Howie is up, goes to the kitchen, drinks directly from the tap for quite a while. Howie heads to the living room and takes his medicine. He finds a long hair on the table and tosses it on the floor. He then heads back to bed.

People setting up the HoH game in the backyard, no lockdown has been called probably because everyone is asleep. It appears to be a circle platform divided into three parts with each of the participating houseguests names on the circle. Around 10:40am Howie wakes up again then heads to the kitchen to throw a wad of tissue and ??? into the trash. [blanket movement implies he was relieving tension under the blanket again]. Howie goes back to the GR to quiz Janelle in preparation for the HoH tonight.

April wants Howie to ask James how many people he has slept with. Maggie asks April why she cares. April also wants Howie to ask James what he does for a living. Maggie tells April she is getting stupider the more time she spends in the house. Maggie tells Ivette how she can't be around them [H/J] anymore, they never talk about things that matter in life.


House cleaning in preparation for the live show. Ivette cleaning up the HoH, Howie cleaning in the kitchen, Janelle is cleaning up the GR. Howie and Janelle have a "your cute" exchange back and forth. Janelle sweeping the GR while Howie makes something to eat, Ivette is cleaning the barracks up now. April, Howie and Ivette talking about how much they love the Waffle House. April remembers there being a bunch of them in New Orleans. Looks like everyone is up in the HoH for a lockdown. April and Maggie saying how much they like "Brent" [BB voice] because he calls them ladies instead of houseguests.

After the lockdown, Janelle starts talking to everyone about how long and beautiful Kaysar's eyelashes were. Ivette agrees, says they were cool. Howie pipes in that Kaysar's dreamy. April leaves a fart trail and Maggie calls her on it. Talking about misplaced razors and tweezers and where they might have gone off too. April seems to always want to accuse Janelle of everything, taking tweezers, breaking chairs, etc. Now Ivette comments that April's fart trail smells like sewage and April says yes, that is what comes from her ass is sewage. The nerd herd have decided that even if they do not win HoH, they do not want to stay in the GR, it apparently freaks them out. Janelle is vacuuming and April tries to claim it was because April told her she had to, then back peddles it to April asked Janelle.

Janelle offended because Howie and April were saying she had to many men because she had been with 25 guys. Janelle says that is not a lot, then April does her patented back peddle, no it isn't. Ivette hopes God will reward her with the money for her family. April is trying to convince Howie that Janelle doesn't have a chance for the big money against Ivette. [Does she have a chance with any of the herd?] April is hoping she leaves the house as a liked person, she doesn't wanna be evil or mean. April tries to dissect why the Howiecane hit her. Howie says it's just the game. Maggie tells Ivette her shirt for tonight is to risqué, she can be Janelle for tonight. Ivette comments that the GR looks great, April tells her that kind of talk is out as of today. Ivette tells April to say hi to Beau Beau for her. Maggie rubs Ivette's shoulders and asks her if she has Howie's jury vote now?

Maggie says next week we have our three brains against only hers. Now the herd talks about how they all have degrees. Ivette seems to be having a bit of fun at April's expense, talking about evicting April. April does not think it's funny at all. Howie keeps giving Janelle pep talks, telling her she can kick their butts and make it to the end, that everyone believes in her. Howie tries to work Maggie one last time for her vote, but she is having none of it. Howie says he knows for sure that Ivette is not winning HoH this week. [yeah, we know that too Howie].

More pep talks for Janelle, then a long talk about Michael, April seems to be trying to get Janelle to reconsider Michael or shake her confidence in some way before the HoH. Maggie and April go off to practice for the HoH competition. They talk about Jennifer and how she was the prettiest girl "naturally". They talk about how Michael liked Jennifer and was going after her when they all first got into the house.

They are all primping for the live show. April picking at her nose in the mirror. Maggie tells April she looks volumptious. Ivette realizes her eyelashes are burnt, the herd all laugh about it. Janelle has chosen a purple top and jeans for tonight. They are all talking about the fan questions that Julie asks, they don't believe they are really from fans. They think everyone stopped watching when James was voted off. Ivette and Janelle have a quiet talk. Ivette offers an olive branch to her and it seems sincere. Janelle is really sad that Howie is leaving, Howie seems to be taking it very well. Janelle apologizes to Howie for not having won HoH and keeping him safe. He is trying to get her to focus on the game yet to be played out. He tells her in two weeks everyone will be back together.

FISH - Live show [Howie evicted, Janelle wins HoH]

The nerd herd seems to be kissing Janelle's butt. Janelle says she hopes she gets nice pictures of her dogs so they can see how beautiful they are. They ask if she brought pictures of family and she says yes, but she is not sure if they all signed releases. April says well, Janelle has secured her place in the final three, now two of them have to. April thanks everyone for keeping her there, Ivette says your welcome. Janelle mentions wanting to go to New Orleans after the show to visit a friend of hers there. Maggie mentions wanting to go there for Jazzfest. Ivette says she would have aced the HoH competition. Janelle thought it was really cute they had a question about when Howie met Holly. Ivette is going to run the treadmill, borrow Janelle's superhero cape and get herself ready for the PoV competition. April thinks the PoV will be another one where they separate them all, those are the most suspicious ones. Ivette tells Janelle if she had lived in her house when she was growing up, her things would be thrown out. Ivette says her mother would throw away anything left laying on the floor. Ivette and Maggie are talking about how they have to win PoV.

Janelle really liked how Howie gave a shout out to Holly, hopes they hook up outside the house. April comments that she looks like an old raggedy crack whore. April is upset that she was asked about smoking, she says "Those bitches asking me about smoking, I'm gonna kick all their asses". Maggie says maybe the herd are just average and Janelle just exceeded, it's not normal. There is some sex talk going on, Maggie says she thought all that would stop when Howie left the house, In the next breath Maggie talks about how horny she is. Lots of talk about food, Ivette asks Maggie if she will ever go back to eating meat, Maggie says no. Janelle says she is a princess, Ivette says it is her world and they are all just living in it. Janelle agrees. April sets a new world record for herself by not talking for a solid minute. Maggie and April talking about the HoH competition again. April talks about wanting to cuddle with Maggie and how much she likes touching. April and Maggie get fixated on the fish talking to them and telling them what to do.

April says she had a cross in her bra and was praying to God to help her, that was why she is not upset about HoH. Ivette seems pretty certain she is one of the people Janelle will put up for eviction. April says that Janelle had no fun in the house, all she did was study, not having any fun like the nerd herd. Ivette says that Janelle is an amazing player, but she will not get her vote in the end because she made her life hell for three months. April tells Janelle she will only get second place at best, Janelle says she knows and walks away. Ivette says they wanted her out the first week, but she is content she made it this far. [Ashlea and Kaysar were nominated week one]. Janelle talks about her hair color and how it comes from Amsterdam. Ivette asks why she cannot get it here, Janelle says she can't. When Janelle is called to the DR, the herd thinks they told Janelle to clean up the GR because the last safe will be opened. April talks again about how she could see Janelle moving in the HoH and could have cheated. Maggie says they don't cheat even though Janelle has and BB has done nothing about it. They don't want to sleep in the GR because of the dirty sheets and they don't feel like washing the sheets tonight.

Janelle gets her HoH room, comments about Janelle's brother drinking in a picture, Janelle says he was of age, Maggie does not appear to believe that. They are looking at her stuff she got. April looking through the Mary Kay for zit cream. Janelle got a picture from a friend that she hadn't seen before. Janelle asks them if they all want to sleep up there with her. The herd declines and as they leave, Ivette says it was probably just an attempt to try to get their votes in the end. Janelle stays in the HoH to listen to her music, the herd go downstairs to bash Janelle. Ivette says she respects Janelle as a player but not as a person. April assumes that Janelle will rip into whoever is next to her at the final two. The herd talks about how much they will miss each other after they leave the house. They wonder if Janelle will try for the PoV and decide she will, just for the glory of it. Maggie says that Janelle's mom has fake boobs. Maggie decides the NH will not be sleeping upstairs tonight. The herd are congratulating themselves for not playing sneaky. Ivette claims it is totally possible to play honestly to the end of the game. April wants to go to the DR but they won't let her in there. They are talking about the BB schedule and competitions for these last days. April finally gets called to the DR. After some random wandering around the house, Maggie tells Ivette the game was supposed to be a lot more fun. Ivette and Maggie seem to think April is up in the HoH room until Janelle comes downstairs, it was her opening the door, not April.

Maggie talks about how coming on BB has meant a huge pay cut for her. April is hanging out with Janelle for a bit, making nice. Janelle gets called to the DR. April thinks the HoH competition was not fair because they were not given much time to think of an answer. April and Maggie talking about how pissed James would be if they were the final two. April repeats many times that she would just piss herself. They decide that Janelle not making any mistakes at all in HoH was a "mental screwing" of them because it put more pressure on them. Ivette goes up to the HoH and delivers the bad news to Janelle that they will not be sleeping upstairs with her, Janelle says that is fine, maybe tomorrow they can do pedicures since her mom sent the stuff for it. Ivette says sure, they can do them up in the HoH. Ivette and April talk in the kitchen, Ivette thinks the rats [BB] love Janelle. Maggie comes out of the DR and says "We're a bunch of assholes, they hate us, I love it!" Ivette concedes that Janelle is probably human, but she [Ivette] doesn't care. There is some inane chatter about hotel prices and where one lost their virginity etc. Janelle is still up in the HoH reading the HoH rules. April takes the cross she had hidden in her bra for the HoH and says "well that sure didn't help me". They are getting ready for bed.

Maggie organizing the herd in the barracks, Janelle is upstairs listening to her CD and painting her nails. Maggie pops her head into the HoH to tell Janelle they are in competition mode and will be sleeping in the barracks, but after noms and veto maybe they can have a slumber party. Janelle says she is going to listen to her CD, says good night, and Maggie says good night for the herd. Maggie is back in the barracks and says if they had done any other competition for HoH they would have won, they were soooo prepared. Maggie talks about how she had to change her game in in the first two weeks because Eric was coming on so strong. Janelle comes down to the barracks and they talk about dogs, heartworm, doggie treats. Janelle talks about Ahslea's dog having behavioral problems, partly because Ashlea does not spend enough time with it, partly because it was already six months old when she got it from the pet store.

12:00am and After
There is some talk of former hgs and Ivette rags on Rachel, sticks up for James. There are fish randomly for the next long while. When the fish finally leave, the herd is in the barracks, Janelle is back upstairs. Bits of chatter while Janelle listens to her CD some more. Some Janelle bashing in bits, April moves to the GR to sleep. Janelle is restless. Lots of tossing and turning during the night, not sure there was a point where all of them were sleeping at the same time. As of 9:00am, they are all in bed, Janelle got up to use the WC but went back to bed.