7:08 Boogie is up in the bathroom reading the Bible. He goes to the kitchen and has some cereal and is still reading the Bible. He does his dishes goes to his room for some sweatpants and goes to the living room and reads some more with his delicious iced coffee. Joe makes a cameo going to the bathroom and at 8 Boogie brush's his teeth. Boogie gets up cleans his glass and goes back to bed.

9:00 Frank is up brush's teeth wash's hands get's new battery's and gets dressed in his spirit tard. Says this is hard the spirit tard is not fun. He goes to the kitchen and says Boogie is not good at making coffee that he's going to make a pot half regular and half decaf. Dan gets up brush's teeth and asks Frank if they are working outside. Frank says yeah you can hear it out there. They appear to be on indoor lock down. He talks to the camera's and says he's been on the block for 3 Thursdays and it's never fun even though he know's he's not going home. Complains about how slow the coffee maker is and tries to do a maze puzzle but he's not very good at it. Talks about the week and how he's up against Janelle and Janie thinks she has the votes to stay but he thinks she's getting blindsided tonight. He said Boogie did a lot of work for him this week. He says everyone wants Joe gone including him because Joe's a liar and threw him under the bus.

9:57 Ashley is up in the kitchen. Janelle and Wil are in the bathroom getting ready for the day.
10:23 Joe says to Boogie and Dan that they need to talk. Sounds like something was leaked from the diary room and Joe didn't like what was heard.

11:00 Joe says his condo cost 300.000 and that it would have been another 20.000 if he wanted a parking spot. He lives in Chicago.

11:17 Some house guests are in the HOH room getting ready for lock down. Dan jumps on the bed and says there's lots of room in there. Wil says that no one wants to lay by him because they heard what he said in the diary room and people laugh. They are told they have to go to HOH for lockdown and Ian tells Janie that he doesn't want to go. They get theme music for a little while.
11:39 Janie and Britt are talking in the HOH bathroom but you can't hear much because of the music, seems like they are talking about previous competitions. Not much going on, we get some trivia.

1:06 The lockdown is over and they are allowed to go threw out the house. Frank asks Boogie what he should pack and Boogie says just pack something so there's some weight in it and if anything crazy happens he'll get his stuff for him. Boogie says he wouldn't mind getting Brittany out. Frank is still mad at Dan. Frank shares with Boogie that last night Ash, Wil and Jenn were talking about there being too much power in the Brit/Shane/Dan/Dani group. Boogie says that it's good to know that they are seeing that.
1:40 Joe is upset and wants to call a house meeting. Shane and Janie talk him down. Joe tells Dani that he didn't do anything and she tells him whatever it was it had nothing to do with him.
2:18 Jenn is giving the guys hair cuts and doing their hair for the show.
2:45 Janelle tells Joe she's got a feeling she's leaving tonight. He agrees. They think she's got about 3 votes. She reminds him to remember all the competitions for quiz competitions.

Everyone's eating and primping for the show, and then we get trivia.

Live show, Janie is voted out Joe was the only one who voted for her to stay. they played a game with songs and they had to guess what type of competition it was and Frank ended up winning in his spirt tard.

7:03 Feeds are back on, most everyone is in the kitchen, Joe is in the kick's room taking his chef coat off. Most everyone is staring at the wall and not talking.

7:09 Frank speculates that the feeds aren't on until after the west coast show and Ian says no they will be on in about 30 minutes. Awe. Danielle is trying to figure out where to put her stuff, Boogie told her to put it where Janie had her stuff and Brit says she had 6 drawers.
7:13 Joe's pacing in the kicks room and looks very nervous.
7:17 Frank says he gets to take off the spirit tard tomorrow at midnight. He makes a remark about asking Joe to make them some food and says "Come on dude go out with class" awkward silence follows.
7:32 Brit's looking all sad and quiet.
7:33 Random house guests speculate that Janie got a good edit and maybe her personal attacks didn't make the air.
7:42 Brit and Dani are talking about how Joe's the target this week. Brit is worried what will happen if he wins the veto and Dani says than Wil will go. Dani is worried about America hating her for getting out Janelle. Brittany is worried about Frank wining the entire game. Brit is second guessing what they did with taking out Janie.
7:54 Boogie talking about how he dedicated his vote tonight to Will and his fiance because in jury house Will messed around with Janie but Will's fiance stood by him anyways. He says the crazy Janie fan's might be firebombing all their houses but on the plus side the fans can blog and chat with her the rest of the summer.

8:14 The back yard is open. Everyone is happy. Boogie and Frank start talking game immediately. Frank wants to put up Dan to make him sweat like Frank has had to the past few weeks. Boogie is saying that's not that great of an idea because if one of them is on the block in the coming weeks they may need Dan and Dani's vote. Boogie wants to go after the duo's and tells Frank to get some mileage out of Wil. Frank wants to put up one of the six against Joe so he doesn't make any more enemies and won't have to put up Wil. Ashley asks them if they are going to sleep together and they say no they aren't bromancing that hard.

8:33 Talk about Jenn making a good call saying they need to be careful about the meat in the house because they only get so much and how Joe cooks it all when they have dinner. Joe made the meat though, Jenn just reheated it. Everyone has dinner quietly. Jenn put aside food for Brittany who was in the diary room and Joe ate it.

8:57 Ashley and Wil talking game. She's afraid after Joe goes they will just pick them off one by one. Talk about how Frank is in this game. Wil says we need to get Mike out. Put Dan up against Mike and one will go home. He says if one of them gets HOH they have to get one of the coach's out.
9:03 Brit, Wil, Boogie and and Ash are talking. Boogie asks Wil and Ash if Janie even asked them for their vote. Wil said she never did, Ash said she asked her once and then left her alone. Brit says it seemed like Janie knew she was going that she said goodbye to her before the show and wished her good luck. Boogie says the reason everyone was so loud when Janie came out is because the second door was left open and CBS "brought in extra people for that one." Talk about how much money Janie got for being on the show. Brit thinks she got more than her and they are talking quietly about it and if anyone knew.

9:18 Frank tells Joe he owes him a royal breakfast tomorrow. Joe say's he doesn't know about that it didn't work out so well last time.

9:30 Jenn and Dani talking in the hot tub. Dani is worried she's going to look like the bad guy for getting Janie out. Jenn tells her why she's not that Janie would have been a beast to beat in competitions and she had to go out that way. Jenn didn't like the way Janie coached. Ashley joins them and says how Janie didn't even say goodbye to her and she was supposed to be her coach. They talk about how Willie wanted them to think he had some kind of special power when they gave him the HOH camera and the lap top for his HOH blog. When someone asked him what it was he said "you never know what can happen in this house things change on a dime"

10:08 Frank is bummed he has to keep the spirit tard on till 12 tomorrow and how he has to make his nominations in it. He wonders if he can sell Ted and the spirit tard together. They think Ted got some air time tonight. Dan says they are usually only allowed to take one thing that Big Brother goes threw their bags before they leave and take stuff back because some of the things they are just renting. Talk about how Jen could have made big money selling her red unitard to some creep but she never put it up for sale.

10:17 Frank gets his HOH key. He got a picture of his grandma, cut off jean shorts a Nasa hat he wanted back and a pillow. He got a letter from his grandma. Everyone stays for about 20 minutes and then they start leaving out.
10:42 Wil and Ash talking about why is Shane not targeted now, how he's a strong threat. Wil says he wants Boogie and Dan out first. Dani talking about how awkward it was in HOH with Joe up there.
10:49 They get 8 beers and 2 bottles of wine tonight. Ian and Boogie go to get the liquor Ashley says she wants to save hers for later and Boogie warns her not to say that out loud.

10:56 Joe and Shane talking. Joe's wondering why he was the only vote to keep Janie since Frank is such a threat. Asks Shane what is going on why he's being targeted and Shane tells him to lower his voice. Joe asks if anyone is spreading lies about him and Shane says it's mostly that he was Janie's little puppet and would do whatever Janie wanted him to do. Joe wants to know that him and Shane are good, he says he in no way ever betrayed him and Dani and Shane says he believes him.
11:02 Frank and Boogie gloating over getting Janelle out of the house.
11:04 Brit and Shane talk, they want Joe to go this week and then everyone can play for HOH next week.
11:07 Dan and Boogie talk about the week. Dan laughs how Janie was after him for his vote. They gloat about the 8-1 vote. Boogie is happy the last 3 people to leave were people he didn't care for, meaning Janie, Jo Jo and Willie. Frank is there too. They ask Dan how important is it to hide that they are working together. Talk about who should go up as a pawn. Dan says they should put up whoever Wil is more likely to work with against Joe. Dan not wanting to put up any of the 6. Frank says maybe Shane will agree to go up. They are thinking Jenn is stronger than Ashley and sounds like she might be someone to put up. Frank says if they put Shane up over Wil that Wil will likely go after Brit and Shane instead of them. Frank wants to put up Shane and Joe and if Shane comes down put up Brit. Boogie is worried about it affecting the trust factor. Frank says Shane wanted to stage a fight to make it look like that's why he put Shane up.
11:30 Joe's is out by the hot tub trying to do damage control saying Janie lied to both him and Wil and it made them not like each other.
11:37 Boogie says its a good thing Janie left before jury so someone else has a chance at the 25K fan favorite prize.

Various people goofing off and scaring people who are trying to go to sleep in the headphone room. Dan's an instigator.

2:26 Ashely and Wil get a snack. Wil says its crazy that people are aligning themselves with Frank and Boogie, how stupid can they be? They think Dan is just using Danielle and will cut her if push comes to shove. They want to get rid of Frank and Boogie, they think maybe if they get rid of Boogie Frank will hook up with them unless he's already with Shane witch is a possibility. Wil says they might want to keep Joe because Joe is desperate and may work with them to stay in the game. Ash says she desperately wants Dan to get backdoored this week. They dread having to talk to Joe this week and tell him he's not the target when everyone know's he is just like they had to do to Janelle all this past week. Joe comes out and joins them and they talk about nom's. Joe thinks he's going up, Wil thinks he might go up. They speculate about possible deals that were made last week to save Frank. Joe's mad about being left in the dark about the vote. Wil says he didn't know what Brittany was going to do but Joe says he knew what he was going to do and he could have told him. They think that Joe and Wil will be nominated tomorrow. Joe's the last one up at 3:07 he's still sitting on the backyard couch's.

Everyone's in bed.

Will Joe be able to get out of the frying pan? Will the silent 6 blow up after only one week? Only time will tell. . .

Thanks a bundle to all the wonderful updaters who give so freely of their time and energy so that everyone can know what's going on in the house. You guys rock my socks!