8:00 AM

There was quite a bit of noise this morning just before 8:00 a.m. by BB staff behind the walls. However, it didn’t seem to make a difference to our HG’s as they slept through it all.

The HG’s could not go outside at all this morning as they are on lock down in preparation for tonight’s HOH competition.

Ivette is the first one up this morning at around 9:20; she puts on her microphone and heads out to play Solitaire, sitting under the HG’s picture wall. Maggie is up now and she and Ivette eat breakfast and play cards at around 10:30 and Janelle is still in the HOH bed saying how sore she still is. Then we get FISH, for a very long time.

We had FISH from 10:40 AM – 1:20 PM

When the feeds finally do return, it seems apparent that they had some sort of practice round for the HOH competition. All 3 girls are in the HOH, Maggie and Ivette are back to playing cards. Janelle is on the bed. Ivette says to Janelle “How awesome is that downstairs?” Maggie says “I wish I was playing.”

Janelle is in the bathroom in HOH and Ivette is talking and playing cards with Maggie. Ivette talk’s bout U.N. Day at school and Maggie says “That was my favorite food, a giro.” Then Maggie wins the card game again. Ivette says “WTF Maggie?! I only have 9!” Maggie says “That’s not bad!” Ivette is reprimanding herself saying she is always chatting it up and does not pay attention…”like always.”

At around 2:15 PM, Maggie was called to the DR. As she heads out of the HOH, so do Ivette and Janelle who head top the kitchen. Janelle says to Ivette “The one thing I want you to know, is that if I win I will pick you.”

Maggie came out of the DR at 2:20 and told them that they will now be locked outside for 30 minutes. They said the outside lock down will start in 10 minutes, so the girls are none too happy because they were going to take showers.

The feeds go to FISH again, while the HG’s are now outside practicing for tonight’s show.

3:30 PM

When the feeds return at around 3:35, Maggie and Ivette are showering. While they are getting ready Ivette says to Maggie “If I get this, you will win $500K.” Maggie says “That’s not true.” They hug each other and tell each other how much they love one another. Maggie says “you are about to win HOH again.” Ivette is not so confident.

Just before 5:00, Maggie tells Ivette “We've played this entire game together. We've got this.” Then Maggie corrects herself and says “You've got this.” Maggie preps Ivette, tells her to remember the faces of the HG in the morph competition, etc.

Live show starts and we get FISH. Just a quick breakdown, Janelle won the 2nd part of the HOH competition. On the live show, Janelle and Ivette battled it out for the coveted spot of being the evictor. Ivette won after 2 tie breaking answers and kindly evicted Janelle.

6:00 PM

The feeds returned right after the live show, Maggie and Ivette are still hugging each other. They are both looking at the memory wall and Maggie says “thank you.”

Around 6:15, Maggie came out of the DR with champagne. Ivette is walking around outside and is beside herself. Maggie comes out champagne in hand. Maggie tells Ivette again that she really did trip and didn't throw the endurance game to her. Then Maggie says “the lesson learned here is to believe in yourself.”

It didn’t take long for the ‘winners’ to start trashing the others. Maggie says that Janelle was an instigator and liked to lie. She said she liked Rachelle, except for when she turned into ‘Raynelle’. Ivette says that Janelle forgot to be friendly along the way.

Just before 7:00 and they are back at the memory wall. Maggie is pointing to Janelle and Kaysar calling them both Masterminds. Ivette says to Maggie “You know one of those scooters is yours.”

Ivette asks “Do you think my mom and Tush are flipping out?” Maggie says “I do, I think my parents are flipping out too.” Ivette: “Do you think Janelle respects me as a player?” Maggie: “I think she's voting for you - no doubt.” Ivette mentions that she almost wrote 1920 down for her last answer.

Playing cards now, Maggie asks Ivette why James hated her so much and Ivette said that he never really said why. They both think they would have lost to Beau. Yvette is hoping April doesn't hate her. They both keep telling each other, over and over, that the other will win the big money. Yvette says Beau will be shocked when Janelle walks in. Maggie says “Janelle was BB's dream come true…." Yvette agrees..."Beautiful and smart."

They said Janelle had tears in her eyes when she left. They agree that Janelle was sad to leave, and felt like she was letting people down at home. Ivette starts to sing "Another One Bites The Dust" then we got FISH. Maggie says “I can’t believe that the underdogs won.”

8:00 PM

Ivette is telling Maggie that her greatest victory was beating Janelle. They agree that Cappy is bouncing off the walls.

Just before 8:30 BB tells them “Check the SR”. They were given a nice meal and Ivette was delighted that BB got her Orangina, it’s her favorite. I know Ivette has ribs, not sure what else. Ivette is telling America “You have no idea what we have gone through. We would go through it again for this food. I’m in heaven right now these ribs are so good.” They are laughing, then Maggie says “ok BB here I go it is going to be messy.” Maggie says “God, 3 months without real food…” Ivette says "we had Japanese and McDonalds.”

9:00 PM

After they eat, Maggie finds Janelle’s eye mask that she left in the bathroom. Maggie says “I'll put it in the fridge and then take it home to someone.” Ivette says “I just threw away a bunch of her stuff….” Maggie: “I don't throw away her stuff. I'll just take it home to people.”

Ivette says “Janelle never had the nerve to come up to me and say F*** you” Maggie says “because you would have flattened her.” Maggie wonders “There’s not even a show tomorrow why are they still taping?” Ivette says "for the final show."

Ivette says that she never forgave James for what he did to Eric, “but god gave me the ability to step in others shoes, so I can understand why he did it, though it did change my perspective of him.” Ivette continues “I didn’t agree with the way a lot of people played the game, like Rachel.” Ivette calls her ‘slick’ and doubts Rachel talked about them to other side. Ivette says she didn’t like how Rachel was in the grey area. Ivette says she was mad about Rachel’s ‘Kaysar shirt’ and that Rachel didn’t really want Eric to come back.

Ivette says “I think Kaysar's biggest mistake was calling himself a leader and for calling out the couples. He should've kept it to himself.” Maggie: “Jen wasn't going to put up Kaysar until he swore on everything holy and then switched and said to put up Maggie. She was like, what kind of person is this? April and Jen really liked Kaysar.” Maggie: “I didn't promise Kaysar, but I did promise to Howie that I would take out Sarah and James, and I broke that promise.”

Ivette is calling James, Rachel, Howie, Janelle and Kaysar ‘powerhouses’ that made her sweat. Maggie says “I told James ‘I don’t like the way you’re playing and I know you’re going to hurt Ivette.” Ivette changed the topic.

Maggie says “I really want to go to a pet shelter and buy them stuff…” Ivette tells her she can get Petsmart to sponsor her. Maggie says “Maybe I can get them to match me; I would love to do that.” Ivette says “I want to ask my Grandma about giving to her church and Maggie's (Tush) moms’ church.”

Ivette asks “Do you think Dan will come out to the wrap party for Jen?” Maggie says “Yes, but if not, I'll be her date. She was a fierce competitor. She was a player.” Ivette: “She did make connections. She was very sweet with me and Beau.” Maggie: “She whispered things to me when no one else was listening. She was a player.” Ivette: “She did have a way of being cool with everyone. No one ever saw Jen as a big threat.” Maggie: “No, not until she did the pressure cooker.”

Ivette says “The thing that I hate was I didn't always practice what I preached. I would've been caught in a bind if I won that veto in that gambling thing.” Maggie says “I would've gone home over Beau, I know that.”

Maggie says “I didn't win an f*ing prize in this entire house!” Ivette says “The most important thing was friendship and being true to us.” Talking about Drew & Diane, Ivette says Drew should've taken Diane. Then Maggie says Danielle should've never made a promise without Jason.

10:00 PM

They have requested some things from BB including hair dye for Maggie. Maggie asks “What is your advice to another BB player?” Ivette says “Be true to yourself.” Ivette turns the question around to Maggie and Maggie says she doesn’t know. Ivette says “if you don’t have attachments you play better.” Maggie agrees and says “we have attachments at home….”

Ivette begs BB give to give them a shopping spree since they don’t have to deal with Janelle's high end taste. Maggie reprimands Ivette for calling her a card shark in front of Janelle. Then they bash the poor girl again for approaching Ivette in an attempt to save herself (Janelle).

They talk about the viewers and Ivette says she can’t wait to get online to see what has been said about her. Ivette just said the Q & A with the jury is tomorrow. Maggie says "what am I supposed to say to these people? They all hate me!" Ivette replies "oh please, Maggie, you're going to get it, I'm calling it now.” Ivette is surprised that in tonight’s competition, that Beau said he would prefer a romantic date with Michael. Maggie says “let’s ask him tomorrow.” Maggie wonders if BB will let them "free speak" with the jury, and Ivette says no! (And I think she means ‘do not ask Beau!’)


The F2 are trying to sleep and Maggie asks Ivette is she wants a massage and gives her one, at which time BB cut the feeds for a second and when they came back, the girls were laughing saying “BB is so funny”. Once the massage was over they went to sleep.