Ladies and Gentlemen, the show has begun! Let me start by saying, "my apologies" for missing last week's recap as the final 32 were chosen. As much as I tried to get an article in on time, Brad was trying to do his own thing as well...(i.e. recording and had a meeting w/publishing and a record label, and went to Jim Brickman's concert and met All 4 One and found out they'd voted for me when I competed...but that's another story, and's why I have my own website for those that want the details.)

You're reading this because you want the good stuff. Well, let me just say first off that "damn, they have more money to work with." Nicer set, nicer clothes, more press exposure. "You're welcome AI 2." I had to dress like a bible get Calvin Klein. They've also got better song choices...Thank God. For those of you that think we reaaaally have a say so in everything we sing and say and do...well...think again. So, I'm glad this batch of kids are getting to sing stuff they actually seem to like. And yeah, is it me or did Kristen Holt just kinda dissappear? I know she gets hated on, but she's my girl so be nice when reading this.

First up, Kimberly Caldwell. Damn! I can forsee it now. She is just going to get better, and better, and better, etc. She did an awesome job with her song, and you could tell that it wasn't even her best. If she was nervous, she hid it well. She's one I'm rooting for. Next we have...what the hell's his name...let me rewind. Oh, yeah. aoneonfkldas;thiroea Any guy that can belt Toni Braxton like that deserves a shot at the Top 10. He fumbled a little towards the end, but held together nicely. I liked what he wore. I thought it was classy and hip at the same time. I don't know when Randy and Simon suddenly became fashion designers with him. The only thing I think hurt him, was his dad coming to the stage in his defense. Just my opinion. My mom wanted to body slam Simon after his comments to me, but she lets me handle my own. And then there's JD Adams, related to two presidents, blah, blah, yeah we heard you the first four episodes. That aside, I'll be surprised if he isn't in the top 10. I said it before, I'll say it again. He has the voice, he has the looks, and despite what Simon said, he had a good song to sing as well. With steady song choices, he'll be a consistant player in the game.

Three down, six to go. Trenyce. She growled a lot, but hey it works. She was probably the most consistant singer tonight. No flaws, no nerves. She had fun. She sang her a$$ off. I like her. Oh, my God! The first negative comment of the night! Meosha. Okay, so she didn't spark like a couple of the others did tonight, but I loved the Alicia Keys thing she had going on. The hat and her chill back attitude won me over. I think she would have gotten better comments from Simon and Randy if she'd have sung a more soulful song. Then again, did she have a choice? The world will never know. Next up...Bettis. Ooookay. Burp, fart and trip? Uhm, huh? He has a good voice, and the potential is there. I just don't think it was his song and he overcompensated with dance moves that were really uneccessary. Once again...makes you wonder if he was nervouse and trying to do his best with something out of his control. He seems like an awesome person to be around, and I hope I get to meet him. I think he'll make it as a performer. Maybe not on the show, but he will. He seems to have the drive and I admire that.

Charles Grigsby is up. Wow, he's solid. Wait, did he just bite Chris Aaron's point-at-the-camera move? Hey, that's my boy! Don't bite. He has an amazing voice. The kind of voice you can listen to over and over again, and not get sick of. It's smooth, it's soothing, it's cool and I agree with the judges. He did a great job. Last up, Julia DaMato. So far, I think she's doing a good job. She's kinda just groovin to the song. Simon's right. She's done better in earlier auditions, but she held her own tonight. I wanna see her move on. All in all, I haven't really seen any horrible performances tonight. They were all pretty strong and solid. So far I'm proud of this new season's group. Let's see what happens next week.

My predictions: (And they're not who I'd pick, but who I think will make it
through and why)
Group 1 - Kimberly Caldwell and JD Adams. When all is said and done, I think it's going to come down to teeny-bopper sex appeal. I can see them on the cover of YM.

That's it for now. Tune in next week for the competitor's opinion on the show, and to see if I was just plain F&^%$#g wrong about my predictions.

Much luv to y'all,

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