Ivette was first to awake at 10 am; followed at 10:08 by Maggie (she can’t let her be alone still!!).

Of course the first thing each talk about was the beating they took the night before from the former house guests. Maggie said she did not sleep well and only like 2 hours of sleep. Ivette said that she had to let it go, that she screwed up her speech and she accepts that there is nothing she can do about it now.

Well considering there are two people left and the place sleeps 14, and the game is over except the final vote I would consider watching paint dry more exciting then these two. Let me highlight there day for you!

1. They took a walk around the yard for 1 hour
2. They ate breakfast
3. They fed fish
4. BB gave them a new uno game, puzzle, dominoes and some gummy bears. All entertained them for like an hour.
5. they played a few games of rummy (oohhh something new and different)
6. They put together the puzzle
7. They ate, and ate and ate some more

The exciting part was listening to them ramble on and on at various times about the jury members. Some of the things they said were
1. Ivette – Rachel hates me (Did you not call her a sore sport in your good bye message to her?)
2. Ivette refers to jury members as MOFKERS
3. Maggie- Howie’s question was so weird// he asked her something like when did she start playing with integrity? ( not weird just tough to remember when)
4. Ivette – why did they ask me if I was playing for my family and then took you to final 2?
5. Ivette said several times that she is very proud of the way she played the game without lying, and being in people’s face, being loud.
6. Maggie told Ivette again that it made her look good by not taking Janelle up on her final offer! (of course Maggie you get the money and not Ivette’s family that makes her look real good)
7. They were mad that April asked if they threw competitions.
8. They wondered why their own alliance was not congratulatory to them during their questioning.
9. Ivette called Rachel a wench again. While Maggie chose to trash Janelle again saying she wasn’t a competitor because her whole alliance was evicted and that it was easy to get rid of her.
10. Of course they talk of what a great leader Eric was and how he didn’t have a chance to shine (lights out Bitc(*& ….sign of a true leader)
11. Maggie was hurt that no one commented on her hair (she had just dyed it)
12. Ivette talked about losing the friendship’s vote if she took Janelle with her to the end…. Maggie replied that it would have been very difficult for her to forgive her if she had done that (yup and difficult for Ivette’s family not to have the money
Because she DID take you too)
13. They both agree that their strategy was to be honest! (what about the Kaysar promise?)
14. Maggie wonders if Bush is still president and he wasn’t impeached or something, and if the Red Sox won the World Series! (Let’s hope Sox win Maggie)

Both are dying for this summer of secrets to end. They are counting the minutes. With the house being this exciting I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!