Today Boogie was the first awake at 7:51. He made coffee and started his laundry then started talking to us, the internet peeps. He started talking about how he felt he did not need to win that HOH so he went for the money He said That Britney was the only one that could pull a fast one on him. That he was not worried about being nominated by anyone else. He said he would like Brit to be the first juror and go on a fast forward. He said he needs to keep Jenn around. That she needs a lot of reassurance but he can give her that. He then comments that she is lovely and hopes she coasts along. He then said Ashley is sweet and no threat at all. He then told us that Joe has been here a few weeks longer than he should have been, but it was OK because he now thinks he will be loyal. He then calls Shane a beast. He commented that Shane is more physical than him but they both respect each other’s go gettem attitude. He then commented that he wants to keep Shane for awhile longer because he will have a bigger target on is back. He also said Ashley is sweet but not a real threat. Boogie then said Danielle is a nice girl that she was cast like a Jordan, then he did a shout out to Jeff and Jordan. He then said that you treat Danielle like a video game, you grab the controls then tell her what to do. He said he would be willing to go up against her at the end that she is the strongest woman left. He then said he has bonded with Dani over the past two weeks and wonders if Dan would choose her to bring to the final two rather than him. He said he is going to get to know Danielle a little more this week about her personal life, he then commented that she gets winded and talks on and on. He said Frank is his Dr. Will and he loves him. He said he likes Ian, that he is a kid and would not want to sit next to him at the end. He said he has a love/hate relationship with Brit. He said her complaining gets to be a bit much at times. He then said she is a slob, leaves her dishes around and does not pick up after herself. She is a princess and he does not trust her at all. Finally he ends the conversation with us by talking about Dan, he said he loves Dan, does not trust him and if he leaves before Dan he will shake his hand and congratulate him and he is an excellent player. He hopes he has a lifelong friendship with him. He said he does not want to sit next to him at the end that Dan gets along with everyone. He said he could not win sitting next to Dan. His plans for the weekend are not to get nominated, play in POV and hopes Shane wins POV so the target will stay on his back.
Frank, Ashley and Joe discuss nominations, Joe said that he thinks Frank will probably get nominated again and Frank said you never know that Jenn and Ashley were the only tow that did not vote for him to stay last week so he was going to throw them under the bus. Ashley said she is probably nominated anyways so don’t bother throwing her under the bus.
Ashley, Frank and Boogie talk about going up to see the new HOH rooms, they all agree it is stupid. Boogie said he finds it weird that they have seen all these pictures of Shane’s dog but none of his Dad. Ashley said that Shane told her that his Dad tours with someone big so that is why there is no pictures of him.
Jenn joined the group complaining about how much pain she was in. She also apologized for being in a bad mood the night before to Ashley. Ashley said she understood, that she was in pain. Jenn said that she is mad because she should have gone for HOH and given Shane a run for his money. She thinks herself and Ashley will be nominated. She said yesterday was the worst day so far for her in the house.
Dani corners Brit and tells her that Boogie wanted her (Dani) to win HOH and target Brit and Shane and not Dan. That he was coming after her. Meanwhile Ian was talking to Frank and saying that Frank and Boogie might go up. Frank said if that happened he would be pissed at Boogie for going for the 10 grand rather than HOH and their safety.
Boogie wand Frank talk and Boogie thinks Ian should go next. That he is just too sure of himself. That after that there will be no challenge in the house and they will rule. Shane corners Ashley and said that he will keep her safe this week if she promises him a vote next week, she said yeah!

4:11 PM – Out door lockdown was called. Once they were allowed in they found balls from the machine in the lounge room in the house and a ball in the game with a big ? on it. They all search the house for balls and quarters trying to figure it out. Then the speculation starts. Brit gets really mad and said that if it is some special power for the people nominated she will be pissed and will walk out. That She does not want to see Shane’s HOH ruined again after he shows his cards. Some think it might be part fo a luxury competition. Brit keeps telling Shane that they (production) better not be messing with his nominations. She then said that they should have kept Janelle. Dan searched the entire house including the HOH room, he said they rarely do things for no reason. That there has to be a reason for it. Dan said he will keep searching to keep people riled up, that he thinks it has nothing to do with nominations and for Shane to keep them the same. Boogie seems unaffected by the ball issue thinks BB is just messing with them. Ian thinks it has to do with a Pandora’s Box coming.

5:38- Trivia on feeds for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Once they return we learn it was for nominations and that Boogie and Frank were nominated. Boogie had Shane cornered asking why didn’t he (Shane) talk to them today? Frank said it was about building trust and that last week they could have pulled the trigger. Shane puts all the blame on Brit. Boogie then asked if it was a done deal or if Shane was willing to work with them,. That he was just a big muscular shield for Brit. He then said that Brit was going to go back to her husband in OK. Boogie then said that Brit does not care about hi that she is just using him. (As they all do in BB). Shane keeps defending himself by throwing Brit under the bus saying she puts things in his head. Shane then said he was going to put up Je and Ashley but Brit talked him into putting up the duel. Boogies said fine but remember that one of the duel stays. Shane then said the treats came from Dan through Brit. Meaning Dan told Brit that Boogie and Frank were after them. Boogie said that Brit going for safety this week was a selfish move (and your move to go for the cash wasn’t?). Boogie then said one of them three was going to win POV. Boogie then tells Shane to ignore Brit that those three rule the house. That they will win. He was trying to convince Shane to go with them. Boogie now blames everything on Brit and said how she is now in the DR saying it is her HOH. (Maybe she will even call DR. Will for you Boogie while she is in there). He then told Shane not to worry that he does not know the social game part. Boogie said that Brit does not want to fall for Brigade #2. Shane then said it sucks that he did not talk to them but he was all ears now. Shane said that Brit has clouded his judgment since day 1. He said that he will not tell Brit anything and that he has nowhere to go since day 1. Brit tries to enter the HOH but Boogie tells her that he wants to talk t Shane solo. Shane said hands down he made a mistake. Boogie told him not to let Brit get into his ear to make decisions for him, that he will help him make decisions. Frank said that they should put up Joe after VETO is won. They left in walked Brit.

Shane told her he blamed everything on her and it went right over her head. He said that he is on her side and pretty much lied to them to shut them up. Brit got upset because now she is the target. Brit said that she does not understand why she had to be thrown under the bus, that now she is the target and all she tried to do is help him see the big picture. Shane tries to calm her by saying he will tell them that he won’t play with them next week and put the target on himself. She then told Shane that Jenn proposed a girl alliance and she agreed because it would be someone else to put up Dan. She then said that if Frank stays he will get some newbies on his side, but if Frank leaves Boogie will wave the white flag and give up. She tells Shane she understands and agrees they have to be solid in this game. That once VETO is played that she will explain to the one that is staying and be honest with them. She then speculates that maybe it will be a Fast forward this week because they are building something outside (veto maybe?). That she loves Fast forwards.

Brit leaves in walks Dani, Shane tells her everything too. Dani tells him that Jenn and Ashley want Frank out. She asks him if he told them about Dan and Dani knowing about noms and he said no. Then Dani said that now this move was bigger than her move of getting Janelle out.

Brit and Boogie get into a screaming match, but production cut to fish so we did not get to see much of it. Brit said that she shared info with Shane but never told him what to do That he makes his own decisions. Frank said he could have back doored them all last week (yup all of them). Brit said that she heard he was thinking of doing that in the future. Boogie wanted to know if Dan was in her ear. She said she never said that. That she only talked to Shane for like 3 min before noms. Boogie then said one of them were staying and were going to gun for her next week. Boogie again brings up Dan and said he is a mother F(*&$r and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Frank then said to Boogie that they should have back doored Dan last week and Boogie agreed. He then said to Brit that you have a voice and Shane will listen to you, that he should put up Dan if one of them come down. He then told Brit that Dan wants her to be his Memphis. He then said one of them three have to take Dan down. That one of them will win then Dan has to go up. After Brit leaves Boogie said to Frank that he was right, that it was Dan and they should have back doored him last week. He thinks he can sway Brit and Shane to put up Dan as replacement nom.

The girls were talking downstairs and commented on how pissed Boogie was about being put up. That Ian is scared because his security blanket is going. They all agree that Frank has been in a bad mood all day because Boogie took the money and did not try for HOH and save them. Ian entered the room and they told him they were having a period talk so he would leave.

Brit then vents to Dani about how Shane put all the blame on her. She was really upset. She said she left her husband and quit her job to come here and get screwed over by Shane. Dani can’t believe Shane did that and Brit replied it was because he did not want to take responsibility for himself. Of course, Dani keeps telling her that she did not throw Dan under the bus when she was taking heat from Janelle.

Dan and Dani talk she tells him everything. Dan is worried that Shane or Brit threw them under the bus, He sent Dani to find out from Frank while Boogie was in the DR. Frank walks in to their room and Dan asks him if he thinks he had anything to do with noms, Frank replied he never said that and walked out, Dan then replied sucker.

Brit upset again talks to Shane, Shane offers to help her fix it and take the blame. She said no and just rattled on and on about how she will take the fall. Brit said she is not good with this game, that hse is half the player these other coaches are. Shane said I will be gone next week because I put the blood on my hands, she said no he has four people in the house that has his back. She said she did not come here to go down for someone else’s actions. She then asked Shane why he is protecting Dan, that di he really believes that Dan will protect him or take him to F2? Shane said he did not mean to throw her under the bus.
Shane left and Dani walked in. Brit tells her that the only reason she lost BB12 was because she trusted the wrong people. That the message boards all made fun of her for spending the summer in a bikini and being played by a bunch of guys. That Shane should know that she would be his only vote if he made it to F2. She then told Dani she was the only one in the house now she could trust.

Boogie and Frank figured out that Dan was playing both sides and now want to tell Brit and Shane that they have an F3 deal with him. They said they can’t trust him. Boogie believes one of them will come off the block with the POV and he is a better talker than Dan and can have them put Dan up. Boogie said he rather go than Frank, that Dan is stupid if he believes he will work with him once Frank is gone and he will risk his game to take him out. Boogie said that Brit was downplaying her involvement with the noms and protecting Dan. Then they discuss telling the whole house how Dan is playing the game and how one of them will be there to take him down. Boogie tells him to work the other side especially Ashley, Frank said he could do that and get more if needed. They booth believe Ian owes them and will vote the way they want. Ian joins them and they both warn Ian about Dan.

Dan and Shane talk. Dan said Boogie won’t lok him in the eye and Frank thinks he ratted them out when really it was Ian. Ian believes that the VETO will be how bad do you want it and how others do not know who took what prizes. That there are no Have nots this week because they need that room for solitary conferment room. That the ball in the game with the question mark is for Pandora’s box because there is a question mark on the Pandora box room door. Ian was then called to the DR. As soon as he leaves Frank asks Dan what happened to the silent 6? Dan replied that he will take the heat for it. Frank asked what happened. Brit entered and Frank said that he blogged about the silent 6 now he looks like an idiot.

Frank talks to Brit and Shane and tells them Dan wanted a side alliance of Boogie, Frank and himself. Frank asked them to keep it between them only. He tells them he has been so honest and should have played dirty and that Dan is such a liar.

Meanwhile Dan and Boogie talk, Boogie won’t look at Dan. Dan keeps telling him it was not him who told Brit and Shane they were coming after them. Boogie said Brit told him he was the liar. Boogie said she sat there and told him it was Dan, and it is what it is and that one of them are staying in the house so beware. Dan tells Boogie he is going to get Brit and then Boogie said he wants Frank there too. So they meet and both Frank and Brit said that she never said his name and Brit said she will not say a name of who told her. Frank confronts Dan on a lie about getting Dani to vote him out (the blindside week), Brit asked Mike if he ever said he was coming after Shane, Mike said yes but not until the silent 6 have to turn on each other. Mike kept saying and trying to convince them it would not have happened until the silent 6 had to turn on each other. Boogie and Frank keep trying to get Dan to say he told them and he does not budge. Dan said that is not how he plays; he draws a line in the sand and does not lie. Boogie said he does not know how Dan does it, Dan is quiet, Frank was very agitated and kept telling Dan he does not like how he always changes his questions to questions and never answers them himself. Frank then said they should have told them there was no more silent 6 so Boogie would not have gone for the money but for the HOH. (Do you really believe that Frank?). Dan then swears on his wife that he did not say it. Mike starts questioning Brit again and Frank stops him and told him to go after Dan, that Dan was the liar. Boogie then asked what does it mean when you swear on your wife? He said when you swear on the most important thing in your life. Boogie then asked Frank to leave so that he could talk to just Brit and Dan. Frank leaves.

Boogie asked why did Dan want Frank gone, he replied because he knew Frank would never believe him. Boogie said he worked hard last week to keep Frank from back dooring him. Brit asked Boogie if he said it, he admitted to saying it so why the witch hunt to try to find out who said it. Boogie said he only said it to Dan (and to Ian) and that he always tries to think ahead. Boogie said he is not happy that someone made a move on him before he could make a move on someone else. Boogie told them there was only two choices play nice or plan on going to war. Boogie leaves. Dan said he does not know how much more heat he can take for Ian. Brit said that Boogie told Dani the same thing too. They are surprised that Ian gets so over looked in conversations. He then asks Brit who told her they wanted Shane up and Brit said Dani. Dan said at the end of the day he was not going to have his game screwed up because of Ian. Brit asked Dan why if he knew he didn’t tell her they were going after Shane, he said because I am on your side and they wouldn’t have gone after him, he would have been able to sway him away. Dan said he is going to ask him if he knows how much heat he is taking for him and if he appreciates it, if he does not answer correctly then he will throw Ian under the bus. He said I am protecting Dani, You and Shane and Ian if he answers correctly. Dan said he is always loyal to the first people he shakes hands with and that he was just playing Frank and Boogie to get info and to try to persuade them to protect his alliance.

Frank talks to Dani and tells her that Dan lies and told things that he shouldn’t have told anyone. He tries to get her to tell him that Dani controls her vote and that he does her thinking for her. She said no, that Dan does not do that, she thinks for herself. She said she would never go against their alliance. She asked Boogie where she lies in their alliance since she was not allowed in the meeting upstairs. Boogie told her his dream F4 is Himself, Frank, Ashley and her. Frank said he was going to hold a grude against Dan not her, Shane or Brit.

Ian talks to Dan and Brit. Dan said he was taking the heat for him this week. Ian said cool, he heard Frank said he was pissed because someone told Brit something they said and he thought someone might have thrown him under the bus. Ian said Joe feels safe since he dodged last weeks noms and all the fighting going on today.

Brit and Dani talk and blame the whole mess on Shane because he could not tell them why he put them up. Dani keeps repeating that she was hurt when she was locked out of the HOH during the meeting. Brit keeps apologizing. Dani said Frank told her that she has to join with them now, that Dani has been telling lies and that he has been talking shi% about her.

Dani and Dan talk a bit. He tells her some of what went down upstairs. She kept telling him she is pissed that Shane shut the door in her face twice during the meeting. Dan finally said he would be pissed too. Then he got called to the DR and Dani said the same thing to Brit. Brit tried telling her it was not intentional but poor Dani kept taking it personally about it being Shane did not want her there. Brit thinks Dan turned on them. Dani is agreeing. Dani said that Boogie was lying, that he went to Dan for F2 Dan did not go to him. Then Brit said it made sense since Boogie said he was sticking up for Dan last week to not have Frank back door him. So Brit is mad at Shane for starting this mess and Dan for not telling her Boogie said he was coming after Shane.

Dani goes to HOH and talks to Shane. She tells him what Frank said, How he offered her a F3 deal, Shane said they offered him the same deal. She starts to dry and said she feels so alone, that Frank said Dan turned on her etc. Shane said Dan would never turn on her and that the only F2 deal he has is with her and they have had it since week 1. That he has a F4 deal with Dan, her, and Brit and that is it and that is what he is sticking to. Since she is still crying he offers to let her sleep up there with him so she does not have to be near any of them. He tells her she will have to stay on her side of the bed. However when the lights went out and everyone was asleep she was all cuddled up on his chest wither arm around him.

Dan crawled into bed with Frank. He said good night Frank (like he used to do with Jerry on his last season) Frank mumbled something then said he thought it ws ironic that after the day they had they are both sleeping in the same bed.

House is finally quiet at 3:36 am.

What will tomorrow bring? Will Boogie and Frank still try to convince everyone Dan is the enemy? Will Dan throw Ian under the bus? Who will win POV, will they use it? Will Dani ever stop feeling sorry for herself? Will Brit forgive Shane? What was that question mark on the ball for? Will Boogie do a DR of himself calling Dr. Will asking to send the cab he got played? Who knows!

Thanks Updaters! That was quite the day to capture with so much happening at one time!