Bravo's New Show 'Boy Meets' Tests the Limits of Many Fans

Bravo has a new show coming on in July called 'Boy Meets Boy' this show will follow one gay man searching for love with 15 suitors. However, before you think finally a show for and about homosexual love...that is not the case...some of the men are heterosexuals acting like homosexuals! As a gay teen, I find this very cruel and very demeaning. The main reason you ask for putting the straight acting gay suitors on the show: to bring in the straight audience. In today's world if someone is not happy or if something is not politically correct then the show won't be shown or it'd be bashed endlessly. The gay audience represents at least 7 percent of the U.S. population and spends as much as $500 billion a year--so it remains a mystery as to why we can't do a show about gay love AND ONLY HAVE GAY MEN ON THERE!

Lets think about this for a are the 32 year old gay man from California who has come on this show hoping to finally meet someone you can spend your life with or at least have a great time with after the show. You go on your group dates, dream about the suitors, eliminate the ones who don't fit you, and then one day the host of the show informs you that not all of the men have been honest, some of them are pretending to be gay. How would you feel, honestly? Upset, pissed, angry--you have invested yourself into this show and have worked to make some type of relationship with these guys and the whole time half of them are going back to their room giggling because they know they are tricking you! Of course like 'For Love or Money' the men can't inform you who is straight and gay, so at the end of it all when you pick your suitor, he could very easily break your heart.

Now lets think of this from the gay teen and adult point of view. Over the years we've seen shows like 'Blind Date', 'The Bachelorette', 'Taildaters' , etc. Sure some of them have featured gay themed 30 minute long dates, but have you seen a series yet? No. As a gay man, it is very frustrating to watch these shows and know that you can't relate to anything that is going on. So finally Bravo, a gay friendly network, proposes a show similar to that of 'The Bachelor' and you get all excited only to be disappointed because this show isn't about gay love, it is about making a buck and poking fun at homosexuality in a sense. The straight men acting gay, will probably more than likely be very offensive in the way they act gay--but straight are these men if they are going on a gay love show?

Shame on Bravo for giving into society and not taking its own step forward and instead taking twenty steps back, and shame on all of you for laughing at this and thinking its funny. Its a shame that in today's society, we as a country can't appreciate good gay loving! So I ask Bravo gay friendly or gay bashing?