette that Rachel and Howie and the rest of the S6 are talking about him and Sarah. Some of this conversation is too low to hear, but you hear Ivette say to James that “those people will stab anyone in the heart; they will sell you out in a heartbeat.” James says “if you need to talk, come see me.”

Around 9:30 most everyone was gathered in the living room and seemed to be getting along with one another laughing, having a good time. At this point it seems like Mag and Janelle are the only ones not there. The camera is focused on the DR door, so I believe that Mag is in there and will be emerging soon.

Now Janelle has come out and Howie sits with her at the dining table. There is some inaudible whispering, but you could hear Janelle say she thinks Maggie will go after Kay. Howie says no it will be James they go after. Janelle says “no matter what, one is leaving, but it isn't like they are dying. We will see them when we get out.”

10:00 a.m. Food Competition – “Matching Munchies”

Everyone is outside getting ready to play. Maggie says they will be playing as a whole group. Outside there is a two-tiered structure similar to a game show panel. You hear BB say “We want to make it look like you chose your positions, so let’s do that one more time.” Then BB says to Maggie that she needs to say “I need 6 contestants and 4 panelists.” Then FISH.

The set and game are a knock-off of "Match Game." Host Maggie has a microphone in hand. The six contestants are seated, the top row is Janelle, James and Ivette, the bottom row is Rachel, Beau and Jennifer. The 4 panelists are seated way across from them, they are Sarah, Kaysar, April and Howie who are all dressed in appropriate retro wear, including big hair and sun glasses. Each of the six contestants will play individually for one day of the week, and then one of them will be asked a question that will cover the 7th day of the week. She will ask each contestant a fill-in-the-blank question to answer; this answer must match the answer of at least 2 of the 4 panelists in order to win.

The 1st phrase to Rachel is “Pete is so obsessed with food he tried to tie his shoes with string ____.” Rachel says “cheese.” On the panel Sarah and Kaysar both answered cheese (April and Howie said Beans), so they win food for Saturday.

The 2nd phrase to Beau is “The grocery clerk was so hands on; one customer complained that he tried to grab her ____.” Beau answers “Buns.” Sarah and Kaysar both said “melons” and April and Howie answered “buns.” They will get food for Sunday.

The 3rd phrase to Jennifer is “Dumb Doris was so dumb she flew to France to get French ____.” Jenn answers “fries.” On the panel, Sarah and Kaysar say “bread”, April and Howie answer “fries.” Food for Monday!

The 4th phrase to Janelle: “You know you're in first class when the stewardess offers chocolate-covered ____.” Janelle answers “strawberries.” Sarah and Kaysar say “Sundae”, and April and Howie answer “Strawberries.” They have food for Tuesday!

The 5th phrase to James: “The frustrated baker blamed his girlfriend when his ____ refused to rise.” James says “Bread”, Sarah and Kaysar answered “dough”, April and Howie said “bread”. They will eat on Wednesday!

The 6th phrase to Ivette: “Donna said, ‘My husband, the pastry chef is getting a bit near-sighted, last night he went outside and tried to ____ the dog’.” Ivette was stumped for a minute, and then finally said “bake.” Sarah and April both answered “bake” and Kaysar and Howie answered “cook”. They have food for Thursday!

When it came to Friday the feeds cut as the HG’s were confused if it meant today or next Friday. They find out it will include both Fridays! The 7th phrase is going to Jennifer: “The chef's cooking class was so boring; one student fell asleep in his apple ____.” Jenn answers “pie”, Sarah and April said “cobbler” and Kaysar and Howie said “pie”..woo hoo food for Fridays! (Note: When Sarah said cobbler, Ivette in her most snotty voice said “are you serious?”)

A BONUS was given to the HG’s in that 2 numbers were revealed as a clue to what they assume is the safes; those numbers are 57 and 46. They talk about the seas again and still haven’t figured out that the correct number of seas is 17. There is talk that there are only 4 seas.

11:00 a.m. The First Gold Safe is Opened

Maggie says “so as soon as they let us in we head right for the safes, right?” Once BB announced lockdown was over, they bolted. Jennifer and Janelle try to open the right side safe and April keeps saying, “seven seas right?” Someone says “try nine”. They keep showing us FISH every few seconds and when they would come back, a couple of times you would hear the HG’s thanking BB. It is apparent that BB told them there are 17 seas.

Meanwhile, on the couch Ivette is telling James that she can't deal with their selfish behavior. She says ‘they’ may want to put things aside, but she doesn't want to. Ivette says that Sarah got to try to open a safe last time, because she found a clue and Jenn should be the one trying now, not Janelle. She keeps on about how selfish Janelle is “it’s always me, me, me, it’s never a group thing with her.”

Finally Kay and Jenn are working on the safe and Kaysar gets it open! Jenn pulls out a laminated sheet that reads: Congratulations HG’s: You have opened up the first GR safe! (Everyone is cheering). (They pull out a plate of PB&J sandwiches]. Jenn continues to read: “Here you will find a PB&J sandwich for each of you, but not ordinary PB&J - One has a special power - A PB&J Pass! Whoever gets this pass will never eat PB&J again. At the end of food competitions, the holder of the pass can choose to give to another HG.”

The HG’s gather around the dining table and everyone chooses a sandwich. Once they open all their sandwiches, it is Janelle that wins the pass! Now Janelle never has to eat PB&J again AND she can give the pass to someone else after a food competition, choosing anyone that is on PB&J and give them the pass for that one week. After the week is over the pass gets returned to her. She hurries off to wash it and the others wonder if the pass goes with her if she is evicted.

The storage room is open now and FULL of food!

12:00 p.m.

Sarah and Ivette are talking in the shower area. Ivette says that seeing Kaysar and Janelle together makes her sick and that Kay/Jan/How and Rachel are just using James and Sarah. Sarah agrees. Sarah said she didn't even want to come in to this house, and before James left she cried every day about it. Now she says how ironic it is that James might go and she'll be stuck here. Sarah tells Ivette that if James goes this week that he won't be in the sequester house and she'll have to spend all that time without him. She says if James leaves she wants to leave too. Sarah started to cry so Ivette pulled her into the bathroom and shut the door. Once they come back out, Ivette tells her to talk to Maggie.

Outside Janelle is expressing her happiness with the PB&J pass. They speculate that there will be more ‘powers’ in the other safes. Beau says the big golden key will probably keep someone safe for a week. April mentions how cute the little PB&J pass is on Janelle’s picture (on the picture wall.)

In the HOH Beau, Ivette and Maggie are talking. Ivette says “did you see all that food that Kay made? I thought he was making something for everyone, but he made it all for himself.” Ivette then tells them how Sarah came crying to her, that she doesn't think Sarah is a threat and therefore they are not a strong pair. Maggie says, "I don't care, I want him out." Ivette says “I don't want this to come off like I care about James, because I don’t, I just think that Kaysar is such a manipulator.” Maggie: “I don't think I see Kay as manipulative as James is. Kay has never been our friend, James was our friend and then he flipped on us, that is a threat to me.” She goes on to tell Ivette “Somehow James has wormed his way into your heart.”

Howie and Rachel are talking outside. Howie says “They hate each other and use each other...” Rachel: “We have to keep our voices low, I am nervous. I don't think James is right about Maggie, I think she is a nurse.” Howie: “I said from day one she was the strongest player.” Rachel: “I am very angry that Eric went home.” Howie: Eric wouldn't hug me when he left, oh well it's a game.” Rachel says that Ivette is a big pain in the rear. Howie says “They are getting caught up in the emotions, this is a game. Maybe they are getting that, you don't see Ivette and April showing off as much today.” Rachel: “James said I wouldn't put myself on the line like he does. Of course I'm not. I'm not going to be like him….” Howie: “Yeah, you don't intentionally hurt or annoy people.” They both say how they wanted Maggie out not Eric. Rachel also says that if Maggie asks her to play for veto and she won it, she likely wouldn’t use it and that almost guarantees that James will be leaving.

Back in the HOH

They are talking about the veto. April says that Rachel is really in a gray area. Maggie wants to put up James and Kaysar and get James out. Maggie says “I guess I'll pull Rachel and Howie up here and tell them ‘if you play and you win the veto and use it I will put up your partner’. April: “Howie isn't going to do what's right; he will do what he's told.” Maggie: “As much as I want Kaysar out, if Rachel was beside him I wouldn't know who to vote for.” April: “We can hope Kay uses Janelle for veto, then if she wins veto and takes Kay out....” Maggie says “Howie goes up? Well at least James would still be up there” April: “That will motivate Howie to get the veto and not use it.”

Now Sarah is in HOH with April, Beau, Ivette and Mag. She says “I didn't really know who to trust last week. Kaysar said that Beau was rallying to put me on the block. Then when James got put up I felt like every one was so hush-hush when I came around.” Ivette asks Sarah “Why didn't James get you to play for Veto?” Sarah: “Probably because he doesn't have faith in me.” Sarah continues “Last night I got the feeling that we are the disposable ones; ‘they’ would shut up as soon as I walked into a room.” April: “it’s a horrible feeling, we've all done it.”

Sarah: “I don't want to tell you what to do. It's very improbable that the couples will make it to the end.” The about the S6 “It’s like we really are not part of them, we go to bed and they don't go to bed until an hour or more after us, we know they are talking about us.” Sarah reiterates that Kaysar is the mastermind of the group. Sarah continues: “I don't NOT like any one in this house; I just don't know who to trust. I was so scared last week and my a** wasn't even on the line.” April tells Sarah “If James would have left last week we would have taken care of you.” Sarah says that last night ‘they’ indicated they could lose Sarah and keep James around because he is the stronger player.

April asks Sarah if Kaysar has threatened to nominate her if she doesn’t go along with him. Sarah says “No, he builds trust in people.” Ivette chimes in “I wouldn't discuss buying a piece of gum with him.” Maggie: “If I nominate you to go up, who will you pick to play veto?” Sarah: “Who would be up with me?” Maggie: “Let's say it's James.” Sarah: “I know I wouldn't pick Kay or Jan. I would pick someone who wouldn't win it so I would have a better chance at winning it, so probably April or Jennifer. James would do the same thing, he knows if we are up together that they won’t fight for him, we are the outcasts.” April asks Sarah “Have you made any promises to them?” Sarah says “Our loyalty to them was to get Eric out.”

Sarah and April both leave HOH and Maggie says: “She's a nice girl, but she came up here with a plan. Every thing she did was to save James. It blows my mind; she doesn't even realize when James is manipulating her!” Maggie says “Don't tell me Kay is the mastermind. He walked off that chess board. If Kay is as controlling as we all think he is he would have never let James get that veto.” Now that I'm HOH, Sarah wants to talk and right before nominations. I still can't get it through my mind that Kay is more powerful than James.” Beau says “So we stick to the original plan and get rid of James? Then if James saves himself Kay goes.” Maggie: I don't see Kaysar influencing any of us 5, but I do see James getting through us by way of Sarah or maybe Ivette. Ivette has shown no compassion towards Kaysar, but she has towards James, that makes him more dangerous.”
(Note: Ivette is sitting right there). Jenn says “you know what you are getting with Kaysar, with James you don’t.”

Maggie asks them “where do you want your keys (in the box)?” Beau says to put Janelle in last. Then Maggie asks “Who would like to pull out her key?” Beau says to let Rachel pull it, scare her a little too.

Maggie says she sees James as more of a threat than Kaysar because Kaysar cannot penetrate this group; James however, can through Ivette. April says “We should tell Rachel that she has to make a decision what side she is on.” To this Maggie says “she is here with Howie, so regardless she owes him.” April says how virtuous she is for not floating back and forth to the group with the power. April does try to convince Maggie that the one to keep is James and let Kaysar go, she says to Maggie “that would guarantee you another week here at least.”


Howie and James are outside; Howie says he really wanted Maggie to go. James says "and she has one challenge where she excelled, that's all it took to send one of us home." Howie says "I give her all the credit in the world though; there was so much pressure on her bro. We had the ball on the board and we still had two players coming in after her. I like those odds. I'd take those odds any day of the week or in any sport." James says if Sarah has to compete with him in the veto she will be a mess, she buckles under pressure.

Sarah came outside and James went in. Howie tells Sarah “I woke up with a pounding headache, I had this dream last night, that the only people in the house were me, Kay, Janelle, James, and Rachel, then I woke up to the nightmare" Sarah says "so I wasn't even in the house?" Howie stutters "oh yea, yea, you were in the house."

Outside Howie is telling Sarah & Rachel "I mean I like Maggie, nothing against her, but from day one I knew she was a strong player." Howie says people take everything personal around here, they don't play strategically. Rachel says they will be on lockdown soon for an Howie, if you gotta 'go', Rachel says "you better go now."

Rachel is telling Howie that she thinks if James leaves that Sarah will want out too. Howie agrees that "emotionally that's the path she will want to take, maybe I can talk to her." Rachel says that James won't want to go to sequester without her...Howie says "big deal, it's not the end of the world, people go off to war..he needs to suck it up." Howie says "she is worried that he will cheat on her." Rachel says "I doubt that." Howie and Rachel really hate the drama. Rachel especially hated the whole Maggie and Eric drama and Ivette being so emotionally attached. Rachel says "do you really think that Eric wouldn't have kicked her butt out as soon as he could?"

Back in the HOH, Maggie thinks they can split the money - she says "I hope one of you guys win, because I know I'm going to get some of the money. Like maybe $10,000, what's 10k when you have a million? Maybe we should talk about that?"
Now they're talking about how to split the money when one of them wins. They were talking a lot about numbers and how the winnings should be split. Jenn said something like “if only a pair is left from their group, someone should throw HOH to them so they stand a chance at a larger pot.” We went to FISH and when we came back Maggie was eluding that BB allowed them talk all that time, ‘then’ told them to stop.

Outside James says to Ivette & Jennifer “If I go next week will you take care of Sarah?” Jennifer: “Yes we already told her we would.” James: “Oh great now I know for sure I'm going.” Jennifer is quiet a moment and then tries to back track that it was something she said to Sarah a few weeks ago. Ivette says to James: “You're not going to lose our trust again. You and I still have a connection.”

James is telling Ivette that strategically the best position for him would be for Maggie to put up Kaysar and Janelle. Ivette asks him about HOH next week, and James says Sarah would never get it and if he got it he would put up Rachel and Howie because “they are playing both sides, they play everybody and don't have loyalty to anyone.” He convinced Ivette to ask Maggie if she will meet with them both.


Ivette is in the WC with Sarah and she whispers to Sarah: “Don't think I'm not fighting for you guys, but I have to go with the group, you know? I can't show that I'm publicly with you guys a lot. I can tell them what I'm feeling, and they respect it. I do think there are bigger fish to fry than James.”

Now Janelle and Maggie are in the WC. Maggie is asking Janelle “why did you stop talking to me?” Janelle said “it wasn’t you, it was Eric, he hated me.” Janelle tells Mag that she felt like Mag had stopped talking to her too and that she and Ivette started acting differently towards her. Maggie says she was told by people that Janelle was the mastermind behind Eric leaving, but she didn't hear that first hand, so until I see you do something that is 100% against what I believe in, we're good.” Janelle says “so we're still friends?” Maggie gives her a drawn out “Jannnnnel”. Later on Janelle tells Kaysar about this conversation and tells him “if Maggie wasn’t in here with Eric, we would have been great friends.”

Now James is talking to Maggie outside, Ivette is there also. James is talking very fast, throwing ideas around about who to put up. James says “There is no one I am scared of more than them (Howie and Rachel).” Maggie: “What false pretense are you coming from? If you weren't talking to me under false pretenses right now you wouldn't be wearing your sunglass right now.” Feeds cut to FISH.

Everyone is on lockdown outside at around 4:30. Ivette is crying to April about how she misses Eric and how he was a saint. April tells Ivette “you have to take that love for Eric and show it to Maggie now. Its better Eric left now because he didn't deserve the bad things that were said about him. I know it sucks to be left here with dirty players. God has a plan, I do believe that. Eric wanted James gone, Maggie wants him gone.” Ivette says “If Kaysar stays, 100% chance that he will do damage, if James stays, it's a 50% chance he'll do damage to us.”

April says to Rachel “don’t Beau and I look like a younger Marcellas and Amy?” Rachel says “you’re way cuter.”


We had FISH for more than an hour. It was apparent when we came back that Kaysar and James are on the block. Janelle, Sarah and Kaysar are outside and Kaysar says “I'm gone, unless I can swing Aprils vote.” Janelle asks Sarah if she thought it would be what it is…Sarah says “I knew.” Kaysar says, “I knew. I am not surprised.” Sarah: “I'm still a team with you guys no matter what.” (oh yeah right!!!)

Kaysar says “after what took place last week, I think they see me as a serious threat.” Sarah: “there's the veto comp, you'll pick Janelle, and you guys will have an awesome chance.”

Sarah says “that was a horrible the way she put the keys in, I was the last one to roll yesterday and I let everyone down, and the last one to pull a key, (Sarah is crying).” Kaysar tells her “these are things not in your control, everyone over shot.” Sarah says “not me I f’d up and got it in the first hole.” Kaysar says “what’s the point of beating yourself up over it?”

Janelle tells Kay she will fight like hell to get him off the block. He says he knows she will. Kaysar says “I knew this was going to happen. We needed something to humble us somehow. I like the pressure though, I'm used to it otherwise I get bored. She is focusing on the individual and making a big mistake.”

LOL, James comes outside and says to Kay “what’s up?” Kay says “you and me, that’s what’s up.” James says to Kaysar and Janelle: "She should have put you two up and then she could have strong armed the partners to not use the veto. If I use the veto to take Janelle off, Sarah goes up. If Howie uses it to take Kaysar off, Rachel goes up. This is not a strategic move, its vengeance." He says “Howie and Rachel will never win a competition because they don't want to draw attention to themselves.”

Kays says “If Ivette wins this, I will slit my wrists.” Janelle says “If she wins, I will never watch this show again!”

Outside Howie tells James in front of Beau that “This game is about plays, you make plays you stay, you don't make plays you go home.” James says “No, you make plays you go home.” Howie: “The big players make the big plays in the big game…” Beau says “they're almost done making dinner.” James: “Ivette told me they were baking the chicken” Beau: “No, they're frying it.” James: Oh s***, I gotta go save my chicken.”

Howie said to Beau that he looked familiar and asked him if he did any modeling in Florida. He asked Beau if he was ever in Ocean Drive Magazine. Beau says he was and asked Janelle if she had ever been in it and she said yes. (Ocean Drive is the main drag in South Beach, Miami.)

8:00 p.m.

The HG’s have finished a dinner prepared by most of the HOH buddies plus Rachel, and everyone sat down to eat.

Maggie was called to the DR and we could hear very clear audio of BB asking her “How did your speech go with the nominations? Maggie responded “In my speech I tried to leave personalities out of it….”, then the feeds switched.

Jenn and April are talking about James and Jenn says he is not consistent. She says “you can't trust inconsistency, it’s one of those things where you think James is on our side, he won't vote us off, but then the next week someone from their side gets HOH, and we say we should have voted him out.” April: “Yeah, but Kaysar is so manipulative.” Jenn: “And you don't think James is?” April says “I do, but without him and Sarah ‘their’ game is nothing. If Howie, Janelle, or Kaysar get HOH next week, they would put Maggie up 100%.” April says “Is Janelle doing the dishes?” Jenn: “No it’s James and Sarah; they're trying to prove a point or something. James is so manipulative and he has Sarah under his finger.”

Today is April’s birthday. Not sure who, but someone baked a cake and made her a hat. The cake has an oatmeal cookie crust and the number 31 on top of it written in m & m’s. They also got booze tonight, just a warning…lol

April and Beau are outside, April is yelling ‘I love y'all’. She tells Beau that James is working her hard. Beau says James has to go. April hopes that Ivette does not have a change of heart in the DR when nominating. Beau says “it wouldn’t matter….” April says, “ would.....” Kaysar came outside and feeds switched.

Maggie and Rachel are in HOH talking about the veto. Maggie told Rachel that it is important that they not use the veto because she doesn't want to have to put one of them on the block. Maggie tells her that “as long as you and Howie are safe, I would think you are happy.” Rachel says she agrees with the nominations, she wouldn’t change them. Maggie tells her that she is a very strategic player, and Rachel says she feels that Maggie is a much better player than herself.

10:00 p.m.

James is outside with Janelle, Howie, Kaysar and Sarah, James is telling them that BB wants to see 'good' drama. James says "the thing is this is 'her' week. She doesn't care about being here. She wants to enact her vengeance, so she can run home to Eric and say 'ha ha, look what I did for you - I got rid of James or Kaysar'." He says "then they will sit there and watch these people in the DR crying 'omg, I miss my Eric, I miss my Maggie', then at the sequester house we'll have to listen to 'I wish Eric and Maggie were here'." Janelle: “I'm glad they are f'in gone.” James is insisting that Maggie is a cop. He says he was watching her 'techniques' this morning...talking about either the 'read technique' or being forceful. He is providing scenarios for this, like tougher jail time if they don't cave.

James and Sarah are in the bathroom, he seems stressed, and Sarah says to him "you don't know how bad I want this tomorrow." James very sternly says "show me, don't tell me." She walked off to get water. Now Rachel walks in while James is washing his face and she says (about Maggie) "you are right, I did ask her to compete with me, so I may have to play if she asks me to." James says, "I gotta hand it to her, she's evil. I almost admire her because she's good and she's efficient.”

Ivette is hiding on the upstairs landing outside the HOH door, flat on her stomach, trying to listen to any conversation going on by the S6 in the kitchen. Beau is standing guard by the HOH door, from the inside, in case a S6 member comes upstairs. Meanwhile, Maggie, April, Jenn and Beau are watching Ivette spying and using the spy cam to help her keep her cover.

James is telling them in the GR (Howie, Janelle, Sarah, Kaysar) how ironic it is that Ivette told him earlier that the two sides of the house are so different. She had said to him 'did you see us hide in the HOH all the time?' James says "and where are they right now?" Kaysar says Ivette doesn't think before she opens her mouth.

James and Kay are still in the GR…Kaysar says "this sucks a**." James says 'this is a reality check, that's all it is." Kay says once the game is over he will give James the uncensored version of how he thinks this game parallels into reality, but he can't tell him everything right now. Ivette comes in and says "I just wanted to say goodnight." Kaysar looks at James and says "so I could go out there right now and tell her how beautiful she looks and that my being saved from eviction will help world peace, and she would...." feeds switched.

11:00 p.m.

Kay and Rachel are in the BR whispering very low. Kaysar approached her and she at first acted as though she really didn’t want to talk about anything. She is telling Kay that if she plays for veto and wins and takes anyone off Howie goes up. She says "if you win and take yourself off, Janelle goes up." She tells Kay about Maggie asking her if it were her (Rachel) and Howie on the block who would she (Rachel) want to go. Rachel says “I would want to go, Howie is the one that wants to be here and brought me along.”

This is good for a giggle. Howie and Kay took a shower at the same time. When they got back to the BR, Howie says “I have good news and bad news” Kaysar says “good news first” Howie: “The bad news is I just peed in the shower, the good news is it wasn't that much…” Kaysar: “Eww, I think some came over to my side.” (They pretty much have the BR to themselves because Sarah and James are in the GR and there is a slumber party in the HOH.)


In the BR Kay tells Janelle that Howie is staring at the memory wall. Janelle says “He does that every f’n night, he's plotting against people. He's probably thinking 'you’re next, bitch’.” Kaysar: “I like it when he gets worked up and starts talking trash.” Janelle mimicking Howie says 'what makes that fat bitch think she can win HOH'…They go get Howie and Janelle says to him “Why do you look at the memory wall every night before you go to sleep?” Howie: “You notice that I do that?” Janelle: “It's so obvious, every night you stare at it.” Howie: “I'm thinking, strategizing. Howie says “like Jason on season 3, how he was looking at the wall and he said 'I'm responsible for some of these people going home.' I was looking at the black and white pictures and I was thinking the same thing. And I was looking at your PB&J pass….” Janelle: “They were horrified when I won that.”

Kaysar says “we will not lose anymore, Janelle's is our secret weapon.” Howie: “You have a tremendous chance of getting off the block tomorrow ...and me going up! I am worried that James might vote against me.” Janelle says “they'd never vote against you.”

They start to talk about Ivette and April and the veto. Janelle says she thinks she can convince April to vote her way by giving her the PB&J pass for 3 weeks. Howie says ‘forever’, but Janelle limits it to 3 weeks. Kaysar suggests starting with 1 week and then extending it if necessary. Janelle keeps trashing Ivette and Howie tells her to stop it, "be better than her and beat her in the game."

K: "Ivette is so scared of me. I can tell because she won't even look me in the face." They say that once Maggie is gone Ivette will completely fall apart. Howie says “Maggie is a much stronger player than Eric, as much as he dictates; he was dictating to a bunch of nothing....she's a stronger physical player.” Kaysar says “I like the girl.” Howie: “I love her. I'd hang out with her in the real world. She's awesome. Nothing personal...she's put a target on her back because she is strong. She is the only one holding that team together.” Kaysar jokes he'll give Maggie a long speech if he wins HOH again and nominates her and to Ivette he will just say: “You're a mess.”

Kaysar say he is convinced that James is not the real target that he is. He says he really thinks that Maggie is a cop, not a nurse. He thinks Maggie is making people think James is her target so he won't feel too comfortable. Janelle asks “Do you really think she's that smart though?” Kaysar says he thinks so, “I'm a loose cannon and unpredictable. Why would you keep me in the game?” lol They talk a while longer about James and the veto and head off for bed just before 2 a.m.