BB wakes up the HGs at about 9:20 this morning, but, for more than an hour before the wake-up call, feed watchers hear noises that sound like they're coming from inside the BB house—furniture moving, footsteps, whistling. (Does the new BB house have a poltergeist?)......Ivette is the only one who gets up, and starts her morning routine, while the other HGs stay in bed....The second wake-up call comes at about 9:45.

April and Maggie go outside to talk, and Ivette asks Maggie if April has said anything to her....Maggie reports that April said it's sad that Howie/Janelle haven't realized that Ivette/Maggie/April aren't going to break up. But, April is also worried that Ivette and Maggie may be playing as a team...April/Maggie imply that Janelle will take April to the final two if given a chance, but Maggie says that April still thinks that Janelle would take Ivette, not April, to the final two.

Maggie/Ivette continue to talk about the other HGs for most of the rest of the morning. During the conversation, Ivette gets up and goes in the house several times, but then comes back outside and the chat resumes.....Ivette says she thinks James had something (going) with Janelle, but Maggie assures Ivette that James' heart is still with her (Ivette). Ivette says she can understand why James turned against Cappy but won't ever be able to forgive him....Ivette/Maggie laugh that almost everyone who wanted Eric gone is no longer in the house, and say, "Payback is a b*tch." (Ivette obviously likes that expression a lot, because she repeats it several more times over the course of the morning.

The HGs are each called to the DR, starting with Howie at about 10:40. (Voting is live on Thursday, but, as usual for Wednesdays, the HGs are called to the DR for comments and to tape good-bye messages.)....Maggie talks about growing up in Sebastopol (north of San Francisco). She says it was a small "hippie" town when she was growing up, but is now very expensive. Ivette is fascinated by Maggie's stories of small town life.

Inside, Janelle and Howie are lying on the beds in the Gold Room, making silly talk and asking questions about prior competitions to prepare for tonight's HOH competition....Howie says to Janelle, "The nerd herd was seduced by the dark side. You (Janie) are the last of the Jedi force."

Just before 11:00 April joins Ivette in the BY....April has cramps. She is obviously stressed out and tries to reassure herself that "Whatever will be, will be."(Yeah April, we'll see how long that attitude lasts.) April also comments about how their families will be so proud of them if they win the money, because they "went about getting it the right way."...April wonders what they are going to say to Julie this week, and comments, "I love Asians." Ivette asks April what Julie's last name is. (How many live shows have they done now, and Ivette still doesn't know Julie's last name?) April says she loves Julie because Julie is "So cute and huggable."...The talk turns to Super Plus tampons. April says she hasn't had sex in awhile, so the Super Plus tampons were huge, and hurt.

Ivette is called to the DR, and Maggie joins April outside in a "trash Ivette" session...Ivette has said she won the "wrong" HOH because she can't compete this week. Maggie says that Ivette just doesn't like the fact that Maggie/April have two chances at staying while Ivette has only one (with veto)....Maggie/April think Ivette thinks the money will solve all her family's problems. April talks about Ivette's mother's gambling problem. April/Maggie agree that family problems shouldn't be talked about on TV. (But, apparently sharing intimate details about menstrual problems is okay.)

Howie joins April/Maggie outside....They ask Howie if he is the same outside as he is in the house. Howie says he is the same, but more toned down in the house. (Hard to imagine.)..... H/M/A decide that all the HGs left deserve to be there, because they have all won comps. There is no one left who has just flown under the radar....They spend some time trashing evicted HGs, then just before noon, Ivette comes back outside.

12:00 Noon

The HGs make lunch (except for Janelle, who has gone back to sleep.) H/A/I/M go back outside to eat and resume their trashing session....Among other comments, the women complain that Janelle has "hidden behind the guys," and made enemies because of that. Howie agrees. Ivette comments about Janelle, "It's a shame to play such an amazing game and then sh*t on people like that," and "You can't forget the jury. America doesn't vote."....Then Janelle comes out, and the women just glare at her....April tells Howie that she and Howie are a lot alike in this game. April says that people like both of them because they're funny. Then April talks about how she and Howie both repeat themselves. (And repeats this comment several times.)

As always on Wednesdays, at 1:00, Ivette gets the HOH cam....The women take pictures while Howie does the dishes...Then Howie joins in the picture taking, brandishing his light saber. (Why does that last sentence sound dirty? In this case, "light saber" really does refer to the toy light saber that BB gave Howie.)...The HGs pretend to get along, but Ivette complains that Janelle is "the most "selfish b*tch in the world" and won't let Ivette take any pictures that don't include Janelle.

About 1:30, the memory wall changes (as it has done the past few Wednesdays). This week, the HGs pictures change to "morpho-matic" pictures and everyone comments on how ugly they look....Howie and Janelle borrow the camera for a bit, and go outside to take a picture of Howie peeking out of the "jack shack" carrying a towel and a bottle of lotion...When they give the camera back, and go back outside, I/M/A make a lot of snide remarks about the pictures, for example "(Janelle's) mother will be so proud." April says she wants to take a picture of herself punching Howie's "nuts" because they are so big.....Before Ivette turns the camera in to Big Brother, she brings it to Maggie, and I/M/A indulge in some more Janelle bashing.

While Ivette is away, April and Maggie talk about votes...Maggie says "I can't take Ivette to the end, I don't have the votes."...Maggie also says that Janelle can't take Ivette because Ivette would have James' vote. April disagrees, and says that Janelle also thinks she has James' vote.....They continue to talk about votes, dancing around (but not admitting) that, if either of them wants to win, they will need to take Janelle with them to the final two.


About 3:00 pm, Ivette/April/Maggie are sitting in the BY, enjoying some more Janelle-bashing...They think that Janelle is popular with America because she plays stupid, and she is the underdog right now.....In the Gold Room, Howie and Janelle are also strategizing, counting possible jury votes....Howie says, "They're not going to (evict April). The sides were chosen long ago."...Then, Howie and Janelle start making sex jokes. For example, Howie tells a story about waking up next to a woman he thought was ugly and sneaking out....Howie tells Janelle that he might want to "jerk it." Janelle asks if she should leave, and Howie says, "No," if Janelle stays it might make it easier. Janelle is grossed out.

Outside, April and Maggie (w/o Ivette) speculate that H/J are "working on" Ivette (to evict April) but say that, if someone votes against the "friendship" their jury votes are gone....A little later, April goes to sit in one of the BY chairs and it breaks. April says that Janelle breaks all the chairs she sits in the BY, and doesn't tell anyone. (Huh? Where did THAT come from?)....Then, April and Maggie quiz each other for the HOH competition, but that doesn't last very long before they start trashing evicted HGs again. April admits to Maggie that Jen wanted to evict Ivette when Ivette was on the block with Sarah (but, of course, April doesn't mention that she wanted to do the same).

Ivette comes outside about 3:45, after having been inside for a couple of hours doing her HOH blog, and in the DR.....Then, A/M/I move inside, and make dinner while they trash Janelle. (Janelle is on the treadmill. Howie is napping.)...Maggie says she sort of wishes this was another double eviction week, to get this **** over with. (Maggie has remarked several times today that she wishes the time would go faster.)...April worries about whether Howie was right that Matt will like the fact she has put on a little weight. She wails, "I didn't want to look like a 12-year old boy with breast implants! It's not my fault—it was the genes. (With April, I never know whether to LOL or just feel really bad for her.)...April also worries that "they are portraying us as nerds because we clean all the time." (I think I can LOL at that one without feeling TOO guilty.)

Early Evening

About 5:00 pm, BB calls an inside lockdown....In the bedroom, Ivette packs for Howie while Janelle/Maggie/April watch. Ivette makes fun of Howie's ugly clothes. "But, at least I've got my health!"...Howie jokes about wanting a pair of April's panties as a souvenir....Janelle goes to take a shower. Howie comes in the bathroom and starts singing, "I Dream of Jeannie." Howie asks Janelle if she's ever watched, "I Dream of Jeannie" and Janelle replies, "Of course, I have Nick at Night." (And I feel VERY old. <sigh>)

About 6:45, the HGs sit down to dinner (except Maggie, who says she will eat later). Ivette has made "picadillo" (sp?) with rice....Ivette talks about growing up in Miami.....After dinner, Ivette tells Janelle that "you guys do dishes differently than I do." Apparently Ivette washes each dish separately, while Janelle soaks them....Ivette says that she wants to have a baby with Tush. Janelle says she wants a baby boy. Predictably, Howie offers to deliver the sperm to Janelle...They talk about looking at baby clothes at the mall. Janelle has even gone on Web sites to find baby names...BTW, Ivette says she used to be a Girl Scout Troop leader. (Did we know this already?)....Ivette tells a sad story about one of her friends in Miami, and Janelle is very sympathetic.

In the gym, April and Maggie are disgusted that Ivette is sitting and talking with Janelle and Howie...Ivette comes into the exercise room. Ivette was very bubbly when she was talking with Howie and Janelle, but now she is somber and quiet, and says she misses home....April leaves....Maggie asks Ivette if she can help, and Ivette says, "No."...Ivette says, "I just hope everything works out for the best." Maggie replies, "I think when you play a game like this and get this far, it's hard to see what's best and what isn't. Maggie tells Ivette, "I'd be heartbroken if I got sent home after getting this far."....April returns and Ivette tells Maggie/April about how she and Janelle were talking about babies. Maggie tells Ivette, "(Janelle) is lying. That's my impression."....April tells Ivette, "Janelle has manipulated four guys, why wouldn't she try to do it to one of us." April goes on, "I know it's hard for you to believe that people could be that evil, and use you like that, and not have anything to do with you outside of the game, but (Janelle's) one of them." Maggie chimes in, "It's mean. It's not something I'd get involved in but it's game."....Ivette doesn't say much in reply, but is obviously upset, and finally says, "I just want to get back to reality and my f*cked up family."....April tells Ivette, "We all need to realize that money does not make the world goes round. Whatever God wants to happen will happen. Janelle can't win $500,000--not unless America comes in out of the blue. (Janelle) has heard how you want to help your family out, she'll prey on that."....Then April says that Janelle has said she will vote to keep Howie, so Ivette will be the first HOH tiebreaker vote.

April/Maggie/Ivette continue the conversation in the kitchen while they make cookies....Out of the blue, April says she's horny, and how much she likes hotel sex....A little later, April makes a controversial remark here, and tells Ivette she is the last "colored" person left in the house. Ivette doesn't get offended, however. Maggie tries to correct April, that April meant "colorful," but April says "colored" was the term she meant.

Howie and Janelle join the others in the kitchen. Howie remarks that the M&M cookies are better than his jerkoff session...The HGs talk about things that happened earlier in the game—making fun of Janelle being drunk, when they discovered the "pairs" etc....They laugh at the irony that all five of them were part of the original "surfboard seven" alliance during the first HOH competition...Then April tells Ivette that (Ivette) is weird because she peed in the BY. Janelle says to Ivette, "You peed in the BY?!" Ivette says it's common to pee in the BY in Miami.....The conversation continues along the same lines. The only one who doesn't join in is Maggie, who looks sour.

Late Evening

Just before 10:00 pm, April/Maggie are in the barracks room talking about the game while April packs. Among other things, they talk about whether Howie has campaigned to stay in the game, but the conversation is hard to follow, because the feeds keep switching to FISH and back....Once again, April/Maggie diss Ivette for hanging around with Janelle and Howie...The talk stops when Ivette comes into the bedroom and starts helping April pack.....Janelle comes through on her way to the Gold Room....Howie is in the background playing with his light saber....Maggie tells April she taped a funny good-bye message for her, saying, "April, if you're seeing this, we've got a huge problem."....Ivette tells Howie that she'll miss working out with him in the BY...Howie replies, "Then don't vote me out."

A little later, Ivette and Maggie are in the HOH room chatting....Ivette says it's not about the money, it's about how everything goes down....Maggie says she hasn't asked God for anything in the game.

April and Howie are in the BY, speculating on what's ahead. Howie tells April he knows he's going home tomorrow....April asks Howie if Janelle likes Ivette or just deals with her. Howie tells April that Janelle doesn't like Ivette. (Howie, what are you thinking?!)....Howie tells April that Janelle likes April, but doesn't really hate the other two....Howie and April agree that James was responsible for a lot of the problems in the house, like starting the "sexual predator" talk about Michael.....They are also both excited that people on the street will recognize them when they get out of the house....About 10:45, BB calls April to the DR, but she doesn't go. April and Howie keep talking about whether Ivette or Beau were the target when they were on the block together. Howie tells April that Janelle wanted Ivette out and he wanted Beau out.

Meanwhile, in the HOH room, Maggie is wearing headphones, and watching the SpyCam with a mud mask on her face....Maggie tells Ivette once again that she doesn't like it when people f*ck with people's emotions, that when she heard Janelle talking about babies with Ivette, it made Maggie mad.....Ivette gets into bed with her rosary and her family pictures, saying that she couldn't pass up this opportunity to win money for her family, no matter how much it hurt them.

Just before 11:00, we go to FISH....But when the feeds come back, we get feeds (but no audio) of Janelle and Howie by the washing machine, and then feeds of empty rooms.....Ivette gets called to the DR a little after 11:00....Janelle comes inside, and sits alone at the kitchen table, looking at the memory wall.

About 11:30, Janelle apparently hid some cheese, and April is pissed, so April runs out to the BY with the cheese....In the process, April's knee or leg gets injured, and Janelle is called to the DR. (From the Updates, it's not completely clear what happened here.)

After Midnight

April/Maggie/Ivette are in bed in the HOH room....Ivette talks about her brother in prison, and they discuss how prison compares with the BB house...April says her leg hurts, but she doesn't want Howie or Janelle to know.

In the Gold Room, Janelle and Howie ask each other questions to prepare for the HOH competition...Then Janelle wants to have a light saber duel with Howie in the barracks room....The battle continues up to the balcony and then back to the barracks room.

CAUTION: ADULT CONTENT AHEAD. Back in the Gold Room, Howie and Janelle are under the covers (in separate beds, I think) and Howie is "jerking it." When he finishes, he tells Janelle that "that is the biggest load since I've been here," and gives the camera a thumbs-up.

Surprisingly, Howie doesn't fall asleep immediately after that....Instead, although he and Janelle try to sleep, they are restless and get up again about 3:00 am to go look at the memory wall....Howie goes to the WC, and once again leaves the door open....Janelle and Howie finally fall asleep about 3:30 am.

Night hammies.