This Sunday was a combination of a lot of sleeping and sitting around, a long card game late at night, interspersed with game talk in preparation for Monday's veto ceremony.

As of the time Jeff/Jordan went to bed, it appeared that Jeff is going to take either Nat or Kevin off the block, and put up Russ. However, anything can happen between bedtime and the veto ceremony.



It is a VERY quiet morning in the BB house…BB lets the HGs sleep until a little after 10:30 am…The HGs get up slowly, puttering around the house.

11:00 am…As of 11:15, it appears that Michele is the only HG active and out of bed….In the HOH room, J/J are awake and talking sleepily, but no game talk… Downstairs, Michele sits quietly at the table, looking at the memory wall, then goes outside to play cards...Jordan puts on the headphones, while Jeff goes back to sleep….Jordan later weighs herself—140.5 lbs--then she goes down to the kitchen to eat.


After finishing breakfast, Jordan goes out to the BY to join Michele…They make small talk about the shorts and t-shirts they got in the POV comp yesterday, and Jordan says her shorts fit “perfect.”…Michele is waiting for an answer from “them” about her hair (presumably the hair dye she has been asking for) and says it would give her something to do…After a short convo, both women go inside, Jordan to the SS to get clothes (being careful not to wake Russ) and Michele goes up to HOH to shave her legs in the tub (being careful not to wake Jeff)….The two seem to be the only HGs awake.

About 12:20, Kevin is called to change his batteries….Michele and Jordan finish getting ready and go outside to sit by the pool…Michele says that her glasses that were broken in the “dimploma event” are broken and she can’t wear them…Jordan says she has on a mismatched bikini because the original top is too small, and the bottom she is wearing is almost too small, too…Michele says that someone online is counting their “boob-flashes”—it’s bound to happen….(Note: This is all that seems to be happening in the house. Two feeds are on M/J and the other two feeds are on Russell sleeping in the SS room.)

Around 12:30 there is some game talk between Michele and Jordan…Michele asks Jordan who should go this week…Jordan says, “I dunno, prolly the strongest person.” Jordan asks Michele who she thinks should go. Michele says she is conflicted between Nat and Kev, or Kev and Russell, because Kev is nicer. She asks Jordan if that’s who it will be, between Kevin and Russ. Jordan says Yeah, maybe, that Nat’s not the strongest. Michele says that Jeff seems to be the strongest and is glad he is on their team. But Michele says she understands why they want Russ out. Jordan says, “Yeah, because we want to go to the Final 3 with you (Michele)…Michele confirms her commitment to the F3 alliance, but points out that having Russell in the F4 is no worse than having Kevin, because either one of them could POV her on to the block if she doesn’t win HOH….Jordan says that Russ is being nice to Michele now, but he hasn’t always been nice t her. Jordan says that “we’re” trying to be nice to everyone to keep it calm. Jordan says she doesn’t trust Russ and knows that if Russ is HOH, he would definitely put up Jeff or Jordan….Jordan says that Jeff will not tell her if he is using the POV until Monday during the ceremony. She says that they have a reason t get rid of Russell because he has admitted to coming after them.

Michele tells Jordan that Russ will go berserk on J/J if he gets put up as a POV replacement….Jordan says she doesn’t care and Michelle agrees with her. …Jordan tells Michele that Russ is just using her because she is smart….Jordan also tells Michele that she is afraid that Jeff might pull a “Drew” (from BB5) and evict Jordan like Drew evicted Diane and took Cowboy to the Final Two….Michele tells Jordan that she trusts them (J/J) 100%...Jordan says that she does not trust Kev/Nat because they will say anything because they are desperate…Jordan tells Michele she feels Russ used J/J to get rid of Chima and that Russ is being fake….Jordan doesn’t understand why Russ isn’t more grateful to Jeff for saving him with the “wizard” power.

About 12:45, Nat is up, and joins Michelle/Jordan in the BY…Michelle says that she is awake early to get her tan and because she gets called to the DR early…Jordan asks the other two whether they have DR sessions on Sunday. Nat says, “Yes,” and Michele replies that it depends what is going on…Nat says she is not a big swimmer and has a pool in her BY and never uses it, but she loved the pool when she was younger…Nat says she hates Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays because they have nothing to do on those days and too much down time.

1:00 pm….Jordan and Michele are in the pool…Nat comes outside with all the “water shoes” to wash them, but then goes back into the RR and go to bed….Jordan/Michele discuss comps for a bit, then Jordan leaves to go to the WC.

Then Jordan goes up to HOH and repeats the convo she just had with Michele to Jeff…Jordan says that Russell is coming after J/J next week…Among other things, Jordan tells Jeff that Michele was talking “sassy.”…Jeff is upset by what Jordan has told him about Michele’s comments, and says that Michele is so gone if she doesn’t want to play by their rules. Jeff says Michele better watch her tone, because she knows that Russ is her only ally and if he goes, she’s next….Jordan repeats to Jeff that she told Michele that she (Jordan) is not scared of Russ if he is mad at being put up. Jordan says she told Michele that Russ is using her just like Ronnie did.

Soon after this (about 1:30), J/J leave HOH. Jeff goes down to the SS room and Jordan goes back out to the BY by the pool with Michele….Russ and Jeff join Jordan/Michele and make casual conversation about the music that woke them up this morng. Jordan thinks it was country music but had never heard of it. Jordan says that her home town is very into country music. Russ asks about race cars, and w go to FISH.

2:00 pm..Kevin is now up, and in the kitchen getting something to eat….The other HGs are still outside having miscellaneous conversations about glasses, teeth, braces, etc…..Michele is very quiet, but Russ is acting in an upbeat/natural manner….Jordan goes and lies on the hammock…Kevin comes out and sits on the couch talking to Nat. (Ed. Note: Not sure where she was before.)….Nat and Kevin talk about possible comps for next week.

3:00 pm…There is almost no talking going on in the backyard…The HGs move around between the BY and going inside, and Jordan and Kevin take naps on the outside couch…Kevin is called to the DR about 3:40.

4:00 pm…Just before 4:00 Kevin is out of the DR…Michele is in the WC dressing and putting on make-up….On the BY couch, Jordan has woken up and is talking to Nat….They talk about cooking—Nat says she doesn’t cook at home. Jordan says she watches her mom….Nat asks Jordan if Michele knows about Russell going up on the block, and Jordan says, “No.” Jordan repeats to Nat what Michele said earlier about Russ flipping out when/if he is put on the block..Then the talk turns to food, and places Jordan should try before she goes home, especially IN-N-OUT- Burger. (Ed note: Excellent suggestion!)…Jordan tells Nat that she let the tags on her license plates expire, and she got pulled over three times for it, but got only one ticket….Michelle has now come outside and talks to Jordan a bit... Michele goes inside to make salad.

A little later, J/J are outside by the grill. They agree that Michele is pissed because things are not going according to her plan. Jordan says she’s beginning to think that it might be a better idea to go ahead and get rid of Michelle….Jordan says that Nat is cute and and has been asking Jordan about cooking because she wants to learn….J/J are cooking chicken and warming tortillas for tacos…..Jeff is teaching Jordan to grill. Jordan thinks chicken looks gross when it is not cooked….Jordan is worried that Michele might come after J/J next week in revenge for Russ….Jeff says that they just have to play it out with Michele for now, in case she wins HOH next week.

Russ asks Jeff if he is going to work out tonight, but Jeff says not to wait for him, because he might now. Russ says he needs Jeff to push him because he doesn’t feel like working out while he is on slop….Jeff is now cleaning the pool….Russ asks Jeff how many pounds Jeff has lost, but Jeff doesn’t answer. (Ed note: It isn’t clear whether Jeff heard Russ.)

Elsewhere (ed note: not sure where) Nat asks Jordan how things are going with Jeff. Jordan said things are going good and Jeff let her sleep in HOH last night. Kevin asks if Jeff is a good kisser. Jordan replies that she and Jeff didn’t kiss last night. Nat says that Jordan needs to kiss Jeff, but Jordan wants to keep it on a friend level. Kevin says that is boring. (LOL)

Jeff is now tossing the ball into the pool while Russ plays cards on the couch. Russ asks Jeff, “What’s up?” but Jeff doesn’t answer. It seems as if Jeff does not want to talk with Russ and is staying busy with his back to Russ

5:00 pm...As it gets to be 5:00 pm, Jor/Kevin/Nat are in the kitchen…Jordan asks Michele what’s wrong, because she’s quiet. Michele says it’s the slop….Jordan asks Nat if she is excited about starting school. (LOL) Nat says “Ya.”…Jordan asks Kevin where he went to school. Kevin says he’s excited because his diploma is signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, so now he has his autograph. Kev says he was the first in his family to go to college and they didn’t want him to go. (Ed note: The updates didn’t say where Kevin went to college)….Russ comes into the kitchen and no one says a word to him.

The group starts eating in the kitchen, then J/J go outside… Jeff is eating in silence and does not look up….Michele giggles and says she she put on a dress, and that’s silly because she’s not going to work out in a dress. Michele asks if no one else wanted to come outside and Jeff replies that he doesn’t know because he didn’t asked. (There is a very strained silence, with no talking.)…Michele asks if J/J have listened to music today. Jeff says, “What are you talking about?” Michele says “Nothing,” and giggles…Jordan tells Michele she can tell that Michele is an a bad mood today. Jordan says that Michele has been a little sassy and a little crabby, but also kinda quiet and acting like she’s mad. Michele says she’s not mad because she has nothing to be mad about, other than being on slop, life is good….Jordan goes back inside into the kitchen, and tells Kev/Nat that she wants to lose 10 pounds because she weighed 128 when she came in the house.

Outside, Michele asks Jeff if the two of them can talk some time today….Jeff says, “Sure, come on up.”…Michele giggles and makes nervous conversation….She talks about how she shaved her legs in the HOH bathtub while Jeff was napping today, and how she wants some hair dye to cover up the grey in her hair. She says she started turning grey after her brother died. Jeff asks if it was because of stress. Michele doesn’t know—maybe a combination of genetics and stress….Jeff scrapes his plate and returns inside to the kitchen.

Later Kevn/Nat are outside and talk game….Kev tells Nat he thinks it would be amazing if Russ got backdoored by his new BFF (Michele)…But, Kev also says that he can totally see Jeff not using the veto and just saying to Kev/Nat, “Sorry guys, it just doesn’t make sense.”…Kevin wants to know what day it is and Nat says its day 50….Kev says that the DR told him today that they are the sleepiest cast ever on BB…Nat and Kev scheme how they want to get Jeff out next week, and that if they don’t beat Michele or Jordan, then they (Kev/Nat) don’t deserve to be there…Kevin says he is still mad that in the HOH comp, BB said that the HGs could use the gold cans right after they said that Kevin was in the lead.


6:00 pm….In the HOH room, J/J are counting things (in preparation for comps) and talking game…Jeff says that if Michele votes to keep Russ she is the next one out….Jordan says she wants to float to the finals. Jeff snaps that Jordan has to win something and he has to win something—if they don’t win comps they will go home!...Jordan badmouths Michele again…Jeff tells Jordan that he feels he has gotten the short end of their friendship. Jordan replies that she’s been a good friend, and Jeff agrees. Then Jeff/Jordan settle down for a nap, holding each other.

Kev/Nat are still talking game (at some point during this conversation, they have moved inside to the Red Room)....Nat wants to move furniture and decorations around the house tonight to mess with the other HGs’ heads and so they will be studying the wrong things…Nat thinks they can hide the stuff in the cabinet that no one uses, but Kevin says that will be the first place they will look.

At about 6:45 Russell is called to the DR….All the feeds are on J/J sleeping.

7:00 pm….As we move into the 7:00 hour, the conversation between Nat/Kev continues…Kev asks Nat if she and Jess were listening to the convo Kevin was having with Casey one day. Kev is still trying to figure out who sold Kev out. (Ed note: Sorry. I don’t know what this refers to.)…Nat says it was Lydia. Nat says that Michele (or Lydia) told Jess that Kevin said he was coming after Jess and Jeff…Nat says that Lydia would tell Jessie everything that Kevin and everyone else said…Kevin says that Jessie would bait Kev with a question then ask, “Right?” hoping that if Kevin agreed, then Jessie could tell Lydia that Kevin said it….Kevin thinks that the biggest slap in the face for Nat will be when they show Jessie having sex in the bed with Lydia right next to you….Nat says they tried to tell Kevin what Lydia was like but he didn’t want to hear it. Kevin says that loyalty can’t be dissolved in 20 minutes. Nat replies, “Yes it can.”…Kevin replies by essentially telling Nat that she wouldn’t turn on Jessie even if Kevin told her all the things he knows about Jessie, like Jessie getting c*m on Nat’s shirt.

Eventually Nat/Kevin go up to HOH to talk to Jeff while Jordan and Michele are doing yoga elsewhere.. Then in walks Russ….Russ listens to Jeff’s CD while Nat/Kevin/Jeff just chat…Then Nat/Kev leave…Jeff remarks how everyone came up at once…Russ asks Jeff if Jeff wants him to leave and Jeff says, “No,” he’s going to shower.

Outside, Jordan tells Michelle that she thinks Jeff should backdoor Russ, because he’s the stronger competitor and we need to get them out. Michele asks, “That’s not us, the strong ones.” Jordan says, “No, it’s Russell. Michele replies with, “No, that’s Jeff.” At first Jordan is speechless, then as she starts to talk, Michele says she doesn’t want to talk right now outside, in case someone is listening. Jordan tells Michele that lately it seems like Michele wants to say something, but stops herself. Michele replies that, it’s just that she is in the Have Not room with Russ, and he’s paranoid, but she’d like to talk to J/J later….Jeff comes outside to watch Michele/Jordan….Jordan kids him that she wants to count how many times Jeff says the "F" word from the time he gets up until he goes to bed.

8:00 pm…Nat/Kev are in the kitchen counting/remembering things, such as how many beds were in each room. Kev says he came into the house with Ronnie and Russell and he could not room with Russell…Jeff has come in from outside and heads to the WC…Outside, Michele says she’s getting a Celtic heart tattoo on the back of her neck. She’d made a pact with herself to do this if she lost 10 1lbs.

Then Michele asks Jordan, “So both you guys think there is something up with me.” Jordan says yes. Michele says she is tired of Russ complaining all the time, because the two of you don’t hang with Russ anymore.. Jordan tells Michele that Russ always used to tell her to watch out for Michele…Michele says that Russ made an F2 deal with Michele when he was HOH, then told everyone. Jordan says she didn’t like Russ from the first week, and that he always told her Michele was sketchy…..Kevin comes out and they stop talking..Jeff comes out and sits with Kevin, then Russ comes out of HOH….Jordan and Michele have been running this whole time.

For the next while, the whole crew is in the BY. Jeff and Russell discuss Jeff’s CD. Nat and Kevin play pool. Jordan/Michele are in the WC….After talk about going to clubs, Russ/Jeff go inside…Outside with Nat, Kevin comments on the “bro card” being played between Jeff and Russ, and that Russ is laying it on thick, pretending to be interested….Jeff/Russ come back outside.

9:00 pm…Nat/Kevin are still playing pool. Russ/Jeff talk about clubs, football, etc. Michele/Jordan are in the WC, Michele blow drying her hair….Michele/Jeff/Jordan move to the kitchen…Jeff wants Jordan to drink some of tonight’s wine. Jordan says she might get drunk and take advantage of Jeff. Jeff calls Jordan a tease. Jordan denies it in a baby voice…Kevin declines any wine….Jordan tells Michele she’s sore and Michele says that maybe they need some hot tub time later.

The group goes back outside…Michele is called to the DR about 9:20, and after she leaves, Kevin comes and sits with Jordan and Natalie…Russ/Jeff play pool, and continue their “guy” talk—this time about hunting, beaches…Jordan is then called into the DR and Nat guesses that the question tonight is going to be, “What do you think will happen with nominations tomorrow?”…..On the BY couch, Kevin tells Nat how he can’t stand how Russ is kissing Jeff’s *ss right now…Kevin wonders if he and Nat ought to turn down the friendliness with J/J a notch, so they don’t do anything over the top…Kev wants Nat that whatever she does, not to get caught alone with Russell tomorrow. Nat assures him she won’t, that she knows better…Kevin says they should stop talking on the couch right now, because Russell will be telling Jeff we’re scheming.

Jeff asks Nat if she wants to play poker, and asks Michele if she wants to join…They will use candy pieces for poker chips…As Nat digs noisily in the candy drawer, Kevin says to her, “Operation Russell.”…They ask Jordan if she wants to play, and Jordan says “No.”…However just at this point Jeff is called to the DR….However, the game starts anyway at the kitchen table….Russell is not going to play poker. Kevin says he knows he’ll blow up if he plays. (Russ is in the green room, lying down.)…Kev tells Nat he is worried that he will be going home this week, but Nat assures him that Jeff isn’t going to evict him. (Not sure where Michele is)….Jeff is not in the DR very long, then Russ is called in.

Instead of playing poker, J/J go in the BY and practice counting things to get ready for upcoming comps…Jordan mentions that there used to be two plants on the little table in the LR, but they are gone now…Jeff praises Jordan, and asks why she buckled down and did all the counting. Jordan retorts, “Because you yelled at me?” Jeff automatically and unknowingly yells, “I did’t yell,” then catches himself. Jordan seems satisfied that she has proved her point…As an aside, Jordan tells Jeff she was going in the SS room, but Russ was there….Michele calls Jeff inside to play. He goes and Jordan decides to lie on the hammock….Nat tells Jeff he has to sit by her.

10:00 pm….Russ comes out of the DR and just stands in silence in the kitchen watching the others play poker…Jordan is outside, lying on the orange couch under a blanket….The inside conversation is mostly about poker…After each hand, Nat can’t help but give everyone instructions on how they should have played the hand…Nat wonders, “What if we went outside tomorrow and found the competition was poker?” Jeff agrees that would be awesome and nerve-wracking….At one point, Michele snaps at Jeff about a hand. Jeff says that Jordan already yells at him all day—Michele doesn’t need to….Jeff admits that he is getting “crunked.” Kev comments that Jeff finished the whole bottle of wine by himself.

About 10:30, Michele joins Jordan outside and sticks her feet in the hot tub….Jordan is now on the hammock, and Michele gets up and joins her…They make small chit chat, and Jordan asks, “What’s going on?” Jeff comes out for a minute and says, “He’s got it going on,” then goes inside…Michele asks Jordan what she is thinking about…Jordan asks if Jeff is getting tipsy. Michele says no. Jordan yells to Jeff and asks if he is getting tipsy and Jeff says, “Yes.”…Jeff kids that he is going to be like an octopus up in the HOH room…Jordan/Michele laugh. Jordan tells Michele that the other morning Jeff woke up and her hand was on his butt.

Michele tells Jeff she wants to talk to him alone and hates it when other people walk in on conversations…Michele begins trashing Russell. She says Russ says one thing, but then does another. He's not talking strategy to me, so it makes me feel like he's not working on my team...Jeff says he didn’t know the two of them had a team. Michele covers herself that it’s the “fake team.” Jeff wants to know how fake a team it is. Michele asks, “How fake do you want it to be?” …Jeff says his problem is that he thought we had a final 3. He says, "Whether I evict one of them (Kevin/Nat) or I use the veto (to backdoor Russ) shouldn't matter. It's just at this point, who do I trust? I thought I was going to trust our F4, but obviously I can't trust that". Michele tells Jeff that she doesn’t have any plans to put J/J up, but she doesn’t what's in Russ’ head….At that moment Russ comes out and there is a very awkward silence…Russ asks what’s going on and Jeff says they’ve been playing cards.

Nat/Kev come into the BY and drag Jeff/Michele back inside for more cards…Russell stays outside on the couches, Jordan is in the hammock…Russell is restless, and goes back inside, leaving Jordan outside on the hammock.

11:00 pm…The poker game continues. Just general chit chat. Nat is winning at poker….Russell is back outside on the sofa. After about 10 minutes, Russ goes over to the hammock, saying he didn’t know Jordan was out there. Russ asks Jordan if she is crying, and she says she isn’t, just lying there napping. Russ asks if she’s all right. Jordan says she is, that she’s just tired and bored…Russell agrees that there is nothing to do. He went inside and tried to sleep….Jordan asks Russ if he wants to sleep in the hammock and she can go inside. Russell says no…Jordan turns her back and pulls the blanket up to her chin and Russ walks back to the sofa….Jordan heads inside at about 11:30.

Inside, the card game is still going on…Nat is getting cocky and Jeff says that Nat is a good liar…Jordan has gone to the green room to lie down…Russ comes into the kitchen and no one even acknowledges that he is there….After making himself some food, Russ goes back to the BY….In the green room, Jordan is awake and counting things….Then Jordan decides to join the game…At the same time Jeff comes outside to smoke. Russ/Jeff talk about the poker game Jeff just lost….Russ asks Jeff if Jeff has any questions, because things get twisted. Jeff tells Russ that Michele talked to him tonight, but doesn’t tell Russ what Michele said. Jeff said he doesn’t know what to believe. Russ says that’s why he’s specifically asking. Jeff tells him there is nothing new and that Kev/Nat don’t talk to him…Then they change the subject to general chit chat, the POV comp, smoking, etc….Jeff invites Russ to play a hand of poker. Russ asks if he should play. Jeff replies, “F*ck yeah! Who cares?”


Russ joins the card game, so all HGs are playing now. (They have switched to BS) Finally they are all having a good time. (And Jeff is getting tipsy.)

1:00 am….Playing cards continues until 1:30, then Kev/Nat play pool, Michele and Russ play badminton, and J/J head up to the HOH room..J/J get ready for bed, and Jeff flashes his butt to Jordan..J/J sit in bed, going over trivia and counting various things in the house

2:00 am…Some game talk between J/J. Jeff tells Jordan that Michele wants Russ out. Jeff wants Kev/Nat to decide which of them goes off the block. Jordan tells Jeff he is making a great move. Jordan tells Jeff he has no enemies, and that, in the end, Russ will vote for Jeff…Jordan wants Kevin to go next week. Jeff says he wants Jeff/Jordan/Nat as the final 3.

In the BY, Russ tells Michele that he expects the POV to be used and that he will be going up. Michele says, “Well they think I’m a liar!”…However, Russ thinks maybe he is being paranoid and Jeff will stick to the original plan (of evicting Kevin)….Michele says she has tried to talk to Jeff about any issues he may have with her. Russell says to be cool and that bringing it up only makes it worse.

Meanwhile, Nat/Kev are concocting a plan to get Russ to blow up. Nat says she’ll steal his blanket…Kevin suggests getting up to pee and leaving the lights on.

3:00 am….In the HOH room, after a little Russell bashing, J/J talk about how they will miss each other after the show..Jordan says she’ll probably text Jeff all the time…Jeff says he will, too, and will love it if she texts him….They make plans for Jeff to visit Charlotte after the show.

4:00 am….J/J continue to kid each other. Jeff says it would be nice if she got him a glass of water after all the things she makes him do. Jordan kids that Jeff is on his “man period” and gets him the water. Jeff tells her he feels bad, and Jordan kids, “You should.”

As the 4:00 am hour draws to a close, all the HGs are FINALLY asleep!