First of all, I just want to say how UNBELIEVABLY WONDERFUL the elimination from last week was. Tyra should do more acting, as she is a natural! That was truly one of the best Reality TV moments of all time. Now, on to business:

Today's Burning Reality Topic is:

Are potential spoilers about tonight's ANTM true?

A high-profile source (not just some anonymous poster) claims that Kim will be eliminated this evening, but I fear that this may be a misinterpreted piece of information.
All I have been able to determine is that Kim leaves after the girls arrive in London; but nothing says that she goes at the first London elimination. Since they go to London this week- ALL the girls will be eliminated after London! But, the source seems reliable, so…
That being said, I believe the odds are against Jayla, Bre, and Kim as possible outs tonight. I believe that this Kim Spoiler has about a 75% chance of being correct.

But what about everyone else?

Jayla has really done a number on her image in the last few weeks, with her ranting and whining about practically everyone. That girl rolls her eyes at every chance! She is quite possibly one of the most beautiful girls ever, but the whole "dumb bi#$%" comment replayed on the recap show (twice, so it’s been viewed about four times now) should be enough to irritate all involved. Public opinion is pretty low as well. No one wants an ungrateful brat as a winner- no matter how gorgeous! However- she is interesting, a trait that eludes most of the prettiest girls this cycle. She is also very good with clients, and has excellent speaking skills. Minus her antics- she is likeable to many age groups. I think she could win!

Lisa also faces obvious obstacles. She has the attitude and skills, but everyone I've spoken with thinks that she is moderately to extremely unattractive. No one has been able to say that about any of the past season's winners (with the exception of the bland and not universally adored Naima). There is also the drinking/crazy aspect. Yes, I would believe that many, many top models are a bit...excessive, but Cover Girl is not about to pick a woman who appears to be approaching borderline substance-abuse, and also happens to look 35. The judges seem to almost dislike and be annoyed by her on the whole, and peeing in an adult diaper to impress MTV quasi-celebs aint gonna help! She’s like an abstract painting. Beautiful and executed with skill- but if you look at it too long, you go a little crazy. If she had just decided to keep her mouth shut from the get-go, she would have much higher odds of winning. She does deserve to go far, though. It seems she has worked harder in preparing for this than any of the others, and that should get her into the final 3 at least!

Nicole would be the absolute frontrunner here if it weren't for her incredibly unflattering voice and blah social skills. She comes across like a 14 year old who skips class and smokes behind the school! Since she doesn't seem to be showing any improvement in that area- I think she will receive at least the last photo sometime soon. Kind of a scare. I would not be surprised if she got the boot before the Final 3 in a kind-of ‘shocker elimination’, but I would also not be surprised if she won! Her photos are consistently very nice, and that should be enough to keep her in the judge’s favor through the next two weeks, but is she memorable? There has been speculation that she wins the whole darn thing, but I cannot see that happening without a dialect coach, more runway coaching, and some kind of mega confidence booster. No one can deny that she has the Cover Girl “look” (just not the sound)! All signs point to Final 3.

Too bad about the Kim spoiler (assuming it’s not rotten), since I think she definitely had a chance for the final 3...she may be limited in her posing range, but she is pretty- and everyone loves a diverse candidate. She is also intelligent and funny. Spoiler ASIDE- I don't think the judges will vote for another mohawked chick to win the whole shebang. In addition, she does not speak well, has a monotonous, nasal droning voice; and her runway is atrocious. She is not a ready-made model in any way. Her uniqueness has gotten her this far, but she is too similar to Naima to win.

The buzz is mostly positive on Nik, and she fits the criteria for a winner, but I personally think she is way too bland, bordering on utterly generic. I can’t even think of anything else to say about her, except her feud with Jayla about the Secret secret has been her only memorable moment. Like Lisa, I think she is a bit too ‘mature’ (sedate) for the sponsor’s needs. Girl four of the final four?

Bre is hysterical and wise, and really seems down to earth about the process and all the girls. But she has a somewhat boring look and also has some unrefined image qualities. I’m not saying that her speech and vocabulary would totally count her out (read: Nicole), but she is less captivating and memorable than the others. She will be gone in the next 2 Eps, if her underwhelming performance this far is any indication.

In the end, they are all flawed, which is great to see. Maybe that’s why my beloved Kyle’s gone- she had more potential to win due to sheer beauty than any of the others.
The most captivating end-game scenario would include the “interesting” girls in the final 3- Lisa, Jayla, and Bre. I could see absolutely explosive conversations in the house! Too bad it’ll never happen. Production is extremely focused on the product endorsement aspect of the winner’s responsibility, and only Jayla seems out-of-the-box ready to endorse anything seriously and be approachable to the teen demographic. If Cover Girl alone was picking the final 3, I’d predict Nicole, Jayla, and Nik.

Final thoughts on tonight’s Ep:
"The Girl Who Talks Behind Everyone's Back"

I feel strongly that this refers to Jayla. The title rarely refers to the eliminated girl, but if it is about Jayla, I think she will receive the last photo tonight as a warning for her negative attitude. If her attitude didn’t improve after last week’s GREAT scare- she deserves it!

The episode description says that the photos will capture the girls looking ‘less than their best’. This could be very, very bad for Lisa- who can look awful at times. If it is a more generic shoot (i.e., a shoot right out of bed with sleepwear and no makeup) then the plain girls- the high hair maintenance girls, will be in trouble- namely Bre and Nik. A very bad photo for either of them could spell last-photo or elimination tonight.
Probably going tonight? Kim, Bre, or Lisa.
If spoilers are to be believed, and this one does seem more credible than most, Kim will go. I won’t be crying about it- she seems to have almost zero passion about becoming a top model. Bre and Lisa could still have successful careers in the industry.

This has been a great season despite the loss of Janice, who might just be more effective in small does anyway! Even the lame photo shoots (treadmill) have had their highlights. Here’s to a long and ratings-rich life for America’s Next Top Model.

-A.L. Cronenberg is a freelance writer and avid Reality TV fan.