9:00 AM
Shelly barely gets any time to herself before Big Brother wakes everyone up.

Brendan and Rachel have a long chat about what to do. Mostly Brendon advising Rachel. You can't think everyone's against us.
You need to be smart and trust the right people.
You want to believe everything that everyone tells you.
Think about things logically.
Don’t forget what happens week to week.

10:00 AM
Brendan, Rachel, Shelly, and Jordan are in the back yard bashing on Dani. Rachel admires her white trash bag wedding dress left hanging there from last night.

Just before feeds are cut, Dani told Brendon that she couldn't put Lawon up as a replacement nominee. He says, “No harm no foul” and he still loves her.

10:45 AM – Veto Ceremony

11:45 AM
We learn Brendon followed through on his plan to surprise people and saved Rachel from the block. Jordan was the replacement nominee.

Shelly says Dani looked like she was going to pass out when Brendon didn’t use the Veto on himself. Meanwhile Dani is upstairs with Kalia saying this is perfect and is exactly what she wanted.

Kalia and Dani work on strategy to get Rachel out next week because she will be out for revenge. They will convince Lawon to try for HOH to keep them safe.

Dani assures Jordan that she's "completely safe".

Porsche tells Rachel they are going to have a rough battle in front of them.

Everyone tells Jordan she needs to eat something (ed. She has been avoiding it since it seems her system is Slop-intolerant). She yells, "I'll eat later people!!!!"

Lawon and Adam discuss Rachel’s state of mind after Brendon is evicted. Lawon reminded Adam that this is what they all wanted from Day 3 and that they need to run with [getting the Vets out].

Later, Dani does try to motivate Lawon to win the next HoH, telling him he was the only name that Brendon and Rachel brought up to be nominated when the veto was used. He says he knows and wants Rachel out too.

We get to see Round 2 of Rachel crying and Brendon giving the pep talk.

Jordan worries to Kalia that Brendon might have made deals to be kept over Jordan. Kalia says she’s being paranoid and then goes through why Brendon on the block instead of Rachel is a good thing.

Shelly assures Jeff and Jordon how the votes will come down in favor of Jordan including the fact that she already told Brendon she would not vote to keep Rachel.

4:00 PM
About an hour later Shelly is out back with Brendon and Rachel. Adam is there too. She is laying it on thick how great they are and how good things will be for them.

Preparing for Brendon’s fake bachelor party, Adam and Porsche are seen practicing a dance routine to a beat Lawon is playing.

Brendon and Rachel get busy. They strategize with Porsche hoping to save Brendon.
They then try to convince Adam it is better to keep Brendon in the house over Jordan.
They go through the votes again with Shelly (Herself, Adam, Rachel & Porsche).

Shelly and Adam alone now, discuss the pros of keeping Brendon over Jordan. Sounds like they could go either way. Shelly wants them to make a decision together. They take a break in the Spaceship Room. She has lots to think about plus it is her sister’s birthday today.

Kalia reports to Dani that Jordan is scared and thinks she's going home. Brendon and Rachel are acting happy. Dani doesn’t buy it and thinks it's just mean for them to make Jordan scared like that.

Dani gets to Adam and says it's not fair for Jordan to have to stress. Adam says she has nothing to worry about.

7:00 PM

Brendon and Rachel discuss that state of things in the hammock. Brendon giving more advice on how to proceed with him out of the house.
Don’t trust Porsche.
Let Shelly win the next HOH so she can put up Daniele.

After dinner, Jordan asked Lawon if she had his vote. He said she did.

Preparations for Brendon’s fake bachelor party begin. Porsche is getting into costume.

Jordan wears Adam's elf hat and thinks she looks like Cindy Lou Who.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
Veteran player Daniele won the endurance competition and is the current HOH. Daniele has nominated Brendon and Rachel for nomination (ed. I do believe they meant ‘eviction’). Brendon, Jordan and Lawon are Have Nots for the week and are allowed to eat sardines and seaweed in addition to slop. Adam is in an elf suit for the week after opening the wrong snowball in the HOH competition. Daniele made a deal with Jeff and Jordan to keep them in the house this week in exchange for her safety next week. The next veto competition and ceremony will air this Wednesday

The HGs get alcohol.

Dani works on the weight bench and Rachel tells others she will do the same workout, only better.

While that is going on Jeff and Jordan work on securing Shelly and Adam.

There is a flurry of activity when the Houseguests discover a visiting preying mantis out back. Brendon caught it and released it on the awning.

Everyone is into final preparations for the bachelor party, but the main participants are getting called to the DR.

11:00 PM
Lawon introduces the dancers. Adam runs out of the house (pretending to be a thief) with Porsche running after him (dressed in a Police outfit). They seem to be doing a Keystone Cop kind of chase around the yard. They eventually stop in front Brendon and Rachel sitting in the chairs of honor. Lawon plays a drum, Porsche does a strip tease for Brendon (ed. Who oddly keeps his eyes on Adam.) Then Adam does a striptease for Rachel. Everyone is laughing and enjoying the show.

Production coordinated the timing of the event so they would be on a commercial break on ShowToo. (ed. Guessing the ghosts of Season 9 came into play).

Jordan, Shelly, Porsche, Rachel and Dani played 20 questions out back.

1:00 AM
Kalia is in the HOH with Porsche and Dani. They are mad that Brendon and Rachel played them about how the Veto was used. When Kalia leaves, Dani works on getting Porsche to work with her in the game. Porsche is receptive. They are both cautious of how they are saying things.
Daniele tells her about Brendon saying "Porsche is Rachel's little puppy dog".

Round 3 (maybe 4 if you count the hammock session) of Rachel crying and Brendon giving comfort. This time is seems Rachel just came from the DR where she had to do Goodbye messages.

Rachel popped into the HoH room then reported to Brendon that Porsche is still up there.

2:00 AM
Rachel strategizes to Jeff and Jordon on how to work the HOH competition if it is a ‘Knock Out’. Take out Kalia, Porsche, and then Lawon, in that order.
They notice Dani and Porsche are meeting in the bathroom and send Brendon in to interrupt it.

When Porsche appears outside, they pretend they were playing 20 questions.
The veterans grill Porsche about her HoH talk. She denies there was any game talk.
She tells them she would have to throw the HOH to Rachel if she wanted Dani to go home next week because of a previous deal Porsche made with Dani for safety. She doesn’t think Shelly will try for HOH.

Jeff & Jordan are in the storage room and Adam comes in. Jordan warns him about Dani trying to pull Porsche in. Adam confirms he is sticking with them.

Dani and Kalia talk about Rachel. They noticed her copying Dani’s workout moves earlier tonight. Dani feels guilty about Dominic leaving but says it is Porsche's fault he left.

Kalia goes to bed where Jeff, Jordan, Porsche, and Adam are playing 20 questions.

4:00 AM
Porsche, Jeff and Kalia continue playing 20 questions for awhile longer before calling it a night. Everyone else has already gone to bed and the house goes quiet.

Is Jordan really safe? Where will the Newbees really put their votes? And will the fake wedding top the fake bachelor party?

Updaters take a bow. Thanks a bunch!