Jokers:   After seeing the show, its format, the results and the HGs, how do you feel about not being on the show?
Brandon:  I only watched the first 3 episodes and the very last of BB4. I occasionally watch TV and when I do watch it's not a reality show. Before I knew I was on big brother I had never seen a complete episode of the show. I'm thankful for not being on what was described to me as the worst big brother to date. I also had a great opportunity present itself which would not have had I participated in BB4. Naturally I wonder what doors may had opened had been a part of the production.

Jokers:   Was there an EX for you waiting in the wings to be a HG too?
Brandon:  No, after being disqualified I contacted all my ex's and picked their brains for information. All of them had been asked to participate and a few did some testing to be on the show. None of them panned out however and I was going to be a single on the show.

Jokers:   Do you know who replaced you? After watching the show how do you think you would have placed playing with the people that were there?
Brandon:  Jee replaced me...that's what I was told from one of the handlers. I would have been one of the more dynamic personalities of the bunch, and being 6'5" 230 pounds would have not helped me fit in by any measure. I think I would have been eliminated half way through the competition due to being threatening on various levels.

Jokers:   Will he be trying out for any other reality shows if so which?
Brandon:  I have never tried out for a reality show. I did not try out for Big Brother, nor did I try out for Driveshaft (a show my ex and I did on FX). Interestingly enough, I was in a club in L.A. during the end of BB4 and was scouted for another reality show which will soon be airing on ABC. I can't say much about it, but I can say it's going to be prime time, classy, on ABC and airing sometime in Feb. If I had done BB4 I would not have been a participant on this upcoming show, which will be on the same caliber as BB4 but much more fun to do as a contestant.

Jokers:   Who do you think may have been your closest alliance and your fiercest competitor?
Brandon:  I would have gravitated towards Erica and FBI guy (Jack?) Jun, Jee and Alison would have driven me absolutely crazy and I would have had to poke fun of them throughout the season.

Jokers:   Were you allowed to see any of the other Houseguests while you were at the hotel?
Brandon:  There was one time I was leaning over my balcony and I saw someone who looked just like Nathan make eye contact with me then quickly dart back into seclusion. Besides that, the production crew took very strict measures to ensure houseguests would not cross paths.

Jokers:   How did you find out that you had been picked for Big Brother? How long did you have till you left? And how long were you in the hotel?
Brandon:  I was at the gym when I got the final phone call saying I was one of 15 so I had a 85% chance of getting in the house. The key was presented to me on top of a surfboard I had lying out while getting ready to film B-Roll of surfing my home break. I had 1 hour to pack and leave. I was in the hotel for 9 days including the 4th of July.

Jokers:  What is the whole story of what happened to you leaving before getting into the house?
Brandon:  I was telling my handler all the easy ways to beat the system to get out of the hotel. They were only thoughts; I never acted on any of them. I was reported by the maid service for trying to access an outside line. All of this got back to producers and the last day when it was time to move into the house I was told about my disqualification. They felt I was a liability since I might have acquired information pertaining to the show. I can see their point of view, but from my side all I wanted to do was wish my girlfriend a happy 4th of July, and that I missed her.

Jokers:  Thinking of the worst break up you have ever had .. If Big Brother would have chosen that ex-girl friend to live in the house with you, how do you think that would have worked. Do you think that you could have an alliance or would you want them out ASAP?
Brandon:  I have left all my past breakups on a decent note. I would have joined forces with my ex behind the scenes, then staged dysfunction to the others to protect our alliance.

Jokers:   What are your plans for the future?
Brandon:  Well, for the time being I'm partnering with my past boss on building out a replica mold of a company he has already established. It will be my baby and the sky is the limit. I'm also still working as a computer engineer. When this next reality show airs on ABC, opportunity will presumably present itself and I am keeping my feelers out during that time period.

Jokers:  Are you recognized when you go out?
Brandon:  No

Jokers:  Have you met the House Guest?
Brandon:  No

Jokers:  Since it appears that anyone who has tried out or been on a reality TV show has been to Belly's .. Have you ever been there?
Brandon:  Well, I didn't try out for reality TV, and I was not technically on it either. But to answer your question, No.

Thank you Brandon!