Ivette was the first one awake this morning at 11:15, she washed dishes and at noon BB gave the wake up calls and called a lockdown outside so all the houseguests had to get up and out of the house. After the lockdown, they rushed inside to see if there was any quarters left. BB did not leave any quarters.

Big Brother had them record their good-bye messages today. April whined all day about packing.

Maggie, April and Ivette take every chance they can to bash Janelle and complain. Where as Janelle and Howie did some complaining but mainly tried to work on the next HOH competition. Howie also spent some time pumping up Janelle telling her she is the strongest person in the house and to keep fighting.

Ivette decides that a good strategy is to tell everyone how much her and her family needs the money. April complained about this to Maggie, but Maggie didn’t comment.

All the houseguests realize that there is only 2 more weeks left in the game and all are dying to get out of the house.

Howie and Janelle did have a very intimate conversation about Star Wars Movies. Janelle really wants to watch all the movies. Howie is very passionate and knowledgeable about these movies.

Really all afternoon the nerd herd spent trashing Janelle for everything. When she tried to lay out she got up and when she came back April was on her towel, Maggie was laying next to it. April offered to move her towel to the other side. Janelle said no she would lie right there (which was between them)! (Go Janelle) This really pissed April off and she took any chance she could from there on in to bash Janelle for it.

Howie encourages Janelle again to hang in there. He believes the force is with her and she can win if she gets rid of Maggie. He believes that April and Ivette will turn on each other once Maggie is gone.

Ivette and Howie have a little heart to heart as Maggie and April make dinner. Howie said that he is going to miss the house and the competitions. He said he wanted to sit beside Beau at the end. Ivette talks about making it this far and how she does not believe she will win against Maggie or April. Howie counts votes for her. Again tries to show her that she needs to sit beside Janelle or him to win. Howie again tells Ivette that she knows the game the best out of the nerd herd. That she watched the show and understands it best.

Maggie and April talk about Ivette. Said that they are all deserving of the money, that Ivette does not need it anymore than them. Maggie said that they all earned it. April replies that she wants to shop and that her parents work (Ivette’s mother does not work) so April would help out her mother.

Howie believes that the nerd herd is mad at him because they didn’t cook dinner for him. They only cooked for their group. Janelle could careless.

Both groups practice a lot foe the next HOH. While in the gold room the nerd herd practice and keep watch so that Howie and Janelle don’t see them. Ivette said that she wanted to hide under the bed all night and listen to Howie and Janelle. Maggie thinks it is a great idea, to fight dirt with dirt. Ivette gets under a bed in the barracks and April and Maggie talk to see if it will work. They call Howie in to see how his voice travels. They found Beau’s pillow and want him to give it to him. They laugh about how Howie will throw James underwear at him saying that they didn’t work and were not lucky for him in the VETO competition and they think that Howie and Beau will hook up in sequester, that Beau will be the only one that caves in to him there. Janelle comes in and breaks up the party. The nerd herd scatter.

Maggie and April discuss Ivette. They believe she is friendlier with Janelle than she leads on. They hope she will not strike a deal with her. Maggie said she has nothing in common with Janelle. April said she didn’t either but that maybe Janelle owes her because she used the VETO on her.

Howie showers. The nerd Herd go to HOH and discuss Cuban traditions as they fall asleep. All quiet by 2:30 am.

What will tomorrow bring? More Janelle bashing for sure, more practicing for competitions like HOH. Oh what fun.