What a difference one HG makes! You'll notice that my recap is about half as long as usual. It's partly due to the fact that there are only three HGs left, and the HGs are being nice to each other with future jury votes in mind. But, I think a big part of it is that April is (finally!) gone. Maggie/Ivette/Janelle don't seem to feel the need to talk every minute of the day. And, while Maggie/Ivette did some trashing of Janelle when they were alone, they did much less of it than in the past, and their comments were far less negative.

On to the recap....


BB lets the HGs sleep in....Maggie is the first one awake at about 10:45 am....Maggie looks like she's sore. (After the endurance comp the night before--where all three of the women lasted 4+ hours standing on a circling platform while they held on to a large key--I'm amazed that any of them can move at all.)....After puttering around the house a bit, Maggie goes back to the barracks room....Ivette is awake, and when Maggie tells Ivette that there will probably be a competition today—the second part of the 3-part HOH comp—Ivette seems surprised.

About 11:00, Ivette is up, and doing dishes with a happy look on her face (she won the first part of the HOH contest last night)......Janelle finally wakes up at about 11:15....In the kitchen, Ivette repeats what she said to Maggie numerous times yesterday—namely that Maggie's position in the house is more secure than Ivette's, because Ivette says that if Janelle wins HOH, she will almost certainly take Maggie to the final two with her. And, just like yesterday, Maggie repeats that she not that sure what Janelle would do.....Janelle joins Ivette and Maggie in the kitchen.

Janelle says her hands are bruised....Ivette says her feet hurt....M/I/J chit chat about how other HGs would have done in the endurance comp. Maggie says that Eric couldn't have done it.....Ivette talks about how much she loves Howie, and they talk about their favorite "Howieisms."....Ivette says how much it meant to her that Howie got along well with Beau. Maggie reminds Ivette, "Everyone got along with Beau." Maggie asks Janelle whether, despite her spats with him, whether she really liked Beau. Janelle agrees and says, "Yep, (Beau and I) were friends."....Janelle says she wants to buy a condo, and Maggie remarks that if Janelle buys her shoes at Payless, she could probably buy a condo. Janelle says that shoes from Payless are "disgusting" and even her flip flops cost $150.


The HGs continue their miscellaneous chit chat....Among other things, Ivette says that if there is a one-year reunion of the HGs next year, she might be pregnant by then. Janelle says "Me, too," and Ivette kids her that Janelle can't work at the Mansion (the club where Janelle works)if she's pregnant....After eating, Maggie and Janelle stretch, while Ivette goes through clothes in the barracks bedroom....As they stretch, Janelle tells Maggie she gets shin splints—she has bad knees and hips. Maggie asks if that's due to genetics, and Janelle answers that it's because of her astrological sign. Maggie looks dumbfounded and then laughs. Janelle says, "No, I'm serious." (Huh?)

A little later, Maggie and Ivette talk about how nervous they are. Maggie remarks that she doesn't think that Janelle gets nervous about anything—ever....Maggie announces that she has to "poo" again. Janelle comments, "That's. Lovely." (LOL Note: Maggie has been farting this morning and talking about her bodily functions, but I haven't included it in the recap so far, figuring that you don't care about it as much as Maggie apparently thinks you do.)....Then Maggie blames her farts on Janelle. (Huh? Unfortunately, the updater didn't give more detail than this, so I don't know Maggie's reasoning. Amazing. Janelle's Jedi training from Howie has really paid off if she is powerful enough to control other people's bodily functions.)

Ivette folds towels in the bathroom and whispers to Maggie while Maggie takes a shower. Because of the sound of the water, we can't hear what they're saying. (It's now about 1:15.)....Janelle is getting dressed and complains, "Oh Jesus god. My *ss has exploded in these jeans. What has happened to my body? I feel like a sausage." (Actually, Janelle has been kind of achy and whiney all morning.)...Janelle opens a drawer and finds her gloves, exclaiming, "Fuckin' gloves!" Then she tries on the gloves to see how they look with her red nail polish.

Midafternoon—The Second Part of The HOH Comp

Just before 2:00, Janelle and Maggie prepare for the second part of the HOH comp. Janelle wants to go first. Ivette has a sack with colored stones—Janelle pulls out blue and Maggie pulls out red. (Apparently these are their colors for the competition.)....Janelle and Maggie finish getting ready—Janelle can't decide how to wear her hair for the comp, and asks Ivette if her hair looks too "80's." Ivette says, "No, it looks great."....Every time Janelle leaves the room, Maggie and Ivette start whispering. They say that Janelle keeps walking in and out of the room in order to keep them from talking....Maggie wants to practice for the competition, and keeps repeating names.....Maggie and Janelle both put on gloves....Maggie paces the house, practicing the order of HOHs, veto winners, etc and saying, "If it is meant to be, it will happen." Janelle sits at the table looking at the memory wall, apparently focusing and concentrating. Ivette sits at the foot of her bed—it looks like she's praying.....Maggie tells Janelle that her "belly is upset."

The feeds go to FISH just before 2:30 and don't come back until 4:15.......As the feeds come back, the HGs are eating, and the kitchen table is now smaller and has money in it!....After eating, the HGs disperse to go to the DR, take naps, etc...For quite a while, we can't tell who won the competition because the HGs don't talk about it

Finally, just before 5:00, as Maggie and Ivette talk, it becomes apparent that Janelle has won the second part of the HOH comp. (The third and final part of the HOH comp will be between Ivette and Janelle, and will be live on Friday's show.)...Maggie tells Ivette that she went to the DR to complain because "the wording of that question was inappropriate." But, Maggie tells Ivette that she was told that (the question) was appropriate if someone won.....Ivette tells Maggie that she wants Janelle to take Maggie to the final two if Janelle wins HOH....They debate whether or not Janelle has enough jury votes to win....Both Maggie and Ivette say they wouldn't vote for Janelle to win.

Early Evening—5:00 pm

Maggie is very upset that she lost the 2nd part of the HOH comp to Janelle....She and Ivette keep going over the questions in the comp....They are both depressed, but they try to keep each others' spirits up by saying things like, "I've never cried so much as I have in this game. Their team never cried, but they don't love each other like we (the friendship) do." (That was a comment from Maggie.)....Maggie says over and over that the reason she lost was because "it was meant to be."....Once again they go over possible jury votes. Ivette says that James told her he would vote for Janelle at the end unless Ivette was there. Maggie replies, "So, you've got his vote." But, Ivette isn't sure, she says she can't trust James. Maggie says she knows that James wouldn't vote for her.

Ivette and Maggie both try to nap in the barracks room....In the Gold Room, Janelle sits on the bed by herself, not sleeping at first, but later sleeping.....After about 15 minutes, Ivette gives up trying to nap and picks up towels from the bathroom and goes to the BY to do laundry. While the laundry is going, Ivette walks around the BY.....It's now about 6:00 pm.

Apparently Maggie and Janelle can't sleep either, and they get up soon after Ivette.....Janelle wants to sit in the hot tub and says she has asked BB for some Icy Hot, BENGAY, and Benadryl night time pain reliever. The HGs also ask BB for wine.....Ivette isn't in as much pain as the other two, and Maggie kiddingly asks Ivette if she was in the competition yesterday....While they wait for the hot tub to warm up, Maggie and Janelle go back inside, and Ivette continues to walk around the BY....As Janelle changes into her swimsuit she looks in the mirror and says, "Ewww, I'm so horrifying," because of her zits.

Ivette is called to the DR....Maggie and Janelle get into the hot tub....They talk about the endurance comp, and say that it "was made for girls"—guys would have fallen because "they have two left feet."...Maggie says the DR told her they didn't expect the HGs to go as long as they did, and the DR guy told Maggie he only lasted about 5 minutes (when he tried the comp)....BB comes over the loudspeaker and says, "HGs, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HGs."...There is more chit chat between Maggie and Janelle, rehashing past events in the game....The conversation is interrupted frequently by FISH....A little after 7:00, Ivette comes out of the DR, and joins the others....There is a lot of idle chit chat about dogs, etc. combined with some rehashing of the game so far. The feeds continue to frequently go to FISH for no apparent reason. (I figure that some staffer's 5-year old is visiting the set, and is playing with the FISH button.)...About 7:30, Janelle goes to check with BB about whether they can get wine.....About 7:45 Maggie says she's cold and wants to see about BENGAY. She comes back outside a few minutes later with a bottle of wine, BENGAY, and pain reliever....The HGs go inside to drink the wine.....

Inside, Maggie puts on the BENGAY and says it stings—she hopes she's not having a bad reaction....Ivette says she doesn't like wine, so doesn't have any....Janelle jokes that BENGAY and wine is better than sex, and then says, "Maybe not."....Ivette goes outside to close the hot tub. Maggie and Janelle toast each other for making it to the final three, and kid that they had a secret alliance all along. (At least, I THINK they are kidding.)....Then Maggie and Janelle go to shower to get the BENGAY off, and then get ready for bed, and then drink their wine in bed.

Later Evening—8:00 pm

Maggie and Janelle don't stay in bed very long....After about 10-15 minutes, Janelle goes into the Gold Room and Maggie goes into the kitchen and checks out the refrigerator. (Ivette is taking a shower.) Soon after, both Janelle and Ivette join Maggie in the kitchen, looking for something to eat. Janelle says they are almost out of food.....Janelle makes a hot dog which she says is gross....Janelle and Maggie finish the meal with Oreo cookies, ice cream, and wine....After eating the HGs play charades. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. (The combination of wine, ice cream, and Oreo cookies will do that to you.)....Maggie and Janelle are a little drunk, and ask BB for more wine, promising that they won't get violent.

By 9:15, the game of charades is over, and all three HGs are in the barracks bedroom....Maggie says to Ivette in a little girl voice, "Come lay down with me. Come lay down with me." (No comment.) Ivette wants to stay up and do laundry.

However, just before 10:00, both Maggie and Ivette are asleep....Janelle is up looking at the fish. She seems to be counting them.....Janelle goes back to bed soon after, but, by 10:45 all three HGs are awake again....Maggie and Ivette sit on the hammock in the BY.....They talk about how Janelle tried to make the two of them fight the day of the morph competition.....Ivette wants to ask Janelle to take Maggie to final two. Maggie says that if Ivette asks Janelle, it's almost conceding that Janelle will win....Maggie can hear the sounds of the BB staff, and kids, "I know there are 200 of you back there. Someone's got to have a riddle."....BB says over the loudspeaker, "Maggie, stop that," scaring Maggie and Ivette....(Note: It's not clear where Janelle is during all this.)....Maggie/Ivette share miscellaneous, silly chit chat interspersed with game talk.

After Midnight

Maggie/Ivette continue to sit on the hammock and chit chat. Among other things, Maggie comments that having six HGs from Miami made her realize she didn't want "views like that, saying that too much unimportant stuff was important (to the HGs from Miami)...Maggie says she sees in Ivette's eyes that she needs to leave Miami. (Huh?)....Maggie says she misses Sebastopol (where she grew up) and doesn't miss Las Vegas, but all her friends are in Vegas....About 12:30, Janelle comes outside to do laundry, but she goes back inside about 12:45, moaning because her body is sore.

Ivette and Maggie go inside and join Janelle in the Gold Room....Ivette kids Maggie about not being able to walk after the endurance comp....Janelle says she feels about 89 years old. She says she feels paralyzed from the waist down, and that she's not going to make fun of people with walkers anymore....The conversation continues in a light vein—all three kidding and BSing each other....Maggie asks BB for another riddle...Janelle says she used to live in a nice place, but now she lives in a "slum." Ivette asks what happened, and Janelle replies, "My boyfriend left and the money went with him."

Janelle is called to the DR about 1:30 am, and Maggie and Ivette go back to their own beds....Ivette talks about future plans, saying that Tushie (her gf) wants to get her Master's degree in art history. Maggie (who sounds like she's still trying to get Ivette to move) says that Tushie could get that degree anywhere at a community college. (Huh? Community colleges offer Master's degrees? Who knew?)....Janelle comes back from the DR at about 1:45. It looks like she's gotten some medicine.

Janelle goes into the Gold Room, and Maggie/Ivette settle in their beds.

Night hammies.