Casey is the first up for the day about 7:30 am, sitting in the BY…Russell joins him a few minutes later….Russell asks Casey about Laura going off on Jessie last night and Russell says he doesn’t know anything about it….R and C just chit chat, talking about songs he would like to hear, what they plan to wear for the show tonight…They look at the memory wall and talk about what the other HGs look like….The fish appear for short periods-as they seem to do all day.

It looks like BB wakes the HGs at 9:30, because after fish, more HGs are awake…Casey wants more smokers in the house, so they can present a “united front” (whatever that means)…At some point Laura tells Russell about being confronted last night about her vote (Note: Apparently Laura had an argument with Nat and Jessie last night about the fact that she is voting to keep Braden, because he is on her team)….Russell goes upstairs to the HOH room and makes fun of Laura to Jesse and Chima.

By around 10 am, Jesse, Michelle, Braden, Jeff, and Kevin are eating breakfast…. Casey appears at some point and reads the HGs their cleaning assignments from BB.

Around 10:15, Lydia, Kevin, and Chima sit on the lounger in the bathroom talking about votes….Lydia says she will be pissed if Casey goes against them….Meanwhile, upstairs in HOH, Jessie and Natalie talk to Russell about what happened with Laura last night…Russell is really upset…He says he told Casey that if Casey is not with them, they won’t back him up anymore…Russell leaves HOH and Jessie and Natalie discuss talking with Ronnie about how he is going to vote.

Chima has joined Jessie and Natalie in HOH…Jessie says that Ronnie’s allegiance is with them…Nat thinks that Laura is the mastermind behind everyone turning around and deciding to vote for Braden to stay…The three of them try to figure out what Chima should say to Ronnie….Chima says this “pawn stuff” is blowing up in her face….Chima goes into the bathroom, and while she’s in there, BB calls her to the Diary Room….Chima is pissed and tells BB to “f*ck off”, she’s not coming.

Not clear if Chima ever went to the Diary Room, because a few minute later, Casey, Lydia, and Kevin have come to the HOH room…Chima confronts Casey about his vote and why he has changed his mind…The conversation keeps being cut off by FISH…Casey says that he doesn’t want to be yelled at…He says he will base his vote on a variety of information, and not just one thing that one person tells him…Casey says he can only speak for himself and Chima replies “Whatever.”

Feeds to go FISH and we find that about 10:50 am, the HGs are on lockdown in the HOH…The lockdown period is incredibly dull…Idle chitchat in soft voices…Some HGs nap…No game talk…Lockdown ends at noon.


After the lockdown is over, the HGs start to clean the house, and Jessie is told he has 10 minutes to leave the HOH room……Jessie, Chima, and Russell stay in HOH….Chima says that everyone (esp. Casey) is going to her teammates to vote against her, and she’s worried that Casey talked Michelle into it…Jessie says that Lydia won’t look at him. Once again Chima is called to the Diary Room. And, 0nce again, Chima yells at BB, saying that BB is f*cking with her game while she’s trying to talk to her teammates…But, Jessie tells Chima to go, and she does.

Downstairs in the WC, Lydia and Kevin grill Casey about his vote…Casey asks why he should keep Chima since she is gunning for him…Casey leaves saying, “I have my vote and you have yours.”

In the storage room, Russell tells Ronnie that Casey is trying to get Ronnie out…Russ says that he knows Jordan wants him out just like Casey wants him out…(Whispering, hard to get it all, but Ronnie doesn’t say much)…They leave, and a little later in the nice bedroom, Chima says that Jessie, Russell, and Nat told her that Ronnie was turning against her…He says he isn’t…Chima is also upset because people are saying she is bad mouthing Casey when she isn’t….Then Ronnie goes to find Jordan and tells her what Chima said earlier…Jordan says she is pissed, and finds Laura and says that Jordan, Laura, and Michelle need to talk.

Jordan asks Michelle if she told Chima that they had the votes to vote Chim out….Michelle says she didn’t say this to Chima…Jordan says that Ronnie told her he is still voting to keep Chima and the “other side” is going to try to manipulate them…Then Jordan gives the same info to Jeff, while Michelle listens.

At about 1:00 pm BBT, Russ is shaving his head in the bathroom. Kevin tells Russell and Chima that some sh*t may be going down tonight, and a person they depended on may not be coming through.

In the red bedroom, Ronnie tells Jessie, Lydia, Nat that people call him “the amazin’ Caucasian Asian.” (Ed note: Okaaaay)…The room clears except for Kevin and Ronnie…..Casey sounds mad and says that Kevin shouldn’t isolate himself by talking to only one group, that even if he doesn’t trust people, it doesn’t mean that they can’t hang out…Kevin says he has a lot more trust in the people he is aligned with—says the people Casey is aligned with can’t be trusted….Kevin says at first he hated Jessie but now he likes and trusts him….Casey says Kevin could hate someone else tomorrow…Ronnie leaves the room….Kevin asks Casey if they have the votes. Casey answers, “What do you think?” and sighs…Kevin says “I trusted you.”…Casey replies, “Past tense”…Casey eventually says, “I think you made your point for 45 minutes.” (Note: The conversation was more like 20 minutes.)

Casey goes to the pool bedroom. Jordan is there and he assures Jordan he is not changing his vote…Jordan tells Casey about her earlier convo with Michelle and Laura…As they talk, Jordan remarks in response to something, “That’s gay.”….Casey tells her not to say that because it’s offensive to Kevin…Casey is frustrated and tells Jordan to come talk to him after (presumably after the show).

Around 2:00 pm, Lydia and Kevin are talking game in the storage room…Kevin recaps his convo with Casey, and Lydia replies, “America, do you see what a d**chbag Casey is…Lydia tells Kevin not to let Casey get to him. Kevin says he feels bad for crying (apparently he cried after Casey left the room.)….Kevin tells Lydia it would be good game play to have a connection to the “other side…Lydia says right now that’s irrelevant and starts counting votes. Lydia thinks it will be 5-5 (Ronnie, Russell, Casey, Kevin, Lydia). If it’s 6-5 (in favor of keeping Chima presumably) they will know that Ronnie betrayed us. Lydia knows that Jessie will vote to keep Chima…Lydia continues to bad mouth the other side….Kevin wonders where the other side got the votes….Lydia blames Casey…..They boost each other up with talk of winning HOH.

Ronnie walks in…Lydia tells Ronnie that if he ever votes against her she’ll put him up for nomination….Ronnie says that he keeps his word…Lydia asks why the other side thinks they have the votes…Ronnie says, “Michelle.”…Ronnie goes on to say, “Maybe they think I am nicer than I really am and would never vote my own teammate out…Lydia says that Michelle sees Casey as a father figure and will listen to him.

At about 10 minutes after 2:00 pm, we get trivia on the screen for about an hour…About 3:15, the feeds come back, with most of the HGs in getting ready for the show. Russell tells Laura that the outfit he is wearing is “pure sex.” (Ed note: Uh, I don’t think so, Russie.)…In the pool bedroom, Casey confronts Jessie for telling the others that Casey is flipping the vote. Jessie says Nat figured it out on her own….Casey asks Jessie for his neck to stay off the block. Jessie tells Casey not to worry about it…..Casey assures Braden he has nothing to worry about because Casey has several things up his sleeve, and gives Braden pointers on his speech….Chima is in the kitchen peeling eggs and talking to Russell…Chima says that she never had Michele’s vote…The Diary room calls Chima, and she says, “Oh you f*ckers”… . Feeds go off until after live show.


There is a live audience in the studio….Julie is wearing an orange dress that hides her pregnancy well. (Ed note: Julie does NOT look like she’s 6 mos pregnant.)…First they do the usual “last week on BB recap.”

Julie then talks live to the HGs….She asks Russell why he went off on Jeff. Russell replies that he just speaks whats on his mind. ….Then Julie does the usual interview of the HOH….She asks Jessie who is the smartest of the athletes. (You can tell Jessie wants to say himself. LOL)…. Jesse says that Russell is smart but that he won’t sell himself short.

The potential evictees get to plead their cases…Braden says the HGs have made the first week of BB the best in history. Braden admits his mistakes and asks for another chance…Chima says that a vote for Braden is a vote for a bigot or a misogynist…It’s not clear exactly what Chima said (she was censored), but one of her remarks apparently was apparently that Braden called Julie a ‘ho.

The HGs vote: Russell votes to evict Braden, Natalie votes to evict Braden. Jeff votes to evict Chima, as does Jordan. Then, Kevin votes to evict Braden, Laura votes to evict Chima, Lydia votes to evict Braden, Michelle votes to evict Chima, Casey votes to evict Chima’s ‘melodramatic behind”, Ronnie “I’m going to hell, I vote to evict Braden.”…That makes it a tie. Jessie votes to evict Braden…. Braden is evicted…He goes out good-naturedly.

Outside, Braden says the house is the craziest ever and he’s not surprised to be sitting there….. Braden thinks Ronnie, Michelle, or Casey sold him out. Julie tells Braden that it was Ronnie who voted him out… Braden says Ronnie is a great liar….When asked for one word to describe the BB experience, Braden says “discombobulated.”….Julie shows Braden the videos from the HGs, some are pretty pointed, but Jordan gives him a really nice send-off.

For the HOH Comp everyone competes but Jessie…BB polled fans on CBS..Each clique puts a person up to answer at one time. If a person is the first to buzz and answers incorrectly, they are out of the game. If the person answers correctly, then they can pick someone to put out of the game.

Samples of the questions: What clique would skip class because they had a zit? What clique would bail on prom? What clique would be most likely start a food fight? What clique would take first place in a talent show?

In the end, Ronnie wins HOH….Lots of crepe paper, confetti falls from the roof…. Everyone hugs Ronnie


As the feeds come back on around 6 pm BBT, there is a lot of arguing (and gloating) in the house….Chima is yelling at Michelle, calling her a liar (presumably because Chima thinks Michelle voted to evict her (Michelle didn’t)….In the storage room, Russell and Ronnie gloat about how no one can beat the combination of the athletes and the brains….BTW—Tonight, Ronnie really outdoes himself in wandering around the house and talking to all the groups.

The crowd in the pool bedroom—Ronnie, Jordan, Michelle, later Casey, and Jeff wonders who voted to evict Braden and cause the vote to go to a tie. Who sold them out?...All of them (including Ronnie) strongly deny that they went against the group and that all of them voted to evict Chima….Ronnie alludes that he is putting up Russell….Jeff joins the group and is very worried about who sold them out…Ronnie says it doesn’t matter because the plan worked..Jeff continues to be very upset….Ronnie leaves, and after he does Laura says she thinks it was Ronnie who voted for Braden to stay…She says she knows the game like the back of her hand, and it was Ronnie…After Laura leaves, Jordan tells Casey she thinks it was Ronnie, but now that he is HOH, Ronnie is going to have to show his hand. (Ed. Note: Excellent observation.)

Next Ronnie walks in on Nat, Jessie, Russell, Lydia…Ronnie admits that he lied to the others….Ronnie brags that he convinced them it was Michelle, and gloats that he threw Michelle under the bus.

It’s now about 7 pm in the BB house….The athletes are still gloating over their victory…In the kitchen, Chima and Michele kiss and make up….Next Michele and Ronnie go the storage room. Ronnie convinces Michele that it was Casey who voted to evict Braden.

The athletes gloating and the others wondering about who sold them out continues…Ronnie is SO excited. He tells the athletes that this week alone could promise them all nominations for BB All Stars….Chima has joined the athletes, and Jessie and Ronnie congratulate them on her great “on point” speech….Ronnie worries that America hates him. Jessie assures him that America loves him.

As we pass the hour of 8 pm BBT, most of the HGs have started moving around, still talking about the night’s vote, and rehashing the HOH comp….Ronnie is still in the green room with the athlete’s group (plus Chima and Lydia) gloating about all the lies he told the other group.

By 8:30 BBT, the indoor lockdown is over, and Casey, Laura, Jeff, Michele move outside talking about how they got played…The athlete group in the green/spa room breaks up and Ronnie moves outside and joins Casey’s group out there….Jordan is mad because they’ve been played, and now the rest of the house is mad at them…Ronnie tells them that when the athletes pulled him into the spa room, no one was talking bad about Jordan, they were talking about Chima’s speech….Casey goes over the votes once again and polls each person there, saying one is lying…Ronnie says that he got played, too, and is just glad to be in the game….Jordan keeps saying that now their group will all go home…Ronnie tells Casey that if he keeps confronting him, Ronnie will have to rethink his nomination decisions….Ronnie leaves and slams the door going in….Casey laughs and says that Ronnie is the rat—Ronnie is the one with the vote….Jeff comes outside and goes for a swim.

It’s now about 9 pm BBT, and there’s a fight in the kitchen between Jordan, Lydia, Kevin, Chima, and Lydia. Ronnie joins them.…The essence of the fight is the same as what has been going on all night…Jordan says that she heard that Chima was going after her. Chima denies it….Kevin says that someone sold out your group, you got played, and Casey was so sure of having the numbers….Chima comes out of the Diary Room and says CBS had to cut some of what she said because they can’t use “beaner.” (Chima’s quote about what Braden had said.)..Ed note: I’m leaving out lots of stuff, because it’s the same old accusations….Ronnie is called to the DR.

At 9:30 pm, the players are moving around, but the ranting of the athlete’s group against the others continues….Laura says Ronnie is going to float for weeks….Jordan is worried that Ronnie will put Casey up….Michele says that she can’t trust Ronnie. Whenever Michele mentions someone’s name to Ronnie, he goes right up to Jessie etc and tells them…Jeff is upset that Chima played the racist card….Casey advises the women to avoid the arguing because it won’t change anyone’s minds….Casey says he hopes he has a job after this.

In the kitchen, the battle goes on…Michele accuses Natalie of trying to get her out of the house…Natalie tells Michele she has something bigger to think about (ed note: Ronnie)

The fight continues up until the 10:00 hour, when Ronnie comes out and asks “Who wants to see my HOH room?”…Big screams of “Yesssss!”

Ronnie gets pictures of his mom and his wife…He gets play doh, a Legally Blond CD, sour patch candy, a picture of his dad and his cat, also a giant bubble wand….Ronnie reads the letter from his wife, usual stuff about everyone missing him (including the pets). Ronnie’s wife says Ronnie never lets success go to his head (Ed. Note: Is this woman really Ronnie’s wife? LOL) and never lets failure get to his heart….In the room, there is idle chit chat but the atmosphere is tense…Ronnie also gets new glasses, and says he’s glad to finally get glasses that work (the nose piece had fallen off the ones he had).

Elsewhere, the conversations continue …Laura says she can’t explain how much she hates Jesse and that he’s an idiot…Jordan talks about how the athletes are kissing Ronnie’s *ss…..Jeff comes outside and says “those people” are kissing Ronnie’s azz, but Ronnie is a good kid and he’s happy, and Jeff isn’t going to take that away from him….Laura says Ronnie is doing what he has to do to win the game….Jordan wants to go upstairs and confront them, but Jeff says he isn’t playing that game….Jordan tells Jeff he is her best friend. Jeff says he is her anchor…Michele says it depressed her seeing Ronnie’s pics.

As it approaches 11:00 pm BBT…Russell, Chima, Jessie, and Nat are talking….Russell said he didn’t trust Ronnie—didn’t know what side he was on….Try to figure out where everyone is going to sleep….Natalia tells Chima she can sleep with Lydia (after she gets out of doom room)…Nat asks Jessie to put some icy hot on her shoulder

Elsewhere (bathroom?) Laura tells Jordan that they are trying to kick them out of their room…Jordan hates being in the room with them…Michelle says its only for one night, then they’ll all be in new beds.

About 11:30 in the HOH, Ronnie says he wants to play charades with modeling clay, let people guess what it is. (It looks like Laura, Jordan, and Jeff are there with him)…Jeff tells Ronnie that he should just enjoy tonight, but after that he has some thinking to do…Ronnie is excited about getting to tweet…Ronnie turns on the camera to watch what is going on downstairs.

Ronnie asks Laura who she thinks voted for Chima….Laura tells him maybe Casey…Jeff said it definitely wasn’t him, he’s the worst player in the house….They talk about Chima’s remarks….Ronnie wonders what his students were thinking about him being on a team with Chima….Laura asks Ronnie if Michelle told Chima about their plan….Ronnie says that Michele has already proven that she lies and she gets defensive. Ronnie says he’d put up Michele if she wasn’t on his team….Ronnie says he feels like Casey is after him—whether it’s Russell or Casey, Ronnie doesn’t like to be pushed around…Ronnie says he’s been nothing less than honest, but if it turns out that Casey flipped his vote, Ronnie is coming after him…Jeff makes a gun out of play doh (Ed: LOL)…They all leave HOH


Ronnie is now with Jessie and Natalie, rehashing the convo he just had up in HOH (but with a lot of editing)….He tells them that Jeff said that he (Jeff) is the worst player in BB history….Ronnie says that the other side is willing to throw him under the bus, and that they are mad at Casey since he voted to keep Chima…Ronnie wonders if he should put both Casey and Laura up, even if it blows his cover….Nat says that Laura is behind a lot of the other sides’ moves, but that Casey is also really smart.

As of 1:00 am, Casey, Jeff, Laura are in the BY rehashing the same stuff as earlier….Casey makes fun of Ronnie asking if his wife looks like Denise Richards…At some point, Ronnie joins them and tells them Michele must have been the vote to evict Chima….Ronnie thinks they should get together as a group w/o Michele.

In a conversation between Kevin and Ronnie (Ed note: Sorry, I’m having a heck of a time keeping up with Ronnie), Kevin says that Casey turned their back on everybody….Ronnie brags about the conversation he just had with Casey, that Casey is convinced that Michele screwed up the vote….Ronnie says he’s going to talk to Casey tomorrow, and tell him that Laura is going up on the block, with Laura as pawn…Ronnie talks about a future 4-person alliance with Jessie, Natalie, Chima, and Ronnie. (Kevin must have left)…..Ronnie pats himself on the back again for lying about the vote and possibly getting away with it…As 2:00 am rolls around, Ronnie is still talking with Jessie et al…Jessie say’s America’s choice (that vote that ousted him last year) was BS and that it was karma that he got to return and play again…..Ronnie tells about a previous conversation with Braden, where Braden tells Ronnie that he knew Ronnie was the mastermind of the game, and that Braden knew it was Ronnie who voted against him….Ronnie says that after tonight, it will be “Dr. Will who?” (Ed note: LOL)

As it moves to 3:00 am, most of the HGs go to bed, but Jessie, Ronnie, and Chima are still talking game…Jessie says this is the first time he has felt perfectly safe in the BB house….Ronnie says that it was Michele who voted to evict Chima…Ronnie says that he has never met anyone like Chima before, and is glad he did…Jessie jokes that Chima’s speech almost got Jessie turned on…Natalie has joined them, and they wonder if the Nat/Kevin versus Braden fight was shown on TV.

At some unknown point after this, the hamsters go to bed…..

Get a good night’s sleep happy Ronnie, because tomorrow at nominations it’s going to explode.