Is it Big Brother with a twist? Families, in Kennesaw, GA are locked away behind a 20 ft. tall wall built for the purpose, in There Goes The Neighborhood. They have electricity for lights and a/c, but not for cooking. Will they have to grill out? Can they use their gas grills? We'll have to wait and see.

Matt Rogers is hosting. He's done Discovery Channel's Really Big Things, and was a third season American Idol finalist.

Eight families will strive for the quarter million dollar prize... half of what's offered Big Brother contestants. Mike Fleiss (Bachelor) is one of the producers. In a press conference this morning, they revealed some of what the families will lack: cell phones, internet, contact with the outside world. Sound like Big Brother? It does, to me. Except they'll be living in their own homes. Some of the pets that couldn't handle the lights, etc, were kenneled. Others remain on site. Wonder what they did with the kids that couldn't handle the extra pressure? We'll have to watch and see.

There will be competitions, of course. They can win prizes and avoid elimination. The point of the show is to force families to spend time together. Mom can't get her hair done, Dad can't go for a drink with the guys, and the kids can't play video games.

How do they get eliminated, because indeed they do get eliminated? They vote each other off. Recipe for disaster in a friendship, I'd think. Evicted families are sequestered in a hotel. When the show ends, the six evicted families choose which of the Final Two win the quarter million.

Fleiss (Bachelor and others) said there's an interracial couple, a lesbian couple, and a single mom. They know each other well; this will make for interesting relationships when the hardships set in, as they surely will. Will they decide to cook for all families at once? Or each struggle on their own? They'll be locked behind a wall, with off duty police patrolling it.

Other neighbors (outside the wall) are complaining vociferously about the wall, the noise of filming, you name it. They feel they paid the HOA for peace and quiet, and they're not getting it.

There Goes the Neighborhood is produced by Next Entertainment and Jay Bienstock Productions in association with Warner Horizon Television.