9:24 am – After only a few hours of sleep Shelly is the first one to wake up. She makes the coffee and then starts counting things and memorizing the memory wall pictures, she does some serious studying for future HOH competitions. Adam wakes up at 10:07 and joins Shelly in the kitchen. They discuss Keith’s blow up from the night before (Keith believes that Dick’s exit was planned by production and it was unfair) and Adam told her that he wasn’t trusting Dom too much either because he was always with Cassie. Adam starts telling Shelly about his dream and how he kept saying pull my ball (ping pong ball) so he could play POV and how badly he wants to play in the POV competition. He follows Shelly around as she cleans the kitchen (but didn’t she say she was not going to be the “Mommy” and clean up after everyone?”. Adam goes back to bed. Dominic snores so loud that he wakes up Jeff and Jordan. Jeff threw a ball at him hoping to wake him up and stop snoring.

11:15 am While Shelly continues cleaning the kitchen, Lawon wakes up and after doing his morning routine joins Shelly in the kitchen. At this time we get a view of the memory wall and clearly see Dick’s picture in black and white. Not long after BB wakes up all the house guests. As everyone was doing their morning routine, Adam kept talking about his dream and barely anyone paid attention and just kept walking away from him.
Keith and Porsche make their rounds complaining about each other and trying to gather votes. People tell Porsche that Keith harmed himself last night by blowing up over Dick, and then tell Keith that Porsche is hanging herself by not interacting in anything. Keith assures everyone that he will not turn on the newbies, and that Porsche was the first person to turn and she will not help any of them.

2:00 pm – This conversation took place: Dani is discussing who could flip to the vets side.

Rachel suggests Kalia and Lawon. Brendon adds that he cannot trust Lawon.

Convo moves to gossip in the house, and that Adam told Keith that Jeff said something about him and that they can't trust Adam. They all talk about how both of the nominees are pleading for deals and votes. Dani seeming to push for Keith's side, saying that Porsche seems untrustworthy and could throw you under the bus easily.
Dani then tells R/B that Porsche had tried to make a deal with ED saying they would vote with him without talking to Keith about it.

Dani says that's why the other group started not trusting Porsche.

Bren think Keith is just as bad as Porsche. Dani defending him a bit..saying he felt betrayed by Porsche.

Rach says she thinks Keith is trying to be a smooth talker.

Dani: Obviously. But none of us believe it. It's stupid.
Dani says they need to make Lawon feel like he needs them. Bren says Jordan need to...
...work on Kalia because they get along.

Dani now saying other people are playing stupid and playing emotionally...wanting to keep the people that should be going.

Dani says all they need is 2 weeks..2 HOHs.

Bren hopes they can win the next HOH and send Dom home.

3:15 – The feeds go to fish and they pick players for the VETO competition. Adam will be hosting it, Jeff, Jordon, Brendon and Rachel, Keith and Porsche are the players.
Adam, Keith and Dominic talked in the candy room about how they are going to get Brendon and Rachel out the first chance they have. And Porsche walks in so Adam asked her if she was HOH next week who would she put up? She responded by asking a question…. Can you put up your own partner? (Keith was sitting right there, way to play the game Porsche!
3:25 – Porsche and Keith have it out. She told him that she didn’t like what he said and how he pretends to be a real playa and then does stupid stuff. He tells her she has no social game and that they need to get along and win VETO so that they can get off the block. Porsche then said that he is talking crap behind her back to get votes. She said she does not want to do anything with him and starts crying. She is feeling like all he is doing is playing her. She said she can’t trust him and that just keeps rambling on not giving Keith any time to explain or respond. At 4:10 Shelly finally goes into the room and tries talking to them both, Keith sneaks out of the room and leaves them there talking.
6:30 PM we get trivia and the POV competition finally starts
8:12 PM – The feeds return Brenchal (Brandon and Rachel), is heard saying that they just put a target on their back because they won HOH and now VETO. They talk about the game a bit with Jeff the competition had something to do with letters and they all had to shower so it was a messy type spelling game. They had to spell VETO several time and diagonal, Jeff commented that Jordan really didn’t get the game (Gotta love the same old Jordon!). Rachel said that it was important for Jordan to win the next HOH and she should be studying. After Jeff left Rachel said she will be scared if they are put up because they would have to rely on Jordon and Jeff to win VETO and they don’t seem to be able to do it (very high on themselves). Jeff again stressed to Rachel that they have to play a different social game then they did last year and get people to like them and owe them favors. He said they can’t be just into themselves and need to interact more. Rachel thinks she is doing it but Jeff pointed out that anyone will be your buddy when you’re HOH so she needed to interact more.
Cassie and Dom corner Keith in the Have not room and tell him that he needs to apologize to Rachel and show her some love to make Porsche the target.
The houseguests still on inside lockdown amuse themselves playing games like big booty, spin the bottle asking questions like who will win big brother (bottle fell on Adam), who is the first to take it in the butt (Lawon), who will give it (Dominic) etc. They all seem to be getting along and laughing.

1:00 am – Games end and people start to get ready for bed. The newbies talk about if Rachel will use the VETO and if so who would she put up. Most think she will not use it and they should still vote out Porsche even though Keith was a jerk the other night. Dominic thinks it is important for one of them to win HOH because if Jeff and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel keep switching off weeks in HOH they will be destroyed. Lawon asks who would he put up and he said he would put up Jeff and Jordon and back door Brendon and Rachel. Kali joins them and agrees that Rachel and Brendon have to be gone they are too strong as a unit.
2:00 am they are allowed finally outside. Rachel tells Jordon and Shelly she is thinking of using the POV because people around there are feeling too comfortable (I guess she means people are getting along too much).
Porsche and Rachel have this conversation in the HOH bathroom: Porsche says that she was talking to Keith about how the votes would come down and Keith told her she's have the votes to stay, he only has Cassie, Dom and Shelly's vote. Rachel seems surprised that he thinks he has Cassie's vote.
Porsche and Rachel are talking about when Rachel & Brendon were thinking of leaving the game. Rachel tells her they weren't thinking of leaving the game because of the competition or the game it was purely personal reasons. She says her and Brendon have a life outside the house and she was really emotional last night Rachel "I just needed to vent, but we're here, we're staying...until you guys vote us out!"

Rachel says again that she is thinking of using the veto but Porsche tells Rachel that she doesn't even want to play with Keith; she wants him to go home. She says she is just trying to get as much info from him as she can before he leaves the house.
Porsche leaves and Brendon enters and talks to Rachel he tells her Porsche is loose cannon and can’t be believed. Rachel said Porsche said Jordon threw the VETO and Jeff did not believe it he said that Porsche was just stirring stuff up and that nobody liked her and should go home.

4:45 am Everyone seems to be asleep except Jordon who was tidying up the house while she waits to finish her laundry. She climbs in bed with Jeff waking him up and Dom is snoring really loudly, Jeff throws something at him and Dom wakes up and said to Jeff that it was a great shot. By 5:15 all houseguests were in bed. Shelly should be rising soon!

Will Rachel use the Veto and shake the house up? Who will disrupt this happy dysfunctional family next?? The shoe will drop but when????????? Who will say “Like” the most, every word out of some of their mouths start with like, like like…….