And so it begins! And I thought my season was hysterical! For those of you that don't know me, my name is Brad Estrin, and I was a Top 30 Finalist on season 1 of American Idol: Search For A Superstar. ( I was the Chilean Karaoke Yes, I know Kelly Clarkson (and I love her to death), yes I'm friends with Tamyra Grey (she was in my group of 10) and yes I'm one of the few (probably the only one) that didn't make the Top 10, recording an album and working on a deal. Now that the introductions have been made, let's get to the real reason why I'm writing this article.

This show if F*&%^$g funny as s%#$! It's one thing to live through the experience of the auditioning process, the judges and the egos of competition. It's another ballgame entirely watching it happen on television! Let's start with the funny stuff, because well...because why the hell not! Kudos to EVERYONE that gave it their shot, because it takes balls to even try out. But what were some people thinking?

People, DON'T sing Kelly's "A Moment Like This" as your first audition piece! It's her song! She's the first American Idol. Let it go and do your own thing! If you can't take Simon, Paula and Randy telling you to not try and be like her and to be original...well, then try out for Star Search instead. Personally, one of my favorite auditions was the one with the guy with the slit up the side of his pants. (The one where it kinda looked like a dress Britney would wear, but she'd pull it off much better.) I say if you're gonna do something, do it all the way. He should've gone in full out drag like Amnesia Sparkles from last year. I give him all the credit in the world for trying, but damn! He set himself up for that one!

The guy that looked like Mufasa, from the Lion King, was also a funny one. And then there's the Enrique guy! Holy s&^%! Now I don't proclaim to be the best singer in the universe, but I know which notes to try and NOT hit and so should he. I'm surprised Simon didn't say something even meaner to him, like he sounded like a dying cat or something. And then to not take no for an answer. Makes you wonder what kinda pot he's smoking, so you know not to smoke that kind yourself.

There were some AMAZING, and I do mean, AMAZING standouts however, that I really do think will make it into the new Top 32. I think the blonde twins were great together, but I also think that their biggest challenge will be when they're split up. If they can prove themselves to be as strong individually, I think they'll both make the 32. Besides, sibling rivalry always makes for good television.

And then there's Frenchie! Damn, I hope I get to meet her sometime this season just so I can hug her and tell her to do her thang! I thought she had an incredible voice, a strong confidence in herself and I like the fact that she just didn't give a s%^$ about the stereotypical image of beauty. She's a powerhouse singer, and I think without a doubt she'll make it through to the Top 10 based on talent alone. It's a bold prediction but a confident one.

I can see the something Adams guy, I don't remember his first name, taking over Justin Guarini's role as the resident heartthrob. He's got the voice, the looks and the charisma and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the 32 either. So early on in the game, it's a crap shoot to really know who will make it farther. One thing I do know though, is to keep a close eye on the ones they feature the most on tonight and tomorrow's episodes. I guarantee you most of those people will not only make it into the top 32 but the top 10 as well. It's the exposure that builds the fan base. Keep that in mind when voting, and make sure that you're not voting just because they are familiar faces. Remember, Kelly wasn't a familiar face until the top 30, and look at her now. Don't underestimate the ones you only see for a few seconds. They might just be the ones that win the whole damn thing.

Much luv to y'all,

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