Big Brother Recap September 20, 2005

The End!!!!!!!!!

Ivette woke up at 10:00 am and fed the fish for the last time! Maggie soon wakes up and they head into the diary room to ask questions about the schedule for the day. Once they get out of the diary room they play cards. Ivette said she was anxious to hear what everyone has to say tonight, Maggie responded with that she doesn’t want to hear it especially if they say how shi$$% of a person she is. Maggie again told Ivette that if she had taken Janelle with her to the final spot that the friendship would have turned against her and not voted for her. So she made the right decision.

They both discuss how nervous they are. Maggie even puked because of her nerves. Ivette just talks a lot when she is nervous (Geez I now think that she was nervous the whole game).

They thank each other for the friendship and being there for each other all day. Very lovey dovey! Both are so anxious to see their partners and family. They discuss some stuff that happened in the house, the surf board competition etc.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house, the pool and themselves. Getting dressed for the big night takes hours!

As the time gets closer, Ivette really starts getting nervous. Maggie does try calming her down and was supportive of her. Ivette really was freaking. Maggie is sick to her stomach and really freaking out too. I actually felt sorry for these two, they were so scared.

At 8:56 EST we get our famous fish cam and the feeds turn off for the last time this season!

Well this concludes anther season of Big Brother, a summer of fun, laughter and tears. Every year we hype ourselves up, watch every hamster step and swear we will never watch again .Then June rolls around, we see a few commercials, read a few articles and we are once again hooked. We start speculating about the houseguests and what will come next! Once again we are hooked for another emotional fun filled summer vacation! Remember it is only a game and there has to be a winner each and every season, and as Howie repeated at the finale …. Don’t hate the houseguest hate the game!

Congratulations Maggie winner of Big Brother 6!

Well…till same time next year, I now need to put on my survivor buff and Amazing Race gear and find another team to cheer on!