Big Brother Recap September 13, 2005
Two to the left, one to the Right! Safe Cracked…… Ivette scoots to finish line

Ivette was the first up today; she rose about 10:30. About 15 minutes later Ivette woke up April to feed the fish. Maggie and Janelle soon followed at 11:00. April soon speculates that the next HOH will be like fear factor where they have to lie in a box with bees or something,

They talk a bit about James and how he always went up to the partner who was still in the house and offered to be their friend and allies in the game.

At about noon the houseguests have a 15 minute lockdown in the HOH room and then were told that once that was over they could not go back in that room today.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and primping for the live show.

After the live show we see April is gone and the three remaining houseguests standing on a big safe in the backyard. The endurance HOH competition is that they have to stand on a narrow dial part of this safe while holding onto a large key. The bar they stand on moves so they have to balance themselves and stay on.

At first all need concentration to hang on. They do not talk much. While on the safe both Ivette and Janelle did manage to take off their sweater which was a pretty bold move. (No they were not doing this topless, they had thought that they needed the sweater because the nights are cool) The bar they are standing on has the ability to speed up and move in either direction. From early on it seemed Ivette was most comfortable in this competition. She was the steadiest.
After 3 hours and 45 minutes Janelle can’t take it any longer. She is sweating, hasp her monthly period and can’t hang on any longer. She is eliminated. Ivette and Maggie don’t want to drop out. Winner of this round moves to the last round of HOH and that will be questions. Both do not believe they can beat Janelle at questions or skill so they need to hang on.

Ivette and Maggie keep telling each other they don’t want to battle against each other, that they love each other etc. Maggie uses guilt tactics too. She tells Ivette that she will give her whatever is in the safe. She really uses some manipulation moves. Maggie tells Ivette to ask Janelle if she is safe, and then tells her that she (Maggie) can do better at a skill competition against Janelle. She tells her that if she has confidence she should go for it if not she should let Maggie battle it out with Janelle. Ivette pleads with Maggie to let go. Ivette keeps telling Maggie that she is safe with Janelle and to please let go.

After 4 hours and 18 minutes Ivette wins the first part of the competition.. Maggie fell off and Ivette won!

They then want to go see what is in the safe. They run in and get a note in the safe telling them the prize is out back. They go back outside to see a pair of Vespas Scooters. Ivette loves them. Janelle offers to trade her plasma TV for a VESPA but Ivette is not budging

After they shower, they have grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner (perfect comfort foods). Janelle tells them that she is not surprised that she didn’t do well at the at competition because she is not graceful.

Maggie and Ivette have a moment alone. Ivette tells Maggie that she is going to fight for her. Maggie said her better. Ivette believes that Maggie didn’t slip that she just got off and gave Ivette the win. Maggie tells her that she tripped and her ahs to believe it.

Then Ivette and Janelle have a moment, Janelle thanks her for her support tonight. Ivette said that she respects her as BB player and she is sorry her Janie doll is broken. (lol).

All three finally settle down to bed in the barracks at about 2:10. They discuss the educational system today and religion in schools. Maggie just listens while Janelle pumps Ivette for her personal information acting really interested in Ivette’s life and letting her talk talk talk away!

What will tomorrow bring? What is the skill competition? Who will be the final two for HOH? Big happenings in the BB compound!