***Contains Adult Language and Content***

Quick and dirty 'up-to-this-point": as HoH, Maggie put up Kaysar and James on the nomination block. Ivette got very emotional and is trying to save James. Kaysar thinks that he is the intended target, not James. Ivette crawled on the floor of the HoH trying to spy on Kaysar. Howie peed in the shower while Kaysar was in the other stall. Eww..

7:00amBBT - The Early Birds are Really, Really Boring.
Rachel rises, and begins her morning routines. No, not throwing comps and doing things that make us question which side she's on, cleaning up and working out. Sillies. Jenn joins her half and hour later - workout, shower, breakfast. Maggie a little while after that, with the same. When James, Sarah, Janie, and Howie are all awake, they talk in the Gold Room of farts, sex, and peeing on toilet seats. Sneeky Beau has hidden April's cigarettes on her, thinking that she'll thank him in the end.

10:45amBBT - Storage Room Strategy
Maggie and Beau chat strategy in the Storage Room. Maggie shares how she is concerned about Ivette's reaction if it comes down to a tie, and Maggie chooses James as the one to leave. She warns Beau, the more than April and Ivette push for James to stay, the more she wants him to leave. "I knows no matter who is voted out the others will say 'You should have evicted the other.' " If James gets Veto, then Maggie will vote with Ivette's decision. She asks Beau if he always voted with Ivette, and he says that he always votes for what the team wants. Beau is going to be Maggie's partner in today's PoV comp, and she instructs him on how to play the games. They go over what the possible comps could be, making sure Beau has prepared himself.

Janelle and Howie talk strategy in the Gold Room.
Janelle: You told Rachel that if she does compete, not to...
Speaking low.
Janelle: James has a better chance of turning than any of us cause he's already turned once.
Howie: Yeah, just like Anakin.
Janelle: Just like Anakin.
God, I love Star Wars geeks!
Howie: Rachel really believes James is the one they want out of the way. Kaysar's obviously in danger, but if you go for hatred...April doesn't like 'em, and with the Eric thing, they feel he's responsible.
Janelle: Are you sure?
Howie: No, I'm not sure. There's a few different scenarios.
Howie: I could be the number one target. Maggie said she held me responsible, so here's what she could do....
Janelle: Howie, you're not, though. You're not.
Howie: Maybe, this could be the plan....Kaysar gets down, James comes back, I get put up there....there's three or four different scenarios. Nothing in this life's easy, huh?
Janelle: No.

Janelle goes to the Barracks, and talk with Kaysar, who is laying in bed. He tells her that Maggie told him that he's the most un-sensitive person she's ever met. Her reason? Because Kaysar hasn't shown any emotion while on the block. Janelle tells him that Beau might be competing for Maggie, and how they are getting prepared. Kaysar reminds her that they might be bluffing. Janelle and Kaysar look absolutely drained, like walking zombies.

12:35pmBBT: False Alarms for PoV Competition Completion
They've picked the pairs (Kaysar & Janie, James & Sarah, Maggie & Beau), and are now waiting. After we get fish for half an hour, we come back to seeing Kaysar in the corner of a room, eyes closed, in concentration. James is walking the Gym, reading his Bible. Howie and April are unusually quiet, but Beau is bouncing around like a kid off his Ritalin. Janelle is going through the house, recalling all the events that have occurred so far in the BB6 House. April is annoyed at Big Brother because they told her she didn't have time to take a shower, and they have been waiting for hours. "I wanted to shave my legs and I wanted to shave my crotch and I wanted to lay out after this, but....." Arrrgh! My mind was just healing from last week's comments!

After yet another round of fish, we come back to the group formerly known as Cappy's Sheep, with Janie, playing some sort of coordinated clapping and cup drumming/passing game. It's quite entertaining. No, really. It is. Howie is convinced that it is taking so long because BB is trying to figure out a way to rig it so that no one wins the veto, to keep the game even. He's telling his theory to Kaysar when we get a third round of fish.

It was at 9:10amBBT that the HouseGuests were told that there were 2 hours to veto comp. It is now more than 5 hours later and the HGs are still waiting.

Sarah and James discuss what would happen if they were put on the block together. She explains that if she won the PoV she would save James. Stupid girl! She tells James that she had a discussion with Maggie and her group. No one believed her, and now James is upset that she went up and said that. Sarah tries to make things better, but James is his usual self when it comes to consoling Sarah. <coughassholecough>

Sarah: What do you think?
James: I'm done dealing with those fucking idiots! You're up there agreeing to things.
Sarah: You know what, it worked a lot better than anything else [you've done since being nominated].
James: You have to get the veto so we're both safe.
Sarah: You're sitting there saying you're fine, I'm leaving?
James: What am I supposed to say? I want to leave? The whole conversation was you could leave so you can go home to your family so I wouldn't worry about you being here alone.
Sarah: If we were both up and I won the veto, what do you think I'd do?
James: I don't want you to do that.
Sarah: We play the game differently.
James: Maggie wants to send me home and throw chaos. That's all she wants to do. You need to win the veto so we're both safe.
Sarah: Okay, we will get rid of Janelle and Kaysar first, and then we'll get rid of Maggie.
James: We might not have that option. I agree with your strategy getting Kaysar and Rachel [she may have corrected him to Janelle] out. When I get out of here I'm gonna kick Beau's little ass. And April. And Maggie is selling them all out.

And again, more fish. I'm glad they got some new ones. The blue one with the long nose makes me giggle.

4:10pmBBT - Return from the Very Overdue PoV Comp
When the feeds return, we see a very unhappy Janie and Kaysar in the Gold Room. Janie expresses that she doesn't want to play the game without James or Kaysar. Kaysar goes on a rant about Ivette, and how she is a "Waste of life. She has no reason, she has no logic. Everytime I walk by her, I feel like I lose a brain cell" Us to, Kaysar...us too. Kaysar is all but certain that he is going home, although it sounds like James didn't win the PoV either.

As Kaysar and Janelle mourn over their loss, Maggie is holding court in the HoH. April is prompting the others not to tell anyone who they are putting up. They role-play denial. Beau reminds the group that if Janelle gets HoH next week, he, Ivette, or Maggie will be getting put up next week. April comes up with lies to tell about the results of the PoV Comp, and they practice again. When they venture down to the Kitchen, we get confirmation of who won, through Rachel: "Did you see how happy Ivette was when Sarah won it?" Noooooo! Not Sarah! She'll save her boyfriend who treats her like absolute crap! Not my Kaysar! Nooooo!

Kaysar walks to the Bathroom, and catches April. "I know I'm going home, for sure, I need to know this one thing..." April responds, "You don't know. It's not a given." Kaysar answers back, "It was a given that Maggie would put us two up, It was smart on her part, we are both strategic and good players. I just need to know are they talking trash about me upstairs? Has it gotten personal?" April swears on her life that the talk is all strategy.

He then goes to Maggie, who is on the treadmill in the gym, and tries to get to talk about the game being personal vs. strategic. When he asks her what her motivation was, she refuses to answer."I just want you to know that I never had bad intentions and I hope you don't think I'm a bad guy." Maggie, as cold as ever, replies with "Very well."

5:00pmBBT - Gold Room Anger Management
Janie and Kaysar spend some time alone in the Gold Room. They swear to each other that they will see each other on the outside. As Kaysar bashes his abilities at the PoV comp, Janie compliments him six ways to Sunday. When Janelle asks him some advice on how to handle the rest of the day, he gives her heart-felt advice. "If you focus, you'll get the HoH next week." They discuss not putting up Ivette next week, but make sure Maggie is up there. Kaysar thinks that when Maggie is gone, the group is split. They're sitting close enough to kiss! Awww!

When Janie asks if he thinks that their group will split, and he confirms that he does. She asks him where does she fall, and he tells her that he will tell her how to play it: James is the easier target to hit. Janelle has a better chance of being chosen for the third of the Final Three if Rachel and Howie get there. According to Kaysar, Howie will protect her. They hate on Ivette for a little while before Janelle is called to the Diary Room.

6:00pmBBT - I Hope She Has Nine Lives
Kaysar confronts April again about eavesdropping on the S6 conversation, and then going back to the Sheep to report what she heard. April denies it, swearing on her life that she did not hear anything. Kaysar, obviously not believing her, drills her some more, calling her out on her story. After "calling out" Kaysar on breaking his life-promise, she swears over and over again on hers that she did not hear anything, and she did not tell anything. She admitted that she knew they were strategizing, but she did not do anything that Kaysar thinks she did. She tries to shift the blame to someone else being the rat in the group (James}.

As the conversation continues, Kaysar asks April why she lied when she told him that the nomination was over revenge rather than strategy. April pleads ignorance, and says that she didn't know it was. Where are my boots? It's starting to pile up in here. Kaysar admits that he is aware of Beau's backstabbing, and he asks her if she is the same. Of course, she avoids answering that.

Later, when Maggie joins Jenn and Beau on the hammock, she tells them that she overheard Kay's and Ape's conversation, and that she wishes that April didn't swear on her, or Matt's life.

7:00pmBBT - Oh, Janie! This is the funniest thing I've seen in ages.
Earlier today, Ivette took her eviction key and put it into the slot under Eric's picture, in memory of her dear, departed Cappy. This evening, Janie takes Ivette's key, removes it from Eric's slot, and puts it into the slot underneath Kaysar's picture. Janelle then inserts her own key into the slot underneath Ashlea's picture on the Memory wall.

James: Janelle you have to win HOH next week, if one of us win they'll come to us to talk, if you win they'll pack!

In the wee hours of the morning, Ivette notices the key change, and wants to confront Janelle on it. Ivette yells,
"Do you think I give a shit if she gets feisty? I can get feistier than she can!"

MidnightBBT - You're not His Little Jennie Anymore!
During the celebration of Maggie's boyfriend's birthday, Jennifer explains to the Sheep that Howie won't talk to her anymore. Earlier in the evening, we heard Howie explaining this to James in the Back Yard. Whenever Jennifer wants something from him, she's all lovey-dovery-flirty with him. Other times, when Howie is his usual self, she reacts with, "Eww, Stop. Get away from me." He said at that point, that he's done with Jennie, and he's ignoring her.

Back at the party, Jennie explains, " It's so rude, he just kept eating his mac and cheese. He's so pissed off" None of the other HoH crew can figure out why.

Later on in the early morning hours, Jennifer confronts Howie:
Jennifer: So what's wrong? Why are you ignoring me?
Howie: There are people who dish it out and can take it, and there are people who can dish it out and not take it. That's like a baby. There are days you want to joke around with me. <Howie hugs and touches Jenn as an example> Then there are days I joke with you and you are. "Ick, oo" <Howie pushes Jenn away as an example> and it gets agitating.
Jennifer: If you fart three times, I'm still going to say move.
Howie: So its a hygiene thing?
Jennifer: Farting only yeah. Otherwise you know I'm not disgusted, I pick your pimples.
Howie: Ok.
Jennifer: And the chunk nickname. And not even that. If you have a problem with me you need to tell me not ignore me.
Howie: So don't be gaseous, that's it?
<silence as they are staring at each other>
Howie: I'm like in a awkward situation, pressured by you. You make me nervous.
Jennifer: How do I make you nervous?
H: Ok, I'm not. I could have addressed more like an adult, but I, on the other hand, I wish you would tell me not to do something instead of pushing me away like I have the plague
Jennifer: When I have pushed you away like that? I don't push you any more than Janelle.
Howie: So it was a miscommunication thing.
<Janelle enters the room>
Howie: Just patching up my relationship with Jenny.
<Jenn starts to leave>
Howie: Don't go away with out me hugging you and sweating on you. My big boobie Jennie is back! Sorry, Howie. She doesn't deserve your sweat.

1:30amBBT: Kaysar Gets Down to Business
Kaysar finally gets his chance to sit down with Maggie and have a serious discussion on the house.
"You want to give me advice that I don't already know?" asks Maggie. Kaysar tells her about sharing with her 'what he would have done'. Maggie says that's easy to do because "you are the one on the block". Kay responds, saying "No, I would have still been on the block. Don't look at me as an enemy. I'm not trying to get out of anything." Just listen to the man! He knows what he's talking about. You're still playing this game for Cappy, for Pete's sake!

After Sarah interrupts their conversation, Kaysar continues. "I have suspicions about certain things. I mean with logic and probable cause, I could figure things out, but whether I want to say anything about it is a different story. Part of me thinks you did a great job and I lost fair and square. But at the same time, the other part of me says that even though you did a great job, I don't like to lose or give up."

Maggie asks Kaysar, "Why did you ask me if I did something other than being a nurse? If I could read people, I can tell if you're lying, so go ahead and give me an answer." Kay smiling, and stumbling around says "several reasons". As Janelle walks in, Kaysar continues. "I generally am good at reading people and that's what helped me stay in the game. After your nomination ceremony speech about 'seeing eye to eye', I realized that you might be in a profession that requires certain tactics and that's when I put two and two together." Maggie comes back with, "So you think that...tell me what my advantage would be to saying I am an ER nurse." Kaysar answers, "It makes you very neutral, it is a very unthreatening position. It is a profession that I have been wanting to be in." Like anyone would trust a cop in the house. Duh.

Maggie begins questioning Kaysar on James.
Maggie: So you believe what James says to you?
Kaysar: I like to trust people, unless someone tells me I shouldn't.
Maggie: Has he ever lied to you?
Kaysar: Of course he has.
Maggie: Has James told you what he does for a living?"
Kaysar: Yes.
Maggie: Interesting. I've noticed she says "interesting" whenever she finds out that something she thought only she knew, was known by others as well. Ha!

Maggie returns to the HoH, and retells the story to the other members of the Flock. Most of it is lies: Maggie eludes that the decision to put him on the block was initiated by his 'friends', and that "Kaysar believes all the things that James tells him."

2:00amBBT - Hi, Bitch! This is the second funniest thing I've seen in ages.
Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie are sitting around the hammock.
Kaysar: <waves> Hi, bitch!
Howie: Who you're waving at?
Kaysar: Ivette... <to Ivette, who is out of earshot, in the house> You're ugly on the inside Ivette, and that's the worst kind of ugliness you can have.
Howie: Where are you seeing her at?
Kaysar: The kitchen. She's lurking. Maggie probably said find me and find out who I'm talking to. Am I supposed to not talk to anybody? She can take her deals and manipulation and kiss my ass!

2:30amBBT : The Spy Game
Ivette and Maggie are leaning against the door, slightly opening it so they can listen to Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie downstairs in the kitchen.
Maggie: She's telling a story... Go find Janelle on the monitor. <to Beau>
Beau: She's looking at the keys...
Maggie: They looked up here when I opened it!

April: Here's an idea, have Beau go down there and get the water bottle
Ivette: They're not going to talk to you...I want to go play chess!

As Beau goes down from HOH to get water, Ivette crawls out on her stomach to listen to Kaysar, Howie and Janelle from the balcony. She returns to the group after more than 10 minutes, and reports.
Ivette: They whispered, but I heard lots of good stuff.
<About how James can't be stopped and is well-rounded.> Yeah...such good stuff...<rolls eyes>
April: Did they say anything about any of us?
Maggie: They want James out too?
Ivette: One day at night, I need to hide under the table with the lazy susan.
Maggie: We have to put a blanket down.
Ivette: Howie's with them 100%, guys. They said something about Sarah and then they started whispering.

Maggie wants Ivette to go out again. Ivette wants to tell James that "the other group" wants him out too, but Maggie doesn't want to imply to him that someone on their side were spying.

April: I kinda feel guilty [about spying].
Maggie: Good for you. Feel guilty for the rest of us.
There's that honesty and integrity they are always on about...right?

General chit chat consumes most of the night, and ends my recap. Thanks to those who have sent their feedback on my other pieces..