Big Brother Recap September 4, 2005

Triplet Nerd Herds believe they have it all wrapped up……Janelle pops their balloon!

The feeds finally returned at 11:00 PM BB time. The first thing we see is Janelle with the VETO hanging around her neck. (Go Girl never give up). It takes all of two minutes to figure out that Ivette has put up Howie and Janelle. The VETO competition was the morphin one from last year, where you have to guess whose hair, face and neck that BB merged together.

We catch a glimpse of Howie and Janelle in the storage room. Howie was telling Janelle that he knew that competition was hers. It seems that Janelle blew the others out of the water with her time. That she did it really fast and won!. They then try to figure out a way to keep Howie in the game. They want to approach Ivette about the April/Jen lie the last time she was on the block.

Then we tune into the HOH room where the nerd herd is bashing Janelle. (I missed my feeds this weekend only to return to the same ole same ole stuff with this group). They were saying some nice stuff. They think BB gave the win to Janelle, that there was no way that she could be that good. They put her down because she watched two seasons of BB and knows all the competitions and it was not fair to them (so why apply to be on a reality show that you know nothing about?).

Howie enters once Janelle gets called to the DR. He said that Janelle really was good in that competition. The nerd herd tells him that they love his heart (April is just so broken up because Howie will be leaving this week she has already started crying!!!!). Ivette even asked Howie if Janelle is actually going for the $550 K- Howie responded with yes at this point in the game everyone is going for the money. They ask him if she would consider saving him so they could send her home. Howie said she deserves to be here, she won and he didn’t. He did badly on the POV and he knew he needed to stay.

Howie left and went to talk to Janelle. He tells her what they said. Janelle gets upset because even if she was final two she would lose to one of the nerd herd. Howie tells her she has a good chance of going all the way and to keep playing. He said even if she didn’t get the money she was a winner because they have been trying to get her out since week two.

Back in the HOH more Janelle bashing. Saying that BB gave her three tries. That they wanted her to win.

April asked Maggie "Maggie, would you award the money to someone who played the best game, or to someone who would do well with the money?" Maggie: "Of course I’d give it to someone who'd do well with the money."

April is convinced that Janelle will do evil things with the prize money so she does not deserve it. They both agree that they go home to someone that loves them and Janelle is only going to someone she knew a week. They even went as low to say that Janelle gave a BJ to someone so she could win this competition. (They stoop lower and lower) (Go Janelle keep up the good work!)

Before bed Howie and Janelle talk about how to win the game (keep April). They wish America could vote or that in the last safe was a pass for someone to stay in the game.

By 3:30 all houseguests were asleep for the night.

Ivette was the first one up, she got up at 11:20.
When the other houseguests get up we get the HOH room to view. We hear April saying Maggie was talking in her sleep about Janelle and that April dreamed Janelle made it to F2 and won. (Go Janelle you even have them worried in their sleep) then the Janelle bashing begins once again. They talk about how Janelle was probably placed in the house to annoy them and how she has had to audition for the show before this season. They talk about how Janelle is a 'psycho watcher' of the show and criticize her for making fun of Jennifer for auditioning so many times.

Janelle and Howie finally wake up at 12:15. BB called a lockdown outside, Janelle gets out of bed and heads outside to lay outside by the pool and continue sleeping. As she walks by Ivette, Ivette sarcastically asks Janelle what the next competition will be (because she watched the previous shows). Janelle said to her How would she know and continues her trek to the pool.

A little later, April did tell Maggie that Janelle never said that she didn’t like her (Maggie) Maggie pretends not to hear it and does not respond back.

After BB announced that it only takes 440 laps in the pool to swim a mile, Howie jumps in and swims the mile.

Maggie, Janelle and Ivette and April have a conversation about EBay. Janelle said she buys and sells things like her clothes on EBay. After Janelle leaves they nerd herd bash her for selling her clothes and not donating them to charity.

Maggie and April talk and Maggie is amazed that she has been in the house for 63 days She comments that it is 63 days of her life but she made friends for a lifetime. April comments that of course she is surprised too! Then they talk about the last HOH competition and how Ivette doesn’t know Maggie threw her the HOH competition.

Howie and Ivette had a chat poolside today. Ivette tells him that she feels close to him like she did Cappy and James. (Since he is the last man standing of course she would latch onto him). They talk about next weeks HOH being very important and Ivette is disappointed that she can’t take part in it. Howie explains that VETO has more power next week since that person would actually be evicting someone. They talk about why He went off on April. He says indirectly or directly, April was threatening him every week. He is saying after all the swearing, and promising April did, he just lost it. Ivette saying she didn't know April did that.

Howie now saying that Janelle thinks that Ivette is a strong player, she has always said that. He is saying that Ivette was overdue for a win. Howie says that he and Ivette are similar, they know all the answers, but they psyche themselves out of the game. He is saying that BB didn't put Ivette in the house because they thought she would loose.

Ivette is saying that if she leaves with anything in the game, it’s that she didn't lie ( ya right) in the game. She says the only lie she told in the game was about Kaysar, but it was really Jennifer that made the deal. Howie says that Ivette may have looked shady because of association with James, guilt by association.

Janelle joins them. Ivette says it’s easier for Janelle and Howie to cope in the house, because they don't have partners and loved ones waiting for them... Howie and Janelle say that Janelle has Michael. Ivette says it’s not the same; she and Maggie are in love... Janelle seems slightly offended and says her family loves her, and wants to see her.

Ivette doesn't think they understand what she is saying, that she sees her mom three times a week. It’s different. Janelle says she misses her life, wants to get back to work. Howie misses his movies and Star Wars (lol) Ivette says she is a big family/home girl; she misses her family a lot. Janelle says she misses her family too.

Janelle and Ivette talk awhile about gymnastics. They are both very knowledgeable and start explaining different Olympic players etc. They chatted about Ice Skating and Tony Harding. Janelle talking about the resentment of Nancy Kerrigan because she has a wealthy family and more training. Ivette actually had the nerve to tell Janelle that that was ridiculous. She used the example that just because Janelle knew a lot about BB, and used her knowledge to her benefit, that Ivette would NEVER hold that against her. (After complaining non stop for the past week about Janelle's advantage in the game........). Ivette also said that she wants to show Janelle some places when she comes to Miami.

Ivette went to start the grill for dinner and a huge fireball came out and singed some of her hair. Everyone was outback and rushed to make sure she was OK. She had been thrown back some. April, Ivette and Maggie head to the HOH to put cream on Ivette face and condition her hair. Howie and Janelle head to the gold room to talk strategy.

Howie tells Janelle about the conversation he had with Ivette. He thinks that if they promise her final 3 she might evict April this week. Janelle heads to work out and Howie heads out back to wait the nerd herd. Maggie comes out and tells him that Ivette is OK just scared and that she needs some cream. When Ivette comes back out Maggie gets the burn cream from the first aid kit and plays ER nurse though she was not really happy not to have sterile gloves. Ivette comments that Janelle is working out for a competition that is why she was using the treadmill. (This shows you how little these nerds know about Janelle, she works out every night). Again the three of them rehash how Janelle has no one to meet her except a guy she met on the show while they all have loving families waiting for them. Then they proceed to rebash her because she sells her clothes on EBay.
Dinner conversation tonight was about Holly (BB5). She called Howie beefcake and Janelle thinks that she will hit on him at the wrap party. They discuss how at the wrap party no one talked to her. The three nerd herd head to the hot tub after dinner leaving Howie and Janelle the dishes.

Of course the triplet nerd herds start bashing Janelle again in the hot tub. Ivette was telling them that Janelle’s biggest fear coming into the game was that they would portray her as the dumb blonde. April of course comments that she is dumb, and Maggie said that is why Janelle probably studied all the past seasons of BB so she wouldn’t look dumb. They believe since Janelle has two older brothers and a younger sister that Janelle was always looking for attention from her parents and that is why she needs all the attention in the house.

After the dishes were done Howie and his light saber and Janelle head out back. Janelle starts walking laps around the yard. Ivette asks Janelle what the prize was in BB 1. Janelle responded with “I’ll never tell”. This aggravates Ivette to no end.

The triplets then head to the HOH. Ivette blows of steam because of how Janelle responded to her. They really believe that Janelle must be a producer for the show (LOL will they ever believe that she is just better at this then them???). They also think that she never showers (Janelle showers late night while the bash her in the HOH room or are asleep. Of course they once again say that Janelle is not going to won any money because no one will vote for her. Ivette already has planned what she is going to say to Janelle. She is going to tell her she played an amazing game but sorry no votes because you made no friends (guess Howie, Rachel and even James don’t count). Maggie responds with you can teach someone how to play an amazing game but you can’t teach someone how to be a good person (calling the kettle black there Maggie).

April goes to the Bathroom to talk to Janelle Earlier in HOH Ivette figured out and was going be sure and tell Janie in her question to her if she was F2 that she did not have the votes to win because she didn't make any friends in the house. She was mad because Janie wouldn't tell her anymore about previous BB's.

April starts off talking about skin care, then the competition today and slowly moves into Janelle not telling them anything about previous BB shows. Janie told her the same thing she told Howie earlier, which was Ivette had the same opportunity as she did to go rent the DVD's and watch them before she came into the house. April commented about why you think it's going to hurt you and Janelle said yes. April tells her there is nothing wrong with knowing about previous shows.

April also talks about how Jen secured the votes in the end, that Janie has played a hard game, but that the votes are, well you've got a good chance at final two (she never gets to the point), and then mentions votes again and says but you already have figured that out, and Janelle tells her "well, yea".

Howie is done with his massage from Maggie and comes to the Bathroom, Maggie visits for a minute and heads up stairs to see Ivette. IN the HOH and Ivette is still harping on Janelle to Maggie.

Back in the Bathroom, they are talking about the game. April says I save Janelle and she freakin puts me up. Janelle said I won't put you up I'd put up Maggie. April goes on to say that she had nothing to do with evicting Kaysar that it was all Jennifer and that she didn’t know what was going down (I bet Jennifer voted for you too April). Howie apologized for his Hurricane Howie days. April said sh#$ happens. Janelle finally turns around and told her that if she fuc%*& thinks she is going to use the VETO on Howie she is not! Janelle then asks April if she and Ivette were on the block next week who would go. April said she does not know that very question keeps her up at night thinking and that maybe she will get up the nerve to ask Maggie that. April then tells Janelle that under no circumstances will Jennifer ever vote for her. That she will never change her vote. Janelle responds with that America voted in BB1 and that you never know around here what will happen. They discuss the shopping spree. Then April heads back to HOH.

Of course April heads to the HOH room. She rehashes the conversation. She tells her that she will not use the VETO on Howie. That Ivette told Howie who told Janelle that they wanted her to use the VETO on him. She then told Maggie about Janelle saying that Ivette was more of Maggie’s friend then she was. Maggie said that they (Howie and Janelle) want her to turn on them. April then tells Maggie that Ivette wanted her to tell Janelle that she will never win the $500K because she will never have the votes. Maggie said she hoped she was not included in that. April said “God no”. She said that Janelle said she was going to go down fighting. Maggie tells April to stop talking game with them that she is screwing it all up. That trying to get Janelle to give up her VETO was not a good choice.

Janelle and Howie rehash it. Janelle calls April a bit$%. They discuss how they were all crying because she won VETO last night. Janelle then said she was sorry that she ruined their game plan.

When the triplet nerd herds are in the HOH room April once again rehashes her conversation with Janelle. She tells it a bit different though. She said that she told Janelle she was being mean for not giving them information about past BB seasons.. She told them that she told her that jury is stacked and there is no way she will win and how Janelle told her that it is the summer of secrets and maybe America will vote. April said that they don’t know for sure that there is a jury and that Janelle probably wants to quit but the rats (BB) is talking her into staying. Maggie responded with that America shouldn’t be able to vote because they don’t see everything. (This group believes that there are no cameras in the HOH room and everything they do in there can’t be seen by the internet). Ivette said that Janelle is a waste in the game because she doesn’t get it, that she needs votes in the end and that she should have tried to make more friends.

Howie and Janelle talk about trying to get Ivette to vote out April. They want to offer her the Bahamas trip in exchange for the vote but they want to come from Howie not Janelle. They want to offer her final three. Howie is going to tell Ivette that Janelle gave it to him and he would give it to her just to staying the game. That if these people were her true friends that they will still be her friends once they are out of here. Howie said that this game is about treachery and making deals.

All house guests were in bed at 3:55 am.

What will tomorrow bring, will Ivette grab the trip and vote out April? VETO ceremony will take place, can the triplet nerd herds really talk Janelle into saving Howie and not herself! Who knows in this house! How nasty can this place get?