Good Morning Jokers! As this last Thursday morning of Big Brother dawns, I find myself facing a bittersweet day, this will be my last daily recap for Big Brother. I still have a couple episode recaps but alas, this is the last time I will address you dear reader in this daily format. As you may have noticed, my avatar and banner are already dressed in their Survivor finest in preparation for that show, hopefully you will join us for that as Big Brother wanes and fades into the mist of fall.

8:00 am
All the houseguests are asleep finally. The are up and down for the next hour or so until about 10:00 am when Maggie is finally up, moving slowly. They are all apparently very sore from the first part of the HoH competition. Maggie and Ivette head out to the backyard where Ivette conveys are dream she had. In the dream, Ivette had left the game without winning, she was with her mother who told her she had acted really differently in the house, not herself. Maggie doesn't like that dream. Maggie laments her loss in part two of the HoH, apparently caused by her misunderstanding a question. Ivette and Maggie quiz each other some more about evicted hgs and whether they got HoH or not.

Maggie heads to the WC, gets more coffee and counts the containers in the gumball machine. Maggie spots a hummingbird and considers it a good sign. Ivette now saying she would do anything to win the 50K, for some reason she is counting herself out already. Tushie will be 26 on Tuesday. Ivette wants to host TLC's Trading Spaces. [Did someone forget to send her the memo saying they don't use a host anymore?] Maggie thinks that Ivette would do great at that. They then talk about how others love the camera so much. [Janelle is among them]. Maggie talks about Eric's house, Eric's backyard and the hospital where she works in relationship to the firehouse where Eric and Dave work.

Maggie and Ivette continue to quiz each other on who said what, how many of each thing in the house, pictures etc. Maggie seems to be very sore, her legs mainly. Ivette can't believe the last competition for HoH is her and Janelle. Mini-Janelle bash for wanting to win, having the confidence to say "I'll have to decide there and then" [in reference to HoH having to choose second person for final two]. Maggie ragging about Kaysar wanting Jennifer to put her up for eviction. [forgetting the part that she was a pawn to backdoor James]. Ivette gets called to the DR. Around 11:30 am Janelle finally wakes up, stares at the camera. Janelle has lots of laundry and a bruise from charades. Janelle asks for more food, Ivette says they have all they need. Ivette says to Janelle that she knows she is going home. Janelle asks her why? Janelle says she would not pick Maggie for final two. Ivette says she wishes she had come in the house different, more like Janelle and tells her about her dream of her mom. Janelle wants to play chess at least once more before she goes. Ivette says the first thing she will do is go to the clinic and get pregnant. She wants to borrow BB dvd's from Janelle. They decide to go lay outside, but Janelle gets called to the DR. She doesn't want to go before she pretty's up.

12:00 pm

Maggie and Ivette in the bathroom talking about DR. Ivette says she broke down, Maggie says she refuses to. Maggie and Ivette talk about not really being hungry but they don't want to end up lightheaded. They don't have bagels so Maggie decides on breakfast burritos. Maggie feeds some tortillas to the birds. Janelle comes out from the DR and has a frappacino, tortillas and salsa for breakfast. They have five minutes to prep for a lockdown. They grab food and Janelle gets the chess board. Maggie complains about the stress in the house, makes her constantly feel sick. They are outside talking about who had the bigger suitcase. Inside the CBS workers are spotted taking pictures. There was a potential Kaysar sighting but as yet not confirmed. Ivette falls out of her top, seems unphased by it.. just another nipple.

Ivette talks about her parents, her crazy wild mom and her dad who has bad teeth. There is a story about his tooth in the trash and Ivette got it back out from the trash, washed it in Listerine and glued it back in. She talks about her father having a hernia operation at the VA hospital and it cost 30 dollars. Ivette loves the VA and Maggie’s says her gramps goes there. Maggie explains a hernia to Janelle who got it confused with hemorrhoids. Ivette is constipated and worries she will get hemorrhoids. They talk about Howie used to lube himself to poop and spit on the tissue to clean himself. [TMI]. Janelle says she and her gramma are very much alike. Maggie says she thought Janelle had said they were not alike, Janelle says they don't look alike but they are alike. All three are laying out by the pool in bikinis, chatting about home and families.

Ivette says she loved how Howie would use big words incorrectly. Talks about kissing her Tush [after the show] in front of her mother for the first time. Janelle is telling Maggie and Ivette about caterers, they have to feed ya every six hours. Janelle talks about the Michael Black Halloween party, adult themed by also it was a charity event for "Toys for Tots". Ivette talks about Madonna's mansion in Miami and the Halloween party she had. Ivette guesses they have been locked out for about 45-50 minutes. Janelle says she thought they turned the cameras off at night, Ivette says 24/7, repeats it. [Given Janelle has watched several seasons I doubt she really thinks that]. They talk about running away, I guess when they were kids, Ivette says she packed juice boxes in a backpack and ran to the backyard. Maggie says in her hometown they couldn't put a neon sign on the video store because it would have interrupted the mating of some frogs. Ivette says Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet, Maggie and Janelle both say they did not want to know that. More general chit chat, places in their home towns etc.

Lockdown is over, BB has been moving things and measuring things. Janelle doing laundry, Maggie looking for something to eat. Maggie and Ivette head to the backyard again. Janelle stares at the money table for a while then heads into the GR to organize things a bit. Ivette and Maggie out back, talking about family. Ivette says she is not worried, but is thinking happy things about her mom and Tush. Maggie thinks Jennifer left with the biggest amount of class. Ivette says she is very much at peace with leaving. Ivette asks Maggie if she would change anything in the game, she says yes, she would have changed the whole thing with Kaysar and James. Ivette says the reason for breaking the promise was still valid. Ivette says they have all beaten her [Janelle] over and over, their mistakes have benefited her. Maggie brings up the misunderstood question from the second competition again. They talk a bit about James. Ivette says she can hardly wait for tomorrow when she gets to say "I evict you Janelle".

Maggie says she has several inventions, including a bath pillow that plays music. They talk about the DIY classes that Maggie and Dave have taken. Ivette takes Janelle's clothes from the dryer and complains because Janelle dries her clothes on low. Ivette says she dries all her stuff on high, what's the point of drying things on low? [They don't shrink that way?] Maggie and Ivette talk about life after BB, keeping in touch. Ivette calls Maggie her "Angel", but Maggie doesn't seem to want to talk at all. Janelle comes outside, says she wants to make fajitas for dinner. Ivette is wondering if there is a new Eminem CD out, wonders where he is from. Janelle tells her he is from Michigan. Ivette asks "they got some slums up there?" and Janelle says "Yes, Detroit". Janelle complains about being sore, Maggie says it feels like there is a vice on her calves. Ivette goes inside, Janelle eats, Ivette finds three gray hairs and shows them off. They complain about what BB has done to their bodies. Ivette asks Janelle what time the live show will be, Janelle does not know.

Ivette does laps while Maggie stretches out on the chaise. Janelle is cold and heads back inside to warm up. Janelle goes back outside to ask Ivette if she still wants to play chess later. There is talk of stuff BB took out of the house. Janelle gets dressed in the WC then heads to the kitchen to cut up apples for apple crisp later, making enough for everyone. Maggie says to Janelle that she thought she was going to make a small one [apple crisp] Janelle says she doesn't know how to make a small one. Ivette says "we'll eat it all". Maggie is eating nachos, but says she didn't leave them in long enough. Janelle is sewing something black. Maggie and Ivette decide to walk laps, might be their last night together. They speculate about if the one that leaves will go to the jury house for the weekend. Several times today Ivette has tried to say Maggie is ________. First forgiving, then friendly and now giving and Maggie has denied each one. Maggie and Ivette try to help Janelle with a stuck zipper.

4:00 pm
Maggie and Ivette out walking again in the backyard. Ivette talks about how everyone in the house has moved around the country, she has always been in Miami. Ivette and Maggie shower side by side in the BR and Janelle is deep in thought in the GR. After they shower they pick, poke and primp in the mirrors. Maggie starts to do laundry and both she and Ivette have to be reminded by BB to put on their mics. [After all this time you think they would remember]. Janelle is staring at Michael and her picture discs. Janelle comments they were in the shower a long time, Ivette offers to bring the chess board into the GR. Janelle says her back hurts. Ivette thought Janelle had brought a big suitcase, Janelle says no. Maggie is packing in the GR while Janelle and Ivette play chess. Maggie wraps herself in a fuzzy blanket and flops down to watch the chess game. Maggie comments on the air being loud, asked if a dress got finished. Quiet while playing chess.

The chess game seems to be pretty intense, Ivette playing aggressively and Maggie clearing her throat to call attention to moves. Maggie gets called to the DR as Ivette checks Janelle for the second time. Janelle puts her hair up [gets serious] and ends up winning the chess game. She tells Ivette she played well. While Maggie is in the DR, Janelle starts talking to Ivette about the last competition, the game in general and tells Ivette she only wants second place. She asks Ivette if she can win over Maggie in the final two, Ivette doesn't think she can. Ivette tells Janelle if she had made friends she would have won the game. Janelle says she knows she can only get second place, but Ivette needs to think of her family and whether she wants to win or not. Janelle basically tells Ivette if she throws the final HoH competition, she has the money sewn up. Ivette tells her thanks but she is not sure she could do that, not sure her family would want her to win it that way. Ivette says she thinks Janelle actually deserves to win the money since she has played the game.

Maggie emerges from the DR and the conversation changes to how sore they are from the first competition. Ivette heads to the DR. Maggie wants some candy and BB tells her to stop. Janelle says she looks worse and worse. No game talk between Maggie and Janelle, just talk of food, feeding fish, etc. Janelle thinks there are street people who look better than her, her hair is a mess she says. Ivette emerges from the DR and Janelle is called in. Ivette is working on alterations/fixes for Janelle's dress. Maggie and Ivette talk about random stuff, food, celery, raisins, etc. Maggie tells Ivette she needs to get a good night's sleep. Ivette says looking over at Maggie during the chess game was what screwed her up. Ivette takes out the trash, cleans out the frig, Maggie and her just talking chit chat. After a while Maggie finally asks Ivette if Janelle has said who she would take to the end, Ivette lies and says no. Janelle emerges from the DR and Ivette tells her she had some of her tuna. They spend a while watching the fish.

Ivette and Maggie finally alone and Ivette sorta spills the beans about her chat with Janelle. She only reveals the part about Ivette and Janelle agreeing they could not beat Maggie at all, but that Ivette could win against Janelle. Maggie is not happy, she reminds Ivette that she has to pick her [Maggie] because of the friendship. The hamsters are told to check the storeroom. They get wine, cheese and a deck of cards. Maggie seems very subdued given the earlier conversation about Janelle. They end up playing rummy on the money table even though Maggie says it leans. The conversation gets light and happy after a bit. After explaining spades to Ivette, they decide to play that. Ivette keeps filling Janelle and Maggie's wine glasses. Maggie and Janelle play speed but Maggie accuses Janelle of cheating and says she hates playing with cheaters and she is tired of playing with cheaters. Janelle goes to wash her hair and Maggie and Ivette take the cards to the barracks.

Maggie tells Ivette that Janelle was not trying to teach her spades, just trying to beat her. She wonders who Janelle would take if she actually had a chance of winning. Maggie says Janelle is full of worthless sh*t. Maggie is winning at cards, Ivette says that even 50k is winning to her, Maggie agrees, same for her. Janelle is out of the shower putting treatment on her hair. Maggie and Ivette discuss who in the jury would vote for them. They both know Janelle will lose to either of them. Ivette says she has always known if she got to the end it would be with Maggie. Maggie says she has not secured a single vote for herself in the jury. They don't want it to end up with one of them against Janelle. Maggie starts telling Ivette what she did wrong in the chess game and Janelle walks in. Ivette asks her if the shower was hot, Janelle says yes, it was nice. Janelle gets some things from the dryer, then heads back to the BR to put on lotion. Maggie and Ivette head out the backyard.

Once in the backyard, Maggie starts in on Janelle, she cannot believe how much she cheats, what's the point of teaching someone a game if you don't know all the rules, etc. Maggie says Janelle has poor sportsmanship skills. Maggie says Janelle is a good player, but she can't lose and always has ulterior motives. Ivette says the thought of doing something bad to win the money just scares her. Maggie says yeah, like it's dirty money, karma....she [Maggie] might not win the money but she won't end up being a bad person. Maggie thinks the game is negative, the whole premise is negative. [Then why are you there?]. They start quizzing each other in preparation for Ivette's final competition against Janelle. Ivette talks about Janelle leaving on Friday.... they discuss whether to sleep outside. Maggie talks about wanting a big that swings, she likes to rock. Talk of the morning, coffee before they start cleaning, etc.

10:30 pm
Janelle joins them outside, seems to be having an allergic reaction to the nair she used on her upper lip. They chit chat about lip hair and other things. They talk about the stars, the moon, brands of bottled water and whether Janelle should curl her hair or not. Maggie thinks the originator of BB has some sick tendencies. Maggie tells Janelle she has a beautiful family. Ivette is in the DR now and when she comes out she has info on when the live show will be. Not sure about a lockdown on the backyard. Maggie plays solitaire in the barracks while Ivette and Janelle play chess again in the living room. She eventually comes out and joins them. Ivette gets a bit annoyed when Janelle beats her again. She heads off to bed. By 2:30 am they are all in bed and sound asleep.

I want to take a moment to thank all our feed updaters, all the recap writers, all our fellow chatters, and all the good folks at Jokers for having made this an amazingly fun season of Big Brother!