Big Brother 5 is the year of the twists! How do we know this? Why because BS has told us so of course. Already they've let the TV viewers in on the Michael/Jennifer and Adria/Natalie storylines. Will there be more? Read along as this fan goes over some of the more posted theories.

Twin Twists
On the very first night of BB5 we learned that both Drew and Diane had twins. Could this be the twin twist we had learned about? Would Drew and Diane be switching with their twins? Loyal BB fans took to the internet in search of information about the houseguests. Before long it was discovered that Adria's last name was not Okins as CBS had released, but instead it was Montgomery Klein and better yet she had an identical twin named Natalie Montgomery-Carroll. Most of you have probably seen Adria & Natalie's Fitness Site at this point. Now we knew a secret that CBS had not yet revealed, at least one houseguest had a twin that had not been revealed to the others.

From that point on the twin theories exploded on the boards across the web. Holly and a Molly Michelle had both been credited for the same movie role. Pictures of Molly Michelle looked like Holly. Could this be her twin? Or was it just another screen name of Holly Michelle King? Someone noticed a gap in Holly's teeth at times that seeemed to disappear at others. For those that believed it was just another screen name, Holly's post eviction interviews have supported your theory. Holly does not have a twin.

Now we move to the original known twins in the house, Drew and Diane. Speculation that they are switching is still a hot topic on the boards. The opinions on them switching with Ben and Lindsey seem to be either that they are positive they aren't switching or positive that they are. I'm in the former camp and here is why. These two houseguests don't look enough like their twins to pull off the type of switch that Adria and Natalie have been doing. The houseguests that have seen pictures of the twins have all commented on how different they are.

Additionally, those once again dedicated fans searched the net and unearthed Drew's private MSN photo gallery. Review of those pictures again point to them not looking identical, although they are technically identical twins. So what of the moving mole theory? Those that work with computer video, photography and graphic design feel it is due to a combination of lighting, camera angle and video compression sent via the web.

In the meantime, Diane's sister Lindsey and mother have been in touch with Diane's fansite and another website. I also don't feel that Diane is the type that could keep this kind of secret in the house. So again, this BB fan is strongly of the opinion that Diane and Drew are not switching with their twins.

With all the twin talk, suspicion has also fallen on other houseguests. Some insist Jase has a twin due to his erratic behavior. Other posters are positive that Marvin has one because of a promo that CBS aired showing silhouettes of four people and one of them appeared to be a larger bald man. Everywhere you look theories abound.

So why are some fans, such as myself, so convinced that there are not more hidden twins in the house? For starters, CBS and AA Productions have only revealed one twin twist to the evicted HGs. Secondly, no web evidence in the form of pictures or written documentation has surfaced on the other houseguests supporting such a theory. Thirdly, in order to have a successful twin twist CBS doesn't need to have more than one set of twins switching. They could get bang for their buck with even an early detection in the house. Even better if the twins pull it off like they have.

Fourthly, the logistics of pulling this off with separate sequestration of multiple switching HGs with access to the DR is just too unwieldly. So why would they mislead us with silhouettes and such? Because it is in their best interest to have fans wrapped up in the show and tuning in each week to discover the secrets. It's in their best interest to have TV viwers turn into feed subscribers. Keep us twisting, guessing, and tuning in and they have money in their pocket. And besides, if you were in the marketing department wouldn't you want to have a little devilish fun with the fans?

Committed Couple
An InTouch magazine article dated July 12, 2004 quoted Arnold Shapiro as saying "This year, for the first time ever, we also have a committed couple." Some even thought they heard Julie mention it on the first show of the season. Careful review of the tapes of the first show though show no mention of a committed couple. In fact, Julie's exact words were that we were witnessing "13 complete strangers enter the house". So what is the possible explanation for the conflicting information from BB and CBS? Many of us feel that a committed couple twist may have been planned before BB5 went to air, but was ditched before the HGs entered the house.

Additionally if you listen to the Diary Room entries of these houseguests it is difficult to believe any are in a committed relationship in light of how they speak of one another. Them needing to be committed is an entirely different matter.

Related Houseguests
How did BB arrange the Michael and Jennifer twist? In this article Julie Chen describes how AA Productions found Guy Dedmon when doing a background check on Michael. They asked him to be a HG and he declined yet offered up Jennifer. So are there any other related houseguests? Some were certain that Will and Holly were cousins due to the name of a dentist that Holly had used. Some feel that Mike could be Scott's biological father. Others have pointed out physical similiarities in Will and Jase's facial structure. Sorry fans, but I don't feel there are any other relatives in the house. BB simply didn't need more than one set this year. One is enough to make this a twist.

So does this all mean that I don't think there are any other twists coming our way? Certainly not. The PoV for instance, that has been a twist this year. The 6 player setup has caused the PoV to be used more this season that previously. And as the number of HGs dwindle that will have to change. Perhaps BB will introduce last year's Diamond PoV earlier. Another unaswered question is how they will handle a 14th houseguest now that it appears Natalie will make into the game for herself. Will they have a double eviction? Will they have more players in the last week of the game? These things have not yet been revealed to us and Arnold and Allison may indeed have more twists planned. Just not as many as I fear some may hope. Stay tuned though BigBrother might surprise we web fans yet.