I will be starting this daily recap with some of the antics that went on after 12:30 a.m.

In the gold room just before 1:00 a.m. Jenn jumped into bed with Howie and Beau, however Howie scared her away, so she went back to the bed with Ashlea and Michael. Howie complained of a headache so Jenn went to the storage room and the kitchen for Tylenol and water. She got back to the room with it, but she was restless, so she left the gold room again. On her way out she rubbed Kaysars head and they were talking in very faint voices (that were not audible). Kaysar told her to put her mic on before she got into trouble.

Kaysar got out of bed and headed for the living rm. He found a sort of round disk or plate and was holding it up to the bathroom mirror and lights trying to see if there was some hidden meaning or message, he put it down saying “hmm, interesting.” He then moved to the dining room table, appearing determined to commit things in the house to memory that he may be tested on. He then goes to the wall and starts to pull out keys and memorize the HG’s names and position on the wall – then he says "that's got to be it! That's got to be how veto will go down". He finally went to storage rm and asked BB for some honey for a sore throat, they didn’t respond, so off he went - back to bed at about 2:00.


Eric was first up this morning, just before 6:00. He brushed his teeth, grabbed his mic sauntered out to the LR and stretched out on the couch. He was restless and got up and started wondering about the kitchen, trying to figure out what to do and started some coffee brewing.

Rachel comes out around 7:00 and finds Eric in the kitchen. Right away Rachel starts discussing Howie's antics from last night. She tells him how she and Ivette were using the spy cam and watching Howie interact with the girls. Eric says to her “you know he's got a good heart though, trust me.” And Rachel replies “under all that show”. Rachel asked who he thinks will be up next. He says “it's too early to think about it.” And before she can explain that she's asking who he thinks will WAKE UP next, Eric says he thinks Janelle will go up next (for eviction).

Rachel is now fixing herself a nice bowl of cereal with a banana and poor Eric just looks on saying the banana looks really good and that he is so hungry. Rachel says she can't imagine doing PB&J all week and the least they could do is put out different varieties of peanut butter. Eric says “no, they want to kill your soul, they are evil”. Almost 7:30 and the blinds to the outside are raised by BB, Rachel looks out only to see there were no changes made, but says “at least we can go outside now”.

Eric asked about Rachel's job and her horses. One of her horses is leased. She is getting detailed about how one of them is "a nice gelding" but is "not very competitive". There was some talk of past relationships of Rachel’s and of Eric and his wife and kids. Rachel mentioned the possibility of losing her job if she does not return to work by September 1.

They are trying to figure out when the 1st eviction will be. Rachel thinks it should be tomorrow, Eric agrees. Rachel wonders if there will be a veto. Eric thinks Kaysar is safe this week, and then Eric said “I was so pissed off at Kaysar, I can’t believe he opened his mouth last night” (I think having to do with the whole quarter thing). Eric is telling Rachel that Howie said that he wants all the girls out. Rachel says that they (Eric and Rachel) should try and get Howie to align with them. Eric is pushing for Ashlea to be eliminated over Kaysar because of the way she is acting; he says she is just way too young. He said to Rachel, “I couldn’t believe her (Ash) reaction at being nominated, I understand why you got upset, but she put a guilt trip on you. It's just the nomination ceremony, not the eviction ceremony, she lost it. No matter what, you should keep your cool, you know?"

(Just a little note: when Eric wears his hat backward that indicates to his kids he is thinking about them)

It’s now around 8:30 and Rachel is cleaning, doing some laundry, tidying things up and she says how nasty the ashtrays are. Eric notes that this is the first year they got both a washer and dryer. Rachel says “BB probably doesn’t want to see our scivy's out on the line.” As the early morning winds down for them, Rachel has cleaned all there is to clean and her and Eric have said all there is to be said and they are somewhere in an awkward silence now.

8:30 a.m. – James is up! He is outside talking to Rachel and Eric and he says he has given up trying to save people. That Ashlea has been acting horribly since being nominated. Eric says “she hasn't been taking any of your advice” and James said “she hasn't been a team player.” Maggie, Sarah and April are outside now.


Outside Eric walks by April and says "That’s right you aren't a smoker are you?" (As she sits there and smokes). April says that she didn't want them to think she was lying, she really isn't a smoker. April jokes that her husband doesn't know she smokes, and that she is in trouble. Eric says “what is your husbands’ name?” she says she isn't going to say. They ask what she will do when she runs out of cigarettes; she said “oh I brought more with me”.

Maggie and April talk about their professions. Maggie is talking about all the medical paperwork that has to be filled out in her job. She sarcastically thanks Bill Clinton for having to do some of it. April seems to know the medical lingo. Eric is now in on the conversation. Maggie works at a level one facility and Eric explains to the group that it is a hard core hospital equipped with equipment and personnel specially trained for trauma situations. Maggie says “you would open the door and say, oh no, another body!” Eric says the gang bangers just slow the car down and drop the bodies off at the door. Maggie agrees, says “they don't want to get caught.”

Janelle is up! It’s about 9:30 and she is looking a little disheveled and seems somewhat hung-over. She says to Rachel “I did drink a wee bit last night”.

Outside the talk turns to cosmetic surgery and April says she has breast implants and that she used to be a B cup. And she had a nose surgery about 5 years ago. Ashlea said something to April about how small she was before surgery. Eric looked at Ashlea and said, "Are those real?" Ashlea said, "Real expensive!"

Kaysar tells Michael that he shouldn't get too close to anyone - girls or guys, he says “just be nice and make them like you.” Kaysar thinks problems started because of Jenn and that James is jealous of Michael because he is good with the girls, speaks several languages and is good looking. Then Michael tells Eric and Kaysar that James is spineless. Eric is working hard at convincing Michael and Kaysar that even though Michael doesn’t like James, that they are still final 4 (Mike, James, Kaysar and Eric).

SAD NEWS: A yellow tang died

Just before noon and most everyone is outside talking about surgery again. Ashlea seems to be removing herself from the group. Camera man is very focused on Janelle as she bathes in the sun.


Outside Howie is putting lotion on Beau. There was one whole camera devoted to this. He was being very thorough and even gently oiling Beau's neck. He lifted up Beau's necklace and oiled under that, too.

Inside Jennifer is telling Ivette about her future plans when she finishes her master's degree. She said if her boyfriend proposes, then maybe they can move to California. (This morning Eric and Rachel were talking about how Jen has been with her boyfriend for over 7 years and is very weak to still be waiting around for that proposal.) Ivette devours the end of her PBJ sandwich. Jen says “I want everything to change when we leave this place.” Ivette says “I know, but the sad part is, we might just go back to our own realities.” With that, Jen leaves the kitchen.

Now in the kitchen Ivette, Beau and James are talking and Ivette says” Mike was so annoying during that entire conversation.” James said “It's amazing how he is so desperate to have someone tell him what a great guy he is, what a great artist......” Ivette: “I know. If I'm ever that annoying, I hope someone will tell me.”

Janelle is back at playing Chess, this time with Kaysar. Janelle is telling Kaysar that she started college, but didn’t like it. Kaysar seemed interested and asked her what she studied and she said ‘broadcasting’. Kaysar is now explaining to Janelle how the live feeds work, saying that we (the viewers) don’t always get audio.


There is some speculation this is a veto meeting of some sort. Rachel is holding on to the POV box. And you know we got FISH! We are back, James apparently cooked some gingered salmon while the meeting was going on and the poor PB&J’ers were salivating. Someone posed the question “so just the HOH and the 2 people nominated compete for POV?”

Kaysar is talking to Janelle about her drinking. She says she had three glasses of wine last night (Ed note: um more like 5 or 6 glasses lol). He says it could get her into trouble, and he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Kaysar says the two of them are the same, they like their alone time. He advises her to step out of her daily routine and help someone. She says she has helped her neighbor. Kaysar asks her if she feels refreshed after helping people and she said yes. Kaysar talks of going to homeless encampments and just talking to people. BB calls them to an outside lockdown. As they leave, Kaysar apologizes to Janelle for rambling. She says, "Not at all."

HG’s are outside on lockdown. April, Rachel, James, Michael around the pool talking about Jennifer and how she locked herself in the HOH room (they weren’t sure why). Rachel was not too happy about this and April told her she should talk to Jenn about it. Rachel says if she has to put someone else up, it's going to be Jennifer. Rachel says she is going to go for the veto.

Earlier April was talking to Kaysar about her dog and asked him to pray for the dog and Kaysar told her he doesn’t pray for animals because they have no soul. Now April is telling Rachel, Jenn and Sarah about the dog and that Kaysar also would not pray for the fish that just died, she is mad.

Just before 3:00 there was a body-building show put on outside by the guys, starting with Eric, who I must say is ‘ripped’. Howie is doing push-ups as he is next. After Howie was finished, the girls rated him an 8, however Howie rates himself an 8 for posing, a 10 for attractiveness and a 10 for "overall sexiness."

Michael is in the shower and has called a meeting with some others - in the bathroom while he is showering and shaving. He is telling them that his plan to be more normal than he is is backfiring. He is saying he was born in Paris, grew up in Italy and moved here to America when he started college. He says he feels like he is coming across wrong and didn't want to sound arrogant, so he was trying not to tell them all of his travels and that his first language is Italian. Howie says "so what? What are you trying to say? Your an a**hole (laughing)" Then he says "well I'm glad you came out and I could give a rats-behind, I love you like a brother. We would be pals either way."

4:00 PM

April, Janelle and James are in the hot tub, April talking about the pain involved in nose surgery. Janelle talking about how terrible her breast implant surgery was and that she had only one friend that could help care for her after surgery. Therefore, she wouldn't have surgery again.

All the HG’s were given Tennis shoes.

Michael is outside by the hot tub once again telling April he just didn't want to come across, well you know, he says "I try to put myself in someone else’s place, where they came from some small city somewhere, and I start saying all these places where I was born and where I have been."

April and Eric on the couch are trying to get Howie to say who he is voting out. April: “The plan is exactly the same, just say the initial, and just say the first initial.” Howie is more interested in asking every other HG within earshot if they think his sneakers look good, or if they fit him. Beau gives him the okay. Finally, Howie whispers that "he's not going against the religious guy". They seem happy with that response.

April, Michael, Eric and Jennifer are in the living room taking about the veto competition. April and Eric say that no matter who wins, the nominations should remain the same. Michael says he would likely take Kaysar off the block if he were to win it. They all agree that Ashlea will likely go either way.
Janelle is outside with Ashlea, smoking and she is trying to tell Ashlea that if she wins the veto for her, she would be stupid and a dead man to use it. She unwraps a fresh pack of cigarettes and says, "Hold on" and starts pounding them against her palm and lights up again. Janelle feels that she and Ashlea will be exposed, and Janelle will go next, if Ash picks Janelle to go for the veto, wins it and takes her (Ash) off the block. Janelle says the ideal thing to happen is “for you to be taken off the block and Eric put on, because he is big and strong and loud and females in the house just don't feel comfortable with him.” Ashlea asked “What about Ivette?” Janelle says “Ivette is confused and she knows you want her out. I wish I would have stayed on the surfboard longer, I would have put up two guys, but now that I see Ivette is such a crazy bit*h, I would put her up.” Janelle says that Ivette and Beau seem to know each other.


HG’s were locked down inside at just before 7:00 p.m. Howie tells Ashlea he loves the picture of her, and is going to steal it off the wall when he leaves. Ashlea is really working Howie, trying to get him to commit to throwing the veto comp if she picks him. He says it's so early in the game...you don't know who is your ally and your enemy. Ashlea says “well I am an ally to you.”

Sarah and James in the gold room talking about flirting with other HG’s and asking each other if it bothers the other, they both said no. Sarah said “this is so hard.” Sarah tells him how much she misses him and how cute he looked today. She said "I am so used to being emotional with you and it is soooo hard." He says "I know". He then tells Sarah “if Ashlea gets off the block some how, DON’T VOTE FOR KAYSAR, WE NEED HIM.” Sarah looked to see that no one was around, and then kissed James before leaving the room.

Around 7:15 Eric and Ivette are out on the hammock talking about Janelle and Ashlea and how much they can’t stand them. Eric tells Ivette that Janelle thinks that Ivette, Beau, and Eric have an alliance. Ivette said she would be shocked if Ashlea somehow gets herself off the block. Eric says he will do everything in his power to get Janelle up on the ole block. He said “I will tell her it’s nothing personal, I just don’t like you, you had a problem with me the first day.” Ivette interrupts: “I hate it when people say ‘it’s nothing personal’, it IS personal.” Eric recants and says “it would not be wise to call her out when she is nominated, and just say meeting adjourned.” Beau asked who the other nom would be and they agreed it would be Jennifer.

Kaysar tells Beau that he will not use the VETO should he win it. He says he will respect the choice of the HOH and he says everyone has given him their word that he is staying, and if it turns out that everyone is lying to him he doesn’t want to be there anyway.

April and Kaysar have spent quite a while talking and when the feed came on, they were talking about her dog and why Kaysar doesn’t think the dog will go to heaven, telling her that only people go to heaven. Then April asks him if is going to pick her as his POV partner and he said yes.

Around 8:30 Janelle and Sarah were on the hammock. Janelle is trying to convince Sarah to get rid of Kaysar because the guys will be too strong in the competitions. Sarah says “well physically I think that the girls will be just as strong, look at the surfboard comp, the guys were falling all over the place.” Janelle also tries to say that she is not the smartest person and also feels threatened by the guys in the mental competitions. Sarah is not falling for it, she thinks that the guys and the girls are equal in the competitions.

Ivette and Michael are in the gold room, Ivette is saying how she can’t stand Janelle because Janelle wanted her out the first day. Mike is telling Ivette how Ashlea asked him to lose the POV as her partner, so she could win (Ed note: Ashlea changed her mind from using Howie to using Michael). He goes on to say he doesn't think that's logical, that it’s more logical to trust him and have him play WITH her. Mike says he doesn't think that Ashlea is hot at all and that she thinks she’s all that. Ivette says Ashlea has no sense of style and her "vibe is ugly".

James, Ivette and April have been talking about Janelle and Ashlea for quite a while now. They were saying that Ashlea told them that she moved out of her parents' house when she was fifteen. Ivette says that this means she is a "mean fighter". Lots of mean talk about Ashlea and her character. Then they say that Janelle and Ashlea are tight but that Ashlea would stab Janelle in the back in a second. Ivette then says that if she was HOH she would put up Jennifer (as a pawn) and Janelle. April says "aw, you know she likes you” (referring to Jennifer).

9:30 p.m. Beau and Maggie are in the bath rm and Beau is brushing Maggie’s hair and putting it in a ponytail. Beau says he doesn’t understand why people look at being gay as a bad thing. He wondered if there might be another gay person in the house.


James and Michael get together and confirm they have a secret alliance. They want to make it appear to the others that they don't like each other, all the while, they plan to work together secretly to get to the final 2. Now Michael tells James the story of Ashlea asking him to throw the VETO competition.
Janelle and Ashlea are very worried about the POV competition now that Ashlea is clear that Michael doesn’t want to throw it so she can win it. Janelle is telling Ashlea that she must insist that Michael promise her he will use it on her, if he wins it. Janelle asks Ashlea “why wouldn’t he use it on Kaysar?” Ashlea: “why would he?” Janelle (stating the obvious) “they are friends.” Janelle is suggesting to Ashlea that she sleep with Michael. Ashlea says “what am I supposed to do screw him?” Janelle says “it wouldn’t hurt.”

After 11:00, April and Jennifer were in front of the picture wall whispering, discussing who they think may be paired with whom. Jennifer mentioned Janelle and Ashlea being together, and then April said she thought James was with someone, possibly Sarah. Then she said “or maybe James is with Eric.”

Well it’s about 11:15 and the lights are out in the bedroom, for now. Ashlea is trying hard to convince Michael to use the POV on her and he, in turn, is trying to make her understand that using the POV would put a target on his back. She keeps repeating her argument (you can't be put up if you win/use it), but he's clearly not buying it.

Well a bunch of them (Michael, Janelle, Ashlea, Rachel, Beau and Jennifer) have gotten back up and are in the living rm. After a while and some flirting with Ashlea, Michael heads back to the gold room, where Ashlea talks more POV talk.


A little after midnight - Kaysar, Beau and Rachel are in the HOH. Kaysar makes a beeline for the computer, says he misses being online. He says next time is looking for a computer he will buy a Mac. Rachel tells them about the TV in HOH and the remote control. Beau and Kaysar are surprised about the TV AND the remote. They ask to check it out. Kaysar calls Howie into the HOH and he sees the TV and remote. Howie asks Rachel when she found out about this. She downplays it saying "It's really not worth anything". Now Howie's directing Rachel to choose different cameras to view. He wants to know if his picture on the wall is visible.

Still in HOH, Beau starts to massage Howie as he sits on the end of the bed. Howie says it's excellent. Kaysar starts to explain the art of massage, because "he knows how to massage". So now Kaysar is messaging Howie and Beau switched to giving Rachel a massage. Howie says “massages are better than sex for me, they last 30-40 minutes, sex is 2 minutes, oh this feels good. I'll take a good massage over sex any day!” Then Howie tells Kaysar “dude you would make a great husband, don't do this to Beau, he'll want to marry you.” Kaysar says “Beau already wants to marry me.” Howie goes on and on about how this massage is better than sex, he would give up sex and food for these massages. Howie tells Rachel she is a great HOH, she keeps the door open for others to come in and share.

During the HOH conversations, Rachel tells Howie to stop calling Kaysar a virgin because he doesn't know one way or another. Kaysar says “it’s ok, I don’t mind.” Rachel says "well Howie you could be a virgin, as much as you talk about sex, we don't really know" Howie says "Well I definitely haven't had sex in the month of July." Howie goes on to share that he hasn't worked on "little Howie" in a while, he's trying to figure out where he can do it without being caught on camera. Howie is getting graphic, Rachel telling him to hush up; she doesn't want to hear it. Beau says he's being gross. Kaysar says “we have to do something about you Howie, your life would be much better (Kaysar indicating that he can fix Howie), you would land somebody smart, more attractive.” He says that he is not happy with landing just hot babes anymore. Kaysar says “Howie, I think you're going to get bored eventually with your sex life and you're going to become gay”. Beau says “me too”…Howie: “what??” Kaysar: “let Beau break it down for you.” Then they talk some about religion, Howie asking Beau his thoughts on being gay and if that is considered a sin. Beau says “being a slut is as much a sin as being gay; murder is the same as being gay, in terms of sin. The only person judging me is God, there's no bigger sin than any other.”

It's after 1:00 and Jennifer and April get up to go the bathrm, so Ashlea and Janelle almost immediately wake up and start talking about POV. Janelle wants someone else on the block, besides Kaysar and Ashlea, she says that “Kaysar is really a sweetheart” and Ashlea agrees. Janelle says the other thing is that Kaysar hasn't been campaigning. Ashlea says she hasn't either. Janelle says she has been doing it for her. Aslea says she could tell Kaysar if she gets taken off the block he has her vote. Janelle had asked (or is going to ask-not sure) Kaysar to pick her as his VETO partner so she could throw the competition. They are saying that Rachel will likely put Maggie up if the VETO gets used.

April and Jennifer are back in bed now, still whispering – but inaudible. Most HG’s are asleep now. At 2:00 all in the gold room have gone to sleep, Kaysar is in bed, but still awake. Howie is awake on the floor in the HOH doing sign language to the camera (lol).

Nighty-Night! It’s been a long day for these hamsters.