Big Brother 6 Recap for 07/09/05

Kaysar wakes up first, gets a drink of water from the kitchen, heads to the bathroom, and then does his morning prayer in the kitchen. Once finished he goes to the couch in the Living Room and stretches out.

James, Eric, and Maggie all get up and start talking in the kitchen. Maggie complains that her back hurts because of the bed she slept in. Eric and James fight to get a can of coffee open. Eric is clearly irritable due to hunger and malnutrition, but reports that he is going to try and be in a better mood today.

James starts telling a story that consists of bashing police officers and suing a police department for false arrest and harassment. Rachel comes in looking rather uninterested in James’ story, while Maggie and Eric seem completely unimpressed. Maggie informs James that he probably shouldn’t be discussing a pending case, but James and Eric agree that it should be okay as long as no names are mentioned.

Ivette joins the kitchen crew and is immediately questioned about her inability to go to the bathroom. Apparently the laxative she took yesterday hasn’t kicked in, but Maggie states that a party will be had once she goes.

Maggie mentions all the weird people watching the feeds, and Ivette adds that we’re all “creepy” people watching them sleep. They sign up to be watched 24/7 and the live feed viewers are the weird ones? Alrighty then!

All houseguests are up at approximately 9AM BB time and the big announcement blares across the house, “Houseguests, the Power of Veto Competition will be in 2 hours.” While all the houseguests are primping and preparing for the POV Comp, Eric and Maggie have a chance to whisper in the Storage Room. They have figured out that James and Sarah are partners. Eric told Maggie not to say anything bad to either of them about the other. They also discussed April and Jennifer as a partnership possibility too.

Kaysar and Janelle also get some time alone in the HOH bathroom. Janelle tells Kaysar that she will throw the competition if he picks her to compete in the POV Comp with him. She also tells him that Michael said that he would throw the competition too.

Houseguests are all waiting patiently at the dining room table for the POV Comp to start. The conversations range from AIDS, archeology, oral sex, and Sir Elton John. Michael, Eric, Rachel, and Sarah have all moved to the Living Room. Michael talks about how entertaining it is to have Howie in the house, and Sarah agreed that he is “a character.” The houseguests continue to get antsy waiting for the competition to start. Eric lets April know that “they” (BB) are just making them wait to drive them crazy and get under their skin. At approximately 12:10PM BB time, the feeds go to Fish Cam; therefore the POV Comp is underway.

Once the feeds return we hear bits and pieces about the competition. Each of the nominees had to pick a partner. The teams were as follows:
Kaysar and Eric, Rachel and Maggie and Ashlea and Howie. A bit later we learn that the competition had to do with knots in rope and pulling it through metal tubes or rings. Rachel and Maggie won the POV with Eric and Kaysar coming in a close second. Some even said that Ashlea gave up (she needed it the most IMO)
Janelle and Ashlea go into the gold room. Janelle wants to suggest to Rachel to VETO Ashlea and put her up. She believes that it will not matter once one of them is gone, the other will soon be put out. They talk about votes and figure that Kaysar has enough to stay. Janelle is also concerned about voting for Ashela to stay, she thinks she is putting a target on her back bigger then one already there.

Some small talk was about Jennifer- seems she tried out for Big Brother 4 times. Mike, Sarah and Ivette have a chat, they talk about how Ashlea just wants to be in the house for the TV exposure, that Janelle wants to be a playboy bunny. They keep saying no one has an alliance since it is only week 1 (ya they all have several alliances)
Meanwhile, Janelle, Jen and James (enough with the J names please). Seems that Janelle that Beau has told many stories she doesn’t know what is true and not. Said he is a personal shopper but lives with his Mom and sister in a not so good part of town, claims to be very successful but still lives in that neighborhood and with his family, and that his Dad pays for his car insurance.
There was also a conversation that was overheard by Janelle, where Beau said to Ivette ( I think it was Ivette) that they should have brought their drums, seems they were drumming away and not doing too bad, right in sync with each other and Beau made that comment (revealing his partner), they start asking if the partner thing is the twist, that maybe someone has a partner to play the game with. I think they know everyone has a partner, won’t admit it to anyone but their partner and all trying to figure it out! James then went into graphic detail about giving oral sex with altoids, (TMI)

A little later in the day Ivette tells Sarah that Mike, Beau, Maggie and Eric want to throw the HOH to her so she can personally nominate Janelle herself for eviction.
A lot of talk about sex and Howie even called Ivette a Lesbian, she didn’t deny it, nor did she confirm it.
Eric had to reassure Kaysar several times that he has his back and that the POV went exactly as planned with Rachel winning it.
Maggie and Eric were whispering in the large bedroom and didn’t realize that Beau was trying to sleep in the room. He suddenly moved and Eric jumped. This freaked him out. He told a few people about it, and finally at night tried talking to Beau about it. Beau said he was sleeping. Maggie was telling Eric that Beau told her that he knew that Maggie and Eric were partners, he then told Maggie that it was OK because he got Ivette. They decide to ignore each other and to keep their cover as best they can.

James and Eric talk in the bedroom and both tell each other that they have no one in the house as their pair.

James asks Janelle to do the amazing race wither next year (ugh)
April and Ivette outside lounging in sun. Ripping on Michael , Maggie joins them. All three don't like how Michael touches all the women. It's making them uncomfortable. Seem to be debating whether to day anything or keep it inside for the game. Now it sounds like they're going to tell him to stop next time he does it. April particularly. They don't like Michael's conversation either. He's a know it all etc. etc. They're saying Michael was slapping Kaysar around to the point where Kaysar had welts.
So today more sun bathing, scheming and lots of figuring out the pairs.
James and Sarah grab some alone time on the hammock. They talk about the game, who are the pairs and how they have to break up Rachel and Howie. They feel threatened by them. Sarah made a comment that when she first met Janelle she thought she was a drag queen. James tells Sarah that April is a dirty girl that she just does not like Kaysar because he is a Moslem and Iraqi. James also tells her that he loves her and that he will make it up to her once they are out of there with a gift from Tiffany’s! Sarah tells James that she thinks that everyone is a couple in the house and they discuss who is with who.
Some of the houseguests head to the hot tub while others lounge on the sidelines. Sarah goes into the shower to change into her bathing suit and when she comes out her and James share a long kiss (they are the couple that will get caught!)
While in the hot tub they discuss the POV competition and how hard it was, seems it involved ropes, knots and crawling. Everyone was comparing bruises.
Of course it wouldn’t be a day in the Big Brother house without someone mentioning that they are the “hottest” cast yet and that this season will be the best yet! Thanks April you filled that quota today.
At about 9:30 PM Big brother time Eric had to comfort Maggie, it seems that she is really missing her kids
Rachel, Ivette, Eric and Maggie talk strategy. Ivette is really down on Kaysar but Maggie tried to reassure her that everyone in the house is really weird. They agreed to come to each other with information as they learn it.
As some point throughout the day all the girls commented about Michael and how he can’t stop touching them. They are uncomfortable with it.
Sarah and James sneak off late night and discuss the couples. They know Howie and Rachel are a couple, Beau and Ivette, April and Jenny and can’t figure out if Eric has a partner there. James totally trusts Eric, while Sarah really dislikes Rachel and believes she is too powerful. Sarah is very jealous of the other girls and how they act around James. James keeps reassuring her that he loves her and is glad she is in the BB house with him.
Michael and Jen have some cuddle time on the couch. This seems to be the first non partner couple to hook up. As she rests against him he plays with her hair and they talk about food and Italy.

Late night Janelle and Kaysar play chess. Kaysar made the comment that
He thinks the twist is that they put them in a house with a bunch of nuts. Janelle said no, she is a nut, so he said that he is the only normal one in the house. Janelle also confessed to Kaysar that she read a few chess books before entering the house,. Kaysar responded with “you read?” she said yes to which he responded I think I am in love!. They have a lengthy conversation about college and how important it is (Kaysar) and she did not agree. Janelle admits that she was a model for 5 years but it was just a hobby that paid money! Kaysar still talking about college and being a role model for her children one day. Janelle is studying for her real estate license and does not want to be a cocktail waitress (bottle girl as she wants to be called) all her life. They head to bed at 2 am.

Earleir Michael was checking out April’s face and commented that she had weird bone structure. April admitted having a boob, nose and chin job done 5 years ago. She didn’t want everyone to know (so why say it there are like 75 cameras recording everything you say and do in the BB house! Duh!)

All is quiet on the western front at about 2:30 am. The next question that needs to be answered is who the snorer in the house is!

So after today the confirmed couples are:
Eric and Maggie
Sarah and James
Janelle and Ashlea
Howie and Rachel
Ivette and Beau
Kaysar and Michael
April and Jennifer

Most of the houseguests know that the others are playing with a partner too. Some are still denying having a partner.