9:30 AM

BB woke the HG’s this morning at around 9:30. Janelle slept in the HOH, Ivette in the barracks and Maggie and April were in the GR. After about 20 minutes of FISH, Janelle is seen going from the HOH down to the GR. She walks in to the GR, turns on the lights and surprised that they were in there, apologized, then asked them if she could take the 3 pillows from there to the HOH, because the pillows in the HOH are too thin. Once she gets the pillows and is leaving, she does not turn the lights back off.

BB is now telling the HG’s they need to feed the fish, Janelle on her way out of the GR, said she doesn’t know how, so Maggie says “don’t worry we’ll take care of it.” In the meantime, Ivette has gone to the SR to get fish food and is feeding the fish. Janelle heads back to bed in the HOH, with the lights on, Maggie and April are still in bed in the GR with the lights on. Ivette now heads back to the barracks, turns off the lights and goes back to bed. BB none to happy says “I said the lights must remain on during the day.” Ivette gets up flips the lights on and gets back in bed.

April then got up soon after and headed to the SR to get the fish food, not knowing that Ivette already fed them. BB called her into the DR to let her know they had already been fed. April then returned the food to the SR and headed back to bed.

Ivette finally got up at around 10:20 AM and started coffee. She didn’t notice at first the ‘Nominations Today’ on the plasma screen. Then after a short while she saw it. In the GR, April is telling Maggie how loud the ‘rats’ were last night (that’s the BB crew behind the walls). She asks Maggie if she will be nervous playing for POV and Maggie answered “of course.”

11:00 AM

While Ivette was in the DR and Janelle still up in HOH, April and Maggie were outside dancing around trying to figure out who will take whom to the F2. Maggie is counting things on hers hands as they relate to how many weeks they’ve been in the house (hello, knock-knock Maggie, your fingers didn’t help you AT ALL in the last HOH competition! LOL). Maggie pretty much tells April that she doesn’t trust that April will take her (Maggie) to the F2 because she (April) has never really said she would. Maggie says “I think if you are playing with your heart you will take me, but maybe your strategy has changed.” April says “I've never played strategy before, so why would I start now?”

Ivette is out of the DR and April has been called in. Now Maggie and Ivette are outside. Maggie is telling Ivette that April said it doesn't matter who is put up, “I told her it matters who isn’t put up but April doesn’t think so.” They both agree that there are some things about the game that April doesn’t understand. Maggie says “poor Howie, he didn’t stand a chance against Janelle in the veto competition.” They talk about how the competitions are all biased towards Janelle in favor of her to win. Ivette then tells Maggie “you are the one that saved April by not using POV on Beau.” Maggie pretends not to understand at first, and then says “I saved you by doing that too.” Ivette said it was their time to get rid of April, now Janelle will probably save April again.

Maggie is called to the DR now. BB announces “Nominations Ceremony is in 2 hours.” Ivette and April are inside and April asks Ivette if she thinks there will be a shopping spree. April mentions something about there being an event of some sort tonight since the nomination ceremony will be so early today (BB announced it would be around 1:00 PM). April says to Ivette “I am telling you something is going on tonight. Probably the f’ing POV competition.”

11:30 AM

Everyone is finished in the DR for now and the four of them are sitting around outside talking about general things. Janelle talks about her participation in a beauty pageant when she was 17. She says she doesn’t like Miss USA, but loves the Miss Universe pageant. She declares there is no way she will put her kids in pageants. They all agree on how beautiful Milania (D. Trumps gal) is.

April mentions something about a pageant she was in when she was young and how the girl that beat her had better grades than her and was the librarian’s daughter. Ivette says “you people in Texas are all about cheerleading and pageants.”

12:00 PM

It’s so weird their conversation moved from pageants and cheerleading to movie stars, strippers and New Orleans, April saying how much fun she has had in New Orleans. Specifically they were talking about Charlie Sheen and his shenanigans with strippers. (Like they are physic, they covered New Orleans and Charlie Sheen who is the actor in the sitcom that Janelle (hopefully) will go on set with in Two and a Half Men.)

Janelle and April both disappear inside the house. Maggie and Ivette are talking alone now, Maggie saying she knows they will be nominated. Maggie remembers that Janelle and April were holding hands for a second last night when sitting in the blue chairs. Maggie does though, that April still knows she has to fight to stay in. They both agree that this has been one of the nicest days in the house.

April is back outside now with Maggie and Ivette and AGAIN asking if they think there will be a shopping spree. Now the three of them are talking about their families and loved ones. They want their significant others to be there to pick them up when this is over. Ivette yells “My Tooshie!!” April is peeved that Ivette didn’t get yelled at, she says “Why is it okay when you do it, but we get yelled at?” Ivette tells April that she is a camera whore.

1:00 PM April brown nosing the HOH

Nominations are in an hour. Everyone scurries to primp and get ready. April follows Janelle into the HOH from the bedroom where Janelle was doing her hair. She is just short of begging Janelle to let her stay in the game. April says “I need to win POV, it's the only way for me to stay…” Janelle says “Do you really think so; you think Maggie would keep Ivette over you?” April says “yes. They know you and I get along…” Janelle: “You think so?” April “pretty sure…” Janelle asks April again “Do you think Maggie would want to get rid of you?” April says “If we get along, and we go to the final 3, they think you will pick me.” Janelle says “I probably would, but you can't plan that far ahead, because who knows what will happen with the veto.” April: “It's totally a toss up.” Janelle says “Ivette would vote you out and you would vote Ivette out, that's obvious. I can't imagine Maggie picking you over Ivette.” April: “I know Maggie would keep Ivette because of Eric. Maggie is a great ‘in-the-middle’ person, she's not mean. Ivette on the other hand, she yells instead of talks.”

Janelle asks April “If I wasn't in the final 3, who would Maggie pick?” April: “I don't know! It's 50-50. She has never said she'd take me. Has she told Ivette? I don't know because I've never asked her.” Janelle asks April “So do you think the decision should be made after the POV competition?” April says “yeah, pretty much.” Janelle: “If given the chance, would you even consider putting Maggie up?” April: “Nuh-uh, I really wouldn't, I respect her because she's a nice person.” Janelle says “Would you consider putting up Ivette?” April says “I will; we knew it was coming down to this. Its better we do it now than in the final 3. I think Ivette would vote me out. She might say she doesn't know, but she will because she likes and respects Eric, which is understandable.”

Janelle made it clear to April that she respected Kaysar the same way Ivette respects Eric, but that does not affect how she herself will play the game out. Then April says “well Eric may have a 25% impact on her (Ivette’s) decision.” April says she will respect whatever decision Janelle makes “I’m just glad you want to keep me!”

Then April says to Janelle “You're like Superwoman. Please fight for the veto and keep me here!” Janelle says we're all strong and we can all win. April is convinced that BB will distract the competition with the possibility of obtaining entrance to the third safe. Janelle says “if it’s money, I will want the safe.” April almost begging says “Please go for the veto. You have a chance for the final 2 because you're a strong player.”

Janelle asks April if Ivette was mad at Maggie for not using the POV on Beau and April said no. Janelle says to April “so you won’t be mad if I nominate you?” After a minute April says “no.” Janelle says “It’s better for me if you win POV. I don’t want them to think that we have any kind of bond. If I don’t nominate you, it might make them mad. I definitely want Ivette out.” April concerned says “what if for some reason the POV can not be won?” Janelle does not think that will be the case.

Janelle says “the worst case scenario would be if Ivette wins POV, it will be a tough spot to be in.” April says “You can talk to Maggie….” Janelle: “Whenever I talk to Maggie, she beats around the bush and points the finger in another direction. That's why I didn't talk to her today. She would say it wasn't necessary to ask her.” Janelle tells April that if she gets any information from Maggie to let her know. Then she tells April to ask Maggie who she would want out. April says she will try, but thinks Maggie won’t offer up anything until after the POV competition.

April is now trying to figure out a story to tell Ivette about why she has been up with Janelle for so long. Janelle says to just tell her we were talking about last week and how the votes went etc.

In the meanwhile, Ivette and Maggie say how bad April is looking being in the HOH for so long with Janelle. Ivette threatens that if April lies to her when she comes down that April will NOT get her vote if she ends up in the F2. Maggie agrees with Ivette.

April is helping Janelle come up with something to say in the speech as to why they are being nominated. April tells Janelle that Maggie has been nice to her (Janelle), where Ivette has not.

April is once again begging that Janelle go for the veto and not the safe (if it’s offered.)

1:30 PM

Maggie and Ivette are outside, convinced that April is striking a deal with Janelle. Maggie says she has never made any deals outside of the friendship circle and she wouldn’t start now. Ivette says that even though she has been offered to make deals outside the friendship, she wouldn’t do it either. Maggie says she has never even been approached with the idea. Ivette says “I'm gonna have to fight to get POV, basically I see it as 2-2, because Janelle will want the nominations to stay the same and April will want to save herself.” Maggie says “it is so risky her staying up in the HOH for so long.”

Ivette and Maggie are in the bathroom, and April comes in from the outside after folding her laundry. April volunteers that Janelle was asking her who they were going to vote for and April says “I told her we didn’t know yet. I will tell you more when we are on lock down outside.” (This will be while Janelle is inside doing the nominations.) April says “has it been an hour yet?” Ivette says “yep! You’ve been up there for forty minutes.” April tells them that Janelle never did tell her who she was putting up. April then goes on to say how much they talked about Howie (ha!).

The girls without Janelle are outside now. April tells them Janelle said 'whatever happens don't take it personal. ' April says “I did not ask her who she'd put up I felt it wasn't appropriate. She never said who would put up. She said it will be strictly strategy and she gave me every scenario.” Ivette says “What did you say?” April: “She asked who'd I pick and I said I honestly don't know. I said I didn't ask Maggie, and I'm not Ivette or Maggie so I can't speak for either of them. Then she talked about last week and how Howie tried to get Ivette's vote…” Maggie says “I don't see how it can be strategy. She has no say in what happens. It can't be strategy!” April: “She might put me and Ivette up to see where you go. She knows where we stand.” Maggie: “Whatever. I don't see that as being strategy.” Ivette says “It doesn't make a difference; whoever I'm up against I lose.” April says to Ivette “You have 2 guaranteed votes!” Ivette says “You have 2 votes too, you have Jennifer and Rachel. You have Rachel hands down. I know that for a fact!”

Ivette says “Say God forbid Janelle and I are at the end, I don’t know who James would pick “April: “He'd pick you.” Maggie agrees. Ivette says “Well he said he would, but he might look at Janelle and say "wow!" April: “She asked who I wanted sitting next to me and I said there wasn't any need to think about that now. Whatever I think I will keep to myself. If I'm telling anybody, it wouldn't be her. She's curious. She doesn't know us. She doesn't know where we stand.”

At around 2:00 BB called for a lock down and Janelle to go to the DR for Nomination Ceremony preparation.

Still outside, April (lying) is telling Ivette and Maggie that Janelle said it would suck of the safe was thrown into the POV competition. April also said the only reason Janelle called her up to the HOH was because April is nice to her. April goes on to say how shocked Janelle was when April told her that they have not talked about who they would vote out.

April tells them she loves them and there should be no hard feelings with them when this is over. (Maggie is sulking with her arms crossed.) April says “I think she's thinking a lot harder about it than we are.” Ivette: “yeah because she's looking at whom she wants to sit next to at the end.” And then April says “I really think I'm going.”

Ivette says that in the HOH competition Janelle was doing a little dance when Maggie missed a question….” April says "but you couldn't see!" Ivette says “I could feel it.”

April says she wouldn't doubt if Janelle would bring Ivette to the finals because she thinks she could win over her. Maggie says “we had better not give her that chance.” Ivette says “Janelle might be thinking, too, of who needs the money more.” April says that is not the way to think. Now they are talking about HOH competitions and how some are thrown for one reason or another. Ivette says “I think Danielle threw one but, Lisa insured she was safe.” Maggie “She went against Jason. I thought that was horrible….” Ivette says “And Jason still voted for her. She could've stayed on for Jason.” Maggie: “I thought that was horrible!” Then they talk about Drew taking out Diane to make sure he won the 500K. April says anything can happen and she wouldn't put it past the rats to change something up at the end. Maggie says “it isn't the rats you have to worry about but the jury.”

April seems very sure that they will be locked inside once the nomination ceremony is over getting ready for a POV right after. April says “poor Janelle, she has to pick between the 3 of us.” (Ahem, I on the other hand am not saying ‘poor Janelle’ but GO Janelle! LOL) April says “If I make final 3, and I have to hang on to something in a competition, I am going to hang on forever.”

Maggie is convinced that Janelle cheated on her first HOH win during the tie-breaker and that we didn't see it; and then it was edited in the 8-second delay.

3:00 PM Nominations Ceremony

Just before 3:00 PM, they are showing Janelle at the Memory Wall, and then later they show the BB staff bringing the nomination box, with the one key in it, and putting it in the gym, then closing the door. Our feeds cut to FISH at just about 10 minutes to 3:00. They have been out some time now and there is speculation that Janelle may have won and left for AC and that the others will find the nomination box in the gym…this could be good! OR we could be wrong! 

Well Okay, so that was fun to think about right? LOL! The feeds came back before 3:30 and Janelle is still in the house. (AC winner must not leave until after the weekend, as I believe filming is only during the week.)

Ivette and Maggie have been nominated. Janelle says to Maggie, “well at least I didn’t say I was using you as a pawn.” Maggie said “it doesn’t matter how you word it when you put some one up…” Janelle said “yes it does, because when you say someone is a pawn, it is basically saying that you are not a strong enough player to evict.” Maggie agreed, subtly, then laughed – a little.

They are in the barracks while Janelle is making something to eat. Ivette is crying saying to Maggie “I knew I was going to be on the block, but I didn’t think you would be.” April whispers to them that she really thought Janelle would put her up with Ivette, not Maggie. April says “You know we all prepared for this and that we were going to have to fight this out.” Ivette, crying says “I'm fine; it's just the reality that I knew your key was going to be in there. April: “You know we all have to fight for ourselves now. I feel like you would pick Maggie and Maggie would pick you. This whole thing makes my stomach hurt. The veto is the only thing that will guarantee safety for you or me or Maggie.”

Ivette says again that she knew 100% it would be April’s key in the box. April continues to tell Ivette that what Janelle said was actually really good ‘You are so good, but you don't give yourself enough credit’. Ivette says “I should've done better in that faces veto competition.” April: “Woulda, coulda, shoulda; I mean I could've won HOH yesterday but I screwed the pooch because Julie messed me up. I feel bad because I've let all y'all down.” Ivette is crying and sure that April will pick Ivette to leave. April tells her “I don’t know that yet, I haven’t made up my mind.” April leaves to find something to eat.

3:30 PM

Janelle, April and Ivette are in the kitchen now making something to eat. Janelle says “BB is so cool; everything I said I liked while I’ve been here, they put in HOH basket.” Maggie has just come out of the DR and said she asked for some wine tonight.

Now outside Maggie is telling Ivette, we must NEVER campaign against one another. Ivette says that April plays like she is weak at times. Maggie says that April can’t stand for someone not to like her. Ivette is accusing April of lying, saying that April once said ‘there are certain things I will not do to win 500K and one of them is talk to any of the S6’. They both say how badly they need to win the veto.

Ivette has been called to the DR. Janelle is still in the kitchen making food for everyone. April and Maggie decide to set up the volleyball net and say they hope they get wine tonight, playing volley ball will be more fun!

April started it! She said to Maggie “Do you want to talk?” Maggie says to April how hurt her feelings were that April talked to Janelle today, that it put a bigger target on her (Maggie) by her telling Janelle that both April and Ivette would take Maggie to the end. April says “all she told me is that she wants Ivette out.” Maggie says “Right, then once Janelle evicts Ivette then you and Janelle will come after me next.” April says “that is not an option, it will never happen. And Janelle has never said a bad thing about you to me.” April also told Maggie that “Janelle understands she only has control this week and only this week and that no matter what, the two of us are not going to take her to F2.”

Ivette came outside now, so April and Maggie changed the subject.

4:00 PM America’s Choice!

We could hear BB saying something to the HG’s and some stirring going on, April asking questions, then the feeds cut. When we returned we came back to a house with no Janelle! She has won AC and is on her way to the set of Two and a Half Men.

Oh boy let the bashing begin! LOL. Ivette of course is first up saying she can NOT understand how Janelle could win. She says “I don’t really care so much that she won, but I wonder how I am looking. If I am being portrayed badly, my poor mom, that’s all I am worried about.” She says she really doesn’t want to appear to be a sore loser, but “Janelle said Ashlea was too ugly to model, she always talked about Beau being black, calling them all whores, a married woman, a whore!” They just don’t get it!

Ivette says “we are destined to win. If they screw with how the winner is chosen, then we will know the game is rigged in Janelle’s favor!” They think BB edits shows to make them look bad. Ivette “How can we not be favorites? April is from small town in Texas; Maggie is a nurse who had a firefighter as a partner….”

Ivette continues “She was a bitch to every girl in this house!” April says “Not that America saw.” Ivette: “She had no morals and not a bit of a soul in this house and I'm not worried, you have to make friends with the jury.” Maggie says the DR will give them a lecture on how they are talking, especially when they accuse BB of rigging the outcome. Ivette says “I don’t care! They can hear every word we are saying.” April says “I never said I hated anyone in this house.” Ivette says “well I’ve said I hated her! DO I think she deserves the money? NO!”

Maggie says “I hope my family isn’t suffering the consequences of me being on this show.” April says “They may have made us out to look like bad people, but we have lives to return to, I have a job to go back to, we all have jobs to go back to, all she does is talk about sex!.” April then says “I will not talk about this in the DR, I will not comment about it. 10 more days of being portrayed as a b*tch.”

Ivette told Maggie that her mom knows the real Maggie and Maggie says “but the town of Sebastapol doesn’t." Ivette: “I honestly do not care. Maybe I came on this show to realize it is just TV.” April: “Not everybody knows it's just TV, if they're not here. My job will not know if it's just TV and this ‘just TV’ can ruin my job.” (She is wiping away tears now.)

Maggie says “This makes us not want to play. They have to know this would hurt our feelings.” Ivette says “I knew Janelle would win. I'm not going to get down in the dumps for it though. Nobody forced me to come on this show. I wanted to come on this show and this is my payback. This is a kick in the ass telling me ‘be careful what you wish for’.”

Ivette says obviously they don't show on TV that Janelle leaves all her dirty underwear everywhere and they have to clean up after her all the time. Maggie repeats what Ivette said earlier “her winning is not the problem; it’s how we are being portrayed that is the problem.” April says it must be because the producers can't put half of what Janelle says on TV because it’s all X-rated. The April says she couldn't give a rats a** about seeing or meeting Charlie Sheen, it would have been cool, but she doesn't care.

I get it now; America hates Ivette because she is gay! That’s what she says anyway then she says “Guess what America? I'm going to go back to Miami and be a big ole lesbian, and a waitress, and get back to my loud ass family!" Ivette says if America comes up to her and tells her she is a b*tch, she will say f*** you and your kids!!" She goes on to say she is a riot in the DR, “how can America not think we are funny!?”

5:00 PM

April says that 75% of the viewers must be male for Janelle to be winning. She says “maybe AC was to give it to the first person who lost their partner in the game.” Ivette yelling “you can burn in hell (to America) don’t come up to me when I get out!” (So she does think someone would want her autograph…lol) Ivette is sure they didn’t pick her because she is a lesbian, Maggie has a boyfriend and April is married.

April says maybe they feel sorry for her because her family doesn’t care and maybe her family hasn't been interviewed. Ivette said to April “There are no ifs, ands or butts. You, Maggie and I are HUGE bitches and she's America's sweetheart. Do you realize that? You are the blond, wanna be Janelle. I am hated because I'm not a blond bombshell. And Maggie is hated because she's not as sexy.” Ivette says “let’s just sit back and let Janelle win everything, that’s it!” Maggie says “maybe I should just walk out the door” and Ivette says “we all should!” Now April is venting that we are a bunch of abusers for loving the attack on her by Howie.

Ivette says “I really truly can't wait to see how I'm being portrayed.” Maggie: “I actually don't want to know right now. A lot of America will never get it. I just can't wait to be back in the hospital and getting advice from all the jackasses on how I should have played. At least Eric will be there to defend me.”

April says “who cares if she wins the 500K or not, she will walk away with that in prizes. April says Janelle does not care about the upcoming veto competition. Maggie says “she wants to win it so she can say f*** you.” Ivette: “she wants the control.” April says “That’s what I’m saying, as much as you think she likes me, I think she wants to keep me to final 3 because she thinks she can beat me.”

Maggie says “she's hoping to create a situation where we all get mad at each other and she gets the one vote she needs at the end, “she can't have it, she's f’d.” They are now sitting outside on the lounge wondering about Janelle and how they keep from telling her anything. They also think Janelle is eating steak and drinking high end red wine.

Now Maggie is mocking BB and says “HG’s we would never mess with the integrity of the game.” April is flipping off all the cameras. April says something about losing her job from the things she has done, such as flipping everyone off. Then Maggie says “well, then maybe Janelle can give you some fake money.”

Maggie says “Thank god Ashlea left sequester, or they probably would have brought her back in.” LOL, Ivette says “let’s just put the veto necklace around her neck without even playing it!” Ivette says that James warned her about this happening and she should have listened to him.

April says “they're going to throw the third safe in the POV comp.” Ivette says “and with our luck she'll get the f*ing safe and the veto!” Maggie says “don't ever tell me that this is an f*ing reality show.” April: “this isn't reality America, this is pre-planned.” (Thanks for the clarification April, we love it either way!)

Ivette is going on and on and on and..well you get it, about Janelle cheating. Ivette says "I read 300 clear as f'ing day. It was 300 upside down. So do we throw our towels in?” Maggie sternly says “NO!” Ivette says when she leaves Thursday she's going to just run to the gumball machine and put in their extra quarters. "F*** saying my goodbyes.”

April says “we are getting paid $750.00 a week to put up with this!” Ivette says that will not cover her therapy when she gets out. April says she thinks she comes across to (Umm, not me) us as religious. April says to Maggie “can we cuddle tonight? I need some love.” Maggie says “Yes, big time!”

6:00 PM The girls got BOOZE!

Ivette is telling April that Janelle will not take her to the final 2 because Ivette could give her a run for her money in competitions. Ivette says Janelle will be better off taking April because she gets frazzled, then April defends herself saying “that only happened once.” Ivette argues “it happened more than once.” Maggie is listening to this and not saying anything.

April asks Maggie who she would take to the end (remember she was to get this info for Janelle)….Maggie says “I’m not saying, that wouldn’t be cool. Why, did Janelle ask you about it?” April says “kind of…” Maggie: “It’s none of her business, it’s the friendships business.” April says “Janelle told me she thinks I will take you and not her to the F2.” Maggie says “well you already said that earlier on the patio.” April says “No, I said that is what she thinks, I didn’t tell her I would do anything.” Ivette came in and this talk stopped.

Ivette tells them that one day she told BB that she was afraid of how she ‘looked’ on TV and she said they told her ‘WE don’t make you look anyway.’ Maggie says “They told us all ‘we don't put words in your mouth’. No, you just choose where you put them and what they mean.”

They decided they didn’t want to drink anymore and that they want to go to bed early. April left Maggie and Ivette alone in the LR to change and Ivette asked Maggie “what’s wrong, you can talk to me you know.” Maggie says “Nothing is wrong.”

8:00 PM

All 3 girls went into the DR and came out about 15 minutes later, seemingly in better spirits than when they went in. They headed outside to play volleyball. April says (about the DR) “damn, I was mean!” Maggie says “Don’t worry they won’t play any of that.” (Gee I wonder, were they bashing Janelle?)

April and Maggie think they hear car brakes outside of the walls. April says “I do really want to hear about it.” It is being implied that BB told them they needed to be up when Janelle got back.

8:30 PM Janelle is home!

Janelle is back and everyone is at least acting as though they are happy and excited to hear what happened. Janelle has a t-shirt signed by the cast. She tells them that she was given a tour by the kid actor on the show. Janelle said there were a lot of fans at the taping. Ivette asks “were they screaming your name?” Janelle says “yes.” Ivette asks “what did they tell you?” Janelle says “I can’t say.”

Janelle said they did the taping of the show and then they all came out to meet her. They had this guy who did a card trick and then that’s when she saw the big brother fans that came to the show. She said the food was delish. It was Kraft Food Service. Janelle was especially happy about eating chicken pot pie.

Janelle said she could not interact with the fans. That no one could talk about the show or current events to her. Janelle said there were paparazzi pictures being taken of her when she exited the Limo. April says “Oh they probably hang out there to catch pictures of Charlie…” Janelle says “No, they were there to see me, they followed me around.” Maggie, Ivette and April can not believe it! They seem to be really excited and asking a lot of questions.

Maggie and April went to shower and Ivette was still with Janelle in the kitchen. Janelle opened the fridge and was so excited to see wine!

Ivette is ready to pounce on Janelle and her good mood. She says to Janelle “I have always known that you have good luck. Did you ever think that you need to secure the jury?” Jan says “no.” Ivette: “Why don’t you think about securing the votes at the end?” Janelle says “because I’m not like that.” Ivette basically tells her what a wasted effort it is, that in the end playing the game hard doesn’t pay off.

Janelle changes the subject and says how great it is to have wine again. Ivette doesn’t say anything, just kind of laughs. Maggie yells from the shower that she will have wine when she is done showering.

April and Maggie are alone for now and they talk about the fact that maybe the winner will be chosen by AC. Maggie says they CAN'T put an America's Choice at the end because she's won them all so far! “If they let America vote, there is no reason for me to play this game. Because 15 year old kids are the ones voting and they look at her…..” April says “its part of the game. There's nothing you can do”.

Now Maggie and April insist that no way will Janelle get to F2, they will hold on for dear life when the competition comes around. April is mad that Ivette thinks April is a weaker player, when in truth April has gone farther than Ivette in every competition.

In the bathroom, April tells Janelle that the show finale is the 20th. Janelle says “they said the wrap party is 2 days after that.” They talk about who will be there. April guesses that there will be an eviction on Tuesday. April tells Janelle how fortunate she is to be in the game and that she is happy she won $3,000. April seems to think that Janelle has the in on what the POV competition will be and Janelle tells her she has no idea.

Janelle asks April if Maggie won the veto what she will do; will she leave the nominations as is? April says “she will take herself off.” April says “I would be sad to go; the only way I could stay is if one of us wins.” Janelle said she could do BB for a year, she doesn’t want to leave.

10:00 PM

April and Janelle are still talking. Mostly about the game and what some of the more fun times in the house were. Janelle said her favorite times were when Kaysar got HOH and then when he came back in and now today.

Janelle was telling April how funny James is and April asks “is he an enjoyable person?” Janelle says “Oh yes, he was very funny.” April says James picked on her, because he could and because April defended herself and he didn’t like that. She thinks she would have gone farther in the game, but for James. April says that James was anal retentive in the game but he's probably cool outside the house. Janelle said “No way, he's anal outside too; Sarah said he is a freak about cleaning.”

Jan and April move on to talking about Howie. Janelle really misses him. April mentions how weird it was when he went off on her. Janelle said she has seen him get really mad at things he heard, like when he heard that Ivette wanted HOH thrown to her in week 2 so that Ivette could go after Janelle. April says she never heard that, she's one of those people that want everything to be fair; she likes to treat others the way she'd like to be treated.

Now Ivette has come into the bathroom, she tells them that Maggie is in the DR. April says she believes Ivette’s ‘visions’. April said Ivette predicted Howie and then April getting HOH. Janie says she dreams about stuff too, but she doesn't know if it's true or not. She mentions that she dreams a lot about her dogs, but she doesn't know what period of time the dream is. April says “who knows, maybe there was a hurricane but your dogs are OK.”

Ivette was called to the DR again. Janelle and April are still talking about dreams. Janelle saying she dreamt she would get HOH and did, but she also dreamt Howie would be in the F2, and he obviously won’t be. Janelle mentioned something about asking one of the ‘handlers’ about Howie and we got FISH.

April tells Janelle she needs to go to bed. Janelle says “I can't, its 10 o'clock. What am I 90 years old?” April tells her she should get rest so she can win the POV in order for April to stay. Janelle says she wants April to stay too. April exclaims “Well apparently not, if you're willing to stay up!” Janelle is telling April she can win, she says “you’re smart.” April is trying to cut Janelle off from the alcohol. Janelle for like the fifth time is like "We're going to be out of here in 10 days?!?!" April keeps telling her to go upstairs and listen to music and go to bed.

April tells Janelle thank you for giving her the key today. Janelle tells her “You're welcome.” April calls her ‘Miss PB and J pass’. Janelle wants more PB and J weeks so she can use it or pass it on to someone or something. April doesn't think they'll do it again. Janelle says “If you're final 3 I don't think there's that much pressure cause that was my whole goal and I made it.”

April is now reporting to Maggie in the barracks, the conversation she had with Janelle with some of her normal embellishment. Maggie asks her “is that your second beer?” April says “yeah and I'm gonna have one more, so I can sleep, why?” Maggie says “no reason”…then Maggie sits, still listening to April with her usual indifferent expression on her face. April is basically telling her that she and Janelle didn’t talk about much, it’s just that April doesn’t know how to ‘not’ to be nice to someone.

Ivette is in the DR and April and Maggie are getting ready for bed. April asks Maggie “is Ivette going to sleep in here too?” (In the GR) Maggie says “She better be! Let’s make her bed in here.” So they head out to he barracks and get her bedding.

OMG! Ivette comes into the GR and says “I don’t want to sleep in here.” Maggie says ”you HAVE to, it’s a RULE.” Ivette says “why?” Maggie: “Because, we have to sleep together.” Ivette says “No we don’t!” (Oh my, Maggie has me a little concerned over her issues with control)

BB accidentally called Kaysar to the DR rather than April. Janelle went running into the GR to see where Kaysar was….she is a little tipsy. April left for the DR. Janelle is drunk and being funny. Janelle talks about how she misses reading. She has read Christopher Pike, Sweet Valley High; she said she read like 40 books one summer. She likes to read Stephen King, and she says the Firm is the only movie she has seen that is as good as the book. Ivette agrees. Janelle has read Gone with the Wind “like 5 times.” Janelle loves it “because Scarlett overcame so many problems; she is such a strong woman. Her daughter dies; her husband leaves her for a hooker etc....”

Ivette is telling Janelle about a place in Florida where people dress up like southern belles. Janelle loves that sort of thing; she said she loves the green dress that Scarlett wears at the beginning. She loves that Scarlett changed all the time. Ivette says her mother has that movie on two tapes. Janelle wants to know which movies Ivette watched in film class. Ivette said her two favorites were Sunset Blvd. and Casablanca. She mentions Citizen Cain, but Janie hasn't seen it. Janelle tells Ivette to watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It is an old musical. Both Ivette and Janelle love musicals. (So you know, this conversation has a bit of animation in it and Maggie is just sitting there, staring, and not adding a thing.)

11:00 PM

Janelle and Ivette are still talking in the GR. Janelle tells Ivette that she played the flute and ice skated when she was little. Ivette says she was so wholesome when she was little. Janelle retorts “I’m not wholesome now?” Ivette says “maybe not as wholesome.” The conversation turns to Karaoke. Janelle loves it and likes to sing duets, but only with guys that can sing. Ivette likes it too, but doesn’t really have the voice for it.

Maggie left the GR and April is back now from the DR. Janelle says she can't wait to see Kaysar, Michael, Howie, Rachel, Ashlea and Sarah... she says she really liked Sarah. April agrees and adds that Sarah is going to be pissed that she evicted her boyfriend. Janelle laughs and says that she won't be pissed.

Maggie comes back into the GR looking sour. Then Janelle was called to DR, and as she leaves, they start whispering about her. (Of course!) Ivette is recounting for April that Janelle used to be so wholesome and now she is evil. Maggie laughs. Ivette says “too little to late to have a human side.” April agrees. They are picking apart everything Janelle said and bashing her. Maggie says “she only says she knows books and movies because she is trying to relate to us.” Ivette says Janelle was talking about November Rain…..April says “I loooove that movie!” Ivette tells her “It’s not a movie it’s a song.” LOL

April says Janelle is just being nice to account for all of the possibilities. Maggie says "Who cares." April says she is only being nice for one of 2 scenarios; uou are on the jury or she is sitting next to you at the end. Maggie tells her “she picks it up along the way; she hears you say things and then brings it up later. She throws stuff out and sees if you bite.”

Ivette tells Mag and April that she is surprised by how much she and Janelle have in common. Maggie isn’t buying it. Maggie tells Ivette that if she really wanted to f*** with her, she could easily do it. She says there is no way Ivette and Janelle really have anything in common, it is all a trick for Janelle to try and relate to Ivette.

At 11:40 PM, Ivette says again, “I am not sleeping in here! I am going to the barracks” Maggie says “NO! You are sleeping in this f’ing bed with us!” Ivette says no, she doesn't feel comfortable. Maggie can't understand, asks Ivette why. Ivette says that she doesn't force Maggie into things, Maggie says that she does, she tried to make her eat apples. Ivette doesn't like the vibe of the GR; she is sleeping in the Barracks and that’s that. Maggie says “fine, we are sleeping in there with you.” They ALL move into the Barracks.

In the barracks, they are readying for sleep. April says “I love you guys.” Maggie then says "I seriously love you guys"....then Ivette "Mm hmm..." Maggie turns to Ivette after April goes to the bathroom and says “I have a question for you, have I been the most serious player in the game, or have I had fun too?" Ivette says that people may think that she has been the most serious, but Ivette thinks that she has been fun. Maggie says “I love you….” Ivette: “I love you too.”

Maggie trying to pep them up says “this game has been awesome with us in it. It’s not our fault that they put a bunch of people in the house that love each other so much.” Oh god, here comes April now, crying, saying “I love you all so much.” (This yuck fest is a little much for me…LOL) Maggie says BB ‘can lick her ball sack’..and BB says “thank you very much.”

BB tells these girls to put their mics on. They whine and say they are going to bed, then Maggie says “see they are working for Janelle.” April tells Maggie that Janelle told her earlier that she could stay in the BB house 4 more months. Maggie says “what?!” April says “she says she could, that she is psycho.”

April continues to repeat some of her conversation with Janelle. She seems satisfied that Janelle told her that she has seen Howie mad like (a hurricane) before, so it wasn't all out of the dark when he came at her. Maggie: “That’s awesome” (very sarcastic). Maggie says: “Janelle hates me.” April tells Maggie that Janelle has not said so to her. Maggie is making fun of Janelle and trying to get Ivette in on it, but she wants sleep and doesn’t want to have to put on her mic. (April and Mag are sharing a small bed and Ivette is sleeping alone – like a big girl.)

While April is rubbing Maggie’s back and they are talking, April says how pissed off the DR is at them (sounds like they were talked to about something). April says she feels bad about that. Maggie says “They make us feel bad…..” April apologizes to Jerry ‘the night guy’. They cut to FISH every now and then when the DR is mentioned. April says it's so hard to understand…..” Maggie says “I try to describe it as a mini society. Everyone plays their role in this house and you can't help but feel attached to everyone, well, us. So to say that you're just playing the game is really hard. They see it as a TV show, and it is a TV show, but just because it's a game doesn't mean that it has to be played as a game. We all believed in each other and that's why we've existed, the other alliance did not believe in each other, and that's why there's only one left...” April has nothing to add to this.

After several moments of silence, April asks Maggie if she thought Janelle was lying about her fans. Maggie says “yes. They told us that no one knew that BB was gonna be there tonight….” April: “She said some 14 year old girl is watching this? That's sad…..” They whisper a little more then finally start to doze off.

Janelle is in the HOH listening to music. It is 1:25 AM. Nighty-Night!