I am beating this dead horse one more time.

I am so outraged that no one else seems to care that Will, Mike, Erika, and Janelle are all cheating their way to the finals. I was at first angry that they would cheat the game this way and in turn cheat themselves out of a true victory. Now my attention has been drawn to the fact that the majority of the fan base seems to not care that they are cheating. Wow! I saw a report recently on the news that said that a huge proportion of kids in school today think it is not only ok to cheat, but in some way they think it is their right to cheat. Can one even wonder why?

In my travels through the Big Brother chat rooms, I have brought this subject up several times. Not one response has been supportive of my position. I am so glad I am one of those people who delight in the majority disagreeing with them. That is my compass and always reassures me I am right. Most responses are along the lines of, ‘so, they can’t really split the money’, ‘who cares’, and my favorite, ‘I don’t like it either, but what am I supposed to do about it, they can play the game however they want to, there are no rules on Big Brother’. Apathy makes me ill.

I remember towards the beginning of the game Will was jokingly throwing out the idea to anyone and everyone that they should all split the money. He was doing that to see if it would stick. It stuck, twice over, and it sickens me that I was ever one of his biggest game play fans. Will has all the necessary skills to win this game without cheating. What a shame. What a sham. Janelle and Erika are now completely interchangeable Barbie Dolls. Both can be sitting at the final two and it will be the same thing. Mike can act like a disgusting pig all day long and Erika will allow it because why throw away a rigged win just because someone delights in treating you like a piece of meat.

No strategy now except to craft the demise of George and Danielle. After that, it is all the same to Mike and Will. And pardon me for not getting excited over whether the rigging will come down in favor of Janelle or Erika. Like I said, completely interchangeable Barbie Dolls.

No strategy will work for Danielle or George at this pointless juncture. No one will give the two of them the time of day. Why would they? They are not agreeing to rig the game.

For me, it isn’t about whether they actually split the money; it is about the agreement to do so. The agreement in and of itself is the cheating moment. Period.

If the final four comes down to Will, Erika, Janelle, and Mike, why even bother with formalities? I think they should just cut them each a check for $125,000 and call it a day. What a hollow victory for any of those four to actually be crowned winner of Big Brother All Stars.

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