***Contains Adult Language***

I feel like it's been forever since I've done a recap! When we last left the BB House, Janelle returned from winning America's Choice to nominate Maggie and Ivette for eviction. As of now, April is the one who will decide who leaves the House...that is, until today's PoV Competition!

9:30amBBT : "Then why did you wake us up so early!"
We return from brief fish to a shot of Janelle in her HoH bed, trying sleep in a bit more. April is up, feeding the fish, and talking with Ivette. "For some strange reason, I kept seeing treadmills last night", Ivette shares with April. That's because you're running for your life in this game, and getting nowhere, Ivette... BB lets the HouseGuests know that the Power of Veto Comp will be in two hours. Ivette yells, "Then why did you wake us up so early?" Janie wonders down to the Kitchen, and gets a good-morning from April and Ivette. Not Maggie. After Janelle climbs the stairs back up to the HoH Room, "The Nerd Herd" picks up where they left off last night on the Janelle-bashing. In between jealous nit-picking and lies, April complains that BB/CBS didn't give her complete DVDs of the past seasons, as they did with the others.

Discussion on what the Power of Veto Comp could be starts up. April comments, "I really hate when we are separated into different rooms, it really messes with my head." Ivette agrees she doesn't like not knowing what everyone is doing. April continues by saying that she doesn't think they will do that, because it's too easy to hear things. Maggie is contemplates about the Three-Part Final HoH Comp, and how the order of that might go. When Ivette leaves the room momentarily, Maggie looks to April and says, "You look worried." April responds with, "I just need to win it." Later, she adds, "God I hope they don't lock us up in rooms for three hours, I will be pissed."

Maggie starts up on the mothering/controlling over Ivette and April that has come out strong in the past few nights.
Maggie: to Ivette for about the tenth time Are you sure you don't want an egg?
Ivette: exasperatedNot right now, thank you.
April: Do you want anything?
Maggie: Do you want coffee?
Ivette: flatly No, Thank you.

When Ivette says she wants to go lie down, Maggie asks "Do you want to sleep or do you want me to come talk to you?" Ivette, wavering, says "Hmmm, whatever you want to do. I just want to lay down." As Maggie and Ivette are standing at the kitchen sink, Maggie says to April, "Bring me your cup and I will wash it." April says "I will do it when I'm done." Maggie sternly commands, "I'm already up here, just bring me your orange juice cup and I will wash it!" April complies.

Janelle joins them at the table and eats cereal. For your visual pleasure, she looks fabulous, in a purple tank top and her hair and make up are perfect. It is a struggle for the others to not look at her. Maggie is talking about the nail file she is using. She's filing her nails on the dinner table. Eww. All three talk with their heads down, not looking at Janelle at all.

10:30amBBT : April will take Ivette. No, April will take Maggie. No, wait, April will do what Janie says.
Maggie and April take a seat on the barracks floor. April tells Maggie "You know I am going to take you, and you know Ivette will take you. So just let us fight it out and we'll do what we have to do." Maggie next asks, "Would you do that if you were in my position?" April answers, "If someone tells me they are going to take me, then absolutely. I have never broken a promise with you, so you have no reason to think I would do otherwise." April says if Janelle tells her she wants her to vote out Maggie, she would not.

Once April leaves the room, Maggie tells Ivette, "April doesn't want me to fight for it. She said she wants it to be a fair fight between the two of you." Ivette says, "I don't get that." Maggie replies, "April said she would bring me and that you would bring me." Maggie tells Ivette that she would be putting her trust in people that she does trust, but she would only be secure with the veto.
Ivette: That's what she said?
Maggie: told her that's putting all my trust in people I trust, but still...
Ivette: When did she tell you that?
Maggie: Just right now. You told me you would take me.
Ivette: Said. Not now. Oooooooo! Go Ivette!
Maggie: What do you mean?
Ivette: Well I mean I haven't talked about it, lately.
Maggie: Yeah, I mean her either, it's just been known forever. She may be worried if I fight for it I would use it on you and that takes me out of it. So she's pretty much saying she is fighting to keep it the way it is

Maggie: I love that we can leave our panties out now. I think every one knows what I mean by that!

April is in the bathroom picking her nose again, telling Maggie how bad she feels for Ivette. She comments, "I feel bad for both of us, we are not in the best situation." Maggie responds, "Correct."

11:00amBBT : Prepping for PoV
Janie dressed in a short skirt and the rest in athletic wear.

Maggie and April are stretching. Maggie questions Ivette if she has stretched or not. No reply from Ivette. She has been lying in bed for a while very quiet and deep in thought.
April: Ivette, lets not let this get to us.
Ivette: That is not what gets to me.
April: What's wrong?
Ivette does not respond at all.
I hope this silence means that Ivette's finally figured out things...

A close up of Ivette shows her either very upset, or deep thinking, holding her stuffed bunny. April and Maggie whisper under the stairs, trying to figure out what is wrong with Ivette. April asks Maggie that if it is between the two of them winning, to let April have it. Her reasoning is that Maggie has nothing to worry about with April. But if it is between Maggie and Ivette, Maggie needs to fight for it, because Ivette has not promised to take Maggie to the end.

When we return from fish, the HouseGuests are in different colored shirts: April in green, Maggie in blue, Ivette in red, and Janelle in orange.

April: I hope it's a pretty fair event.
Maggie: Silly goose, why would they start that now?

1:45pmBBT : Ivette Begins to Burn those Bridges!
Quick and Dirty Return from Power of Veto Comp Details:
Comp type: something with the HGs being tied together / to something
Winner: Ivette

After the feeds return, we hear April and Maggie complaining about Ivette's celebration after she won the PoV. April reminds Maggie that when she won HoH, she didn't jump up and down, yell and scream, and celebrate. Maggie comforts April, and says "You're the one out of our entire alliance that worried about other people's feelings. April responds with, "I just try to be nice and treat everyone how I would like to be treated. She's just rude."

April hides in the HoH room, wanting to be alone. Janelle joins her and they talk of the final votes. April comments, "If Ivette picked you to go to the final two, I would give you the money."

After Janelle leaves, Ivette pops her head into the HoH.
Ivette: Do you want to talk to me?
April: I don't want to talk to anybody right now.

They argue about Ivette's reaction, rehashing the same issues April discussed with Ivette. The conversation turns to each side trying to make the other feel guilty.
April: I'm not crying because I'm going home. I'm crying because my feelings are hurt. When I won HOH, I was very reserved and didn't run around the yard screaming.
Ivette: That's my personality, I have a big mouth..When you won, I was screaming for you.
April: When I won Veto, I knew I was sending James home but I didn't get excited.
Ivette: Your ass wasn't on the line don't know what it is like to have your ass on the line.
Ivette: I am apologizing to you. I'm not telling you what motivated me out there. I knew I'd be fucking people over. If I didn't get it, I knew I was done in this game. I hadn't thought about you or Maggie. I will never forgot the night we sat across from each other and you said 'I love you'
April: I love you very much
Ivette: I didn't know yet. Whenever she's looked at me with a hint to talk to her, I've never gone alone because I've thought about your and Maggie's feelings.
April: I came up myself, she just came up to see if I was alright.
Ivette: You want to be angry with me because I was excited? I'm sorry.
April: You winning. I'm happy for you. I don't want you to think I'm not. I was just in shock when you said "Let me in the DR! I'm in the final 3"
Ivette: I never said that!
April: Yes you did, I was there. You said "I'm in the final 3. Yeah I did it." I am happy for you. It's not about not being happy for you...I wanted to think about other people's feelings.
Ivette: You can be mad at me for the rest of this game, but think about how that made me feel when you wanted Maggie not to play for the veto. I don't care if you tell Maggie. I don't care if she hates me and doesn't take me to Final 2. But think about this. How do you think I felt when she told me she wasn't to play for veto and to let us two fight it out?

Ivette runs off.

April, alone: I don't know why she's mad. Why is she mad?

3pmBBT : April starts the "Woe is me!" Dramatics
April: This is so mean to say. But I just think I want to be by myself the next few days.
Maggie: Please don't leave me.
April: I think that's what I want.
Maggie: It would hurt my feelings but I would understand.
April says she just can't look at Ivette the same way anymore. "I can't."
Maggie: We swore that after today we would not break up.
April: She just f'ing yelled at me AGAIN in the HOH room!

Maggie continues to try and play both sides, while trying to regain and control the Friendship.

April: For Janelle to even think it was rude I think that says something.
Maggie: I also think that Janelle wants to break us apart. She's going to point out things.
April: No I know but still I don't care if anyone agrees with me. If it made me feel wrong then it was wrong. Sorry.

Later, April continues saying how she wasn't mad about Ivette winning, she just thought it was rude how she acted. "Ivette won't let [me] talk she just yells." April goes on to tell Maggie that if it was Ivette and Janelle in the Final Two, she can't say for sure that she would vote for Ivette to win the prize money.

In another conversation, Ivette asks Maggie what has been going on. Ivette says she's been really unselfish and tried hard to not hurt April's feelings. Ivette questions suspiciously, "How much has she been telling you?" Maggie answers that April has just been talking about her hurt.
Ivette shoots back with, "How is it all about her in this? How is it all about her in this?" Ivette is asking lots of questions about what April is saying, Maggie is trying not to give up anything. She says she just "feels like shit."

Ivette said she prayed that God wouldn't give Maggie the POV, "not in a bad way", so that she didn't have to choose between Ivette and April. For when Ivette and Maggie were in the Final Two, April wouldn't vote for Maggie at the end because Maggie chose Ivette over her. Maggie whispers that she doesn't think Janelle is going to try to mess with April, she's going to try to mess with Ivette.

Earlier, April asks Maggie about the "Eric Card".
April: So you really don't know who you would pick?
Maggie: I don't want to be put in that situation until I have to. That’s how I have played all along and it has kept me a lot less stressed.
April: The thing that has me stressed is that if you had to pick she would play the Eric card because she knows that is your heart and soul.
Maggie: There is no Eric card, I have said that so many times. Eric is at home. He is no longer playing the game.

Later on that evening...

Maggie to Ivette: What do you think Eric would say if it were me and you in the final two? Like we thought for a second there wasn't an "Eric Card". Silly Maggie.

5pmBBT : Blonde Bombshell Bonding Time
In the Gold Room, Janie and April talk about Kaysar being loved by fans, and Janelle notes that the viewers really like honest players like 'Cowboy'. April blames Ivette for the way she has behaved, saying being around Ivette has made her say bad things about people that she normally wouldn't have said, including her DR sessions. She then asks Janie, "Does that make sense?" She continues on saying Ivette made her feel all these bad things about the other HG's. She tells Janie that she has a phenomenal chance at winning. Maggie comes back in room from chatting with Ivette outside. The conversation stops.

Whispering, Janelle tells April the fans at Two and a Half Men said that they did not like Ivette. Janelle thought it was funny.

Around an hour later, Maggie pulls all the girls together for a little two-on-two volleyball in the back yard. Maggie lays down the rules, including no spiking.
Janelle: Because I am tall?
Maggie: Yes.
Janelle: That's ridiculous.
Maggie: It's the rules! Short people rules. I will not let you win just because you can spike.

The game ends with Maggie and Ivette beating Janie and April. After the game is done, Maggie walks to the side of the yard, April goes in to get water, and Janelle tells Ivette who has the ball, to volley it across. Ivette does, and Janelle completely misses the ball. She walks towards it, and gives it a hard kick which nails Ivette in the face. Ivette, pissed by this, starts to walk away and said, "Fucking Janelle, you play way to violently." Janelle laughs, apologizing. Ivette had her head down, and did not have the slightest clue Janelle was gonna do a soccer kick towards her face.

6pmBBT : Maggie and April get "truthful".
April shares with Maggie some of the conversations she's had with Janelle. April lets Maggie know that Janelle told her there has been a lot of crap talked about Ivette in the Diary Room. Also, from what Janelle could figure out at the Two and a Half Men set, Ivette is the most hated player in the game. "There are a lot of things that I don't agree with [Janelle] on, but what makes me sad is that she played a cleaner game than I did", explains April.

Maggie goes on, and tells April that "I don't want someone to pick me because I'm the lesser of two evils. I want to earn it." April tells Maggie that Janelle would pick her just because of that reason, that Janelle hates Ivette more.

April: Game- does Janelle deserve the money? Absofrigginlutely.
Maggie: Yeah.
April: Overall game- does Janelle deserve the money? No. She hasn't made people happy. Neither has Ivette.

As this part of the conversation ends, we see Ivette moping and crying. When Maggie approaches her and asks what's wrong, Ivette tells Maggie that she's upset that April is not talking to her and that Janelle kicked ball at her face.
Ivette: I'm going to call it a night early today.
Maggie: You're going to be okay, Ivetta. This house just makes things suck.
Ivette: I thought we all agreed to be bigger than the house.
Maggie: We are. We just need to take a little bit of time. Just give it time.

Back in the kitchen, April and Maggie start to get doses of the real world from Janelle.
April: America loves you.
Janelle: I know.
April: They hate the rest of us.
Maggie: Thank you.
April: Thank you, America.[...] Saying America likes us, Janelle, is like saying that America hates you. It's stupid, because it's not true.
Janelle: I think they would like you, April. I don't think you're that much of a trash talker. That's why. I almost threw up a little in my mouth...
April: I think we've all done our fair share, but you can't love everybody right?
Janelle: I've always loved everyone.

April and Janelle start talking about Kaysar. April admits that they made a deal with him, and going back on that deal was "shitty". She justifies it by reminding Janelle that Kaysar hadn't been there previous week and he wasn't part of the promise to evict James. April thinks Kaysar would have won that pressure cooker HoH, but he wouldn't have to hold to the pact to evict James because he wasn't part of it. Janelle brings up that Kaysar wanted James gone before he was evicted the first time. Janelle blames Jennifer the most because she is the one who made the promise to Kaysar in the pressure cooker. April says that Maggie had nothing to do with it, Beau and Ivette brought it up. Janelle said that she would have wanted Ivette gone if she knew that Ivette was behind Kaysar leaving, but Ivette was nice to her all that week, and Jennifer ignored her, so she thought that Jennifer was the only one behind it.

April shares that when she fought back against Hurricane Howie, and brought up his finger, she asked God to forgive her because it wasn't nice.

8:50pmBBT: Ivette and Maggie throw a Pity Party, and April's not invited.
Ivette is upset that now that April is leaving, she prefers to spend time with Janelle. Ivette cannot understand why she stays with Janelle, when April says she is a liar, yet Ivette needs to be comforted. That they had promised each other this week would be fun, and its not.

Maggie mentions to Ivette that she was standing in kitchen with Janie and April earlier. They were talking about the AC, Janelle says that perhaps America doesn't like the shit talkers in the house. Janelle said to April "I don't think you are one of them". Maggie explains that it made her mad that Janelle basically said she was a shit talker. This gets Ivette more upset because she feels that April is one of the biggest shit talkers, about Janelle. "She is the one who calls her Smelly Nelly!" Maggie says she doesn't want to talk about this anymore that it is upsetting her stomach.

When the topic changes to shopping, Ivette tells Maggie what she bought at Venice beach, and it includes three glass pipes for Tush. Maggie adds to the conversation that she has told her parents that she would probably have a better memory, if it wasn't for weed. She later adds that when her and Dave got into a car accident, the committed insurance fraud by spending the repair money they got on a vacation. Well, there goes Maggie's job!

10:50pmBBT : Truth hits them like a brick wall.
April reminds Maggie that the DR told them, "There is a reason why Janelle keeps winning."
April: "America doesn't want us to win the money."
Maggie: "That's sad."

The remainder of the evening is slow, with Janelle and April trying to figure out a riddle given to them: "What is greater than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it, The rich need it, And if you eat it, you'll die?" There's talk of shopping, "The Fight Club", Sequester House, and general chit chat, but nothing earth-shattering.