::BB4 Au Week 2 in Review::

Week two has seen the first nominations, the first possible romantic entanglements and sadly, the first eviction. Read the following key points for the week to catch up on what you may have missed!

::Week Two Highlights::

Day 10

- Big Brother delegates the weekly shopping to the housemates now.
- They are told they have been fined $10 so far for microphone breaches.
- Discussion reveals that they are worried about the impending nominations.
- Merlin is uncomfortable with all the attention Ashalea is giving him.
- Trevor gives Merlin advice to tell Ash that he wants to be like a brother to her.
- Big Brother gives them a weekly task of "marrying" each other. Each couple gets a love song and when it is played, they have to dress in their wedding apparel and run to the altar set up in the backyard within 90 seconds.
- The housemates bet 75% of their weekly shopping budget on the task.
- Merlin is getting annoyed with Aphrodite for treating him like a 14 year old child.
- After voting, this week's nominations are annuonced: Aphrodite, Terri and Igor.
- Krystal tells more about her relationship with rapper Shaggy.

Day 11

- Aphrodite picks up the pace teasing Merlin and somewhat annoying him.
- Cat admits she met someone before she came into the house and hope he'll be there when she's out.
- Ash doesn't want Aphrodite to be evicted this week.
- Aphrodite persists in trying to "crack" Merlin and get him to open up about his insecurities.
- Trevor admits he hasn't actually proposed marriage to his girlfriend yet.
- The girls speculate that Ash is developing a strong crush on Ryan.
- Elle complains about lack of sleep and no quiet place in the house.
- The housemates debate their food rations for the week, some feeling they shouldn't have spent so much on alcohol.
- Igor seems worried and preoccupied about missing his girlfriend.
- The boys tease that Bree and Ryan might end up hooking up.
- Several "weddings" take place throughout the day and they all seem to have passed them successfully so far.

Day 12

- Terri has opted to not shower in the nude since she has been nominated for eviction this week.
- Ash complains about Igor's farting and snorting in his sleep keeping her awake.
- Aphrodite climbs into bed with Merlin and annoys him some more.
- Ryan is questioned by the girls about his lack of relationships. He says he has to be really keen on a girl to get close to her.
- Igor is suffering another day of homesickness and falls asleep holding his girlfriend's photo.
- Paul tells a story about how he accidentally and almost fatally stabbed himself with a kitchen knife while doing dishes.
- Big Brother throws a "bucks" or bachelor party for the men. They are given alcohol, a pool table and darts. The girls are given chocolates.
- A misunderstanding occurs between Krystal and Aphrodite when Aphrodite gives Terri a glaring look over something Terri said regarding Aphrodite's infected thumb and how she stopped taking her medication too early. Krystal thought the look was for her, but it wasn't.
- The girls create a rap and song and dance performance for the guys.
- Merlin wants Aphrodite to keep her distance but he doesn't want to upset her.
- The girls worry that the guys will be too drunk to perform the weekly wedding task if they are called to do so.

Day 13

- Shortly after most of the housemates went to bed, and all the men were drunk, Big Brother played the traditional wedding song which meant all housemates had to get dressed and race to the altar. They failed that task.
- Bree and Igor discuss going without cigarettes. They aren't finding it too hard.
- Parents Paul and Cat are wondering if people disapprove of them for leaving their kids and entering the game.
- Ryan decided to follow Terri's lead and shower with his shorts on so he doesn't disrespect the girls.
- Paul admits he has an argumentative side he hasn't shown in the house yet. He also admitted to only believing in science and nature, not spirits or religion.
- Big Brother announces that the girls receive a hen's or bachelorette party and the men have to provide the entertainment.
- The men set up a fake fight to mimic the girl's drama as part of entertainment. Some of the girls refuse to believe the fight is real.
- Ash admits she has a crush on Ryan and Ryan talks with her, telling her she is like his little, little sister.
- Aphrodite sits on Merlin's lap and says she won't be here at the end of the week.

Day 14

- After a night of heavy drinking, Bree and Ash became sick.
- Merlin tells Aphrodite she looked cute last night. She replied that she wasn't meant to look cute.
- Big Brother hands out permanent pens and asks all housemates to sign their legacy items.
- Paul admits he's an avid recycler and complains that Igor and others are not doing their part to recycle plastic bottles.
- Merlin says that he's proud that he's practically a virgin, only having slept with four girls in his life.
- Merlin also complains that Aphrodite is dominating all his time.
- Elle loses her cool when Igor complains about bread being frozen. She feels he doesn't pull his weight but is quick to criticize.
- Igor says that if he isn't evicted Sunday night he will leave anyway.
- Cat admits she met a man shortly before entering the house and hopes he'll be there when she gets out.
- Aphrodite predicts she'll be the one evicted on Sunday.

Day 15

- Merlin and Aphrodite stay up until 6:30 am chatting.
- Cat goes to the Diary Room crying because she is missing her kids more than usual.
- Bree and Aphrodite are worried that some housemates are eating more than their fair share of food and others are missing out. Terri steps in and says everyone are grown adults and can speak for themselves. This makes Aphrodite angry.
- The boys worry that the girl's fighting is getting out of hand.
- Aphrodite admits she plans on wearing her panties on the top of her head during the eviction show the next day.
- The housemates sit down to a final dinner where all fourteen will be present.

Day 16 - Eviction #1

- Igor, Terri and Aphrodite pack in preparation for the evening's eviction.
- Igor hopes he is evicted tonight since he is missing home badly.
- Terri speaks out loud that she hopes it's her and Igor staying, but no one seems to hear her.
- Big Brother informs the housemates they will be in the lounge for eviction and locked out of the bedroom.
- Everyone is getting dressed up and made up for the eviction show, and saying their goodbyes.
- Aphrodite is evicted from the Big Brother house.
- With the exception of Terri, the other girls and Merlin are in a state of shock over her eviction and tears ensue.
- Merlin asks the question "The country couldn't dislike her could they?"
- The housemates are assembled in the lounge and watch Aphrodite's goodbye message.