::BB4 Au Week in Review::

Big Brother Australia 4 might as well be called the Blokes versus Chicks or The Mighty Aphrodite and Idiotic Igor Show. This week gender divide and theatrics between Aphrodite and Igor seemed to be highlited. The rest of the week showed the men bonding together while playing basketball or working out, and the women sharing make-up and discussing who might hook up with whom. The only exception was Merlin who stated that he felt more comfortable with the girls than the guys.

During this first week, we discovered that there was a little bit of prom queen, jock, brain and basket-case in all of them. Oops, wrong show. Brain was a dead giveaway. There seems to be very little depth and intellect to look forward to in this cast so far. But I'm an eternal optimist and hope that once the hangovers wear off, and the fat is trimmed over the next couple evictions, some shining stars might emerge.

::Week One Highlights::

Day 1

- The housemates enter the BB house excitedly and choose either a single or double bed.
- They introduce themselves and explore the house and yard.
- The housemates discover that their underwear is missing.
- A few of the housemate's decide they want to stay up late, but Big Brother suggest they go to bed and get some sleep. (As Gretel says, when Big Brother tells you to do something, it's usually for a good reason, and you should do it.)

Day 2

- Ryan and Terri take the first nude showers this morning.
- Big Brother gives them 90 seconds to pack a very small bag at the foot of their beds and exit to the back yard with no further instructions. Many were excited and thought they were leaving the compound.
- They discovered 10 cots with sleeping bags waiting for them and soon realized they were duped by Big Brother.
- Bree and Catherine sort out their dinner and we start to see some housemates adopt certain roles in the house. - Other housemates begin developing nicknames for each other. Ashalea becomes "Ash", Igor becomes "Iggs" and Aphrodite is called "Aphro".
- Ryan asks Big Brother about their missing underwear. Not surprisingly, Big Brother says he'll get back to them.
- Igor develops a cold and Aphro tends to his needs, bonding them closer. - The only other two housemates that seem to be bonding as well are Merlin and Ash, demonstrated by Ash sitting on Merlin's lap before bed.

Day 3

- After a night of drinking, Paul reveals to Ryan that he feels Bree drinks too much, and states, "She is going to be a problem for me".
- Krystal reveals that she will not respond if anyone shortens her name to "Krys" or "Kryssie" but will answer to "Blonde Bitch".
- They are concerned over the "Getting to Know You" task that Big Brother will have in a few days.
- They discuss their families and Merlin reveals that his mom died of cancer when he was seven.
- Igor says that Bree has opened up more to him and he really likes Cat but is not fond of Krystal.
- Aphrodite flirts more with Igor by lying on top of him and then later sits on his stomach.
- Big Brother sets up a task with the housemate's underwear. They have to guess whose underwear is who's in order to "win" them back. Many failed to guess the rightful owner.
- Terri questions Merlin about his late night conversation with Ash. Merlin says he takes his time with relationships and that Ash is a sweet girl, but he never thought of her that way.
- Cat reveals her split with her husband and that telling her children about the divorce was the worst day of her life.
- Krystal admits to the other housemates that she has been an exotic dancer.
- Kane fuels rumors that the big secret is that Igor and Aphro are married.
- Igor and Aphro decide to play on that rumor and play a joke by pretending to act more like a married couple.

Day 4

- The housemates slept in the garden again, but Igor was ill and slept in the diary room.
- Aphro goes to the diary room for an infected thumb.
- Wesley reveals he does charity work for people with muscular dystrophy and Trevor tells everyone he is an assistant to disabled people.
- Ryan asks Aphro if she is interested in Igor, while she is sitting in front of him on a lounge chair. She replies "I'm definitely not sexually attracted to the thing behind me."
- The housemates spend time studying for the "Getting to Know You" challenge that will happen within a few days.
- They spend time speculating about how long they'll be locked outside. Some believe it will be at least another week.
- Elle is feeling a little emotional and tells Aphro that she doesn't feel good about the guys constantly referring to Krystal's stripping revelation and teasing her by requesting "strip shows".
- Krystal reveals she has never masturbated.
- Ash cried a little bit, the stress of the last few days getting to her.

Day 5

- Krystal reveals she was a contestant on the reality show "Meet My Folks".
- The housemates find out that they will be quizzed on the "Getting to Know You" challenge later this day.
- In between quizzing each other about facts about their lives, Merlin, Paul, Kane and Ryan have the first real intellectual conversation in the house that was non-personal about the refugee crisis. Merlin admits he is against mandatory detention.
- Krystal tells Terri she wants to join the police force and become a detective.
- Merlin tells everyone he was born in Germany and was raised in a commune in New South Wales.
- Elle expresses her discomfort at the guys teasing Krystal about being a stripper, again.
- Aphro expresses concern that Igor isn't pulling his own weight and wants to warn him. Bree says it's not her responsibility to protect him.
- Tension stirs as Aphro continues talking about Igor to Cat, saying that she doesn't believe he's ever cooked and cleaned for himself.
- As they're talking, Igor asks Aphro to get him a towel. She tells him to get it himself, and she'd talk to him later about it. Igor seems confused.
- Big Brother calls each housemate into the diary room one by one for the "Getting to Know You" challenge. The result is 10 questions correct, 3 questions incorrect. Big Brother said he would announce the results in a little while.
- Aphro talks to some of the girls and finds out Igor has a girlfriend on the outside. She is annoyed that he hasn't told her, yet she's been waiting on him hand and foot.
- Big Brother announces that they have passed the task and may now reenter the house.
- Aphro pulls Igor aside and tells him he needs to start pulling his own weight. He says that he is.
- Cat has an emotional moment when she sees a picture of her children that she hasn't seen in a few days.
- Aphro explains she gets along with Big Brother really well. She she says she feels her relationship with BB is the first positive male relationship she has had.
- Terri and Paul feel Krystal has a bad habit of interrupting conversations.

Day 6

- Aphro complains about Igor and feels he's a bullshit artist since he never said he had a girlfriend. Merlin warns she is overreacting.
- The girls commend Merlin on his maturity and sensitivity.
- Igor enters bedroom and Aphro confronts him on using politically incorrect terms about homosexuals. He refuses to argue and leaves the room.
- Aphro tells Merlin if Igor continues using homophobic words she's leaving.
- Big Brother introduces a system of fines that come out of their food budge for microphone breaches.
- Ash complains that Krystal snapped at her about using the wrong towel earlier.
- Big Brother provides costumes and alcohol and throws a swinging sixties party for the housemates.
- Cat and Krystal do a cage dance that all the men seem to approve.
- Krystal complains that Aphro talks far too much about her problems with Igor.
- Aphro threatens to leave and Igor takes her aside to straighten things out. They end the discussion with a hug.

Day 7

- Krystal got upset when Ryan debated with her over whether a "special massage session" he called the rub and tug is equivalent to her allowing men to touch her breasts when she exotic dances. She says it's not close to the same. He said it's the same dangerous game. She goes to the kitchen in tears.
- Bree told Ash the night before that she doesn't have to try to impress the men and it wouldn't look good on television if she acted provocative.
- Ryan apologizes for upsetting Krystal and they promise to be friends and not ignore each other like Aphro and Igor did the day before.
- Paul reveals to the others that he was once a member of a football team on a reality TV show called "The Club".
- Ash tells the group that one day she wants to be a flight attendant and a super model.
- Elle complains about the snorting sounds Igor frequently makes: "That noise makes me feel physically ill."

Day 8

- The night before Aphro and Ash decide to play practical jokes on the housemates. They hid the chocolate and put cling wrap over the boys toilet. The boys didn't fall for the toilet joke, but everyone is wondering where the chocolate has gone.
- The housemates gather in the living room for the "Secrets Revealed" task. Each housemate must tell the group three secrets, two of which are untrue, one of which is true. The others must then guess which secret is the real one.
- Igor changes his story about his girlfriend. First he said that they were on a break, now he says they are in a serious relationship and he's in love.
- Elle and Aphrodite are disgusted by the snorting sound Igor makes and Elle tells the others that this morning in the shower: "He snotted at my feet!"

Day 9

- The housemates all got together and wished a "Happy Mother's Day".
- Aphro states that she promised her friends she'd give someone a "Christmas Card". She then turned to a confused Merlin and explained what that meant by rubbing her breasts in his face. "I feel violated," says Merlin.
- The housemates discuss what they miss most about their moms. They answered "Cooking ... phone-calls ... nagging."
- Cat receives a "3" mobile phone message from her children for Mother's Day.
- Aphro decides she wants to hold a séance and some housemates look for materials to make a temporary ouija board.