With 1 week left in the Big Brother house we will see the final 4 House Guest remaining become the final 3.

1 of the 2 remaining vets is evicted.

The final 3 will begin a 3 part battle for HOH in which we will see the winner of the 1st part.

After a night of tossing and turning Jordan wakes up at 7:46am while the other HGs are still sleeping and has some cereal.

Jordan returns back to bed at 8:02am and goes back to sleep. All the HGs get up at 10:31am. Not much going.
Rachel and Jordan are packing. Jordan knows she is the one going home and gives Rachel a pep talk and telling her to make sure she weighs out all the options for jury votes before she picks final 2 with Adam or Porsche

Adam and Porsche eat breakfast. Adam tells Porsche of a dream he had of the finals and he said yes she did win in his dream.

All HGs are in the HOH for lockdown at 11:46am.

Lockdown is over at 1:13pm.

The feeds are back up and Adam spends most of the day before the live eviction talking to Jordan about jury votes, and who he should take to the final 2 (should he win the final HOH).

Porsche slept.

Rachel read the bible. AMEN

At 3:39pm the feeds went off for the CBS live eviction show.

Porsche uses the veto on herself and takes herself off the block. Rachel goes up in her place.

Rachel and Jordan address Porsche as to why she should vote for them.

Jordan says she knows she is going home and says she was never close with Porsche but knows knows Porsche likes to wear bikinis and host competitions. (Thats all anyone really needs to know about Porsche is it not?)

Porsche then evicts Jordan and Jordan nervously heads out to talk with Julie.

The final 3 begin the 3 part final HOH competition in the backyard at 6:55pm.
The competition is THE BIG BROTHER MIXER.

All 3 HGs will be holding on to a huge mixer that spins and dips them in and out of a pool of melted butter.

The last person to stay on the mixer is the winner of the 1st part of the HOH competition and will compete in the 3rd part of the HOH competition against the winner of the 2nd part of the HOH competition.

7:25pm Adam drops from the mixer.

7:31pm Porsche is crying, moaning, looks insanely sick.

Rachel not phased at all says "Now this is Big Brother"

7:38pm Porsche begging for the mixer to slow down so she can jump off.

Porsche jumps off.
Rachel has won the 1st part of the HOH competition.

After the HOH comp the HGs shower, play cards. Adam is called to the DR and is there for over a hour. Meanwhile Rachel and Porsche continue to talk about jury votes, taxes on prize money and study the HGs pictures for a possible morph competition. Porsche is called to the DR and Adam talks to Rachel about past conversations with Kalia and others who wanted to control the house. Adam tells Rachel he regrets turning on her and Brendon. Porsche is out of DR and Rachel is called into DR. Porsche and Adam play cards and recall the weeks events.

1:18am all 3 HG playing cards and the talk is general chit chat. They are all tired. The HGs go to sleep at 1:42am.

Phewww what a long day, I have a feeling the rest of the week will be even longer.

Thanks to all the updaters for the help with this recap.