My last recap for this season! <sniffles> When we last watched Big Brother, Ivette had beaten Janelle in the final HoH Competition. Ivette chose Maggie to accompany her to the final two; and by doing so, has possibly chosen friends over $500,000.

***Contains Adult Topics and Language***

6amBBT : Rise and Shine
Ivette wakes up briefly at 6am, gets a quick drink, then heads back to bed. Two and a half hours later, she gets back out of bed, heads to the bathroom, and returns to her bed. At 10:20BBT, Maggie manages to get out of bed, only to be told immediately by BB to put her mic on. She heads to the storage room, and examines two boxes of hair coloring that BB had left for her. She looks them over with Ivette, trying to choose which color to use, and wether to use the wash-out one, or the permanent one.

In case you didn't catch last night, BB had told the girls to let them know if they needed anything to 'pretty themselves up' with, and they would get it for them.

10:30amBBT : Salon-de-Beau, Ivette Style
Maggie takes a shower, and Ivette brings a chair into the room for Maggie to sit on. Maggie is sits in chair with a beach towel over her shoulders. Ivette, donning a pair of plastic gloves, squeezes a tube of dye onto Maggie’s roots.

Ivette asks if Maggie ever dyed her hair any other color. Maggie replies that in Junior High she dyed it burgundy. When Ivette asks if her mom was mad, Maggie says not about the hair color, but at the mess she left in the bathroom.

Maggie hopes she doesn't have an allergic reaction to the hair dye. She jokes about it’s really “Salon de Ivetta” and not “Salon de Beau”. Maggie says to make sure she gets by her ears. Ivette is doing a very thorough job doing the root and scalp area first before putting solution in the rest of Maggie’s hair.

Ivette is looking forward to going to some store with Maggie afterwards. They talk about Bonnie (DR) being Maggie’s favorite and she might go with Maggie too. They comment about the professionalism of BB personal. How they wouldn't talk about the show, like if she asked about Eric, the person would say, "Eric who?" Ivette reminds her that they are not supposed to talk about DR Sessions. ..but we don't mind, ladies. Really.

Maggie wants to get some coffee now. Ivette says they have to take it out at 41 minutes. Maggie jokingly asks, "Should I dye my “rug” to match?" Maggie heads outside saying she wants to sit in the sun. She settles on a lounge chair with her coffee. Ivette says she will bring the timer out with her.

While outside, Maggie complains that her thumb still hurts from "The Pressure Cooker" HoH comp. The discuss how they were both surprised at Janelle loosing at the first round of the final HoH so quickly. You and me both.

When the timer goes off, Maggie and Ivette head to the shower. Maggie's hands are too slippery to apply the dye conditioner, so Ivette does it for her. Ivette shares, “I'm really scared of the questions they are going to ask me today.” Maggie says she can't see anyone being mean to Ivette. Ivette is scared of her questions but says everyone loved Maggie. They really do need to follow these two around for at least a month after BB, so we can see how they react to the "real world's" opinion of them.

As Maggie complains that her hair is too dark, BB tells her to put on her mic, for the third time so far today.

12:30pmBBT : Playthings
Maggie and Ivette chill out in the back yard, playing various card games. They discuss going to the casinos in Vegas, how they did nothing wrong in the "Michael Situation", and going shopping in LA after BB is done.

Maggie talks about an adult toy party she had with her co-workers.

Ivette: I can't believe nurses have a sex toy party.
Maggie: Uh Huh. I'm going to have one when I get home.
Ivette: What do you do?
Maggie: First, you have some wine so everyone can get loosened up. It's all women - no men. A woman comes with a duffel bag. She hands everyone an order sheet. First, she starts with simple things like hot oil. Like, everyone can use hot oil. Everyone says, "Yeah, I'll take one of those." Then she starts bringing out toys, like cock rings. Then she brings out long duck dongs. Everyone's kinda wasted and says "I'll take five!"
Ivette: Are you serious? What have you bought?
Maggie: Not telling you on TV! [...] By that point, you're just laughing your butt off.
Ivette: The nurses are a bit daring, aren't they?
Maggie: They're fun.
Ivette: Have you hosted at your house?
Maggie: Not yet. ...And I never would mom, never! <laughter> There's nothing wrong with a little experimentation.
Ivette: Oh Maggie, good times, good times.
Maggie: Good times.

Later, the topic turns to the other members of the Big Brother House.

Ivette: I don't think those fuckers are too happy with me, you know what I mean?
Maggie: They want to be where we are.
Ivette: They're all, "shoulda woulda coulda".
Maggie: I can't see Howie doing that, or Jenn or Beau-Beau.
Ivette: I can see April getting riled up.
Maggie: I don't think Rachel would do that, either or Janelle either.
Ivette: They'll all feed off each other - you don't know about what shit they're talking about. I don't think they're too happy with me, trust me, trust me.
Maggie: There's no way that Beau-Beau would allow them to do that.

Maggie: [Janelle] would have eliminated you if you threw it.
Ivette: If she really wanted me to win, she'll vote for me.
Ivette: I said, "Don't come to me with cheap proposals", and a lot of people did.
Maggie: That whole side did. That's how they played.
Ivette: I played really well against them. I didn't fall for their temptation.
Maggie: They never proposed anything to me. How funny is that?
Ivette: No one likes the person that doesn't buy into stuff. They'll hold it against me. It's ok. I already did what I wanted, and that was to pay you back and not miss anything.
Maggie: I was just thinking...
Ivette: Janelle told me I wasn't going to beat you, and I said that was fine, it's quite all right.
Maggie: You picked honesty over that.
Ivette grins widely.

2:40BBT : Hide and Go Seek
Maggie finally convinces Ivette to play hide-and-go-seek. Maggie hides first, Ivette couldn't find her when she hid in the Gold Room. After a few rounds, they get too tired, but decide to play later on when the lights go out. Maggie and Ivette open up one of the orange futon couches so it is flat. Maggie is lying down & Ivette sitting down while they play a poker game.

3:45pmBBT: Walkie Talkie
Maggie and Ivette decide to go outside and walk. They wonder what the questions at the end will be. The first question they proposed was “What was your most strategic move in the game?” Ivette said as a team they broke up the Sovereign 6. Ivette questions about “What brought you to the final 2?” Maggie says because of the protection of Jenn, Beau, April and the eviction of the Sovereigns before them.

Ivette: What other questions do you think they'll ask?
Maggie: "What are you going to do with the money?"
Ivette: Help her family out of a hole, relocate...
Maggie: Give your Parents a vacation, gifts to loved ones, give to an animal shelter...
Ivette: Maybe I'll help a local youth group to go on a mission.
Maggie: I think we killed it, we never going to know what they're going to ask.
Think tougher, more below-the-belt questions, girls.

Maggie shares the fact that she looked at the yard yesterday, in case Janelle won, since it might be the last time she saw it.

Ivette says it hurt her feelings when April called her out on not wanting to take a picture with her.

Ivette: What did you talk about that day when you used the veto?
Maggie: I talked about strategic moves with her as a way to sort through things.
Ivette: She asked you where to vote...
Maggie: Not going to tell her where to vote and I'll tell you where I'm going to vote.
Ivette: Beau never told me that he wanted me to stay because "you brought me".

6:30pmBBT : Dead Girls Walking
Ivette and Maggie start preparing for their Q&A with the Jury tonight. Both are very nervous, and keep asking for the other to boost their egos.

Ivette asks Maggie if she thinks Ivette played a good game. Maggie replies, "Of course I do!"

Both girls prep themselves, donning makeup, dressing smart, and doing up their hair.

They start discussing who's questions they are most nervous about.
Ivette: Jenn's and Rachel's
Maggie: why Jenn?
Ivette: Because you never know where she's coming from with her questions.
Ivette: I hope she doesn't try to blame me for that stuff with Kaysar.
Maggie: Why would she? That was an incredible move...
Ivette: Yeah it was. It changed the game.
Ivette: Who's question are you most afraid of?
Maggie: James and Janelle
Maggie: Who's aren't you afraid of?
Ivette: Beaus of course and Howie

10pmBBT - 11:15pmBBT : Jury Questioning.....we get fish.

11:15pmBBT : The Last of the Friendship Delusions Meet Reality

List of questions can be found here.

They called Ivette a strong player but not Maggie. Maggie complains that they made her feel like she did not deserve to be there. She comments, "So much for me getting hugs at the end of this." Ivette replies, "Yeah, you will."

Maggie: Who shocked you the most?
Ivette: April did a little bit, by asking if I threw comps.

Ivette: I'm getting all the blame for the Kaysar thing.
Maggie: The mistake was not keeping a promise. Not evicting Kaysar.
Ivette: It sounded like you were regretting that whole week. The vote's going to you.

Maggie: Did someone just screw me in the ass and forget to use lube, I feel like they said what a shitty person I am.

Ivette: We shouldn't break our heads over this.
Maggie: Do you want to not ever talk about it again? I'm fine with that.

Maggie: I feel like they would all take the Fifth [abstain from voting] if they could.

Maggie: Thanks! Thanks for making us feel like we didn't do a good job in this game! Either of us!

Maggie is extremely offended that Janelle did not call her a good player. "Not one of them said I was a good player!"
Ivette: Beau seems to me like the least angry person.
Maggie:Why do they hate us so much?

Ivette: They keep throwing my family in my face. Should I never have said anything about my family?

Maggie comments about Ivette, talking about how dirty money is bad money.
Maggie: How do you think it made me feel like ...all these people think you shouldn't have picked me!
Ivette: Who cares who'd I'd have picked other than Beau? Who cares! It was all of us.
Ivette: This is getting me more riled up, I think
Maggie: Holy moly.
Ivette: Want to sit on the couch.
Maggie: Or open the door and walk home? Which I'd prefer at this point!?

Ivette: Thanks BB this is awesome! I'll make sure I tell everybody to sign up for this fucking game!
Maggie: I can't believe the bashing that we just went through.

Maggie: I am going to tell them at the wrap party, you made me feel like shit. Congratulations!

12:29pmBBT : The Mood Suddenly Changes
Ivette and Maggie both go into the DR to ask if the Jury Members can continue to talk about the game, now that the questioning is done. When they return, the mood is much lighter. They prance and play around the house. Later, they have a little slumber party, rehashing the comments made about them at Q&A. They play some cards, and head to bed around 3:40amBBT.