Hi it's Marcellas! If you didn't know I'm doing Bowling For Angels. And yeah, I can bowl. I even know what a turkey is. My goal is to raise $5,000 for Project Angel Food. I really wanna make this happen so I'm offering incentives (other than donations are tax deductible, you'll help others and you'll feel really good about yourself). Here's the list:

Donate $25 and I'll send you an autographed rubber duckie. Everyone knows my fondness for duckies! Remember Duck Ball? I will personally select the most perfect, beautiful, rubber duckie, lovingly sign him and pack him gorgeously. I will ship him to you with my profound thanks! But don't bathe with him or my autograph will wash off!

Donate $50 and you get a score sheet autographed by every celeb @ the Bowling for Angels event. Past Project Angel Food event attendees include: Ryan Seacrest, Ryan Cabrera (hottie), Lance Bass and Eric McCormack. Whoever is there I will tackle to the ground and make them sign!

Donate $100 and receive autographs of 4 past Big Brother contestants. The list includes 4 of the following; Will BB2, Jason BB3, Lisa BB3, Marcellas BB3, Erika BB4, Diane BB5, Drew BB5 or Lori BB5. Heck if they live in L.A., I'll hunt them down and get them! And yeah, that includes the BB6 cast! It's your chance to get a personal note from your Big Brother favorites!

Donate $300 and have lunch with me and one of my reality friends. It's your chance to meet me, hang out and talk about all things style, gossip, Big Brother and everything else! Who will I bring to lunch? You never know. You can't swing a stick in L.A. without hitting a reality star. Jenna Lewis from Survivor just sent me a text (she's not pregnant, the rumors aren't true)! Saturday night I hung out with Valerie from Temptation Island. I just got off the phone with Drew and Derek from Amazing Race. I'm art directing the 2007 Sexiest Men & Women of Reality Calendar for Beth from The Real World . Enough name dropping! You get the idea! You get to L.A. and lunch is on me!

Donate $500 and get a personal style consultation from me, Marcellas, fashion stylist extraordinaire. I've worked for mags such as British Vogue, YM & Self. I've worked with supermodels like Shakara Ledard and Lane and Kyle Carlson, as well as Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Finnigan, David Schwimmer & Eddie Cibrian. You've seen me on BET's Remixed, E! News Daily and Style Network's, How Do I Look. I'll work with you to ascertain your needs and help you become a brand new you. Or maybe just a cuter, newer you!

So c'mon people donate! It's such a good cause and helps so many people! Together we can help many, many more! PAF prepares and delivers over 1000 meals PER DAY! The majority of these people live in poverty. In addition to serving those with HIV/AIDS, PAF now serves those living with cancer, heart disease and Parkinson's disease. These people need us! They are our friends, neighbors and in some cases, family. It's not just food we share, it's love.
Here's the link: Bowling For Angels 2006

Thanks so much! When you donate your contact info is sent to me.

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