After being evicted from the Big Brother house, Britney Haynes had time to answer just a few questions for Joker's Updates, before she was whisked away to the jury house.

Hello Britney, I wanted to say that you have a lot of very loyal, very vocal & very loving fans at Joker's & while you may prefer another *cough *cough site, we would love to have you come say hello to us! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.

BestBBever: The BB14 Britney seemed a little more subdued but you still brought the funny so that was great, but was the new "mellower" Britney just a strategy to save you from grief after the game was over or was it a real part of your social gameplay for the other Houseguests?

Britney: The new subdued Britney is just an older version [of me]. I feel I have just grown up and I definitely did know that being so harsh was detrimental to my social game so I scaled it back. I had to put a filter on myself.

BestBBever: Several times, on the live feeds, you said that you regretted the way you treated Rachel on BB12, why is that?

Britney: I did feel extremely bad for the effects of what I said about her in season 12 and how they impacted her real life after the show.

BestBBever: Are you and Rachel friends now?

Britney: I am friends with Rachel now.

BestBBever: Your anti-chilltown phone call for Janelle after Boogie's eviction was one of your funniest DR's ever, was it spontaneous or planned out?

Britney: It was spontaneous. I didn’t really know what I was going to say to Boogie in the Diary room, but I felt I had to let Janelle have that last laugh.

BestBBever: I thought you & Janelle/Ashley/Jenn could make it to the end, why in the world did you help oust the other women when you got so "brigaded" by guys in BB12?

Britney: [No answer. I hope she comes back to do a Joker's radio interview with Jokerette & answer this.]

BestBBever: Why do you think females can't make a solid alliance on Big Brother?

Britney: [No answer. I hope she liked the question and is simply thinking about her answer.......]

BestBBever: If you ruled the Big Brother Universe, who would you like to permanently evict from the Big Brother house?

Britney: I would permanently evict Frank, to spare everyone the trouble.

BestBBever: Who would you like to form a power alliance with?

Britney: I would have a power alliance with Janelle.

BestBBever: Who would you like to be in a F2 with?

Britney: I would take Willie to the final 2 – I don’t think he could head butt anybody into voting for him.

BestBBever: Who would you "mist" and make the BB14 winner?

Britney: [No answer, I think it was obvious she would have liked to be the winner this year & Big Brother fans everywhere will forever be in her debt for finally explaining & naming the pattern of hypnosis that Dan uses on the other Houseguests: "Mist or Misting"]

BestBBever: From what I watched on the feeds, you were really running the house this year, every single eviction had your finger prints all over it but sometimes you got really paranoid & while it made for great TV & feeds (like when you started tearing up the house looking for hidden plastic question mark balls, which was hilarious & a funny reminder of Shelley talking to the gypsy machine during BB13), it seemed to mess up your game strategy, how would you change that if you play Big Brother again?

Britney: At times, I was overly paranoid and I would see how it would mess up my game. However, I was just trying to stay on my toes and I didn’t want to let anything slide by me.

BestBBever: Was it your plan to be the one marking the person for eviction each week?

Britney: I think it worked well for a while but caught up to me.

That was all the time that we had with Britney & I didn't even get to ask if they will let her watch her beloved Razorbacks in the Jury House. I am sorry she didn't make it further but I hope that we see some great jury segments with her & I hope she has a wonderful life back in Arkansas....until she comes back for allstars!

Her gameplay seems to be evolving and 'they' say the 3rd time is a charm so who knows what will happen if once again, Britney Haynes plays the game of Big Brother.

@BestBBever for Joker's Updates