Big Brother Recap July 31, 2005
James the snake sheds his skin for the last time. All want revenge!

Rachel as always is the first one up at 7:46. She heads to the gym room to take her walk. She makes her breakfast, cleans the kitchen, takes a shower and does laundry (while all others are still sleeping)

It doesn’t take long once everyone is up for the action to begin. Ivette, Rachel, Maggie and Jen were all in the yard when the subject turned to Janelle. Ivette tells the group that she wants to confront Janelle on two things she has done: moving her key around, and singing Howie's carpet-muncher song. Ivette says that she doesn't see any consequences about getting into an argument with Janelle, since she is putting up Ivette anyway, if she gets HoH.

Today is April’s birthday so the Cappy group is very happy and jovial! Laughing and carrying on.

At about noon when everyone was up (Janelle was up but back to bed) BB called a lockdown and everyone had to go to the back yard. Maggie visits the different groups and whispers that BB is setting up a Birthday Party for April! April was surprised. She got a card from her husband with a picture of pepperoni on it, a camisole, perfume, white belt and a digital camera with a printer. She had a vanilla cake with banana icing and purple flowers. Everyone seems very happy. April cries and can’t read her card out loud from her husband. The party was sponsored by K-Mart. Janelle stays while they open presents but soon exits to the back yard to get some sun and alone time.

Kaysar comments at the party that they can celebrate his party on the night of the live show when he gets evicted.

A bit later Kaysar tells James and Sarah about the conversation that he and Maggie tried to have the night before (before being interrupted) He said that he felt that she was trying to cut a deal with him. They discuss different possibilities, James is very adamant about Maggie being voted out next week or the next time that group gets HOH. He knows that she will get him out if she is ever HOH again. Kaysar said that they will lie to her. Tell her she is safe and then nominate her. They want to promise her a week or 2 in exchange for her putting up Jen from their group. Rachel sends Kaysar to find Maggie in the weight room.

Kaysar enters and said to Maggie that he would like to continue the conversation that they started yesterday. Kaysar congratulates Maggie on shaking him up last night; Maggie replied Thank you, maybe, I'm not sure

Kaysar then said here’s what I propose. If you truly want to play the game, you should think about taking a deal and saving your own butt. The only way that deal goes through is if you put someone up from your own end. Skim from the bottom and you're off the radar, just like that.
Maggie questions Kaysar with what advantage would that give her?
Kaysar replied [Evicting] this week, you do a good thing. You might win HOH in 2 weeks. Not to knock the people on your side, but physically and everything else, your at a slight disadvantage. It's easy to put together a group that would follow you around and kiss your butt. That's what the bond is. It's much harder to put together a group of individuals to do what you want
Maggie said that’s correct (still being really standoffish)
Kaysar came back with bottom line is kick off one, kick off two, nothing's gonna change. And I think you know that. So, that's all I have to say. Do what you want. My objective here is done, I have nothing to lose.
Maggie asked Kaysar who are you speaking for? Kaysar responded he is speaking for himself. Maggie then asked him You said if I'm gone, I'd be safe from who?
Kaysar responded I'm speaking on behalf of people not sleeping in HOH M: All five of you interesting. Kaysar then said that's what I'm saying. I'm playing the game. If I have to go home, I'm prepared to do that. I think you wanted safety, [and with your noms you did not get that safety]. That's all I have to say. Maggie ended with Thank You. Which Kaysar’s final response was and. I'm not a graphic designer. A graphic designer can't do what I did last week.

Kaysar returned to the gold room and reports back to Sarah, Rachel, Janelle and James what he said and how he said it. He embellishes it a bit. James makes jokes saying if she fell for this she would be the biggest sucker in BB history.

Sarah tells the group that BB also gave her a digital camera for her birthday in the diary room today; they didn’t want her to feel left out.

At about 3:30 BB called a outside lock down. It lasts about 30 minutes then BB announces an inside lockdown. The HG go in and find lots of quarters. Everyone got 1 quarter. Kaysar won a necklace and Janelle won a bracelet. 6 house guests found movie passes in the gumball machine. The 6 who got the passes are Beau, Ivette, Maggie, Rachel, Sarah and Howie gave his to Jen.

Ivette and James have a conversation in the workout room. Ivette tells James that Howie said he would sell out Rachelle to stay in the game and that James will not “F..N” die. James also said that if he gets HOH he is putting Maggie up. He then tells Ivette that Kaysar has to go this week, and if Maggie keeps him she is making the biggest mistake. Ivette said she knows that. After James leaves and sells out Kaysar he returns to the Gold room to Kaysar and Rachelle.

Meanwhile, Maggie spills her guts about Kaysar’s plan to Beau, Ivette, April and Jen. She said that they are blackmailing her, Beau declares this as going off night…. Ivette wants to tell off Janelle and April wants to go off on Kaysar. Ivette, then compares Kaysar’s bribes to a suicide bomber in the name of their religion. (Does she ever stop)
April leaves the room upset, saying she was going to confront Kaysar.

April approaches Kaysar and starts talking to him, she explained that her group is not an alliance they are just a good group of friends. She then starts questioning him about his conversation with Maggie. April starts with I am satisfied by what I have done here...I am not 'oh my God' am I going next. Kaysar said I told you who I would vote for. April said: I just wish you hadn't of said that to her (Maggie). Kaysar’s response was, I am going home anyways.

April asks where James is playing at this point. Where do you feel like he's at?
Kaysar responded with you are going to have to ask him. April then said I think it is so amazing.. When two people are up there what people will do or say to backstab your own people.....Kaysar responded with I don't feel like I did anything wrong. I know I am going home. April then asked did someone tell you I was outside the storage room listening. Or you thought I was outside? Kaysar told her I saw you go by. April said because you understand that someone within "that group" told us the whole conversation. I didn't hear anything. I swear on my life.....Kaysar then responded with a nice: hm mm. April commented when people could be possibly cut, it's amazing what people will go up to and say to her (Maggie). We don't look at each other like an alliance. We are just friends. We enjoy each other's company. We can talk about whatever we want to talk about. We enjoy one another. People are willing to give any kind of information to save their ass.
Kaysar asked who the people are. April said to Kaysar you will just have to watch. You can assume. I am just saying I would watching.. I don't know doesn't matter anymore...
Kaysar then said I am going home. There's no way. No one will keep me in this game.
I just told her she should take someone of the end, whoever she thinks. I kept it general. I said "This is what is up..." April responded with: I was very offended by it
Kaysar asked how could you be offended, I didn't even mention your name? April responded with she does not know where she stands in the game. Kaysar then said he is ready to walk out the door, that April will see that he has been honest with her She said he is going to see who will be put up there, but knows it won’t be one of them and then said she was not listening outside the store room door (last night) because she could careless what they say. (that was a lie) Kaysar said he is not a leader that he just set the framework and the others do what they want to do. April said that “group Maggie” is sticking together because “group Kay” is targeting them, and that they have each others backs. April then said that they don’t strategize all day or bash people (another lie).

April reports back to “Maggie’s group”.. They are irritated that Kaysar inferred they are stupid – except Maggie (when did he say that?) and he dared to propose that he put up one of them. (They seem to forget that they (Maggie’s Group) went up to Kaysar last week and told him to put up Janelle to gain their respect. What short memories they have). Maggie said she wants to have Kaysar point out his six players on his team to make Rachel and Howie be put on the spot on which side they are on.

Howie corners James and asks him if he is the leak to the other side. James denies it, and blames April. James said that they don’t have to worry about him and IVETTE! Howie seemed to have bought this.

Janelle and James were in the gold room venting about the game. Janelle very bummed that Kaysar will be leaving this week She then and goes gets Kaysar to join them Kaysar wanders into GR and asked James what's up. James says nothing but if you're going home I want to talk with you as much as I can. They talk about the game. Kaysar doesn't know why Jennifer not looking at him now. James says Maggie probably took what he said and exaggerated it 10 times. Kaysar says they're morons, they won't win, and they better not win.
James asks what Kay will do when he's out. Kay says get back into his business. James tells Kay he made a name for himself in the game though.
James says to Kaysar that they are strategically stupid (Kay's group). Trying to talk to Kay as a friend it seems. Kay stands firm though in his belief that if he's going, he's going out speaking not cowering.
Howie arrives in GR. James asks Howie if he and Kay are really strong players? Howie seems to be saying yes, using football analogies.
Maggie corners Rachel in the kitchen and said she wanted to tell her what Kaysar proposed to her today. Rachel tells her that she already knows. Maggie said “you know already” Rachel said that what am I suppose to say, he is trying to save himself. Maggie then said to Rachel that I thought I’d let you know. They talk about how strong players get evicted because they call attention to themselves.

A bit later once Rachel is out of ear shot, Maggie tells her group what Rachel said. She said that she didn’t like that she was called out and that she was a cold B%^$#! Maggie said now she and Rachel are fighting because she has called her out and moved her out of the grey area.

All houseguests are primping and waiting for the movie/luxury competition to begin.

The two teams for the competition to watch a movie are- Red team – Maggie, Beau and Ivette, and the red team members are Sarah, Rachel and Jen. The competition is how many house guest does it take to screw in a light bulb? The teams must screw in the light bulbs into a marquee revealing a message. Once all the light bulbs are screwed in they have to run as a team to the switch and turn on the marquee. First team to turn on the marquee wins a viewing of a movie. The blue team wins by a landslide. The marquee read “Sold out” Ivette (the excuse queen) blames their loss on the fact that some of their light bulbs would not screw in) the winning team must watch the movie in the HOH room. We briefly got to see a poster with Mark Wahlberg “Marky Mark” so they may be viewing his new movie 4 Brothers. The HOH is set up with a popcorn machine and various snacks.

A bit later, Howie reports back to the Janelle and Kaysar that Ivette and Beau were taking pictures by Eric’s picture (the Crappy worshiping still exists)

April tells Ivette and Maggie that she plans to tell Kaysar everything before he leaves the house. Maggie - what? April says about Sarah, James etc. April wants Kaysar to know that his group was NOT loyal and they did some backstabbing. She wants to mess with his head, as if being evicted isn't enough. Maggie is all for that but says don't say one thing about our group. April says she won't. April says she will talk until Kaysar believes her so he has to know it's true. After she said this she proceeds to the back yard with Beau to share in smoking some Hookah with Kaysar. While smoking this conversation takes place about James. April says she likes Sarah. Beau doesn't like her. April coughing while trying to talk. Kaysar smoking hookah and listening. April continues saying James was scared and was up in HOH kissing their butts to save himself. Beau says he has a beautiful life to return to so he doesn't give a ***** if he goes home. April agrees and says Kaysar and I talked about that.
April then said I hope you believe me but if you don't you'll see it when you go home
Kaysar responded with I do believe you. I already suspected these things and I called it out in the DR. I called him out and he denied it. I know this is true because I knew...he told me how they can't get separated (James and Sarah) and he wants the money to make his life easier to go back to school so he would do anything to win. April agrees and tells about James reporting to Ivette that (someone) is in there ratting your group out to Kaysar. Kaysar asks them not to mention this conversation because otherwise James will change his strategy. April tells Kaysar to forewarn his people. Kaysar says he will deal with James. April says she was trying to tell Howie but he kept saying he didn't care. Kaysar then said I want everybody to act normal. I know I wasn't the one to go home.
April said hell no but he thought you were (and she repeats what James said). I didn’t' want to tell you who was going home because I didn’t' want it getting back to him.
Kaysar then asks where James is right now. April kept saying (youknowwhatimean) I was telling you last week. I knew it I knew it. You didn’t' get to know James well.
Kaysar then said I told you I knew James was dangerous but I took that chance with him. He stabbed me behind the back. April responded with I know and I was so pissed off.
Kaysar then said it does me no good to tell him. I sensed these things. You can refer back to Maggie's conversation in the kitchen. I said Maggie it's based on probable cause. April –then said FYI Maggie is a nurse. April and Beau now share the plan that they came up with to all say Maggie has a different occupation. Now they want Kaysar to tell them what James does. Kaysar only says mid to upper level career, it's secretive, he pounds people for info, he's pretty ruthless. April recounts James refusing to tell Maggie what he does. April repeats that someone who comes in with most lies (is untrustworthy). April also repeats she knew James was gonna backstab Kaysar. Kaysar then said well he's probably watching this conversation and he's gonna ask me. Beau responded he's looked out from the kitchen like 4 times Kaysar tells them, so I’m gonna start a conversation with him and talk about it April and Beau love the hookah they say.
Kaysar then tells them that it was James that was gunning for Eric. He told them that he knew about Maggie and him and that he was trying to split the strongest couple up. April then said that James kept telling her that he saved Ivette. April explains how Sarah was crying saying to save Eric because she didn’t want him out before her. Kaysar said he is good friends with Howie and Janelle because he knows their friendship is true. April said for Kaysar to send “his” group to her on Friday after he is gone so she can tell them what to do to get James out (now she is the master strategizer ya right). Kaysar told her he would take care of it. Kaysar then said that James is a good competitor and he was going to see to it himself that he is taken down (go Kaysar). April then said that Sarah has told their group everything! Kaysar did say that he respected Eric and that he has no hard feelings towards Maggie and he wanted Beau and April to tell her that. April asked him whose idea it was to talk to Maggie earlier, Kaysar said his and he knew that he had a 99% chance that she wouldn’t go along with it. Kaysar says it shows a lot that she came and told him this. It means a lot to him. He didn’t' feel bad about walking out the door but do people talk bad about him, not like venting but do people truly dislike him. It's not that he wants everyone to like him; he just doesn't want to leave a bad impression. He wants to know if he did something, what he can do to change it on a personal level, for peace of mind, for how he is with people in life.
The group breaks up. April and Beau head to HOH to go to bed. Kaysar and Howie head to the bathroom to shower. April and Beau tell Maggie, Jen and Ivette everything and how Ivette has been had by James. April then tells them that the other group wants to come together next week and oust James, Maggie likes this idea but responds with too bad Kaysar will not be here. She then said Kaysar had to go for the things he did to Eric. Ivette once again takes this personally and started to vented about James playing her. She thinks he was trying to take Cappy’s place.(she said no one would get her love the way Cappy did ….gag me) Maggie said she was going to talk to Kaysar tomorrow and ask who he wants to go against for the replacement nominee, knowing that he is leaving. Maggie also can’t believe that it was James that got Eric out.

Meanwhile Kaysar rehashes the conversation with Howie and looks really hurt as he tells Howie how James has screwed him over. They talk about still getting Maggie and Ivette out. Janelle asks if James is really trying to get Kaysar out. Kaysar replied with No…. he is trying to win the game. Kaysar tells them that James is trying to get Maggie to put up Howie or Rachel and that she is really an ER nurse. Kaysar believes that James has more allegiance to his group them Maggie’s. and that James will help to get Maggie out (of course he will, Maggie has shown her hand in wanting him out). Howie and Janelle are sad of the news about James. Kaysar said he just wants to win, and will do anything to win. He tells them to go for HOH because if James gets VETO again them one of them could be gone. He tells them not to tell James and Sarah anything. To just work on getting him out. Kaysar then tells them that Sarah is running to them with information and that is how they knew it and could use it against them. Kaysar said that James probably knows that he figured it out because he saw the long conversation he was having with April. Kaysar is worried that Rachel is upset with him. She is upset because she was confronted by Maggie. Howie tried to wake Rachel up to talk to her, but she wouldn’t wake up. He didn’t want her to get up early and be spewing mad for like 4 hours before anyone could talk to her. Kaysar apologized to Janelle and Howie for trusting James.

So it looks like now both groups want the other group to get HOH and nominate and oust James. James just might slither away!

All finally in bed at 2:25. Night Hamsters. Tomorrow should be another fun filled he said she said game day with the VETO meeting. Please Kaysar think think think get that snake out and keep your butt in there!