Howie seems to be the first person up today, he is brushing his teeth in the bathroom. He heads to the SR [probably for batteries] James is up using the WC. James lets Howie know the size and shape of his BM. They exchange "Morning"s. Howie takes a shower while James gets something to drink. Janelle up, says hi to Howie in the BR. Ivette up, morning to all in the kitchen. Howie tells Ivette that Beau found a quarter last night. James is saying people are cowards for not saying anything about finding more quarters. April, Beau and Maggie are cleaning the HoH in preparation for moving back downstairs. James trying to make musical requests of BB. April realizes she forgot to thank her mom on her blog for looking after her dog.


As everyone wakes up they start eating breakfast or begin the weekly cleanup in preparation for the live show tonight. Howie and Janelle are in bed, April, Maggie, James, Beau and Ivette are in the kitchen talking. April admits to all that Maggie is her leader. No real surprise there]. Beau decides to keep Janelle and Howie from studying for HoH by coming into the GR and goofing around. Janelle and Beau start talking to Howie about "do me! do me!". They tease Howie about jerking off, tease Beau about trying to jerk off in the shower but worried he would be caught. They laugh about someone on previous seasons jerking off.

April says America doesn't see what they see, James says they [Janelle/Howie/etc] play dirty, why does America love her? Ivette says "Screw America, they are not playing this game". April says she just doesn't want the mean people to win. Beau told her that they make fun of her.

Beau talking to Janelle about her sex life, every time she answers one of his questions Beau says he doesn't believe her. [collecting ammo for another trashing session with the herd?] Maggie is on the treadmill, she says they have to be out of the HoH room by 1pm but wonders if they can practice [for HoH] in the backyard.

The hamsters all move to the kitchen area with the exception of James who is still dressing and Ivette who is fussing with her hair. Beau and Maggie start yelling to her "are you ready, are you ready?" They are planning to head to the backyard to practice for HoH competition. Maggie and April hide behind the nomination chairs in the living room to whisper about what the HoH competition might entail. April says Beau and Howie are talking again, like it's a big state secret, April's exact words were that "Beau is up Howe’s ass". [How's that for a visual?] James sees them huddled behind the chairs and asks if they are ok, then walks off. April and Maggie decide he will tell everyone what they are doing and that they are talking strategy. Beau picks an outfit for Howie to wear tonight and is ironing it for him.

Maggie and Ivette talking HoH strategy. It apparently has to do with numbers, math and trying to get something near numbers. Apparently the highest numbers are close to the zero.

Fish for a short time. BB voice saying hello to the hamsters. Looks like they will practice for the HoH. Fish again then the houseguests are back in the house, the kitchen. Ivette and James have a hug fest, James complains about how he has been portrayed [honestly?], how he is being backdoored, tries to pump up Ivette for the HoH, tells her he hopes she wins. "I love you" and then he is off to read the bible.

Howie seems to be uneasy still about Janelle's loyalty, asking her if she is voting to keep him and she says yes, he asks who else she made promises too and she says no one. He cleans the toilet for her. Maggie is playing April and Ivette against each other. She seems concerned that April might reveal her [Maggie's] HoH strategy to Janelle.

April tells Ivette she likes the order for the HoH competition, Ivette says it was accidental. April asks James if she thinks Howie really likes Janelle. James says yes, but April says Howie told her that he would never marry anyone like Janelle. James says they will never turn on each other because they can only win in the end with each other. April says to Maggie that Janelle thinks she can trust her. Maggie says no, that Janelle knows she cannot trust her, Janelle is just playing April. James comes in and gives Maggie a hug.

Janelle and Howie talk again about her vote and which way it will go. Beau really got Howie shook up about how she is voting. Howie heads into the WC to release some tension. April listens at the door, then runs into the LR to tell everyone she is scarred for life. [She did choose to stand there and listen] Howie then brags to the house he successfully has released his tension.

Last minute wardrobe changes. Maggie and Beau discussing HoH competition strategy again. They plan to get a perfect score. Howie says "I'm not a squirrel, I don't have to hide my nut". Beau wonders what he would do if he won PoV and he and Ivette were on the block. Maggie says the reason Janelle does so well in competitions is that she never expected to make it this far so she doesn't psyche herself out. Maggie says Janelle was just in the house to look pretty on tv and everything else to her is icing. Maggie and Beau have pics set around the nomination chairs so they get seen on tv. James tells Ivette he hopes the S2 win. She asks him why, he says because you guys [herd] had your choice.

Maggie, Howie and Janelle discuss if Howie's WC activities have been discussed in the DR, Howie says yes, Janelle as well. James is giving everyone good-bye hugs. Hugs Janelle and tells her good luck. She tells him he played a great game. Janelle tried to find out if the herd gave James a sympathy vote, they aren't telling. April says she hates not competing in HoH competitions. James seems surprised by this. Maggie ends our broadcast before the show with this quote "People in Florida really count on weathermen...people actually die from weather-related stuff". [She was speaking about Howie's future occupation]

Fish [Live Show] - James is evicted 4-0, Howie wins HoH, Nominates Ivette and Beau.

Ivette does a repeat performance of her "bed flop and weep" routine. The rest of the house rehashes the HoH competition. They talk about how it was different from practice because the beam was nailed down. Janelle tells Howie that Rae-Rae will be so proud, April says "Yeah and you got this one, she didn't give it to you!"

Maggie whispers to Beau, you were so close...anything can happen, they added new twists last year, they had to put something so one of those two would win it. It was a crapshoot. April says everything happens for a reason. Ivette is beating herself up, saying she is dying for a photo of her girlfriend. April now saying Janelle threw the competition. [*sigh* do they ever get a clue?] Maggie says she doesn't think Janelle threw the HoH. Ivette says there is nothing that would give Janelle more pleasure than to get rid of one of them herself. Ivette thought God wanted the herd to win, figures it would be 1-2-3, but she guesses God has a plan.

Janelle and Howie talk in the GR. Janelle tells Howie how proud she is of him. She hopes they get to evict two, its not fair they got both of the one day HoH's. Howie apologizes for thinking Janelle would try to vote him out. Janelle and Howie hug and kiss, they are ecstatic.

Janelle tells April about James lying completely about the whole pinky swear thing. Ivette is pouting and whining about the hate inside her. Ivette says she [Janelle] was turning against him [Howie] and he still protects her. Beau says he will not campaign against her because she brought him in the house. Ivette says she doesn't understand why Howie put them up. Beau says he could taste it, he could see himself running around the yard after winning. BB tells Ivette to reattach her microphone and Ivette tells BB not to fucking bother her right now.

The Nerd Herd prepare for their slumber part in the barracks. Janelle and Howie are in the kitchen. Howie needs more reassurance from Janelle that she was never after him or going to evict him. They hug and smooch a few times after she tells him she was never after him. They celebrate the win, quietly. Janelle says Kaysar is very proud of them. She tells him he looked so good, not nervous at all. Howie said they needed to win the HoH more than they needed food. Howie makes a joke, Which pair in the house never won HoH? Janelle says none, he says "Wrong! James and Sarah!" Janelle says that was a good one.

Ivette continues to whine, now saying Janelle is going to win the whole game, as in they should have taken the chance to evict her. Maggie says she doesn't like what she sees in the game right now, but won't elaborate. Ivette and Beau try to get her to talk about it, saying "that they want somebody horrible to win?" but Maggie won't budge. The herd makes a promise that if Howie and Janelle are the final two they will all vote for Howie to win. Ivette says when she leaves the house she will tell Janelle "Congratulations, you're going to win $34,000." [indicating she will get second place] Ivette says she has control over who wins the money. Ivette says she is disappointed that she will leave the house with knowing how it felt to be HoH. They are worried that Howie will get to do both evictions since it was not clearly stated he was HoH for 48 hours only. Beau says Ivette wants him to stay, April asks him if he wants her to stay, he says no because he thinks he can get farther. April thanks the Lord that this is only for 24 hours. [48 hours if they do a second HoH]

Howie talks to Ivette. Ivette says it was nothing personal and she understand why he did it. They hug. Ivette says she is upset she cannot win an HoH, especially with her girlfriend at home watching. Howie says he understands, he can't win a veto and really wants one so bad. Ivette says she just wants to let him know she is a good sport and she knows everyone has a time to go up. [Ex-squeeze me?] Howie and Ivette talk about James and how he was a good guy, but they both disagree with the dirty way he played the game. Ivette says she was always honest with James. Howie says he was good until a few hours ago when he had Howie doubting Janelle and hating people in the house. April tells Maggie that evil always prevails, God is guiding them [The Herd] but they are up against evil. [S2]

Howie talks with Beau, comforting him. Howie says after Rachel, it's Beau he could have good conversations with. Beau says he loves everything about Howie. Howie says thanks and Beau says it is true. Beau asks Howie is he is making another Jack-Shack when Howie says he will show Beau some tricks of the trade, but then Howie tells him that they [BB] won't let him rebuild it.

April, meanwhile, lies to Maggie claiming she never said anything to Howie or Janelle about keeping her safe this week. April swears on her life she has no deal. April asks if Beau and Ivette are saying that about her. April talks about the next HoH being the three of them against Janelle and that she hopes Ivette can win it. April talks about her conversation with Julie and April says she can't even remember the questions Julie asked her. April says the viewer question about what she would bring into the house was a bunk question, stupid. [Thanks April we love you too.] She says Julies questions were boring.

Howie is with them now and talking about dogs. Howie says he wouldn't be able to tell that pepperoni is a mini schnauzer, he is bad at dog names. He talks about a neighbor who has two jack russells and that they are very smart. April agrees with him. Howie talks about his condo, he lives on the 4th floor, he says CBS was impressed when they came to film. April says he needs to buy himself a house..."geeez, 34 and no house". Howie blows it off. Maggie doesn't want to go in the DR, she saves she has nothing to say but that she misses Dave and wants to go home. She hated being asked about her weight, it doesn't have anything to do with the game. [It was a compliment Maggie..sheeesh] Apparently Maggie told the DR she didn't want to talk about her weight and it had nothing to do with the game, so she is assuming they are doing it just to be mean.

Ivette and Maggie talking now about end of game and if Janelle is there, she is not getting the 500K. Ivette saying over and over she has been here all this time and has no shot at the 500k. Maggie says but Janelle is not here for the money, she is here to be on television, Ivette says it just sucks she won't win, you know what I'm saying? April complains there are still on lockdown. Everyone goes to the kitchen to get something to eat, with the exception of April. Ivette looking around with hate in her eyes, Janelle laughing and calling Howie "beefcake". Howie says James looks good in black and white [memory wall photo] please America don't send him back.

Maggie is trying to get Ivette to talk to Howie about getting rid of Janelle instead since she beats him at everything. Maggie says "Is it horrible to never want to hear her voice again? Ivette says "Is it terrible to call her the worst soul?" [both in reference to Janelle] Howie called to the DR. Ivette thinks it was selfish of April to send James home. They are wishing they had left Janelle up and used the veto on Howie. April is asking why they have double eviction weeks. Beau tells the herd that if the vote had been 3-1 that Howie would have put up Janelle. [Because of the pinky swear lie]. The herd is now trying to figure out how they can get Howie to turn on Janelle. [Since they couldn't turn Janelle on Howie?]

Howie got lightsabres in his HoH stuff. April says Star Wars loves him. Maggie implies April wants to do something naughty with Howie's lightsabre. Howie and Beau are playing with the lightsabres, Howie tells Beau to be careful, he is not a Jedi. Howie is very excited, "Whoahh, I love it, I love it, I'm a Jedi!" Howie and Janelle play with the lightsabres and Howie calls her "Jedi Janie!" [hey, don't we have a chatter by that name :D] Howie and Janelle plan for veto, it is used, they hope Ivette is veto'd and they will put up Maggie, but vote out Beau. Howie got a U2 CD again. Maggie wants to go to the DR and tell them they can eat a dick.

April is trying to comfort Ivette, telling her to give herself some fucking credit, she signed up for the game. [This is about Ivette feeling Beau has a better chance if he stays]. Maggie said earlier that April has no idea how it feels to be on the block, Ivette says she should or she will. Ivette seems ready to give up but Maggie and April telling her they get to control it since they have the votes. Ivette again ragging on about Janelle only having a chance at second place. Maggie and April asks Ivette who she wants them to keep, her [Ivette] or Beau. Maggie tries to warn Ivette off saying anything like that to Janelle, after all it's more than Ivette has won. April says she will win HoH tomorrow [?] and that she will rip Janelle a new one. Then she says she will be in tears if she has to be in the final three with them. [Howie/Janelle].

Beau asks Howie to speak to him in the HoH, so they go upstairs to talk. Beau seems to be trying to feel out Howie about who he will put up if the veto is used. Howie says he cannot say anything until he talks to Janie cause last time he was HoH he screwed things up. Howie tells Beau he likes him and he thinks Beau is playing an honest game. He says "Beau, you know I love you". Apparently Beau's mission to get Howie to put Janelle on the block has failed.

April and Ivette talking about Janelle some more, something about if James had stayed she would be making nice with him. Feed Cam is focusing on dirty dishes that Ivette, Maggie and April left on the table. Maggie has decided that God did not want them to have to vote out each other, so that was why they did not win HoH. April ranting about Janelle leaving stuff all over the place and never helping clean. April says at one point she wanted to grab a knife and slit Janelle's throat. [And she complained about personal attacks?]. April continues the rant, colorful language. When Howie and Beau come in there is a quick subject change. Howie and Beau are playing with the lightsabres in the barracks. Howie gets called to the DR, Ivette wants him to ask for a pic of her girlfriend. Beau rehashes his conversation with Howie to Ivette. Beau tell Ivette if he wins veto he will take her off the block, she looks perplexed. He asks her what she wants him to do, she says wait for the veto competition tomorrow.

When Howie comes from the DR they ask him what BB said and he tells them that BB said "Go ahead and finish the game and take out all the other houseguests [with his lightsaber]."

Fish - For a half hour the feeds are on fish.

The herd is in the barracks debating who will go and who will stay. Beau blames he and Ivette being nominated on Julie Chen, because she mentioned the million dollars. If she hadn't mentioned it, they seem to think Howie would never have thought about nominated them. Maggie says they can't use the veto if they win it because it means their partner going up. [as in Maggie wins, if she uses it, April gets put up]. Beau thinks if he stays that he will be nominated every week from now on.

Howie and Janelle talk in the workout room. Howie is telling Janelle about his conversation with Beau. Janelle is not surprised they are trying to get Howie and Janelle to turn on each other. They are laughing about Ivette thinking she is going home. They consider Beau more of a threat than Ivette. Janelle admits her response to the viewer question about America Choice was meant to annoy the herd. Meanwhile the herd has decided that since they have not played dirty, there is no way America can hate them, but Ivette admits to having told God she hated him today. [Now he really won't watch BB]. Maggie says they have played as the friendship but now it's time for them to each play for themselves, it's game on!

BB to Janelle in the HoH room "Hey Janelle, we haven't interviewed you yet, you wanna come in?" Janelle says sure and heads to the DR. While Janelle is in DR, Howie and Beau play lightsabres in the barracks, Maggie and Ivette talk about the Star Wars movies. They ask Howie which character he would be, he says despite the rough life, he would be Anakin. Howie keeps saying to Beau "The force is strong in you, BoBo". After a while they abandon the lightsabres for a good game of coasters. The rest of the herd talk about when the final show will be. Ivette thinks the final three will lose a person on the 17th and the final show will be on the 20th.

Howie and Janelle in the HoH, Howie tells her that the herd are studying [for veto or next HoH] and suggests Janelle go spy on them. She isn't to sure about it, but he says if they can spy on us, we can spy on them. Janelle heads downstairs and Howie jumps in the shower. Janelle gets caught trying to spy, she says she just came down to get some things from the GR, then heads back upstairs. Maggie and Ivette go through Janelle's stuff in the GR. April wants Beau to do something to Janelle's stuff in the GR, but he says he couldn't. They decide to throw some of her clothes under a bed in there so she cannot find them. They start a weird routine of study, spy check, trash Janelle, study, spy check, trash Janelle. (repeat). Maggie and Ivette head to bed but continue to chat. April and Beau at the memory wall, trash talk.

Howie and Janelle in the HoH studying. They talk about everything in the house, colors, numbers, competition details, etc. A little trash talk but mostly just studying. Howie talks about being fat, Janelle is cold. Howie starts playing with the lightsabre with the lights off. The herd is downstairs in bed, but still talking, BB tells Maggie to put her microphone on. Howie and Janelle continue to talk until Janelle says she needs to go downstairs to brush her teeth. Howie offers to let her take on of the lightsabres with her, she assures him she will be ok. Howie eats cookies and sings about why he is so fat. Howie gives Janelle a backrub as they continue to study. April picks her nose yet again....this time eating it? [eewww].

Lights out in the HoH, Janelle sleeping, Howie listening to his U2 CD. Some conversation later in the hour, trash talk about the herd, talk about James, talk about the live show.

4:00am - Finally everyone asleep.