10:30 AM

BB finally forced these girls out of bed at 10:30 this morning. BB told them in a stern voice at about 10:22 "I said it's time to get UP!" Maggie and April are in the GR, still in the dark, Maggie has her arm around April and they tell BB “we don’t care. We don’t want to get up.” April says “What are they gonna do, fire me? So, I'll leave a day early.” They talk about how they hear high heels walking behind the wall. April says "Jimmy Choos.” Maggie says “can’t they get her some house shoes? Why is she in heels back there?” 10 minutes later BB told them to turn on the lights. Maggie calls them c*** suckers.

Ivette is up and doing laundry and Janelle is in her HOH room with the lights on, still in bed. April and Maggie are still in bed, albeit they have the lights on now. They are talking about how hard it will be to get back into a normal routine once they are home. Maggie says “Maybe I should just go back to the night shift when I return. I haven’t worked that shift in a few years.”

Maggie and April are up and head outside with their coffee. April asks Maggie “What kind of body type do I have?” Maggie answers “A 12 year old boy's….” April asks “Did you think I was too skinny when we met?” Maggie: “Yes, you are extremely beautiful, but you were so skinny it looked unnatural. Your face always looked good, not like an eating disorder face. Your face looked perfect…” April: “I have always been skinny….” Maggie “The extra 10 pounds looks really good on you. Remember how Lisa (past BB) looked? You looked skinny like her.” April says “I liked her body.”

Outside, April asks Maggie “When do you think we will get our checks?” Maggie says she doesn’t know. April asks her “I know you don't like talking about it, but what would you do if you saw your name on a $500,000 check?” Maggie again says she doesn’t know. April presses her “What would you spend it on first?” Maggie says “clothes, I need clothes. Then I will talk to Eric, I want to donate to fire dept, they always need stuff. I'd donate to humane society. Dave donates to a lot of charities, I need to do more. I may refinance, my interest rate is too high.”

THEN, Maggie says "I never really thought about what I would do with the money, I planned on Eric winning.” Maggie says she wants to send her parents to Europe, and set up a college fund for Eric's kids, because that's what he came here for, to send his kids to college. Then Maggie says she would love to take a manager from an animal shelter to Pet Smart and say “whatever you need….” April says “I would definitely want to do that, wish I could do it in Vegas with you.”

April says “I don't know how BB does the money and checks. We have to set aside the money for taxes right away. I will get my $9,000 for being here, plus the $3,000.00 I won…” Then Maggie and April talk about doing for everyone what they said once before. Maggie wants to take Jennifer shopping for a purse. April says whoever is at end; we all got there with the help of everyone else. April stipulates that you have to do good with the money or no good will come of it.
April says “I only go shopping twice a year, but I splurge….” Maggie says “I don't splurge, but I go once every 2 weeks, and will buy like 3 tank tops for $20. I feel good about that.”

11:00 AM

April went inside to the WC and Ivette came over to Maggie. She is in a very sour mood this morning. Maggie tells Ivette that she and April were up real late last night. Ivette asks “Why, what were you doing?” Maggie says “Just talking about everything that went on here, all the things we did….” Ivette sarcastically says “Oh, about all the things influenced by ME?!” (Referring back to yesterday's fight with April). Maggie says “No, Ivette not about things influenced by ‘you’.”

Ivette is really mad right now, Maggie says to her that April is really fine with leaving. Ivette says “That’s great, she just had to make me feel like sh*t before she left.” Ivettes says “April shouldn't blame everything on me that she did in this house!” April was heading back outside, so Ivette yelled for her to leave the door open, then left and went inside.

April says to Maggie “So what was she ranting and raving about? I stayed inside, because I could see her from inside.” Maggie says “Same stuff, blaming you, saying you aren’t taking responsibility.” April says “I did too take responsibility.”

They start to talk about April leaving. Maggie says “I'm not saying good-bye to you.” April begs “Please do because I know Janelle will say something nice, but….” Then she says into her mic “BB I'd prefer not hear Ivette's good-bye message, if you don't mind (laughing) please, please, please...” Maggie says to BB “Play Maggie's twice (laughs)” April “Yeah, play Maggies like 5 times and then play Janelle's a couple of times.” Maggie says “I was not mean in any of my good-bye messages, I don't believe in that.”

Maggie and April talk about some of what happened in the past, especially in the pressure cooker. Maggie says: Jen was made to promise that she would put me up...” April confirms that. Maggie says “Kaysar made her promise to put me up (shrugs shoulders) what am I supposed to do with that? Kaysar was so upset that Jen lied to him about getting me out, but he promised me on everything that was holy to him that he would not put me up if he won HOH, right to my face! Then the second I was out of the pressure cooker, he said to Jennifer ‘put Maggie up’. April says “No Jennifer told me, she said to Kaysar ‘who do you want up? I know one of them is Maggie’ ...Maggie interjects and says defensively “No! He in the pressure cooker said he wanted me out not ‘up’. Jennifer is the one that told me that.” Maggie says “One of the reasons that I wanted Kaysar out, was because he promised me on everything that was holy and then immediately gunned for me at least that is what Jen told me, and I trust her.”

Maggie says that there isn’t much damage that James can to do to her in sequester that he didn’t do in the house. But then she says “Maybe he can still do damage, maybe you will get to sequester and Jen will be like ‘OMG, James said this and that about Maggie’, I don’t know, what can I do about that? I just have to trust.” April whispers “James said that he would never vote for you because he didn't want Eric to have any part of that money...” Maggie: “I know, I just think that's such a mean thing!” Ivette is heading outside again now. Maggie changes the topic back to the antics of last night when she and April were messing with BB. Ivette couldn’t look less thrilled and got up and went to do her laundry.

Janelle finally got up at around 11:30 and can be seen in the HOH getting dressed. Right about this time BB told Maggie to stop singing and she said “I will stop when Janelle comes down.”

12:00 NOON

April and Maggie are outside again. April is telling Maggie that she feels Ivette controlled her in the game “but it’s my fault for allowing it.” She says “Ivette is not good at handling things, she yells and cusses and you can get a word in edge wise.” She continues saying “because Ivette is so vocal it’s hard not to hear her and listen to what she says. I made a lot of decisions based on what she wanted.”

12:30 Feeds cut and the screen went black and said no signal. Then we got FISH. There was a power outage in parts of LA area and Hollywood that lasted for quite some time. The feeds finally came back at around 2:15 PM

2:15 PM

When the feeds finally return, we come back to a very angry looking Ivette lying in bed watching Maggie help April pack and Janelle is in the BY walking laps.

Maggie and April are talking about what April should wear for eviction and for interviews. April says she is angry about them being locked down from 6:00 PM tonight until sometime tomorrow. Maggie wants to be sure Dave comes for her when she gets out, but someone must take care of the dogs. April says “that's why I don’t want my mom to come; she is taking care of Pepperoni.” They both are heartened that the BB voices said they talked to Dave and Matt. Ivette leaves the bedroom and heads for the kitchen.

Now April is outside doing some laundry and Maggie and Ivette are in the kitchen. Ivette starts to talk about April and says to Maggie “you are the only one I’ve got right now.” Maggie responds “I don't want to talk about it right now, 2 great friends having a hard time with each other is horrible to me.” Maggie goes to take a shower.

April heads outside now to play volleyball with Janelle. They've set up rules in and are using folded towels to mark the ‘out of bounds’ area. The wind is carrying the light volleyball, causing it to spin a little. They both appear to be having a lot of fun and laughing. Ivette right now is in the kitchen alone, eating.

3:00 PM

April and Janelle are done playing volleyball. Janelle says how weird it is that the show is almost over. April says she is glad to be leaving earlier (than Thursday) now that she knows she is the one going. Janelle tells her she wishes she were staying.

April says to Janelle “Maggie will be nice to you. Ivette WAS being nice to you.” Janelle says “How can Ivette say that I didn't have any friends in this house? I had Ashlea, Michael, Kaysar, Rachel, Howie, James and Sarah AND you. That's more friends than SHE has. She is being hypocritical.” April admits to saying a few things of her own in the game that was not nice and is hypocritical, and her explanation for this was ‘she was listening to what other people told her’. She said “It is my fault that I based my opinions on what other people told me.” She also let on that James was the root of most of the problems in the house. Lastly April advised Janelle to just tell Ivette that she just doesn’t want to hear it if Ivette starts to tell Janelle stories after April leaves.

April tells Janelle that she was able to see the moves she made in the last HOH competition, but didn’t want to cheat so she stopped looking over at her. Shortly after saying this April was called to the DR.

Now, Ivette is exercising by walking around the backyard and Maggie is sitting in a lawn chair. Ivette is saying how she doesn't want to wake up anymore, she has nothing to look forward to except home, she is worried about what April will say about her in sequester, how it's not fair that she won't get to defend herself. Ivette says “I hate it when I love people. I distance myself from them after they hurt me. I hate that I cared about her and trusted her. Oh well, I only have 8 days of this ridiculousness then I can go home.” Ivette said she's never been a quitter but she wanted to quit so bad. Ivette checks the dryer, and then when she heads inside, she opens the sliding doors and yells “HEY!!” We could hear the BB theme song (like Housecalls) playing, then we get FISH.

When we return from our FISH break, it was evident the music didn’t mean anything. Ivette is back to walking around outside and is asking Maggie how many feet are in a mile. Maggie says she has no clue. After a long silence, Ivette says “It sucks, it all sucks.” No comment from Maggie.

After a short while, Ivette sits down next to Maggie and they start to quiz each other, getting ready for any competition coming their way.

5:00 PM

Just before 5:00 PM, Maggie, Janelle and April were inside making Nachos (Ivette is outside on the hammock) when they notice the pictures on the wall change to Janelle’s evening out at the set of Two and a Half Men. They were all excited about it again, April and Maggie said how cool it must have been….Janelle looked at the photos a lot, reminiscing about her trip to the set.

April, Maggie and Janelle all go outside to eat their food, while Ivette remains alone on the hammock. They are eating nachos and Maggie says “I don’t eat these at home.” Janelle asks “why because they're fattening?” Maggie says “No…” and doesn't elaborate on her answer. April says she'll be sitting at home watching a reality TV show with her nachos and Pepperoni at her side & Matt will be at work because that's where he always is. Janelle asks “How many hours does he work a week?” April responds “Around 80.” Janelle: “Wow!” (Yeah, wow is right!)

Maggie says to April “You could come to Vegas and be a stay at home wife and you could take care of my kids.” April says “Oh yea, so you're kids could learn to have a potty mouth (laughing).” Janelle starts poking fun too and says “Yea, the kids will be saying "you're a mo-fo.” Maggie responds “That's what your kids are gonna' say. Mine are gonna be like, ‘Mom, why are you so nice?’

While they are outside eating, Ivette is inside, depressed as she has been. She first looked at the memory wall of Janelle’s pictures, and then started to play with the coasters. She keeps looking over her shoulder towards the BY in case anyone might happen to come in and feel sorry for her.

Back outside and April asking them if anyone called her a hick in the DR. Janelle says “no” and Maggie responds “yes.” Then of course we got FISH.

6:00 PM

We had FISHIES for a while, then the cameras came back to 4 different rooms in the house and no sign of the HG’s…until….they all came out of the DR at once. Ivette resumed her position in the bedroom with that dour, depressed attitude of hers and April and Janelle went to feed the fish. Janelle and April stand on the same chair and are having way too much fun with this task. Maggie is watching them. Ivette is now crying….by herself. While they are looking at the fish, April tells them to let her feed them tomorrow for the last time.

While Maggie is in the bedroom talking to Ivette, she tells Ivette “Janelle won’t tell April what the last competition will be, because she doesn’t want April telling us.” Ivette responds to that saying “April doesn't tell us a lot of what Janelle tells her.” Maggie defends April saying “you don’t know that, but it doesn't really matter.” Ivette said she knows Maggie's decision was hard for Beau, "but this decision I have to make tomorrow…you are lucky not to be in my position.” Maggie agrees.

Ivette and Maggie move on to talking about BB measuring them for something. Ivette says “I feel like we are going to wear some kink of helmet or headgear, there’s probably a standard.” Maggie says “That’s why they are measuring us because they want to make it fair for everyone.”

Maggie says to Ivette “The only thing that can’t happen is we can’t let her win the first part, the endurance.” Ivette says “You’ve got to ask god for all the strength you can.” Maggie says “I feel like I’ve got the strength. I’m not saying I’m going to win it, I feel like I’m almost done with this game, and I’m so happy about that.”
Then Maggie says “I’ll just play my best, everything happens for a reason.”

Ivette says “I asked if Thursday someone gets evicted, they said no. Did you ask?” Maggie responds that between Tuesday and next Tuesday, they are off schedule.” They are not sure now when the next eviction will be. Maggie says to Ivette “it’s almost over.” (NOTE: Maggie is staring at Ivette who was looking at Maggie strangely and now she is looking down and away from Maggie.)

7:00 PM

April and Janelle are up in the HOH bathroom, doing pedicures. April tells Janelle that she thinks Matt and her Mom will both come at the end for her, but that her mom doesn’t drink and they will also need to have separate rooms.

April tells Janelle how much fun she has had the last few days. April says “I wish I would have….” Janelle interjects “done this the entire time?” April says “Yea, Maggie and I had so much fun playing volleyball.” Then changing the subject April asks her “are you scared for tomorrow?” Janelle says “yeah, wouldn’t you be?” Aprile figures the competition has to do with wearing a helmet. Janelle says “I hope its physical and I can just dominate.” They both say they can’t believe there hasn’t been a shopping spree yet. Janelle says “they even asked me about it in the DR.” You know who then comes on and says ‘HG, you are not allowed to talk about your DR Sessions.” Janelle says “ahhhh, it was April.” BB joking with them says “Janelle.”

April asks Janelle “So what do you do during the week when you don’t work?” Janelle says “I sit at home, or go out to lunch with my friends.” Janelle asks April “So do you really feel like you’ve played a horrible game?” April says “No, I didn’t really play; ya know what I’m saying? I played, I just didn’t get all worked up about the sh*t, I mean, I probably definitely should've played a little more.” April says at this point she can’t remember half the s*** that went on.

April says “They won’t do anything tonight, will they?” Janelle says “It'd be cool if they did, I'd love it!” They move on to talking about Howie. April says “What did Howie say to you before you left?” Janelle says “He told me to get rid of Ivette!” April “Oh really, I bet he thought you'd be coming this week to the sequester house.” Janelle says “No he didn’t hell no.”

Maggie and Ivette are still talking. Ivette says “I know you don't want to hear it, but the whole thing gets me down. It even gets me down to think that she thinks that I jeopardized her chances of getting the phone call or going on the set, you know what I mean?” Maggie just sighs. Ivette says “All that stuff just eats me up. Maybe it will be easier when she's not around, and that's horrible. I'm really sorry you're going to miss her.” Maggie says “I'm REALLY going to miss her.” Ivette: “Yeah, I know I don't play around with you that much.” Maggie says “Our relationship is different. My relationship with everyone in this house has been different.” Ivette wondering asks Maggie “Would you have missed me a lot?” Maggie says “Are you kidding? That's a stupid question.”

Back to April and Janelle and asks April “So if they asked you to do the all-stars would you do it?” April says “Not for 3 months I would never do this again, be locked up for 3 months. Give me any other reality show; give me Amazing Race, even Survivor….” Janelle says “Yeah right April!” April “I could do it.” Janelle says “No you couldn’t!”

Now April is telling Janelle “Julie is gonna be like, ‘okay Ivette please stand up and give us your vote’. Janelle asks April “So last week when I won the veto or whatever, were you guys all upset or was it just Ivette that was mad?” April says “I don’t know, it was never really decided who we would vote for. Strategically you were the best one to go over Howie because you are a stronger player.” Janelle: “But Howie said you guys were crying and stuff.” April: “Crying? No! I mean it was sad, we felt bad because we like him, but strategically yeah, you were the stronger player, so….you won the veto, but otherwise you would've been the one going home because you were the stronger player.” Janelle just responds with an “Mmm hmm.”

April goes back to Ivette’s voting tomorrow and says “She doesn’t get to say a reason why she gets to evict me, right? So she can’t get up and start talking to me…” Janelle says “Well she can do what she wants…” April says “I will be getting a tan next week in Mexico!!” (LOL!!!!) April told Janelle that she and Jen tried to get on the reality show with the Hiltons.

April talks about her wedding dress only costing $200, that she didn’t really like it, but wanted a small inexpensive wedding. Janelle jokingly says “I wonder if Michael will propose to me at the finale?” April says “Well that’s stretching it, but what would you say if he did?” Janelle: “yes.” April says “no way!” Janelle says “I would!”

April asks Janelle more about her and Michael. Janelle said their first kiss was in the GR. April makes gestures alluding to something more sexual going on. Janelle laughs and says “No I didn't. We would never. He was just so sweet. We kissed a lot in the GR, you guys didn't see us. We spent a lot of time together.” April says “I didn't think it was anything big, I didn't see anything. You've only known each other for week and a half or two weeks. So was it bigger & better than what people thought?” Janelle: “Uh huh.”

April asks Janelle if Mike was ready to leave when he did. Janelle says “Yes, he was pissed.” April says “It got blown out to be bigger than what it was. But he was doing those things.” Janelle says “I think America hates Eric.” April: “He was in the final two with Kaysar, they picked him over Michael. I don’t think they hate Eric.” Janelle says “I don't know about that.” Janelle says “thanks Michael for leaving me here you jerk.” April asks her “are you surprised you are still here?” Janelle says “Hell yes, you guys were trying to get rid of me after Michael.”

All four girls were in the barracks. Janelle and April are talking about red nail polish. April wonders if guys like red nail polish and Maggie says “You don’t need to know what ‘guys’ like, you need to know what ‘one guy likes’." Ivette agrees that guys like red. Janelle asks if they think Michael would like red, and Maggie says "No". April and Janelle are playing around teasing one another, Maggie is laughing and Ivette is just ‘there’.

April says “Can you imagine if the sequester house is right down the road?” Maggie: “God no! That would suck a**hole if it was.” April asks “Is there anything you want me to tell anyone?” Maggie says “Tell Jennifer what we talked about in the bed yesterday.”

9:00 PM

Maggie asks Janelle if she is moving out of HOH tomorrow, Janelle says “yes”. Maggie asked her if she will go to the GR and Janelle says “I sure am!” Maggie asks Janelle “Do the cameras f*** with you like they do me and April?” Janelle responds No, they asked one question…” Maggie clarifies “I mean in the GR!” Janelle says “Oh, no.” Maggie says she thinks BB plays with people’s weaknesses.

Ivette is involved in the conversation some. She talks again about how she wants to be pregnant. She says she wants to go back to teaching so she has health benefits and summers off for when she has a baby. Janelle asks Ivette if she would want to use Howie’s sperm and Ivette replied “I wouldn’t rule it out.” (I am sorry, but I lost it here…ROFL!!) Maggie and Ivette go on to say Howie would make a great dad. While the girls are still chatting away, Maggie exclaims “OMG, in a week we will all be doing it!” Janelle says “Not me.”

While April and Maggie were at the kitchen counter, April informed Maggie that Ivette would be voting live tomorrow. April asked Maggie to talk to Ivette about not saying anything mean. April also made sure to tell Maggie not to let Ivette know that she doesn't want her to say anything bad, she wants Maggie to let Ivette think it is coming from Maggie.

While Janelle is in the bathroom curling her hair, Maggie and April are talking about how people only see a small portion of what goes on in the house, per April only 25% plus what is seen on the internet. Maggie says that it is really only 8%. April then says that when they get home, Matt or Dave will say they had an article in US Weekly about them. During this whole time, Ivette is just laying in her bed.


Maggie and April go the bathroom so Janelle can put April’s facial mask on. Maggie is watching. April comments about the facial mask being watery, and asks Janelle if she farted in it. Janie said no, b*tch. April said “you make me feel so good about myself.” Ivette came in to use the bathroom. April looks over at Maggie and Maggie goes "what?" April says I'm just staring at Ivette to see if she is going to look at me. Ivette comes out of the WC and leaves the room without saying a word to anyone.

April’s mask has been applied and she and Maggie are talking at the table inside. April asks if Maggie if she is nervous. Maggie says “if I don't win and get evicted there is nothing I can do about it.” April says she is worried about disappointing Matt and her family. Maggie doesn't like to think about these things, she says it brings her down. Maggie plan is to say "it's just a TV show and blow it off." April is concerned about how her family will feel if Ivette says something bad. Maggie says she will take care of it.

Maggie says “I told Ivette that if it is she and I at the end, it will be a crapshoot and Ivette told me that she is starting to realize she will not win. I told her ‘you do not know that’, I told her that we don’t know what they are saying in the sequester house, and with James there he could be saying things.” April says “I can tell you one thing; he will be trying to get people to vote for Janelle over you or Ivette.”

April says “Janelle noticed how Ivette is using her family to say she needs the money, and people don’t like that. I feel sorry for her if her family needs it, no one in my family has a frigging college degree, and I think we are all in the same boat.” April says if she gets out of that f’ng car and James says one thing rude to her she will kick him in the nuts.

April talking about Ivette again, days “Does she not see that she has been rude, calling people out, hurting peoples feelings, pissing people off? I mean I don’t know what to say to her before I leave, the way she is pissed; she is pissed off at me, right?” Maggie says “she is more sad than pissed. She is not sad about game; it’s about one of her close friends. You ask me and I tell you.” April says “I don’t think she sees what she said to me and how she treated me. The other day she was so nice to me, but there were plenty of days that she beat me f*ing down to the ground. Her family will be mad because I’m going to campaign for you.”

Maggie is frowning at April and says “I’ve made it this far without campaigning, but I don’t want you to say anything bad about Ivette (in seq. house), I really don’t.” April tells Maggie “I’m not going to tell everyone I got in a fight with Ivette, I will pull Jennifer and Beau aside and tell them separately, its nobody else’s business. “I can already tell you Jennifer will agree with me. I can remember Jennifer saying things like Ivette was so loud and judgmental; I just never really paid attention.”

Just before 11:00 and Maggie and April are going to sleep. April says that she didn't realize how much Janelle wanted her to stay and she is sorry she is leaving. April then says that Janelle told her that she wanted to take April to the end of the game. April says she always knew Janelle was okay with her but she has never talked to her that much. Maggie asks April if Janelle knows where April's vote is going and April says yes. Maggie then asked if Janelle asked April and April responded “she knows because I told her.” Maggie said “So, you said you're voting for me or Ivette no matter what.” April says “yes.” Maggie says “that must have been hard for her to hear.” April says they knew it from when Ivette told Howie that the votes were secured. And then we get FISH.

11:00 PM

Maggie and April are still snuggled together and Maggie is telling April that she has a binding agreement to vote for any one of the friendship if they were in the F2 with anyone else. April can't seem to remember when it was promised and Maggie tells her during Jennifer's week as HOH. They discuss how the rule was that they weren't supposed to vote each other out unless two of them were up there. Maggie asks April if she doesn't think that was right. April says “things change.” Maggie says “that shouldn’t change.”

Maggie says that the fans are probably mad we sent AC's (Kaysar) back out. But if they had sent Eric in and he was sent back out they would have been pissed just the same. April asks if she thinks Ivette overreacted with the veto and if it was Maggie would her feelings have been hurt. Maggie says yes to both. But Maggie doesn't think that Ivette hurt her feelings on purpose. April says she could have voted out Ivette so many times and it broke her heart how Ivette reacted. April says that her parents use to yell at her the way Ivette did and it brought back bad memories.

April says the DR has been asking April about the argument she had with Ivette for the last two days. She thinks that Janelle and Ivette will have words after she leaves and if Ivette starts to talk s*** about April and Maggie has anything to say about it, April wants her to say ‘April is not here to defend herself….”

They move on to talking about Michael and Maggie says that the things she saw about Michael disturbed her. April says some of the things he did were uncalled for her being married. Maggie says “remember when he was making those comments about your ‘pretty’ feet?” Maggie also references Mike kissing her on the back of her neck.

April tells Maggie that Janelle told her that Rachel didn’t like to talk about the game at all; she didn’t talk about others and is just a nice person. Maggie says “that’s good to know, I hope she knows that I do like her.” They continued to talk about most of the HG’s and how things went with Kaysar and then with Howie. When they were finally ready to sleep, April said to Maggie “promise me you will watch my picture turn to black and white tomorrow when I leave.” Maggie says “you want me to?” April says “yes, thank you…good night.”

Girls are asleep now at around 1:30 AM.