Based solely on gameplay and not likeability, these top 12 HGs have EARNED a spot in the house.

12. Nakomis -- She sat back and watched a majority of the time, but she came up with some pretty good plans (six finger veto). She won a couple HoHs and vetos as well, so she certainly knows how to step up to the plate in challenges.

11. James -- Even though one or two vetos were basically given to him, he still won more than any other HG in the history of BB. He was a compulsive liar, but unlike Will he wasn't as open about it. If he had been a little more honest about his, well...dishonesty, I think he could have gone even further than he did. He had Ivette wrapped around his finger, and April is really the only reason he didn't make it to at least the final four. Not bad for a man no one wanted to be allied with.

10. Ivette -- Yes, I'm putting Ivette on the list. She would never shut the hell up, but she knew how to say the right things to the right people. She helped keep James in the game for a couple weeks longer than he might have stayed otherwise. She won two HoHs. She made a lot of the calls that Maggie got credit for, and she should have won against her.

9. Janelle -- She said whatever she wanted to the other side, and still managed to make it to the final three. She won two HOHs, and was often the unlikely voice of reason in her group. Had her alliance listened to her instead of the larger male egos in her group, they could have gone farther in the game. She played up the dumb blonde act, and pulled the wool over the eyes of many of the Nerd Herd. Underestimated for her appearance, she proved she was a force to be reckoned with. She manipulated April when the time came, and might have earned her vote if she had made it to the final two. She was only one question away from potentially winning the whole game.

8. Roddy -- He was a victim of circumstance. He found himself with no allies at a fairly early stage in the game, but unlike Will, he had someone (Danielle) onto his tricks. He was good at manipulating people, and given a chance, I think he could have gone very far.

7. Jack -- He sat back and watched his fellow HGs make complete asses of themselves. No doubt his FBI training helped him get a good grasp on his fellow HGs characters. He flew under the radar, and made unlikely allies with David and Erika. I think he fell victim to the "old person" curse. It made him stand out, and didn't really allow him to blend in as much as he would have liked.

6. Jason -- I'm a fan of his. Who would have expected the virgin from Mobile to get as far as he did? He manipulated his fellow HGs without being too cruel, and didn't burn any bridges. He became close allies with someone no one would have expected him to align with, and covered it up by being close friends with "the other side" (Chiara, Roddy, etc). He would have easily won BB3 if he had won the last HoH.

5. Drew -- I didn't like Drew. That said, I don't think he gets enough credit for his gameplay. Yes, Diane saved his ass in the middle of the game, but he played a large role in turning the house upside down. He didn't listen to his alliance and got Holly out. He knew they wouldn't abandon him, AND he got in the other side's good graces at the same time. He won 4 HoHs, and can't be accused of flying under the radar. Plus, he manipulated Diane into helping him every step of the way. Cruel, sure, but it's also good strategy.

4. Diane -- She was a firecracker that knew what she wanted and stopped at nothing to get it. Whether she was keeping her finger on that damn button to put Jase in his place or screwing over Nak and Karen in the final five to save her man, her determination could never be doubted. She helped carry Drew to the end, and should have won. Her only mistake was allowing Drew to take a spot higher than $500,000 on her wish list.

3. Alison -- Her only flaw was her short temper and lack of tact. She manipulated people into doing what she wanted, and could have won if she hadn't pissed so many people off with her sharp tongue. The fact that I still have no friggin clue how she managed to get to the end is a testament to her skill as a player.

2. Danielle -- She played an excellent game. She manipulated every single person in the house and not a single one accused her of foul play until they saw the tapes. If there had been a sequestered jury, she would have been a shoe-in for the win. There's not much else to say. Most everyone acknowledges that her game was damn near flawless.

1. Dr. Will -- Like him or not, it takes skill to tell everyone you are lying to their faces and still have them vote for you. Of course, it's unclear whether this can be attributed to his skill or his fellow HGs stupidity. Either way, he capitalized on every opportunity that he faced. No one took advantage of a lapse in judgment more than he, and he could schmooze with the best of them. Ultimately, he overcame more odds than any other winner in US BB history.