Welcome to Big Brother 6!

The show opens with Julie telling us all how Big Brother works and how this season is the Summer of Secrets. She reveals the big twist - the houseguests are actually seven pairs , each pair connected in some way.

We then meet the houseguests as they get their keys and have one hour to pack to head to the Big Brother house…. Or at least to California. Next we see them all on the steps of the house. They are sent into the house in small groups.

Shortly after they enter the house, Michael and Kaysar at standing near the shower , they laugh about the shower and then shake hands like they know each other well.

The houseguests are sitting in the living room chatting, introducing themselves and giving small snipets of info about themselves. The are told to split into teams and just sort of divide based on where they are sitting. They are told to change into suits and head out back for the challenge.

The challenge is to toss coconuts into the mouth of a tiki while the entire team stands on a suspended surf board. The two teams are:

Howie, James, April, Maggie, Rachel, Janelle, Sarah - Orange Team
Michael, Kaysar, Beau, Eric, Ivette, Jennifer,Ashlea. - Blue Team

The orange team won the challenge and thus gets food for the first week. They then compete against each other to stay on the surf board the longest for HOH.

"I just passed my first gas in big brother 6" - Howie [TMI dude]

Howie jumps off the board claiming he needs to take a leak. Giving Rachel the win.
Rachel is the first HOH

Kaysar says his first prayers that we say and lets it be known he will be praying five times a day for about five minutes each.

Rachel shows off the HOH room or suite if you will, it’s a gorgeous room with a private bath.

Rachel asks her "team alliance" for input on who to nominate Rachel's first thoughts on nominees.... Ashlea and Kaysar. James suggests to Rachel that Jennifer go because she flirts to much

Rachel goes with her first instincts and nominates Ashlea and Kaysar claiming it is because she doesn’t really know them, but she does know Kaysar is muslim and from Iraq. [Sorry but I think it was a low blow to nominate him right off like that without bothering with anything beyond the surface information.]

End of Show

Feeds are up! Hypnotoad gave us the word on updates at 11:18pm. est

We start off with two main groups, one in the hot tub and one in the kitchen.

Apply alcohol.

Hot tub club - Janelle, Beau, Howie, Sarah, Rach, Kaysar & Jennifer
Beau runs from possums like a little girl.
Kaysar is a christian muslum virgin.
Howie is as crass a human as I have seen in a while.
Beau has a diamond studded cell phone

Kitchen Krowd - Ivette, Eric, Beau, Michael, Maggie, April.
Eric tells stories of his days as a flight paramedic.
Ivette is leading a strategy session.

Michael and Janelle are the smokers in the crowd, sharing a smoke outside.
Michael tells Kaysar where his smokes are....?
Michael/Janelle/April/Kayser/Beau all smoking cigs now
Lots of Smoking Going On now. Janelle has on a beach towel wrapped around her waist and a bikini, and Michael has on a long-sleeved black shirt.

Now Kaysar comes outside with his own cigarette and lights up. Then Beau came out and had a few puffs--then went back to the kitchen. Jennifer joins them. Janelle just left the smoking crowd to go in the house.

Now just Michael and Kayser on the patio.
Beau says Ivette should smoke so she can go poo-poo
She doesn't agree

Prior to all this, Janelle said that BB doesn't show them smoking because it is bad, so they don't think the cameras are on them right now. [Hello… have we never seen this show before, Holly….ehum… Janelle?]

Someone off camera says they are disappointed (mock horror) in Kaysar because he is smoking. He smiles, I don't inhale!

Eric: Give me some FOOD!! I need some FOOD!!

The girls giggle. Ivette is very chatty and continues to lead the chatter in the kitchen. She is making some jokes about "her ass exploding" and how Big Brother will have to announce that.

Ivette, April, Maggie, Beau, and Eric are already plotting, in kitchen. Maggie is talking about getting out the people who are of "low" quality. Ivette is contantly talking. Sarah came in from the hot tub and the kitchen crew changed the subject to exercising.

Howie is talking in the hottub Jennifer and Kaysar talk about him in the distance
jennifer> i just blur him out now
kaysar> he hits on you all day

Graphic Discussion About Constipation - There is far to much discussion about Ivette’s intestinal disorders and and I refuse to go into any detail about it. Everyone starts joking about all of the slang phrases for masturbation.

Secret bedroom has been found. [gold room] Rachel found the room but a competition may have decided who sleeps there, it looks like beau has the room for now.

Ashlea, Janelle, Rachel, Kaysar, and Sarah discuss Howie in spa

The basic theme here is that Howie is a nightmare on wheels and
Rachel loves her comfy HOH robe.

BB Turns the Lights Out at 11:30,

Beau and Eric share some time brushing teeth and Eric talks about having a quiet hour in the morning for coffee since he was the first one up.

Ivette has a nickname: E-Dog. [Do not ask me why]

They are making the beds and getting to go to sleep. It is only 9:30 p.m. L.A. time, so the 10 p.m. curfew probably applies. Someone just said "11:30 lights go out people" so maybe the curfew applies in two stages.

Someone asks "Are you going to sleep with Jennifer, Michael?" (Feed cut out so never got an answer.

Now Michael and Janelle Are Smoking Again at the patio table. Michael holds the cig in his right hand and rest his right elbow on the back of the chair and stares at Janelle.

Michael: You..might...have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.
Janelle: Stop it!
We get the FISH a couple of times during this conversation. They seem to be discussing production aspects of some show.
Janelle: I could have sworn it was prerecorded......

Beau gets scolded for singing and Ashlea gets scolded for talking about colours she saw in the camera run windows.

Michael, Ashlea, and Janelle in BY

M>Ivette doesn't drink?
M>She's a cocktail waitress and doesn't drink?
A or J>She's not a cocktail waitress, she's a regular waitress

Michael is Giving His Philosophies about travel to Janelle and Ashlea. He thinks that everyone should travel at least twice a year. For a minimal amount of money, anybody can completely change their life in 24 hours. Its knowing that he can do that, that makes it okay for him to stick around.
Janelle took off for Europe after breaking up with a boyfriend and felt like she was running away from her problems. Michael says you can leave and come back and feel like it's okay. Michale: Listen. Never in my life have I ever regretted a risk that I took. Never.

Someone calls out that they have 20 minutes. Michael seems to ignore them.

Eric said to James something about not wanting him to hang out as much or be seen together as much or the others will start to figure out "you know" and did a hand motion insinuating "me and you"

Michael tells a story about flying home to LA from Ibiza. He's at the airport after checking in for the flight. He stepped outside and smelled the city coming to life, the bakeries and all the people starting their day. He had some money in his pocket and he considered staying. The girls are hanging on every word and his voice sounds hypnotic. Janelle tells a story about meeting a guy on vacation and considering staying with him.

Michael: Wait, where was this?
Janelle: Greece. But I knew what would happen if I stayed, so I left.
Michael: Was he Greek?
Janelle: Yes.

maggie says she thinks its a cool group of people

James and Sarah have a conversation about possible connections and James gets all riled up and wants to go to the diary room. Is he figuring it out already?
Maggie gets scolded for obstructing her microphone.

There is a good deal of conversation about meth labs, sudafeds, and scientology, etc.

Beau said that James could sleep in the second bed in the gold room. Ashlea is going to stay in there, too. Beau, joking: Now come over her and lay down, bitch. Ashlea was reading something that looked like some official BB document. Either that or a page from a script. We got FISH right after that.

Howie makes a comment about how he only drinks to get buzzed and she says she likes to drink too. Howie then promises to keep his eye out for her if she drinks too much. Janelle says "Oh I know you will Howie, you are sooo sweeeeet."

ivette calls the others "The Bad Five" to maggie, eric , rachel
The Bad 5 = Howie, Janelle, Jennifer, James, Ashlea
she also said "sarah hangs around too much with them"

Ashlea, Beau & James talk about sexuality

James wants to know if gay guys make fun of straight guys. Looks like Sarahs in there too. They're laying in / lounging around in the gold room. Beau says he doesn't make straight guys uncomfortable or talk about sexual organs. He says flamboyant guys when are they really hyper etc. make him sick.

Now talk about the show this year. They agree that this year is totally different with the cast etc. (just like every year haha) Beau says "im happy to be part of the "cool group" you know"

Jenn and Ashlea are in the gold room with Beau talking about how their cast this year is the hottest of them all and they are "so proud to be part of it". They are talking about past seasons and referring to when they brought Amy back into the game - saying that they have the most people of any season so they doubt something like that (bringing someone back) would happen again.

DING DING - Grab answer
Which HG is first to say they'll be the best BB cast ever!?!?

Loud Ivette announces that Rachel has invited her to sleep in the HOH room tonight. She is giving up her gold room bed for the night.

Mike and Kaysar discuss Howie, which seems to be the thing to do….
mike> you think hes ocd [howie]
kaysar> no..he doesnt show any of the signs....but he is just obssessed with himself
mike> i dont think ive ever met anyone quite as obsessed with himself (laugh) hes a great guy about it though....hes obsessed with himself in a non arragont way

Later Michael tells us that Howie’s favorite word is I and his second favorite is me.

Kaysarism> you just figure someone as good looking as you is not as smart as everyone else....its just not fair

mike to janelle: i like your birthmark
janelle looks at the birthmark on her chest
mike: it reminds me of gorbachevs head

Everyone is sleeping, except Kaysar but since it is 3:30am my time, I am done for tonight. Thanks guys.

So to recap:

The consensus seems to be that James and Janelle are liars.
Michael is chain-smoking eurotrash.
Howie is channeling Jase and/or Scott.
Michael has a cheesy british accent that could prove more fun than CB.
We know Ivette and Beau are gay, but others might be as well.

My own personal view? I think half the guests are gay and half are straight, how’s that for a twist? See you next week, same big brother time, same big brother channel.