10:30 AM

Both girls are up and feeding the fish. Ivette says "Congratulations, tomorrow we get to see our family…" then they hug. They start to talk about how much Maggie was snoring and had gas last night.

They are told they were on outside lock down, so they go outside and sit and talk about general stuff that was not at all interesting (just trust me lol). Maggie says something about her poor memory and attributes it to the fact that she smoked pot everyday for two years in high school.

Maggie and Ivette walking around the yard and Maggie said “Janelle lied about everything.” Even the story she told Ivette about playing the flute when she was younger was a lie. Maggie says Janelle made up these stories to try and get closer to people. Maggie says she went to DR about this and said they laughed with her. Ivette says April was all about herself.

While walking Maggie talks about her job and about patients suing the hospital. She says #1 thing people come in for are headaches, then they sign themselves out because they waited too long and go home and die of a heart attack, then the family sues. Maggie says they only take the most ‘emergencies’ of the emergencies, first. Maggie goes on to say that the heart patients are usually released in a few days. She says “In our society, patients demand to be kept overnight because they have the flu.” Maggie goes on to explain why that is not a reason to be kept overnight.

Maggie asks Ivette if she is worried about going back to work. Ivette talks about the menu selections and the specials of the week. She says the apple crisp is a fall/winter special and sorbet is a summer special. Maggie asks “what is Argentine food?”, because she never heard of it. Ivette says it’s a lot of steaks. Ivette says she was making less than $300 a week. About 2 months of the year she gets about $700 to $1000, mostly from tips. Ivette said “I’ve made more being here at $750.00 a week.” The girls have 2 more laps to go. Maggie wants to have coffee and breakfast.

12:00 PM

They can go inside now and so they do. They both start working on the puzzle. About an hour later, Maggie realizes in their boredom, that “sh*t! This is going to be done in an hour.” That was at 1:00 and they were done by a minute after 2:00.

Maggie went to the kitchen to fix herself an egg and an English muffin. Ivette was going for the apple crisp, but Maggie told her not to eat it, because it sat out for a couple of days. Ivettte wonders if she should clean out the fridge, but Maggie says “I’m sure they will take care of that.”

2:00 PM

The girls are outside now talking. Ivette says she thinks the reason Rachel might not like her is because she didn't give her such a nice goodbye message. Maggie asks Ivette “what did you say?” Ivette says she doesn't even remember, but it was something like “I liked you before and now I don't…” (note: this is a white lie).

Ivette asks Maggie what ‘she’ said to Rachel I her goodbye. Maggie says “I talked about how even though we were on opposing teams, we communicated with each other at first, then we stopped talking to each other because we became, (she shrugs her shoulders) enemies.” Maggie says she was as honest as she could be.

Maggie asks Ivette if Rachel was the only goodbye message that she did like that and Ivette said “pretty much, yeah, you know how I felt about her.” Maggie says that hers to Janelle was that she acknowledged Janelle as a strong player, but also acknowledged that they were enemies from the beginning. Ivette says that if it were a few weeks ago her message to Janelle would have probably been really nasty. Ivette says “I said ‘I gotta tell you, you gave me a run for my money. You are an amazing player, but we have been wanting each other out of this house since Week 1’.”

Then Maggie asks what Ivette said to April. Ivette says she said that she always wanted to protect her, but she is sorry if it went the wrong way. Says she was really distraught that day. Maggie says that must have been really difficult.

3:00 PM

Both girls head into the DR to ask about the agenda for tomorrow. They want to know if they will be locked out for part of tomorrow, if they will be speaking, when to be packed, if they need to clean and vacuum and some others.

Once they are out of the DR, they are cleaning up in the backyard and Maggie says that the live show will be like the others and will only be one hour, not two. They head back inside the house now to pick out what they will wear for tomorrow’s show and to pack their clothes. Maggie says “we’re packed!” then Ivette says “we are ready to do this!”

Sounds like someone left behind their Toblerone (chocolate) and Maggie tells Ivette to take if to her mom since she said her mom loves it. Ivette says “no, I don’t want to take something that belonged to someone else.”

They head in to play dominoes. Maggie says “I think I'd better shave tonight, because I'll be nervous tomorrow and cut myself.” Ivette says “At this time tomorrow it will be 4:00 and one hour until the show.” Maggie: “So 25 hours…” Ivette: “I get nervous just thinking about it….” Then Ivette says “I’m going to miss you so much Maggie” and Maggie says “I know, I‘ve gotten used to having you here when I needed you.” (So I can use you to win the money…come on Mags be honest..LOL).

Ivette says “One day we will say we had a job where we had to do nothing but sell our souls. I had one hell of a summer; we sold our souls and hung out all day. How about you maggie?” Maggie answers “Yup! Weirdest summer of my life.” Ivette: “Tomorrow we'll see human beings. We won't act like human beings. I don't want to sit down, I just want to like…..” Maggie interrupts and says “Aren't we supposed to meet with a shrink?” Ivette: “Are we? I don't want to talk to a shrink; I don't want her to know I want to cap their asses after the show.” Ivette mocks “how do you really feel Ivette? I f*ing hate everyone. There were times I wanted to put a pillow over someone and not let them breathe. I seriously want to slice up some people.” Maggie says “Yes, when I was competing and I wanted to find ways to knock people off the competition.”

At around 4:30 the girls were aloud to head outside again after having to stay in. When they headed outside, they saw that BB had hosed everything down and told them they could not move the lawn furniture

Ivette says “there was a part of me that thought I'd make it to the end, but there was a part of me that each week didn't know what would happen week after week. I knew everyone else was thinking about getting to the end. I wasn't the only one. About a month ago, I didn't think I could take it anymore, I was dying to leave and to see my family.” Maggie says Yup, do you think we'll ever forget how important 9/20 is to us, and we’ve been waiting for 9/20 since….God…” Ivette: “To me the accomplishment was just making it to the f2, who cares about the end.” (Um, Maggie cares.) Maggie: “I think we're both more excited about seeing our families than the money…”

Now they head back inside to curl Ivette’s hair. Maggie is putting lots of curls in Ivette’s hair.


While still doing Ivette’s hair, the talk turns to sex. Maggie asked if Ivette would ever go back to men, or does it disgust her. Ivette doesn't think she would ever go back to men, she says she doesn't like the penis. “It hangs there and looks like it wants to attack.” Maggie said “and it winks at you.” They are laughing…Maggie said “you never want to think about your parents having sex, so I used to say my parents did it twice, once for me and then again for my brother.”

Ivette talks about after the show and swears that if anyone says anything bad to her she will tell them to F off. Maggie said it won't bother her; she’ll just treat them like one of her patients and ignore them.

They're playing a game of ‘hot and cold’ with one of Ivette’s coins, then Maggie follows the camera zooming in on the coin and finds it. Ivette is mad that BB would assist them in the game. Maggie laughs, then Maggie goes on to hide her coin, during that time she takes time to put lotion on her arms, use WC, wash her hands, then finally tells Ivette she's ready. Ivette asks her “Did you take a washroom break?” Ivette turns towards the kitchen camera and asks if BB is going to help her now and the camera moves in a no motion. (LOL!!) Ivette is not too happy about that and says it's not fun. Maggie insists it is fun, that BB is being funny.

7:30 PM Reminiscing in the Hot Tub

Maggie & Ivette are reminiscing over their favorite BB moments. Maggie says “Like walking around the backyard with Jen….” Ivette says “I think I laughed a lot in this house. I laughed when Janelle won the morph competition, her time was so fast!” Then Maggie says “When Eric came to me in the morning with the big secret. Then the time when James came out of the DR with origami.” Ivette says “How about when Howie said there is a lesbian…” Maggie: “Me, April & Jen in the bed and you & Beau on the floor, there was no game going on.”

They talk about Howie running around with a wet towel chasing Beau and April shouting, but never hit anyone with the towel and how Jenn ripped the head off the snake in the food competition.

Ivette said that Maggie, Beau and April really bonded. Maggie says “well you bonded the most with James; I’m not saying that is a bad thing.” Ivette said that James was her liaison. They agree that April was a liaison with Janelle. Maggie says she was one with Howie. Maggie said Jenn wasn’t a liaison but she shared many of her own thoughts with Jenn and that April might not have been happy with how close she and Jenn were.

Ivette talks about how close she and April bonded in the house. Maggie tells her that she (Ivette) and April will probably be close after the show. Maggie wonders if Jenn will be mad at her since she voted against her and she hopes that Beau is not mad at her for voting him out over Ivette.

They decide to head inside for showers. Maggie says it will be the last time they use the HT and she talks about how badly they wanted to use it when they first came into the house and it was locked. Ivette says that Eric taught her how to maintain it.

8:00 PM

Maggie took a very long shower and I think shaved and naired every hair she could. Then when Maggie was done Ivette hopped in.

Ivette says “let’s sit outside.” Maggie says they have to cover the money table tomorrow before the live show because BB doesn’t want it to be seen by the viewers. Ivette heads out the hammock. Ivette wonders if they should get comforters. Maggie wants to play cards so they sit at the table instead. Maggie wants to light the candle at the table.

Maggie says she wants to do an hour of walking tomorrow, but she said she is worried about her feet, since she is wearing heals for live show tomorrow. She says walking in her slippers hurts her feet.

9:00 PM

The girls are outside talking. Ivette thinks no one is going to talk to her after the show, especially Rachel, Ashlea and Michael. Maggie is surprised. Ivette says “But guess what? I'm going to be with my mom and Tush, so big deal.” Maggie tells Ivette she shouldn’t be so negative. Ivette responds “I always thought I was a positive person.” Maggie: “You are an upbeat person but you say the most negative things.” Ivette: “I am not lucky, like Janelle, she gets things easily.” Maggie: “And do you see how she doesn't value what she gets? She throws her clothes around. Remember her bracelet we found? ... I'd much rather have things be harder to obtain and value them, wouldn't you?”

Maggie says “I thought I was going to leave here feeling like a sh*tty person because of the way people have made me feel. But, I am not; we signed up to play a game and I played the best way I could. We all made moves that other people are going to see as bad but they're not here.” Ivette says she is mad that people don’t recognize her drive and her love for her family.

Maggie says “This game is slowing eating me away.” Ivette says that April has no tact. That she was not discreet and showed how much she is from the West. Maggie keeps asking "What do you mean? What does it have to do with being from the West?" Ivette says April would act very innocent and naive about things she would do. Ivette said April told her right before she left that she's going to vote with her heart, so Ivette told her ‘I know I'm not getting your vote and that's okay’. Maggie said “Holy s***!”

Maggie moves on to talking about Las Vegas and how they tried to attract families to visit. She says “There are so many jobs in Vegas; we need teachers, nurses, even dealers, dealers make a tremendous amount of money. There are tons of waitresses, cocktail waitresses and the real estate is booming. Maggie says a lot of people know only about the strip, that there is more to Vegas than the strip. She tells Ivette she should move there. Ivette says no because she would want to bring her mom and she couldn't because of her mom's gambling problem. Maggie says she doesn't know anyone with a gambling problem.

Maggie says “it's going to be so weird going back to work and hearing my co-workers' two cents. People will be telling us what they would have done in the game. We're going to hear two cents from everyone.” Ivette thinks they're going to be hated and Maggie doesn’t agree.

10:00 PM

Ivette thinks she's going to be that f*ing b**** that talks too much sh*t on the show. Maggie: “That's horrible!” Ivette thinks Maggie will be seen as the person who set people up. Maggie disagrees, she thinks only James will say that about her. Maggie says the only person she went to was Howie to set up members of his own alliance. Maggie thinks it's impossible that someone would think she set up her own alliance.

Ivette says she was weirded out by ‘that’ group. She thinks some might vote against her because they think she made the wrong move by not taking Janelle. Maggie doesn't think they'll vote based on one move but will boil down to how they played the game. Ivette says “Janelle said I made a mistake so what does that mean? Janelle will vote against me because she thinks I put my friends first over my family.”

Maggie & Ivette are on the folded down sofa playing cards. Maggie says she's going to miss waking up and wondering, ‘Where's my Ivetta’? Maggie says there are things she's going to miss about BB experience like being able to talk to someone in person and not having to call them on the phone and always having friends around, and then she says "Thank God they evicted someone each week. What if all 14 people lived here? You get evicted but you still stay in the house and cause problems."

That’s it for this last full day in the house, the girls are fast asleep by midnight.