::BB4 Au Week 3 in Review::

Week three has been fairly eventful with a few minor injuries, a world premiere movie, and a Big Brother house first when Merlin and Paul are warned against violence towards each other during a heated argument.

::Week Three Highlights::

Day 17

- The housemates passed last week's task and receive $374 for their shopping budget after having been fined heavily for microphone breeches.
- A small dispute over how much the non alcohol drinkers should be allowed to drink of coca-cola arises between Krystal and Paul.
- Trevor says that he hasn't cut his hair since November 2002 so he can shave it off for the leukemia foundation while he's a little bit famous.
- Igor claims that even if he is nominated again this week, he won't last until Sunday and still plans to leave.
- The housemates receive a new task which is a group-oriented obstacle course in the backyard which they must complete later in the week in a time-frame not revealed by Big Brother, and must practice one hour a day.
- Most of the housemates wear undies on their head in tribute to Aphrodite during the nomination show.
- Nominations results reveal that Terri, Igor and Elle are up for nomination this week.

Day 18

- The housemates wake up and wonder why there is broken branches and dead leaf debris all over the backyard. They feel it was planted by Big Brother since they seemed strategically placed and none were in the pool.
- Igor claims he doesn't think he'll be evicted this Sunday but is still considering leaving the Big Brother house before then.
- Krystal confronts Igor on his reasons for leaving and Igor tells her she is just a twenty year old who doesn't know anything.
- Igor goes to the diary room then heads to the kitchen to tell the other housemates that he has decided to stay and that is his final decision.
- Paul doesn't understand why the girl's reacted so tearfully to Aphrodite's eviction. He feels in particular that Krystal wasn't being honest.

Day 19

- Last night the housemates were locked in the bedroom all night with a 'huge storm' raging outside. When they awoke the entire backyard was covered in snow.
- Bree complains that Igor sits around complaining and criticizing but does nothing to help.
- The housemates practice the obstacle course in ski boots and find that it's not that hard.
- Snowball fights ensue and Krystal ends up getting hit in the face two different times.
- Big Brother announces there is a surprise tonight.
- The housemates are given formal wear and are told they will be seeing the world premiere of "The Day After Tomorrow"
- Kane has been given the task if interviewing the housemates at a pre-launch party and Merlin the role of video cameraman. Cat has been assigned the job of event photographer.

Day 20

- Some of the girls are afraid they won't pass the task this week and Catherine prepares herself for a diet of meat and rice after betting 75% of the shopping budget.
- Big Brother announces they are to be tested on the weekly obstacle course challenge. They have to better their best practice time of 3 minutes 3 seconds, and if they replace a dummy on the stretcher with a housemate they will receive a mystery bonus prize.
- Elle volunteers to replace the dummy on the stretcher.
- While waiting for Big Brother's results on the task, the boys begin diving into the pool from the bridge, and Ryan breaks his nose.
- Big Brother announces they passed the task and the bonus prize was a takeaway of their choice; they choose pizza.

Day 21

- Big Brother instructs the housemates that they have two days to write a house song that is original.
- Merlin and Kane take over most of the lyric writing.
- Kane is warned to stop writing when he uses his water bottle on the deck to spell out "Kane Can"
- Paul gets out of participating in the challenge when he gets permission from Big Brother since it could possibly ruin his musical carreer to participate in such an amateur task.
- Catherine waxes Kane's legs and Elle and Terri promise if they're still in the house on Monday they will get a Brazillian wax.
- Kane performs some practical jokes on the housemates including pouring talcum powder on Merlin's head and covering him in shaving cream while he's asleep.
- Terri confronts Bree about the way she treats her. She thinks Bree has talked behind her back, but Bree says she doesn't remember doing that and would've said it to her face if she had anything to complain about.

Day 22

- Last night Paul and Merlin got into a heated argument. Paul accused Merlin of not being Australian because he is a permanent resident of Australia and doesn't have citizenship. Merlin took offence to Paul's remark and the two of them had a screaming argument that almost came to blows. Big Brother warned them both against violence.
- Krystal says her great great uncle was the first person to build a movie studio in Los Angeles and is interested to see if she will ever get some of the fortune.
- The three nominees are concerned they will be the ones to be evicted the following day.

Day 23 Eviction #2

- Igor, Terri and Elle are told by Big Brother to pack for a possible eviction tonight.
- Igor feels if he goes no one will shed a tear unlike last week's eviction of Aphrodite, and Paul jokes that he will.
- While messing around with Paul, Igor's shoulder popped out of the socket. He relaxed and it eased back in, then explained to everyone it's an old childhood injury.
- Gretel comes on the plasma screen and announces that "It's time to go, Igor".
- After Igor leaves the Big Brother house, everyone heads to the kitchen where they find chocolate biscuits and no one seems upset.