BB finally gave a wake up call at around 10:00 this morning, and then went to FISH for about 20 minutes. When we returned, Howie was still in bed in the GR and apparently the target of BB’s wrath when they finally yelled ‘I said it’s time to get up for the day!’ Maggie also thought BB was referring to her in HOH when she said ‘wtf? Can’t they tell I’m awake?’

Now Maggie and April are waking up in the HOH. Maggie says “Oh we have to sleep like this one night.” April: “Yea this is really comfortable (Maggie is spooning her with her arm over April).” Then April says “I think the veto ceremony will be at 11:30. I have a feeling that Janelle is going to say something like ‘it's really stupid that people want me to take Howie off’…..Maggie says “Do you think so? I'll watch with anticipation.”

Ivette and April are outside now and April says to Ivette “You look all perfect with the way that you eat your cereal…” Ivette responds “You love to point out all my OCD’s.” Then Maggie comes out. She says “So we decided that we're going to kill each other because of the music that they played this morning.” Ivette says “You're the b****es that asked for that stupid head-banging crap."

Now Maggie is talking about Janelle and says “I just don't get it, how do you spend so much money on clothes and leave them all on the ground?” Ivette says “I seriously thought that we weren't going to have to deal with her.” Mag and April both say “We were wrong!” Maggie says “We're just going to have to step up our game.” Ivette says that according to Janelle she missed some of the morphs in the veto competition. Maggie says “I don't think she missed any.” April says “She kept saying to Howie last night that she missed the one with Me, James & Sarah.”

And now the typical Janelle bashing has begun outside, how she shouldn’t be with Michael, she has no family, all she does is study BB etc. etc. April says she is shady. Maggie says “She just walks around the house looking at everything she doesn't try to make friends. I don't think she cares.” April: “Her own mom said she wouldn't make it this far. Probably 75% of the people she knows said she wouldn't make it this far.” Maggie “She couldn't beat us in how many competitions so far? She needed to get those questions right.”

Maggie tells them that in the HOH and veto competitions, to “Make sure you wait until the end of the question before buzzing in the answer.” Maggie says that if she wins the veto next week, “I'm using it for myself! I'm not playing for anyone but myself.” April says “Let's say you're not on the block and you win it. You can't use it.” Maggie responds “As long as Janelle doesn't win the veto, she goes home.” April: “We HAVE to win HOH.”

11:00 AM

Howie and Janelle are talking and Janelle asks Howie “What was your longest relationship?” Howie says “I don't know a couple of years.” Howie doesn't want to mention her by name, he says “she used to be in the exotic business but now she's married.” Janelle asks him when she married and he said “1999? 2000?” The Janelle asks “Did she leave you because you wouldn't marry her?” Howie says “No, she got another boyfriend because I didn't give her the time she needed. It was an occupational hazard. Jedi’s shouldn’t be attached anyway.” He says he does not regret it. Janelle asks him if her name was Cindy, then we got FISH.

At around 11:30 Janelle and April were both in the bathroom. April says “my face looks jacked; I'm all ‘busted’ up.” April and Janelle both laugh. BB says “Janelle & Maggie please change your batteries.” But Janelle and April realize that Janelle already changed hers and they meant Maggie. So April heads off for the DR and meets Maggie in there. Maggie says to April “Janelle has such a negative aura and it sucks that Howie's going because he's so funny.” April whispers “she's not going to be happy.” Maggie says “she's got only one person working with her and he's gone. The odds are with us.” They head out saying they want to hit the gym.

Howie and Ivette are outside talking. Ivette is actually doing most of the talking. She thinks that BB will have them back to the house for a reunion. She is sure that there will be more seasons of BB, “There's not a lot of summer shows. I don't see why they wouldn't.” Howie doesn’t say much. Then Ivette tells him she can’t wait to talk with him when the show is over and to this Howie didn’t really respond.

Maggie and April ‘tidying’ the HOH

While Howie and Ivette are outside; April and Maggie are in the HOH making the bed. They are talking about Ivette and the associated stress level. Maggie says Ivette was upset about something that happened to her white pillow, that she blames on Maggie (Sorry folks, I don’t know what happened to this pillow last night.) Anyway, then April says how Ivette went nuts on her this morning when she commented to Ivette about her breakfast having to be perfectly lined up.

April says “Ivette's down there talking to Howie again, and you may not believe it, and she may not mean to, but she is saying s***.” Maggie says “You could say the same thing about you talking to Janelle.” April: “But I don't say s***. I think Ivette trusts Howie too much and I don't trust Janelle or Howie.” Maggie says “If that’s the case, then she is not thinking far in advance.” April “I feel at this point if people don't know me, then they don't f’n know me.”

April says “Last night I said to Howie, 'I know that on several occasions last week you were saying that I threatened you', so I asked him about that, and he said ‘You told me that if I don't put up James & Sarah someone will come after me next week. I got all riled up after Jennifer did that (evicted Kaysar instead of James). Just be happy that James and Sarah went up because if they didn't Maggie was going home that week’.” April continues and tells Maggie “Howie said that James gave them so much grief about you it was just unreal. James told them that you were our glue.” Maggie says “I don't care.” Ivette walks in and the talk stops.

12:00 NOON POV Ceremony

Janelle removed herself from the block and was replaced by April. A few minutes passed and April says “my mom is going to freak out when she sees ‘her baby’ on the block on Tuesday’s show!” Maggie told Ivette she should have said something to the viewers in her speech letting them know why April was on the block (that she is just a pawn and has never been on the block before, so it was her turn.)

In the gym now, Ivette comes in joking about veto ceremony. Maggie tells her that she should have said something to the effect of April only being put up because she hadn’t been up before. Ivette says “I didn't even think of that.” April says “Oh well, 75% of what we say no one hears. I mean come on unless you were watching the internet, in a specific room of the house at a specific time…..” (LOL, we are!)

Ivette leaves the gym for a minute and April tells Maggie that if it comes own to the two of them in the finals that Maggie will likely get James vote. Maggie doesn’t think so and thinks that not many in the house like her.

Janelle and Howie for the last 15 minutes have been fighting each other with the light sabers. Running from room to room; it started in the GR and moved out into the barracks then to the living room then to the kitchen and then back to the living room where Janelle got him good. Janelle says “training to be a Jedi is a great workout.” They are both very winded. (This was hilarious!)

Back in the gym, April is telling Maggie that her mom is s***ting her pants over April not smoking. April says that Smoking is her only vice. Maggie said she smoked in high school, but wasn’t a drinker. April talks about how she can’t wait to get home to her baby (dog or husband? I do not know). She tells Maggie what a wonderful person she (Maggie) is.

Ivette has now joined them in the gym. They start to talk about the stores they want to go to when they get out. Ivette wants to go to the beach, and then she says she wants to travel a little when she gets out, go to San Francisco, then maybe Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Ivette says that when she goes to Las Vegas she wants to stay in a hotel for a couple of days but that Maggie and Eric probably won’t allow it. Ivette says she is dying to see her Cappy.

April wonders about the editing of the show. She says she often forgets about the cameras and the fact that people watch on the internet. April says that Jen told her “don’t act like Karen from BB5 and talk about your husband all the time.” Ivette says “Karen was weird; I don’t know why they put her on the show. She flew under the radar and got top 5.”

2:00 PM

Maggie and April are outside now. Maggie is telling April how much she LOVES April’s Ugg slippers that she got in her HOH basket from Matt. Maggie commented several times that she wants to get some. April says “Shoot, if I win the money, I'll just give them to you.” Maggie: “No, I'll just go on Ugg.com. I'm not even going to look around.” April says “Maybe Matt will bring a pair to the finale, that's the kind of guy he is. He'll just bring a pair. But not now, cause we don't have any money.”

Maggie and April start messing with the cameraman. They both complain about not celebrating Labor Day. Maggie said “maybe we don't get one because they don't get one” and the camera shook ‘yes’. April says “I don't know much, but I know there is one whole job for BB where all they do is look for frickin banners!” Maggie: “Do you think so? Maybe they take breaks from the camera, and go outside and take turns looking.” April wonders “How much can they make? Who would do that, anyway, jobs like that?” Then April mouths “I’ll tell you later.”

April tells Maggie about Janelle asking April if the friendship was turning on her last week. April says “She told me, ‘they're going to put you up and vote you out, aren't they’? But maybe she heard that from the Diary Room…...” Maggie says “Who knows what came first? Anyway, I don't really want to talk about it anymore. Ever since week #3, I've been hearing that I'm good-hearted, but I'll bet I'll be gone before you guys.” April says “if I was in the final 3 and I didn’t have any friends in this house, I wouldn't pick who I wanted to win the $50,000. I would pick who I could win the half-million with.” Maggie: “Yeah, absolutely.” They agree that Janelle will be in the driver's seat, choosing who she will take with her. April says “It's the Summer of Secrets, so who knows. It will be interesting to see how she thinks.” April was called in to the DR, she says April: “Oh, do you want to hear me talk about how my Cuban chick put me up? Is that what you want?”

3:00 PM

Howie, Ivette and Janelle are in the kitchen talking. Howie asks Ivette if she thinks she can win if she is in the final 2 with Maggie or April. Ivette says she doesn't know. Howie tells her that these people will be her friends outside the house, and that she needs to think about the money now. Ivette doesn't think she can win, except maybe against Janelle. Ivette says she already knows how the votes will go; she will come in 2nd to anyone, hands down. Howie says “in the end, the vote is popularity contest, no matter how you played the game, that's how they will vote.”

Ivette walked inside the house and left Howie and Janelle outside. Howie is whispering to Janelle that he wanted to hear Ivette say that she does not think anyone would choose her to win the money over April or Maggie.

Now Ivette is up in the HOH with Maggie who is in the shower. Ivette is telling Maggie the conversation she just had with Howie and Janelle. Maggie said “they are trying to break us up.” Maggie says “it’s not good if they know you will pick me over April.” Ivette says she didn't tell them that. Maggie is out of the shower now and Ivette is in the bedroom. Maggie had her ear pressed up against the mirror in the bathroom and BB yelled “Stop that!” Then Maggie jumped and said “you scared the sh** out of me!” She then said to Ivette “I didn’t even do anything.” Then BB says “thank you Maggie, Ivette.” Ivette says “Maggie what did you do?” Maggie admitted that she heard people talking behind the wall “there is real life out there.”

April and Howie are in the kitchen just talking about life stuff. April asks Howie when he will return to work. He says “Not until after I watch all the episodes. I'll probably take a month off. My dad wants me to go to Arizona with him for baseball, etc. My car is paid off and my roommate owns the apartment….” April says “My ass has to go back to work on Monday whether I win money or not.” She says she loves to work, and a million dollars isn't even enough in this day and age to not work. The money she would win would be gone so fast, after she pays off all debts, not including the house, gives to charity, and buys her mother a pool.

4:00 PM

Maggie and April are up in the HOH. Maggie says that Beau sees her as the reason he is out of the house. April says ‘they’ think she (April) is the one that told Maggie not to use the veto. Maggie exclaims “since when has anyone been able to tell me what to do?”

Meanwhile, Ivette Howie and Janelle are talking downstairs about Miami and fun things to do. Ivette tells Janelle that she will introduce her to friends of hers, “Janelle, you will just love them.” They talk about parties and dancing in Miami and Ivette says “not a lot of people are going to talk at the wrap party, probably later.”

Howie is getting goofy and starts to do a lap dance for Janelle, a very bad one at that. So Ivette tells Howie, “Come on I’m going to teach you how to strip!” Now they are all in on the act. Janelle is pretending to strip too and she and Ivette are both trying to teach Howie how to dance. They are trying to teach Howie how to dance with a partner, he seems a hopeless case. Ivette says “It’s not about you, it’s about the girl!” The she says “what a disaster!”

April is now with Howie and Janelle and she says that Janelle and Michael had to do more than just kiss. Janelle says “no we didn’t, but we did kiss a lot.” April says that Michael went down on Janie or something and Janelle says “He did not! There are cameras around here.” Howie says he thinks Michael is a private person and that Janelle is religious so he doesn't think that happened.

5:00 PM

April and Ivette are outside talking on a hammock about who they would take to the finals. Ivette tells April that ‘they’ were telling her that Maggie will take April to the end, and April will take Maggie, then ‘they’ asked her who she will take. Ivette says she told them she hasn’t thought about it and the game will play itself out. April says that ‘they’ asked her the same thing. THEN BB said: “Ivette, HG’s you are not supposed to talk about your DR…” Ivette interrupts and yells “I'm not f'n talking about my DR Sessions!” April chimes in “Pay more attention to our conversations, dumbf*cks.” (Niiice.) (Just so you know they weren’t referring to the ‘they’ as BB but as Howie and Janelle). Ivette appears to be going to sleep right about now and the feeds switch.

Now we have Howie and Janelle back to light saber fighting. Howie is whispering “Jedi Janie, take them all out!” LOL…He says "When you cross a Jedi with a meteorologist, you can forecast it, you can foretell it, you can prognosticate it." Howie starts to ask Janelle all kinds of questions for the upcoming HOH competition. There are no other life forms on the feeds until…

Maggie comes out of the DR and says “where is everybody? Ivetta, April where are you? BB has something for us.” Howie says “what are you the new HOH?”

McDonalds is on the menu for this evening!

Maggie had the troops gathered and told them that BB said since they haven't had fast food for months and its Labor Day weekend, they get to have McDonald's. They all start to say what they want. Janelle wants extra onions and extra mustard, a number 2, that's two cheeseburgers. April wants Big Mac AND a Filet-O-Fish. Ivette wants Chicken nuggets. Howie said he wants a Big Mac. Ivette mentioned she wants 2 Apple Pies since they are 2 for $1 at which point the other houseguests all said "OOH me too!" Ivette also just said "And a hot fudge sundae!" which made Janelle want one as well. Howie also wants a large chocolate shake. Maggie wants 2 Big Macs with no MEAT and no CHEESE.

Maggie thinks BB is doing this for them since they can't use the grill. BB says "I'm going to read it to you, 5 large fries, 5 cheeseburgers, Are 2 or 3 of those for you Janelle?” Then we got FISH while they cleared the order.

April Maggie and Howie agree they don’t eat fast food often. Howie goes to Burger King twice a month. April says she likes Whataburger the best (chain very popular in Texas). Maggie is vegetarian, so she never eats at McDonald's.

7:00 PM Dinner is here!

Everyone is happy to get their food from McDonalds and they all sit together to eat. The conversation at the dinner table turns to voodoo magic. Ivette says she knows people that practice it. Ivette says “they take hair from your brush to cast spells.” She says she knows someone who put a hex on someone else.

The talk turns to Cuba still being communist. Ivette says her mom (or dad, not sure which) was 9 years old when Castro came into power. She said Castro gave them permission to leave 3 times. She talks about Miami and how the beach was a slum when she was a child. Janelle wonders aloud how young girls that can not speak English get here. Ivette says “they get on a raft and ride the current.”

After dinner April and Maggie head outside for the HT. Maggie says how the conversations are getting more aggressive now that the end is near. April says that she doesn't want to think strategically now but she has to. She says “Next week if Ivette is on the block and wins POV, then Janelle (if she is HOH) will put me up with you.” (This is April’s attempt at telling Maggie there is no plan for Janelle to take her (April) to F2). Maggie said she hadn’t thought of that scenario. Maggie says that she doesn't believe anything that Howie and Janelle say. April says that she continually gets teamed with Janelle in different scenarios and that Ivette and Maggie get teamed together. Maggie tells April that she chose her over Ivette when she chose not to use the veto. April says “no, you picked me over Beau.”

Maggie tells April “you have more conversations with Janelle than we do.” April says to Maggie “I feel like I'm working against ya'll instead of working with ya'll when it comes to Janelle.” Maggie: “I don't see it that way at all.” April says “If Janelle was in the final 3...” Maggie interrupts and says “It's a crap shoot. We don't know who she'd pick. Do I think Janelle has an attachment to you over either of us? Absolutely, but it's not your fault that she talks to you about game more than us. For some reason she likes you.” April says “I don't think she does.” Maggie says “I would rather not study this option, I want her out. I want it to be good game playing. You win a competition you go on. I want to take the BS out of this and add sportsmanship.”

Maggie asks April “Do you think this game will shatter my belief that people being good is better than money?” April says “I don’t know. My belief in life is if you do good, good will come to you. Are you asking me if good will come out right or if it will shatter?” Maggie says “Do you think I'm a fool?” April says “Do you think I'm a fool? I have the same belief you have. My goal is this year to look different at the end than in previous years. I remember you mentioning earlier that Ivette is here to become a star and that I wanted money.” Maggie defensive says “In what context, was I joking?” April says “It was today; earlier when we were talking about why we were picked. I forget the context.” Maggie says “Ivette wants stardom!? I must have been joking. I had to joking with you both.” Then Maggie says “If you could finish a sentence I could figure what I was talking about.” April stammering says “Like why we were picked to be on the show. It didn't make a lot of sense.” Maggie says “I wish I knew the context, because that sounds yucky.” April: “It was sort of random. Maybe it was a joke.”

8:00 PM

Howie is now confronting Ivette on the possibility of keeping him in the game. He asks “what would you say about a top three with better chance of winning the top prize? What if there was someone here now who tried to take you out in week five, and you can take her out now.” Ivette says she can not go against the group. Howie says “well do you think either of them will take you to the end?” Ivette says “it’s a crap shoot for me now.”

Howie said you have a friendship with Maggie and April and if they are your true friends they will be your friends when this is over. He tells her she is in a position to win 500k and that she needs to think about winning not about friends and feelings. Ivette is not convinced. She says that April would be so mad at her for voting her out this week; she could easily convince Jennifer to give the 500K to Janelle if she were in the F2 with Janelle.

April and Maggie are talking game too (of course). April says that Jan would take Ivette to final 2. Strategically out of you and Ivette I'd take Ivette. Strategically, you should take Ivette. I haven't thought that far.” Maggie says “I didn't either until you said that. Strategically, I don't have a partner on the jury and you do and Ivette does.” April: “Ivette automatically has 2 votes in the jury, unless it's her and Janelle at the end. That's the only way that vote changes in the end, James is a wildcard.” April says “bottom line we have to win HOH.” Maggie “The other has to win the veto.” April: “If Janelle gets it she'll decide if me or Ivette will go home or vice versa.” Maggie says “Not every competition has been geared towards someone. She studied for that one.” April: “She stares at us. I am not saying she stares at us, but she stares at you. I think she did some voodoo on us. I really try to not make that much eye contact with her.”

Howie is still trying to convince Ivette but Ivette isn’t having it. Howie tells her “it’s just like James wanting to vote me off and I put him up. How would it be any different if you put up April when she was going to vote you off?” Ivette says she will be happy with 50K or nothing if that is what is meant to be. April and Maggie can be heard now, and April is approaching so Howie decides to head to the DR and get his shoe fixed.

Ivette now heads right outside where Maggie is and tells her that Howie is telling her to keep him. Maggie says “that's awesome.” She makes fun of it. Ivette says she doesn't want April to hear any of this. She continues to tell Maggie that Howie told her April wanted to vote her out and she should now do the same to April and that if she goes to the F3 with Mag and April she will not win.

It’s about 8:30 now and April and Maggie head upstairs to HOH. They say let’s go play a game or something. Maggie calls for Ivette to see if she wants to join them. In the meantime, April is asking Maggie what was being talked about, that everyone kind of dispersed when she walked into the house (from outside). April asks what Ivette said. Maggie lies and says it was about Janie and Howie at the table and the talk about voodoo. April keeps pushing, asking if they were pressuring her or what they were working her on.

Now Ivette is in the HOH and she is telling the story to April and so that Maggie doesn’t look like a liar, she acts like she is hearing it for the first time. Maggie says “I can't wait until they come to me with that. If I chose Janelle over April, the Friendship's done. They don't get it; they've never had that, their own people put up their own people.” April flat out tells Ivette that if she does choose to evict her this week that she will NOT give her vote to Ivette to win the money. Maggie finds the whole thing funny, that they would even approach Ivette with this idea.

Meanwhile in the GR Howie tells Janelle “I don’t know if Ivette will budge.” Janelle says she wants hurricane Howie to come back. Howie says that will definitely get him evicted. They are laughing recapping all of the stuff they said to them, including one of my favorites ‘hey Maggie, go F yourself!’ ‘I need some pepperoni for my pizza’…they are laughing. Janelle wants to figure out a way to go after Maggie, but figures there is no way and she will likely be F2.

Back in HOH, April is now trying to defend the idea that she tried to get Ivette out. She is telling Ivette that they wanted her to put Ivette up as a pawn before James was backdoored. Ivette is not even looking at her and Maggie is yawning. April went outside and lay in the hammock after catching Maggie and Ivette lying earlier.

When April left Maggie said “Ivette you just put me in a bad spot with April because you said to me ‘I already told you that outside’ when I just told her that you didn’t tell me anything outside.” Ivette says she is tired of April acting money hungry. Maggie says “I cold be viewed the same way.” Ivette continues to say that April makes a salary in the 80’s and her husband 100K, that April drives a company car and doesn’t need the money. Maggie: “She never told me any of this.” Ivette says April won't talk any more about how much money she makes now that it's closer to the end. Ivette says (about April) “Don’t compare your 2 incomes of 150K to my barely income of 30K.”

9:00 PM

Ivette and Maggie wonder where April went. Maggie came in from outside and said she isn’t out on the hammock where she said she would be. Maggie and Ivette are now in the barracks, thinking that maybe April is in the DR. Howie and Janelle are in the GR, resting, possibly sleeping, not on the feeds right now.

Ivette says something about being proud of the way she has played the game. Maggie thinks the more time she spends in the DR makes it harder for her to play her own game instead of playing ‘their’ game. She says it stresses her and probably everyone else, out. Ivette is still stewing about April. Maggie is trying to pacify her.

Just before 10:00 Janelle was called to the DR. April is outside by herself with her feet in the HT until Maggie comes out. They talk a little about Janelle being called into the DR and where she was at the time. Maggie says she is so over being in the house. April says “Well, all you can do is just play the game. That's all you have.” Maggie says “I feel like I am caught between the tow of you and it makes me very uncomfortable.” Maggie says that she doesn't repeat what Ivette says about April, or what April says about Ivette, and it puts her in a bad spot. Maggie says “You don't tell me not to tell Ivette, but I just don’t its instinct. I don't want to be in a situation where I have to lie. I don't know what is okay and what is not. The stuff she told me is about Howie and it was two sentences. I don't know if it's okay to repeat it to you or not, so I don’t.”

11:00 PM

Janelle got up and took a shower then went back to bed. She couldn’t sleep so she got up again at around 11:30 and was walking around. She was not aware that the HOH was watching her on the spy cam.

In the HOH Mag, April and Ivette are back at it; they are watching Jan on the spy cam, they they talk about how they think she is a hermaphrodite (they are laughing at this). Ivette said that Eric said that early on. April says “all she does is study for competitions.” They think she is getting help from BB, she has won everything up to now, why not finish with the big prize. Maggie says the 3 of them should pull up chairs and stare at Janelle all day. April says “this house is all about Janelle.” April says America is pulling for Janelle, she is the underdog.


April says to them “Do you know what she asked me today? She's such a b****. We were talking about DR, and of course she never gets yelled at by BB for talking about them, anyway she said, ‘have you ever talked about you guys doing leg games in the DR?....’ Magggie interjects “Oh what a f*n b****!” April continues “I said, ‘Oh are you asking me that so you can make fun of it?’ and she goes, ‘No’. Then I said "NO, I have never talked about our leg war games in the DR, have YOU?" and she goes, ‘Yes’ and I was like, ‘Because you were making fun of them?’ and she says ‘No, but the DR has asked me about them.’ Maggie says “they haven’t asked her about them, she was never there for them.” Then April says “I never got asked about them!” And Maggie said “neither have I.” They agree that BB probably showed Janelle clips of the leg games (yeah right!). April says that Janelle is lying and making fun of them.

Ivette sums it up “we are not being portrayed in good light guys.” Then April says “obviously not if they gave Janelle the f’ing phone call form home!” Maggie says "it pays to be a (c word)!”

Ivette said something about April’s mom being a carpet muncher (I’m not sure here, didn’t hear it myself.) And April was mad, she said she doesn't want her mom to be called that because she has clients and that would affect her.
Maggie then tells Ivette that saying false things about people is slander, even if it's not something bad. Ivette apologized to April. Then Maggie asked April if her sister's husband beat her, and April says no, and as she continues to answer, we get FISH.

They finally had quieted some and we thought maybe they were going to sleep until Ivette says “Maggie, can you feel my heart beat?” Maggie says “yeah, but I can't see, I'd say low sixties, why? How does it feel?” Ivette: “it feels like a panic attack.” April says “but in panic attacks your heart races…” Momma Maggie says “no, it feels like it races but its normal, talk to us Ivetta.” Ivette: “I'll be okay, it's slowing down.”

Ivette mentioned that her stomach is upset from McDonalds. She heads into the bathroom. April says that she's been waking up from naps from anxiety and that she has to poop when she has anxiety. April says “they're probably pissed off at us; they're not getting ratings. At first we thought we were cool, but I don't think we are. I don't take care of myself; I look like s***.”

3:00 AM

Howie is up now and in the BY, securing the perimeter with his light saber…lol. Then he went back in to change his shorts and BB whispers for Howie to go to the DR. Once out of the DR he heads to the gym for a small work out, he eats and orange and takes a shower and heads back to bed, however he can not sleep. He gets up and scrounges for more food and now it is like 6:00 AM.

In the HOH everyone is asleep; it looks as though Ivette may be sleeping on the floor. Lights are out, so am I