Big Brother Recap September 11, 2005
April sees the light……. Ivette melts

Maggie is the first one awake at 9:00. She no sooner starts the coffee and BB sends in the wake up call saying the VETO ceremony will be in two hours. Ivette gets up next. Maggie goes into the barracks and talks to April.

April immediately starts telling Maggie about her revelation last night. She tells her that she has done some things in this game that she would never had done outside of this house, like trash talking about people. Maggie listens and said that she is sorry she is telling her these 9 days before the end, but she made a deal with the friendship that she would bring them or vote for them till the end and she has no intention of breaking that promise.
Puck71 really summed it up well in the updates. Here is here transcript of the event.
Maggie: Sorry that you hate being here so much
April: I don't hate it. When I say I'm happy for her, I really am. (Ivette winning VETO)
Maggie: I know.
April: I've wanted to leave since like week three.
Maggie: I can tell you really don't want to be here.
April: I have to leave; I can't stay. I look back and feel like I've done some bad things. I'm trying to make some things up in the 2 days before I leave. Just after talking through some things. Talking to Janelle. I think she might have been telling the truth about some things. She knows she's not winning. I feel like I've been totally played. I was used by someone to play their game. We all said we're not gonna play the game, we're not gonna play the game.
Maggie: That's what got us here.
April: Yeah. I feel like I was playing someone else's game. I lost my partner because of it. Jen should have been here longer than I was.

Maggie: Like I said, I don't want to see it (Janelle winning or in final two). Wouldn't that just suck?
April: I feel like, now it won't suck, because I've realized a lot. I don't think she's a bad person. I just think I had different outlooks that she did. Just think of all the ***** I did, that I would normally not do out of here. I said about Janelle and Howie hanging out, when you hang out with trash, you're trash. You see outside in the normal world, I would never say that. Does that make sense?
Maggie: It makes sense, but it sucks for me to hear, 9 days before the game is over. The Friendship made a promise that if I'm evicted next, my vote would have to go to her. What I'm saying is that all six of us, we, no matter what, we can't take Janelle.
April: Absolutely you have to (take Ivette to final two). If I was here, I would too. I just know there's a reason. It all started when Eric left. There's a lot of things we can't see, and we don't see. I will not be shocked at all, if the week Jen was HOH, that James and Ivette went to her and talked to her about putting up Kaysar because he was a threat. My partner is gone because of that. It was a dumb move. We're all guilty. You and I are in the same position, except you're gonna be here and I'm not. Yes you have to take [Ivette]. Just because I feel that way doesn't mean you have to feel that way.

[Maggie plays with her microphone and I can't hear very well]
M: When I talked to Jen and Jen told me stuff, I felt like there was a reason she was telling me things.
A: I feel like we're all at fault for it.
M: Yeah, everything you think of. Everyone has broken a promise. There were 8 of us in that room who agreed to one thing and 5 of us went against it. There are things we've done in this game that said we're playing the game versus who we are in to use world. There are things I do different in here than outside. In the outside world I tell people to f*** off, and I don't do that in here. I feel like to say, there's game playing and non-game playing, everyone in here has done something different than they do outside, and that's game playing in my mind. But people who just lie and make deals and openly break deals, they're JUST playing the game.
A: I don't think many people have been doing that.
M: I know, you definitely haven't. But James, all he did was that.

A: I listened to people, I did what they wanted, and I shouldn't have done that.
M: A lot of this game is relying on people.
A: Yeah, but a lot of the things I did I feel were mean.
M: I really can't say anything bad with you. You being the socialite, you being friends with everyone, you talking with everyone, those are all good things. How can you feel those are bad?

A: We believe we have this sweet wonderful friendship, I really don't think that's how we're seen. Wake up and smell the coffee, I really don't think that's the case. Remember we said 'America hates us because we're so sweet' ... bullsh** (Finally one of the nerd herd gets it! Go April)

Ivette is upset with April and it ends up being a real confrontation. Ivette is upset because April is saying that Ivette is a bad influence. Ivette freaks. She yells at Aril.. “if you had won VETO yesterday would you be having this epiphany today? April explains that she has not been happy for a long time, and that she is no longer playing the game. That she does not need to go along with the group any more that she can hang with whoever she likes. Ivette tells April that she wishes she told her sooner, that she would have played the game herself. She said that April is telling her that she has no shot at winning the money.
Ivette goes on about her unselfish acts like putting herself up on the block. (She said this like 3 times). Ivette really goes wild and starts telling her that she won’t hang out with her if she makes her feel so sh#$%. April tried to explain that it is the game, that outside of here they are different people. Ivette denies it and said that she has been herself since day one. April brings up the Kaysar incident saying that Jen suffered because of it, and that she really didn’t like the idea but went along with it. April said it was her fault that she based her decisions on what Ivette said and never did things the way she wanted to. April tells Ivette that James was just protecting her and Beau that he would have voted out Maggie and herself. Ivette denies that. Ivette said that Maggie and her will be friends outside the house that she will never forget her blaming her actions on her. April said once again that she never came in here for the money, that as the money gets closer people get uglier. She said when it comes down to voting for the winner it will be with her heart and for the person who played the best game. Ivette responded with that she understands that she will not win the money if she is up against either of them( Maggie or April) in the end. She said she won the VETO for her mother. She said she is a much better person then her (Janelle). Maggie chirps in and said that if America sees fault in anything she has done then it was edited that way (we see it all on the feed missy!).

April again tries to explain to Maggie and Ivette that she looked back on a lot of things and that she played dirty. Maggie denies it. She said that you shouldn’t look at what people think about you, but how you feel. April said after she looked at it it made her feel shi%%^ and she didn’t like it. Ivette said that she would rather hear honesty and stomped off. She goes to the barrack room and cries.

Maggie and April stay in the backyard talking. April explains that she wanted to come clean with Janelle before she left. She feels she has done a lot of mean things to her. Maggie said that Kaysar hurt her in this game by taking out Eric. She said that Ivette has always told her how much Janelle hates her. April said that it was untrue. That Janelle never said that. Maggie again said no matter what that April had to vote for Ivette or herself if they were in the end. She denied ever being the leader of the nerd herd. April said when she looks back she sees that a lot of the stuff that happened because either Ivette or James instigated it. Maggie then said that America loves Janelle because she doesn’t take the game seriously and because she is hilarious, That they don’t like her because she takes the game seriously. Maggie said the internet were the ones that voted and they loves seeing her play light sabers with Howie and not doing the dishes. That America doesn’t hate them they just love her attitude. She goes on to tell her that Ivette making a big deal about winning the VETO really hurt her feelings.

At about 1:04 the VETO ceremony took place. Ivette used the VETO and April is now on the block.

The camera people seemed at one point today to be pointing out things that were missing, like the occupied sign from the WC door. This must be for the next competition.

After the VETO ceremony Janelle goes back to bed and the nerd herd head out to sun bath. Ivette is quiet the whole time they re in the sun. Both Maggie and April try dragging her into the conversation, she just lied there and on occasion would moan and answer. They talked about weddings, sex and Maggie’s job. Nothing game related.

At about 5 PM Janelle finally gets out of bed. She made herself something to eat. After she finishes eating she returns to the HOH room to listen to music.

After about twenty minutes she dawns her bathing suit and heads to the hot tub. April joins her and tells her about the fight she had with Ivette. Janelle listened and made little comments but mostly just listened. Once April finished talking. Janelle tells April that she does not hate Ivette she just does not like the person she is in the house, that she is too loud and crazy.

Maggie goes into the bathroom. Ivette tells her that she does not know if she can make it through the next eight days that she is really depressed. Ivette is crying saying that April made her feel like sh#$. She said she was just mean when she said she couldn’t win the big money. (Didn’t Ivette tell the same thing to Janelle a few days ago). She goes on to say that she didn’t make her throw Janelle’s stuff around, that she thought Kaysar was shady and the main reason that Cappy left that is why she wanted him out so bad. She again said she is playing for her family at home and that she has been herself the whole game. That April really made her feel like crap. Maggie turns it around and said that April is feeling guilty for what she did because of what Janelle is telling her. That no one can control what others say, and she is sorry she is so hurt. Ivette said she wants to go home where everyone knows she is not a mean person. Maggie tells Ivette that April is leaving the game. Ivette said that she will poison the jury. Ivette tells Maggie that she would not have used the VETO if it was not for her family. Ivette said she is tied of feeling bad because she saved herself. Maggie said she really wants to win HOH so she can say Ivette I chose to go to the end with you. Ivette still sobbing said she is being blamed for everything. Ivette goes on and on. She then said that April kept saying that Maggie threw HOH so she could have it. Maggie said no that she had to answer those questions right to get HOH and she earned it. Maggie said she feels blessed that Ivette is taking her to the end. Maggie said that she will be loved when she goes home, but that only her friendship in the house will understand what she went through. Maggie said she does not want to hang out with Janelle. She does not enjoy Janelle. She said that Janelle is a liar and does not think about her actions. She said you don’t know that Janelle won’t pick her (Ivette ) to go to the end with. Ivette said she never thought this would end so ugly. Maggie replied with maybe it won’t.

April and Janelle play some volleyball. April tells her not to bail out of the endurance competition to win what is in the safe. That it makes her look greedy. She said win the endurance part so that she advances to the third round automatically. She encourages her to to do it for Howie and Kaysar. April then rehashes some more of her fight with Ivette.

A long boring night,. Ivette moped and slept a lot. Janelle and April were new best friends. Maggie played with Ivette’s hair and tried comforting her April left Janelle and went to bed with Maggie, They once again talk about the fight. Maggie goes to bed with April. She tells her about her conversation with Ivette and how they both got hurt. Maggie tells her about all the friends she has outside the house. She said she was not mad that April was hanging with Janelle because she heard her laugh and that meant she was happy. April keeps telling her that she can’t wait till Tuesday gets here and that she loves Ivette to death.

All settled down by 3:30. What will tomorrow bring? Who knows hopefully something fun for the hamsters.