Bi%^^ing, Crying, Moping and Pandora pays a visit!

10:00 am – Wake up call for the house guests. We see them get up and do their morning routines. Besides Jordan’s red sad eyes the only other indication that the house fell down last night was when Jordan entered the bathroom area and Shelly said hey Jordan and Jordan did not respond, just turned around and walked back out. Shelly sees Kalia and tells her about Jordan and said it will be a fun 3 weeks. (she actually thinks she will be there for 3 weeks) She thinks that Jordan is being immature because things did not go her way and goes on and on. (coming from the lady who hid someone’s stuff animal and said viral nasty things about others)Once Porsche leaves the HOH she finds out she is locked out of the HOH, her and Kalia immediately speculate that it must be a Pandora’s Box.

Jordan and Rachel chat and really have a given up attitude. They were both very down. They decide the only way that they can be saved is by some magical power.

Kalia and Porsche chat and Porsche thinks that the only way for a newbie to win is to keep a vet to the end because otherwise the vets will have 4 votes in the jury house, Kalia quickly points out that it is the opposite that all of them need to be in the jury house so they have to vote for a newbie. Porsche tells Kalia that Shelly wants a deal and she will make one with her but has no intention of keeping it. Those two pretty much have decided that it will be them at the end. Porsche then said Shelly has no one there and they will just use her while they can. Porsche and Kalia let the power go to their heads and really start laying into all the houseguests, putting them down and saying mean and nasty things about them all.

Adam and Shelly have a talk. Shelly harps on how Jordan won’t talk to her and how she did what she had to do for her family. (I thought your company was getting your money Shelly that is what your telling everyone) Adam was hurt because Jeff actually asked him who he voted for and Adam took that as he didn’t trust him.

Rachel keeps telling Jordan she has to win Veto. She trying to pump her up and give her hope, but Jordan is so down that she just keeps saying it is hopeless. Jordan is real down because Shelly betrayed them and then tried to turn it around on them. She saw who Shelly really was.

Porsche was discussing her noms with Kalia and Adam. She said “If the 4 of us can’t beat Jordan in VETO we deserve to go home”. (Coming from someone who slept in that pink sweat suit for 6 weeks and did absolutely nothing). Adam, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly swore to be F4 and said this is their house!

Shelly, Kalia and Porsche all day do nothing but bash Rachel and Jordan. They say some pretty rude remarks and keep putting them down.

Rachel tells Jordan that she thinks she is pregnant and that her and Brendon did it in the BB house. Jordan thinks her family might be mad at her for fighting with Shelly the night before especially her grandfather. They both think that if Kalia is at the end they will vote for her.

4:30PM We get trivia for a bit. Once the feeds return we see that Porsche did open Pandora’s Box and got $5000. Because she opened the box the house guests have to play now in teams. The teams are Rachel and Jordan, Shelly and Adam and Kalia and Porsche. SO that means if one of the team members win VETO the other is safe too. So Jordan and Rachel perk up because this gives them another shot. Adam starts thinking too and he will be safe if put on the block with Shelly so maybe he should throw the competition and let Shelly leave.

Shelly goes to the back yard and tells Adam that they (Rachel and Jordan) called her a bitch. She puts on her fake tears and tries to get Adam to rally around her. She said she does not understand how they can do that. She is playing for her family and does not care if they (J&J) are God’s gift etc. Going on and on. She said she will not accept any apology from Jordan. Her daughter shouldn’t have to see her Mom being called those names. She said she had to make moves outside her alliance (really Shelly wait and see who departs this week before running your mouth like that). Then the classy mother said Rachel can take her pregnant ass and play in the veto. (Glad it is OK for your daughter to hear all the things you say about others). Porsche came out and said she would give whoever wins VETO $1000 of her money trying to motivate those 2 to win VETO.

Porsche being so nice was talking to Kaila and said that she hoped that the competition was physical so that Rachel could miscarry and save herself $400.00 that the abortion would cost her. (Very very classy) Shelly continues with her lying saying all that Rachel and Jordan are doing in the bedroom is bashing them when really they were chatting and sleeping.

6:35 PM – We got trivia for the nomination ceremony. Once feeds return we get no surprise Rachel and Jordan are nominated. Jordan and Rachel approach Porsche and Kalia asking for a deal. They want to help them get out Shelly and Adam. NO one committed.

10:35 PM – We hear a little snippet of Porsche asking the Diary room if that was all she got out of her Pandora’s Box ($5000) and she said she wanted the Diamond Power of VETO too.

The night was uneventful they played poker with the teabags and all were tucked into bed by 2:30am.

Who will win the power of VETO. Can Shelly be anymore lying and disgusting in her ways? Will she practice what she preaches and what she really wants her daughter to see? Will Kaila shut up for a minute so someone can think? Can Pandora actually help Jordan and Rachel in this game? Only tomorrow will tell!